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Rated Capacity Indicator, Safe Load Indicator, Digital Cylinder Pressure Indicator, HPCL Columns, Thane, India
  Product Range :
* Rated Capacity Indicator ( Safe Load    Indicator )
* Boom Length Detectors
* Inclinometer
* Anti Two Block Systems
* DynamoMeters
* Digital Cylinder Pressure Indicator

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Rated Capacity Indicator ( Safe Load Indicator ) :

CRANESAFE Technologies offers you the state of the art Rated Capacity Indicator  Model Blackbox Specially Designed for :

Safe Load Indicator

  • Hydraulic Telescopic Cranes
  • Lattice Boom Cranes
  • Crawler Cranes
  • Tower Cranes
  • Unconventional Lifting
Fully Microcontroller Based System has been designed by the persons having two decades of experience of field operations of various makes and models of Cranes.
  Features and Benefits :
  • Displays : Rated Load, Boom Length, radius, Hook Load, boom Angle, Hourmeter, Text Messages & Error Messages.
  • Anti Two Block, Approach Overload Alarms.
  • Provides Quick reference on the percentage of load from 10% to 100% on Bar-graph.
  • Alerts the operator when the crane reaches its limit. Motion Cut Available.
  • Warns the operator of any type of overlimits such as Hook overhoist, Boom overhoist, overload etc.
  • System is user Friendly & Simple
  • Self Diagnostics
  • Provides Audio - Visual system under unsafe condition with human voice in Hindi &
    English (Optional)
  • Provides overtilting conditions warning while in operations (Optional)

 Digital Cylinder Pressure Indicator

HPCL Columns and Accessories

Digital Cylinder Pressure Indicator
  HPCL Columns are available from various   International Brand names E.G.   Accessories
Agilent                     Fittings
Phenomenex            Peek Tubing
Hypersil                  S S Tubing
Kromasil                 Solvent Sample                              Filtration kit
SGE                       Autosampler
Waters                 Rheodyneinjuction
UV - VIS Spectrophotometer
  • Quartz / Glass Cuvettes
    UV Lamp, Deutarium Lamps
Atomic Absorptionspectrophotometer
  • Hollow Cathode Lamps
    Acetylene / N2O Regulators
Digital Cylinder Pressure Indicator
Digital Cylinder Pressure Display
Indication of Leak on Pressure Gradiant Basis
Balance at Glance
Settable Parameters
Audio & Visual Alarm




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