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Sr.No.35 / 1, Khedekar Industrial Estate, A.P.Narhegaon, Pune - 411041

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Valves, Process Valves Manual, Motorized Valves, Motorized Ball Valves, Motorized Butterfly Valves, Motorized Gate & Globe Valves, Motorized Plug Valves, Pneumatic Actuated Valves, Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valves, Pneumatic Actuated Butterfly Valves, Pneumatic Actuated Plug Valves, Pneumatic Actuated Diaphragm Valves, Pneumatic Actuated Globe Type Control Valves, Electric Actuators, Classification Of Actuators, Quarter Turn Actuators Multi Turn Actuators Linear Actuators, Standard Specs & Optional Accessories, Actuators With Integral Controls, Actuators With Fieldbus (Two-Wire) Controls, Actuators With Smart Or Intelligent Controls, Centrifugal Pumps, Metallic Chemical Prosses Pumps, Non Metallic Chemical Prosses Pumps, Vertical Glandless Pumps, Cantilever Shaft Pumps, Vertical Submerged Sump Pumps, Hydrodynamic Seal Pumps, Valves Automation & Retrofitment, Crouzet Microswitches & Limit Switches.

"We are using the the services of Maharashtra Industries Directory (MID) since more than 10 years. We express our utmost happiness for the services offered by them during all these years. It was because of MID that we could stay ahead of our competition. I also wish to mention here that they have an excellent team, most committed & most united. It has been pleasure to associate ourselves with MID. We wish them all the success in coming years."

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