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AC Tig Arc Transformer AC - DC TIG Welding Equ With Water Cooling AC - DC TIG Welding Equipment Air Compressor Price List Date 15-05-2021 AIR Plasma Cut - 80 AIR Plasma Cut - 100 AIR Plasma Cut - 160-200 AIR Plasma General Butt General Dc Tig Arc Thyrised Dc Tig Arc Transformer Inverter Base Welding MMA - 300-1phipg Inverter Base Welding MMA - 300 3ph.jpg Inverter Base Welding MMA - 40011.jpg Inverter Base Welding MMA - 400 mos Inverter Base Welding MMA- General Inverter Base Welding MMA 250 Inverter Base Welding MMA 600 Electroplating Rectifier RFAN COOLED HEAVY DUTY ARC WELDING MACHINE Hand Spot - General Hand Spot - 01 Hand Spot - 02 Heavy Duty Regular type - 3 Phase Heavy Duty Regular type A Heavy Duty Stude Type Heavy Duty Inverter Pulse TIG Inverter TIG - 200 - Single Phase Inverter TIG - 300 - Single Phase Inverter TIG - General MIG - MAG Mini Arc Welding Regulator type OIL COOLED HEAVY DUTY ARC OIL TRANSFORMERS Pampllet 3 fold-- ( 1 ) ( 1 ) Pnemetic Spot 100 KVA A Pnemetic Spot Micro Controller Premetic Spot Time Inverter Base MIG - MAG CO2 . General Inverter Base MIG - MAG CO2 250 - Single Phase A Inverter Base MIG - MAG CO2 250 - Three Phase A Inverter Base MIG - MAG CO2-400 Inverter Base MIG - MAG CO2-500-600 Inverter Base Welding MMA - 2001 ph Spot Welding Pnematic Rocker Arm Spot Welding Step Up Booster Stud Type Mini Arc Stud Type Oil Cool Table Spet ATHYRISTORISED RECTIFIER WATER COOLING UNITS

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Sep - 2021

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