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Fingerprint Access Controller, Fingerprint Identification Door Lock, Mifare Card Reader, Access Control Systems, Mumbai, India Fingerprint Access Controller, Fingerprint Identification Door Lock, Mifare Card Reader, Access Control Systems, Mumbai, India
A young, fast-growing organization whose ambition is to reach the forefront of technology through relentless efforts and responding dynamically to demands from the biometric security market.It was established in 2001 by a team of young budding professionals committed to trust, integrity, pursuit of excellence and is rapidly becoming the leader in biometric application / technology market.

Biometric Access Control Systems

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Access Controller
Access Controller

Refined design access control to be released, Fingkey Access!
Upgraded from specification to performance and simple but luxurious design.
You must experience the next generation of access control from Nitgen!

> 5.7” true color LCD with Touch
> High speed 1:N authentication > USB memory slot
> Remote control and real-time access monitoring by means of server program (Access Management)
> Auto-on function & Live Finger Detection
> Template capacity: Max. 100,000 templates
> Log capacity: Max. 1,000,000 events
> Supported WiFi (optional)
> Fingerprint image & Quality check
> User friendly interface
> Ergomechanical design.

Fingerprint Access Controller
Fingerprint Access Controller
Fingerprint Access Controller(NAC-3000 ) is the-state-of-the-art biometric system by adopting fingerprint technology, which has very excellent biometric security and users' convenience. Designed and manufactured with thesensor and algorithm developed by NITGEN's Superior Biometric technology, it has very accurate and speedy fingerprint identification rate while a user can build very robust security system at inexpensive cost. Also, if using the server management program of which network configuration and functions have been strengthened, you may advantageously apply it for Access Control system and Time & Attendance Management of enterprise Level.


> Suitable for diverse applications through high speed network (LAN)
> Suitable for Time & Attendance management by supporting functional keys (attendance, going out, return)
> Strengthening user's setting (ID digits, voice information, sensor option, operation mode and etc)
> Improving user's convenience by Auto-On, short ID, Group matching function > Supports various security type by the combination of authenticaion methods (fingerprint, password, RF Card)
Fingerprint Identification Door Lock
Fingerprint Identification
Door Lock

It is a NITGEN fingerprint sensor embedded doorlock That makes up the week points of lost, robbery and forgetfulness when using an existing key, card and PIN. It is entrance and exit control security product widely used in from apartments and general residences to offices, financial institutes and research institutes based on a unique fingerprint recognition system.


> Elegant & Attractive design and Precision Electronic Lock
> Apply to main door of housing and control system of General gate etc
> No need to carry around a key and card and also
> No need to worry about losing, or someone else using, your ID and a card
> Convenient one touch function
> Put to use a recharge battery for the convenient installation
> Upgraded external battery function for an electricity power failure and fire
> Available to install sized 35~50mm door.(Regular size: 40~45mm)

Fingkey hamster II
Fingkey hamster II

Fingkey Hamster II has a fingerprint sensing function and is a cutting edge fingerprint sensor that prevents use of fake fingerprints. It can be connected to pc along with the normal mouse and used for all the areas involving password and will be a competent security gadget without using to use password which is often hard to use and often misused by unauthorised persons.

> It perfectly verifies the authorized user with its fake fingerprint identification function
> It makes accurate user identification with its excellent algorithm technology and accuracy
> It is well designed for convenient use
> It is highly durable that enhanced robustness
> It ensures speedy verification > Dry fingers are also well sensed
> It can be used in various client / server and internet environments as well as for computer security.

Finger print time attendance system
Finger print time attendance system

BioAccess v2 is a High Quality Biometrics Fingerprint Based Time Attendance
System. It has TCP /IP (Ethernet) connectivity with USB Disk for easy data download. With a capacity of storing 1000 fingerprint, it’s useful for 500 users.

> Fastest Fingerprint Scanning – 35% Increased Speed because of Dual Core System
> Automatic Fingerprint Update – Updates fingerprint automatically in case of change in skin due to age, season, skin peeling and others
> Using professional and flexible management system of enterprise time record to satisfy the complicated and unique need of enterprise.



Mifare Card Reader

Mifare Card Reader Based Time Attendance And Access Control System

> 128x68 Graphics Blue LCD display with Backlight
> Integrated Human Voice and Buzzer
> Card storage capacity 10,000
> Password storage capacity10,000
> Transaction record 240,000 > Card sensor type mifare
> Identification model: Card Work ID + Password
> Sensor distance 3-8cm
> Identification speed <0.8S > Interface:USB/TCP/IP
> Real Time Clock
> Battery Backup

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