Polymer Emulsions, Adhesives, Polymer Emulsions for Construction Chemicals, Adhesives for Textile, Manufacturers Of Polymer Emulsions, Adhesive, Mumbai, India
We Dex - Vin Polymers Pvt.Ltd., is one of the leading manufacturers of speciality polymers. Having started as a small peanut since 1988, this day we have occupied the leading place among the polymers / adhesive producers and exporters. In a short span we have proved our commitments towards heading as leaders in the field of emulsion polymerization.

Research & Development :
Well organized, sophisticated laboratory and pilot plant reaction vessels, have supported the company to find out innovative answers to manufacturing and problems in application faced by our customers. Analytical testing plays an important role in assessment and provides control on the consistent quality of the final product. Substantial amount of our sales turnover is reinvested in product development.

Technology & Manufacturing :
Dex-Vin has continued its growth and success by following consistent methodologies by monitoring the quality of raw materials and the finished products. Our strong position in the areas of production (at present 8000 metric tones per annum capacity) and marketing is being achieved by developing new approaches to its business activities. These mainly involve manufacturing new products, while introducing resource saving technologies.

Dex-Vin has gained confidence based on constant efforts made to improve quality and reduce costs, redesign and expand the capacity of existing plant, producing new products.

Technical Services :
Dex-Vin is committed to offer its technical expertise to its customers to develop new substitutes and find original solutions to their difficulties. Trouble shooting calls for identification both of problems resulting from customer's bottlenecks and inherent ones, and measures required rectifying them. Our team of highly qualified and well experienced technocrats is on toes to render the best services to our clients.

Safety & Environment :
Dex-Vin has its motto towards environmental care. Our policies and practices are designed to reduce wastes and emissions and to minimize the possibility of future environmental damage. Pollution prevention programs by Dex-Vin are based upon government regulations and self-imposed guidelines.

Future Dynamics :
Dex-Vin sets in target upon excellence. It means committing resources for efficient production and striving at all times to retain production and striving at all times to retain and creep globally. Our goals for manufacturing efficiency and Quality control is rising to achieve ISO Accreditation.

Annual Sales :
We hereby invite domestic and international corporate to participate in mutually beneficial business co-operation.


Polymer Emulsions, Adhesives, Polymer Emulsions for Construction Chemicals, Adhesives for Textile, Manufacturers Of Polymer Emulsions, Adhesive, Mumbai, India

Polymer Emulsions / Adhesives for Construction Chemicals

Modified Vinyl Acetate Polymer
For cement binding
Acrylic Copolymer Emulsion
General purpose cement mortor modifier (Imparts flexibility & enhances resistance to weathering effects for cement constructions)


Polymer Emulsions / Adhesives for Textile / Paper

Modified Vinyl Acetate Polymer
For semi-permanent finishing of knitted fabrics such as voiles, muls, poplin, nylon and other synthetic fabrics. ( compatible with Starch, Dextrin, Thermosetting Resin)
Finishing of knitted fabrics
Flexible Modified Vinyl Acetate Polymer
For semi-permanent finishing
Acrylic Copolymer
For superior quality pigment printing
Economic grade for pigment printing
Modified Copolymer
Binder for non-woven fabrics
Binder for khadi and pigment
Adhesive for fabrics and foam lamination
Suitable in electrostatic flock-printing of textiles
Alkali Soluble Acrylic Copolymer
Extensively used for thickening of latex for flock applications
Polymer Solution
Imparts firm, full and smooth handle to fabrics
Can be used in wash-n-wear finishing to get softness and drape
Gives slip resistance, pilling resistance to all kind of fabrics.
Can be used as flocculating agent
Can be used with thermosetting resins to modify handle of fabrics


Polymer Emulsions / Adhesives for Paint Industry

All Acrylic Copolymer Emulsions
For excellent interior / exterior Paints with excellent flow leveling   
   properties, low dirt pick up
Good water & Alkali resistance
Good Freeze thaw stability
Excellent Alkali Resistance
Excellent Pigment Binding Capability
Excellent colour development with Tinters
Styrene Acrylic Copolymer
For making interior / exterior paints
For road marking paints
Excellent Water / Alkali Resistance
Low Particle size to enhance excellent
Pigment binding capability
Vinyl Acetate Copolymer
Used for premium quality interior paints
Excellent flow leveling and brushability
Good water & alkali resistance
Excellent Mechanical & Electrolyte stability
Vinyl Acrylic Copolymer
Specially developed for cement sandex paints
Good water and Alkali Resistance
Good Electrolyte & Mechanical Stability
Good Pigment binding & Brushability
For making good quality interior wall paints
Good water resistance
Excellent flow leveling
Good electrolyte & Mechanical Stability
Low cost emulsion
Fine particle size
Good pigment binding
Good water and Alkali resistance
Polyvinyl Acetate Plasticised Emulsion
For making economical high viscosity
interior emulsion paints
Polymer Solution
Used as dry distemper liquid  (DDL) to
promote adhesion & chalking resistance
Alkali Soluble Acrylic Copolymer
Used as thickener in plastic emulsion paints
Compatible with vinyl acetate and acrylic
homopolymers and copolymers for imparting good rheological 
   properties to paint.
Polyacrylate Type Thickening Agent
Used as thickener in plastic emulsion paints
Compatible with Vinyl acetate and acrylic
homopolymers and copolymers


Polymer Emulsions / Adhesives for Packaging Industry

Modified Vinyl Acetate Polymer
General purpose carpenter's adhesive
For paper
For pencil joints
For sports goods
For T.V., Radio cabinets
For wood veneering
For metal-can labeling
For sand texture
For cardboard cartons
For paper boxes
Vinyl Acrylic Copolymer
Adhesive for PVC to cork
Aluminum Foil to paper / cork
Adhesive for PVC to wood
For cigarette tips
For metal foils to wood
For leather and paper
Adhesive for lamination (paper, gelatin, BOPP film to paper)
For Polyurethane foam to wood,
paper and cloth
For soap wrapper
Modified Vinyl Acrylic Copolymer
Adhesive for stickers (paper, PVC & foil stickers)
Labelling adhesive for plastic
Surface and glass surface
For adhesive tapes
Modified Polystyrene Emulsions
For fiber glass industry
Vinyl Acrylic Solution Polymer
Pressure sensitive adhesive for premium quality 
PVC/paper/BOPP stickers and tapes
For PVC to wood adhesive
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