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K-Tech (India) Limited
Speciality Chemicals, Coating Addtives, Speciality Additives, Paint Additives, Ink Additives, Paint Raw Materials, Polymer Additives, Additives, Leather Chemicals, Paper Chemicals, Textile Chemicals, Pigment Additives, P...More

Meru Chem Pvt.Ltd.
Solvents, Activated Carbons, Chemicals Powder, Minerals, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Labarotary Instruments, Paint Chemicals & Grinding Media ...More

Raj Chem
Suppliers Of All Types Of Raw Rubber, Synthetic Rubber Compounds, Rubber Chemicals, Silicon, Viton, Hyplon, Neoprene, Nitrile, Bonding Agent, Cross Linking & Curing Agent, Silica Fillers, Synthetic Plasticizers, Process ...More

Sri Anbu Enterprises
Plasticizer, Silicon Sealent, Concrete Lacquers, Multi Purpose Binders, Bitumen Pipe Coatings. ...More

Polygon Chemicals
Manufacturer Of Waterproof Membrane Coating Plasticizers,Water Treatment Chemicals,Oil Field Chemicals,Concrete Admixture,Waterproofing Compound,Mould Release Agents,Segment Jointing Material, Flexible Waterproof Membran...More

Indo Nippon Chemical Co.Ltd.
A Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Plasticizes. ...More

Suppliers and Sourcing Agents Dealing in Organic and Inorganic Chemicals, Agro Chemicals. Fertilizers, Plasticizers and Industrial Raw Materials. ...More

Moonrich Polymers
Supplier and Trader of Plastic Raw Material- Plasticizers, Plastic Granules, PVC Compound, Plastic Scrap, TRP Sole Scrap, Platic Granuals. ...More

Power 2 Sme
Steel & Metal, Polymers, Comodity Polymers, Engineering Polymers, Chemical Additives, Paints, Inks. ...More

A.L.A.Chemicals Ltd.
Secondery Stabiliser & Plasticiser For All PVC Applications, Cables, Electrical Tapes, Footwear, Hoses, Tubing, Artificial Leathercloth & PVA Emultions, Secondary Antioxidants For Flexible PVC, Food & Industrial Grades, ...More

Adeka India Pvt.Ltd.
Clarifiers, Nucleating Agents, Polymer Additives, U.V.Stabilizer, Foam Kickers, Plasticizers ...More

Aroma Organics Ltd.
Anti- Oxidants, Flame Retardants, Stabilizers Heat/Light, Calcium Carbonate, Blowing Agent, Plasticizers, Chalk & Calcium Carbonate ...More

Ashwini Enterprises
Chemicals And Polymers For Construction Industry, Concrete Plasticizers, Mortar Additives, Water Proofing Emulsions ...More

Cello Plast
Polyester, Thermoset, Plasticizers, Glass Fibers ...More

Diamond Chemicals
Flame Retardant Plasticisers, Tri Phenyl- Phosphate (TPP), Tri Butyl Phosphate (TBP) ...More

Flamingo Additives & Colourants Pvt.Ltd.
Colour & Additive Master Batch, Plasticizers ...More

Indo-Nippon Chemical Co.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Plasticizers ...More

Kalpataru Organics Pvt.Ltd.
PVC Stabilizer, One Pack Stabilizer, Paint Driers, Metalic Stabilizer, Individual Stabilizer, Epoxidised Soyabean Oil, Organotin, PVC Heat Stabilizer, Metalic Stearates, Metalic Octoates, Silicones, Plasticizer, Liquid S...More

Lalitha Chem. Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of PVC Plasticisers, Stabilisers, Additives, Compounds And Mater Batches ...More

Mehta Traders
Suppliers Of Chemicals, Solvents, Plasticizers, Industrial Waxes, Waxes, Minerals, Reclaim Rubber, Latex Rubber ...More

Nishan Marketing
Vinyl- Based Resins, Lubricants, Plasticizers, Distributors ...More

Nyne Organics Pvt Ltd
Rubber & Rubber Chemicals, Solvents, Chemicals, Plasticizer ...More

Pondy Oxides & Chemicals Ltd
Lubricants, Plasticizers, Stabilizers: Heat/ Light ...More

Rokso Construction Chemicals
Mfg. Of Wall Putties, Plasticisers, Tiling & Plastering Solutions, Waterproofing Solutions, Flooring & Grouts, Paints, Oxide Colours & Cement Paints. ...More

Sadaf Traders
Construction Chemical Admixtures As Water Proofing Admixtures, Water Reducing Admixtures, Normal Plasticizer, Super Plasticizer. ...More

Sah Petroleums Ltd.
Petroleum Products, Petroleum Additives ...More

Sanjay Chemicals Industries
Solvents, Minerals, Acids, Rubber & Its Chemicals, Plasticizers ...More
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