Speciality Chemicals, Mfgrs.& Exporters of Pigment & Pharma Intermediates such as Murexide, Barbituric Acid, Alloxan Monohydrate, Alloxan Tetrahydrate, Phthalimide, Potassium Phthalimide, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium Lauryl Ethoxy Sulphate, Ammonium Purpurate, Tri Chloro Acetic Acid, Pyridine Hydrobromide, Silicone Based Antifoam Emulsion, Antifoams, Defoamer

Speciality Chemicals Mfgrs. & Exporters of

** Phathalimide
** Potassium Phathalimide
** N-Hydroxy Phthalimide
** Barbituric Acid
** Alloxan Monohydrate
** Murexide (Ammonium Purpurate)
** Chloranilic Acid
** Trichloroacetic Acid

** Di Iso Propyl Succinite
** 3 Cyclohexyl propionic Acid
** Para chloro Benzo Nitrile
** Chloramine T Trihdrate
** Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
** Silicone based antifoam emulsion
** Silicone based mould release emulsion

We take pride in introducing ourselves as one of India's reputed manufacturers and exporters of Drug Intermediates and Specialty Chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphate, barbituric acid, alloxan monohydrate, ammonium purpurate etc. We have earned a remarkable position in the market by supplying quality chemicals. This reputation in the chemical market brought forward many leading chemical manufacturers to offer products for distribution through Explicit chemicals.

In a very short span we have changed the dynamics of this business based on our vision and commitment. We have achieved a high level of client appreciation by understanding their requirements and exceeding their expectations.
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Speciality Chemicals Mfgrs.& Exporters
We manufacture Phthalimide for use in Pigment Industry also for use in Phthalimide based other intermediates.
Molecular Weight
Physical Appearance
White Crystalline Powder
99% minimum
Melting Point
232oC – 234oC
Free Phthalic Acid Content
less than 0.2%
Ash Content (Residue)
less than 0.1%
less than 0.5%
25 Kg HDPE / Paper bags
Alloxan Monohydrate
Alloxan Monohydrate
We manufacture alloxan monohydtrate, to cater to the needs of varied pharmaceutical and chemical industries. When producing this chemical it is checked that it is not harmful to use. It is available with the following specifications:

Molecular Weight


Physical Appearance

Creamish to yellowish Crystalline Powder

Molecular Formula



98% minimum

Melting Point

259 - 260oC

Ash Content (Residue)

less than 0.1%


10 – 12% as H2O


200 Kg HDPE drums

Murexide ( Ammonium Purpurate )
Our range of chemicals also includes Murexide (ammonium purpurate). This is used as research indicator and in special grade pigments. It is available with the following specifications:


Molecular Weight


Molecular Formula


Physical Appearance

Red Purple Powder


97% minimum

Wave length (ë Max)

523 - 525 mm

Specific extension E 1%/1CM

575 - 580

Sensitivity / Suitability

Passes Test (< 0.5 ml Of CaCl2 1mg/100 ml)


As required

Silicone Based Antifoam Emulsion
The silicone based antifoam emulsion are available in various concentrations depending on its use. The typical available concentrations are 10%, 20%, 30%, 50% and 100%. It is widely used in rubber, petrochemicals, fertilizer, food, detergent industries and at many effluent treatment plants:


Physical Appearance

Translucent Gray Liquid

Active Ingredient



> 2000 CPS


Kerosene, Toluene

Shelf Life

9-12 Months


less than 15 Seconds


50 /100/200 Kg HDPE Drums

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