PharmaceuticaL Intermediates

Manufacture And Exporter Of PharmaceuticaL Intermediates, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's), Speciality Chemicals, Apis Intermediates, Carboxylic Acid Derivatives, Dicarboxylic Acid Derivatives, Cycloalkane Derivatives, Furan Derivatives, Imidazole Derivatives, Indane Derivatives, Indole Derivatives, Isoquinoline Derivatives, Isoxazole Derivatives, Morpholine Derivatives, Phenanthroline Derivatives, Octane Derivatives, Phenol Derivatives, Resorcinol Derivatives, Anisole Derivatives, Pyrazole Derivatives, Pyridine Derivatives, Quinoline Derivatives, Thane, Maharashtra, India
Apart from the quality products, the services of our company have created place for us in the field of supply chain management and enabled us in successfully establishing link between supplier and buyer. From the sourcing, approving vendor audit, pre shipment testing and transportation to client’s destination, we handle the entire process. We have established excellent supplier’s network which creates business possibilities and value at the same time through cost effectiveness and quality product delivery.

Why Us ?

We have strategic alliances for product sourcing and technology transfer in various parts of the world like Europe, Latin America, Asia, Gulf countries and USA. As a innovative and growing company, we have consolidated our position over a period and proved to be a good service provider. In India, we have office at Thane, which is adjacent to Mumbai and got representatives at Delhi, Hyderabad and Chennai

Our Product Range
  Natural Phytochemicals
  Caralluma Fimbriata (Roxbury)