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ABUCKS is a leading manufacturer and exporter of world-class pharmaceutical and packaging machines that improve the quality of product and way of working. We understand customer needs, with our research and development and experienced team of engineers, technicians, designers and skilled workforce we address today needs with the requirements of tomorrow. We believe in simple innovation in machines which reduces cost, time and manpower of our client. With further expansion and product development in pipeline, we are confident of sustaining the high growth which we have achieved in the past few years. ABUCKS follows a simple business practice to devote its talent and technology to manufacture world class machines with superior quality, reasonable price, and robust design and complete customer support. We offer affordable innovations through our products and performance beyond perception. Our production activities rely on Indian engineering skills, highly trained employees and exceptional production quality and most important very competitive rates that excel in world market.


Turn Table / Unscrumbler

Turn table is built with SS frame,& reduction gear box for noiseless performance. Turntable is useful in uniform flow of bottles. The bottles or containers are loaded manually on turntable which automatically will rotate on disk of turn table and exit through outlet...

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Automatic Rotary Bottle Washing Machine

This rotary washing machine is sturdy and compact elegant design.the bottles are manually loaded for washing and unloaded on rotating platform after performing series of cleaning operations. The bottles are placed in inverted position in cup shaped holders with spraying showers does the cleansing with...

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Manual Capsule Filling Machine

Manual capsule filling machine is suitable for filling any one size of capsule with 300 holes tray at one time, this is hand operated mechanical machine made by high quality stainless steel with loading plates, powder spreader, powder dispenser...

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Semi Automatic Capsule Tray Loading Machine

Semi-Automatic capsule loading machine is used for loading empty capsule in trays for filling capsule manually. This machine is used to increase productivity in small scale capsule manufacturing...

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Abucks Inc

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