Degradable Plastic Bags, Carry Bags, Polythene Bags, Bio Degradable Sheets, Bio Degradable Covers, Bio Medical Waste

Our Product Range :
• Bio Degradable Polythene Bags
• V.C.I. Antistatic Bags, Sheets & Covers
• Mulch Film
• Garbage Bags
• Bio-medical Waste Bags
• Shopping Bags
• Degradable Carry Bags
• Anti-static Bags
• UV Stabilized Bags
• Food packaging Bags
• Shrink Films
• Stretch Films
• Bubble Films
• Carry Bags
• Laundry Bags

Methods of Disposal :
 Land filling
 Photo Degradation
 Vermi Composting


It is our pleasure to introduce us as manufacturer of Plastics Bags, Sheets, tubing, Covers, VCI Bags & covers with multicolor printing.
We also manufacture Anti Static Bags. We are in this field for the last eighteen years.
Presently we are supplying to Automobile Industries, Chemical Industries, Food Industries, Engg. Industries, Garments Industries and other companies in Pune & all over Maharashtra.

We are successful in developing Biodegradable plastic keeping in view the demand for environment friendly polythene products and are now supplying to majority of Hotels and Hospitals in and around Maharashtra since last 3 years. We are proud to inform you that our company is been certified as 

An ISO 9001-2008 company.

It will be our pleasure in supplying you plastic bags, covers and sheets as per your requirements. We assure you of our best quality and prompt services.
In case you need any further information please feel free to contact us, waiting for your favorable reply.

:: Products ::
What is degradable plastic?
A degradable plastic is such that degrades when exposed to micro organisms,
heat and sunlight.

What makes the bag degradable?
A degradable plastic bag is made from normal polyethylene
product-the same as most bags-but is also contains newly invented

How does it work?
Degradable additives when mixed with compatible plastic raw material LLDPE / LDPE, Will cause the plastic to photo, thermal and chemically degrade as litter in anaerobic and aerobic facilities.
These plastics will progressively degrade to lower and lower molecular weights As a result of which they become brittle, fragmented until appoint in time they are digested by the micro organisms back to the basic elements of carbon dioxide, water and the biomass.
Certifications :

Our Product is tested and approved by the following authorities.

• Central institute of Plastics Engineering and
   Technology (C.I.P.E.T ) Chennai

• National Toxicology Center

• Maharashtra Pollution Control Board

• Pune Municipal Corporation


Hotels & Hospitals are places where maximum waste is generated. This waste needs to be disposed of in a very systematic manner, but while serving the society, this Customer Service Industry uses Virgin / Recycled Poly Bags as they serve them well due to their versatile properties of being light, cheep, non-tearing and waterproof. But it is increasingly being realized that the use of these long-lasting polymers for short-lived applications is entirely unjustified, especially when increased concem exists about the preservation of living systems. Millions of poly bags, with a use life ranging from a few minutes to a few hours, are thrown away to choke sewer lines, clog drains and cause infertility of soil. They cause food contamination and animal deaths. This is where Degradable plastic can play a major role in serving all its purpose and at the same time is not hazardous or harmful to nature.

Our company provides degradable polythene having all the advantages of normal plastic, Our product while serving the purpose of plastic when exposed to sunlight or when kept in natural decaying conditions degrades in a stipulated period

In places like Nurseries or Forests where Plastic is used for cultivation and other purpose, this plastic after serving it’s purposes, this plastic after serving it’s purpose causes a great harm to the natural environment; In such cases Degradable plastic is a veru Useful and affordable replacement.

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S. No. 246/9, Hinjewadi, Tal. Mulshi, Pune - 411 057,
Maharashtra, India.

Tel. No. : +91 - 20 - 20271764

Arjun : +91 - 98236 92024

Kishor : +91 - 98900 93472, 90280 03227

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Sole Distributor :

Venkateshwara Bio Bags, Rajiv apartments, Flat No. 2, 828,
Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Vivek Mehta : +91 - 98231 78866

Ajinkya Mehta : +91 - 90287 04811, 90280 03227

Savita Mehta : +91-90280 03227

Regd. Office :

Prestige, 113 / 8, Prabhat Road, Lane No. 14, Pune - 400 004,
Maharashtra, India.

Mobile : +91 - 98231 78866

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