Manufacturer of Paint Drier, PVC Stabilizers, Finolic Resins, Carbonless Papers, Coated Front Resin, Mumbai, India.


"ARC CHEMICALS PVT.LTD." is the trade name under which Arihant offers wide range of drying catalysts. Drying catalysts commonly known as metallic driers or "Paint Driers". Most commonly used and most effective drier metals are Lead, Cobalt, Manganese, Iron, Barium, Calcium. Zirconium, Zinc, Cerium and Vanadium. Apart from the major components in the drying catalysts such as metal and acid, the process, the condition of making and incorporation of necessary additives do play a considerable role in improving the basic properties of the drying catalyst.
Our company has developed special processes and additives of importance to improve the following characteristics :

(A) Clear transparent liquid.
(B) Complete compatibility with paint and printing ink mediums
(C) Good stability of solutions and their miscibility with each other.
(D) High metal content with no tendency to crystallies or sludge out
(E) Active metal content
(F) Low viscosity
(G) Absence of odour
(H) Resistance to atmospheric and climatic conditions and
(1) All the available metal is effective as drying catalyst.


A] Coated Front Resin for Carbonless Paper
B] Paint Driers
1) Cobalt Octoate / Naphthenate
2) Manganese Octoate / Naphthenate
3) Lead Octoate / Naphthenate
4) Calcium Octoate / Naphthenate
5) Zinc Octoate / Naphthenate
6) Copper Octoate / Naphthenate
7) Iron Octoate / Naphthenate
8) Zirconium Octoate
9) Cerium Octoate
10) Barium Octoate
11) Various Combinations as per specific requirement

C] Liquid (PVC Heat Stabilizers)
1) Lead Stabilizer
2) Barium & Cadmium Stabilizers
3) Barium, Cadmium & Zinc Stabilizer
4) Cadmium Zinc Stabilizers
5) Calcium Zinc Stabilizer
6) Potassium Zinc - Kicker
7) Tin Stabilizer
& various combinations as per specific requirement

Paint Driers : Cobalt Octoate Driers   |   Manganese Octoate Driers   |   Lead Octoate Driers   |   Zinc Octoate Driers   |Zirconium Octoate Driers   |   Calcium Octoate Driers   |  Cerium Octoate Driers  |   Copper Octoate Driers  |Strontium Octoate Driers   |   Iron Octoate Driers
Unsaturated Polyester Accelerators : Cobalt Octoate Drier   |   Potassium Octoate Driers
Liquid PVC Stabilisers : Barium Octoate Driers    |   Cadmium Octoate Driers
Antiskinnig Agent : Methyl Ethyl Ketoxime
Rubber Addetive : Nickel Napthenate
Combination Driers    
Phenolic Resin    
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