Cooling Towers, Timber Cooling Tower, FRP Cooling Tower, RCC Cooling Tower, Industrial Cooling Towers, Mumbai, India

Cooling Towers, Timber Cooling Tower, FRP Cooling Tower, RCC Cooling Tower, Industrial Cooling Towers, Mumbai, India

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The company was incorporated on June 9,1975 under the leadership of Late Mr. R.Y. Pande who possessed an in-depth knowledge and a rich experience, in the field of Cooling Towers. Since then, Cooltech has supplied over 2000 Cooling Towers in materials such as Treated Timber, Fiberglass Reinforced Polyester (FRP), Reinforced Concrete Cement (RCC) & even Steel. The legacy contines with our CMD., Mr. Sanjay R. Pande having learnt and inherited all the expertise from his Late father, Mr. R.Y. Pande.

Cooltech Cooling Towers have been serving many industries / applications such as chemical, captive power generation, cement, distillery, defense, fertilizer, heavy engineering, metallurgical, nuclear, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, refinery, research laboratory, rolling mill, solvent extraction, sugar, sponge iron, etc.


  • Design, manufacture, supply, erection & commissioning of Cooling Towers of any capacity.

  • Reconstruction jobs of old Cooling Towers, of any make & type.

  • Supply of spares for any make of Cooling Tower. Spares include FRP fans, GRP grids, treated timber, marine plywood, nozzle, flow control valve, gearbox etc. Spares are supplied as per OEM part number.


The technology for design of cooling towers is American and which is proven the world over. No proprietary items are used, from the purchase to operations and maintenance. All this coupled with an 18 months guarantee on Cooling Tower, makes the product an ideal choice.

Detailed technical data such as Air quantity, Enthalpy difference, Specific volume of air, L/G ratio, KAV/L, Solidity ratio, Splash / Film surface, Wetted Area, Evaporation loss, Fan tip velocity, Velocities of air at various levels, Fan curves, Performance curve of Cooling Tower, etc. are also provided but only for large Cooling Towers.

Cooling Tower Fundamentals

Cooling Tower is a industrial water cooling device to cool process water. Cooling Tower is a heat and mass transfer process which takes place through interaction between hot water and incoming air. Evaporative condensation and exchange of sensible heat is the main principle of Cooling Tower operation. Approximately 80% of cooling takes place due to evaporation and 20% by temperature gradient. Broadly, Cooling Tower can be classified into the following 2 categories :

  1. Mechanical Draft :This is the most sought after design for scientific, efficient and controlled cooling, since such Cooling Towers contain a fan assembly to facilitate heat pick-up. A mechanical draft Cooling Tower can be further classified into the following sub-categories :

    1. Induced draft cross flow Cooling Tower

    2. Induced draft counter flow Cooling Tower

    3. Force draft Cooling Tower

    In any mechanical draft Cooling Tower, water cooling takes place after hot water strikes the internal fill material thereby breaking the water into fine droplets or film formation to facilitate easy heat pick-up by the incoming air. Cooling Tower sizing depends on many factors, namely, Water quantity in circulation, Range, Approach, Water loading, Air needed for cooling, Fill arrangement, etc. In mechanical draft Cooling Towers, velocity of air & fan tip play a major role towards providing efficient cooling and enhanced product life.

  2. Atmospheric Spray OR Natural Draft : The working of this design of Cooling Tower is based on a minimum wind velocity of 5 KMPH. and does not possess a fan or motor. This Cooling Tower in small sizes does not contain any filling material. In large Hyperbolic Cooling Towers, there is filling present.
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