Pressure Gauges, Chemical Seal Pressure Gauges, Portable Flue Gas Analyzer, Mumbai, India
AFRISO is an innovative, medium-sized company with a total staff of 1000 worldwide. Traditionally, we manufacture measuring, control and monitoring devices for building technology, industry and environmental protection.

Our leading-edge, market-oriented products and innovations result from our comprehensive know-how, a highly motivated and qualified staff and the fact that we understand what the market needs. Our full-coverage product range for one-stop shopping extends from proven, cost-effective off-the-shelf products to complex, customised special solutions.

Manfacturers Of Measuring And Control Devices For Pressure and Temperature, Pressure Gauge with Chemical Seal, Portable Flue Gas Analyzers-Multilyzers NG / Eurolyzer ST / Bluelyzer ST, Pressure Transducers - DMU 02 and DMU 600 Series, Pressure Gauges, Chemical Seal Pressure Gauges, Pressure Transducer, Digital Pressure Gauge, Portable Flue Gas Analyzer, Digital Manometer, IR Temperature detector, Gas detector, Alarm Unit for low gas level, Gas & Smoke detector GRM, Level indicators

Address : Unit No.17, Electronic Sadan III, MIDC,  Bhosari, Pune 411026,
Maharashtra, India
Tel : (020) 27129421 / 9860162922
Fax : (020) 27110337
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Pressure Gauges Pressure Gauges
Chemical Seals Chemical Seal Pressure Gauges
Pressure Transducer
Digital Pressure Gauge Digital Pressure Gauge
Flue Gas Analyzer Portable Flue Gas Analyzer
Digital Manometer Digital Manometer
IR Temperature detector IR Temperature detector
Gas detector Gas detector
Alarm Unit for low gas level Alarm Unit for low gas level
Gas & Smoke detector GRM Gas & Smoke detector GRM
Level indicators Level indicators

Pressure Gauges, Chemical Seal Pressure Gauges, Manufacturers

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