Manufacturers Of Oil Mist Collectors, Dust Collectors, Oil Skimmers, Electrostatic Precipitators, Mist Collectors, (Horizontal/ Vertical Mounting), Dust Collectors, Automatic Reverse Jet Type Dust Filter, Dust Collecting System, Dust Collectors Cartridge, Reverse Pulse Jet Auto Cleaning System, Oil Skimmers, Belt Oil Skimmer, Floating Oil Skimmer, Oil Separator, Oil Water Separator , Electrostatic Precipitator, Steel Slat Belt Oil Skimmers, Disc Type Oil Skimmers, Belt Type Oil Skimmers
Manufacturers Of Mist Collector, Dust / Fumes Collector

Oil Mist Collector
• Mist Collector
• Dust / Fumes Collector
• Electrostatic Precipitators
• Oil Skimmer
• Component Cleaning Cabinet

About Us

Quality, commitment, service and reliability these are the four corner stones of our business model. They are the basis for every decision we make. We take this seriously.

We at UES having specialization in air filtration equipments manufacturing, we solve the most diverse tasks & problems with our long time experience.

Focus : It is the respect and commitment we put in to understanding our customers requirements and high expectations that creates the best possible customer relations based on trust. 

Our success and growth is closely linked to our attitude of continuous development & improvement across the business. The quality, reliability and service of each product produced must correspond to or exceed our customer expectations.

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Address - S. No. 164, United House, Near Shreenath Ware Housing, Phursungi Gaon Road, Phursungi, Pune - 412308, Maharashtra, India.

Tel. No.:- + 91 20 2698 0015 / 2698 0627
Mobile. No.:- + 91 93716 55131 / 88889 50060

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