Air Bubble Film, Air Bubble Cushioned Packaging Material, Bubble Wrap, Bubble Paper, Polyethylene Film, Mumbai, India

Air Bubble Film, Air Bubble Cushioned Packaging Material, Bubble Wrap, Bubble Paper, Polyethylene Film, Mumbai, India


Tender- Care International is a pioneers in India in manufacture and application development of air bubble films in India. "Airplast" air bubble film is one of the most sophisticated packaging material in the world.

Air plast air bubble film is a product so simple yet sophisticated that it offers unparalleled protection to fragile items offering them utmost care. It is an innovative packaging material which finds universal application in a wide range of sectors of commerce & Industry and also in domestic and household application. The products transperancy feature enhances visibility of the products packed in it. It offers excellent shock absorbing capabilities since the the air bubbles are capable of absorbing the shocks generated by impacts.

Tender- Care International has its own state of Art manufacturing facility from where it can provide the consumers the complete range of air bubble film s in various bubble diameters and also customise it to meet the consumers requirements in terms of cut-pieces, sleeves, bags, pouches, box-form etc.

 Technology :-
Air Bubble film, also popularly termed as Bubble Wrap or Bubble Paper is a two layered polyethylene film. One layer has cavities of predesignated diameter and the econd layer is a plain laminate. High quality manufacturers usually prefer heavy duty grade of Low Density polyethylene polymer along with other additives to enhance product strength of offer it special attributes like anti-static etc.

The Machinery
The machines are of two types Offline and online manufacturing systems.

Special merits of Airplast - Air Bubble films
Light Weight
Chemical Neutrality
Transparent and attractive
Non HygroscopicSealability & Weldability
Strong & Firm
Flexible and Tenacious
Applications of Airplast air bubble films are limited only to your imagination. This can be seen by the large number of non-conventional applications this product has found, some of which are state below
Disposable Sleeping sheets
Padding & thermal insulator under carpets
Application in the medical field in UK due to its cushioning & thermal insulation properties, the film is used to cover the wounded portion of persons involved in road accidents. To cover New Born babies to regulate their body temperature.
Excellent sound insulation properties. Ideal in creating sound insulated rooms (usually temporary locations not for professional applications)
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