About Anacon
Background : Anacon is an established Environmental Consultancy firm with basic infrastructural facilities and man power. We are rendering our services in this field to various industries since last 13 years. We are group of experienced Ex. Scientists from the Government Institutions like IBM, NEERI & GSI and our Laboratory is empanelled by Maharashtra Pollution Control Board & Ministry of Environment & Science, New Delhi for carrying out environmental Studies. We have prepared the EIA reports for various industries, which includes Steel, Power, Distilleries, Textile and Pharmaceutical.   We have worked in the state of Assam, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh & Maharashtra. Our esteemed client groups includes many large scale industries from private as well as the Public Sector Units. National Productivity Council, BALCO, MECON, TATA STEEL, LAFARGE, GRASIM, Ultra Tech Cement Ltd., RAYMONDS, LUPIN, Ranbaxy, GAIL, Seagram & Sagar Distilleries and Sponge Iron are our major clients.  To know more about our Group please visit us at : www.anacongarway.com.
We have successfully carried out the monitoring of Air, Water & Waste Water, Noise, Hazardous Waste & Land Environment for the EIA of various industries. We have also carried land use and land cover studies based on the satellite studies.
Our operations are spread in six different states in Central India region with branches at Raipur, Korba, Ranchi,  Bhopal and Delhi.
Credentials of Testing Lab : Our laboratory is registered with following Govt. departments for providing technical services in the field of environment. The registration numbers are as follows ;
1. MoEF Notification No. D.L.-33004/99 dt.24.10.2007–Recognized as A Grade lab under EPA.
2. MPCB No.WP/Lab-Regn/B/1856 Dt.18.08.1993
3. MPPCB Bhopal No.9485  Dt.27.08.2001
4. Mah.Govt.WQM 2003/PK26(2)PP12 Dt.1.9.2004 – Drinking water quality monitoring
5. Mah.Govt.JSP 2004/PK3715 PP11Dt.28.04.2004 – Hydrogeological survey
6. RQP/NGP/328/2005/B Dated :- 01.02.2005 – Indian Bureau of mines for preparation of mine     plan
7. MPCB/EPD/PL/EMPL/18/07 dt.23.02.2007
    For the organizational statutory requirement the registration numbers are as follows ;
8. Company Law Board Regn.  No11-114169 Dt.25.03.98
9. Provident Fund Regn. No. MH – 63074 Dt. 15.06.2001
10.Professional tax Regn. No. PT/R/4/6/27/1496 Dt. 11.01.199
11.Service Tax Regn.No.ST– 2301/NAG – Dn – I/STS/2001 STC NO. AADCA 0435B ST001
12.Income Tax -  P A N  No. AADCA0435B TAN No.NGPA0148C