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• Industrial Fans
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• Air Pollution Control Systems & Equipments
• Industrial Blowers
• Evaporative Cooling Systems
• Axial Flow Fans
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Pollution Control Systems


ENGICON AIRTECH PVT. LTD. are pleased to introduce ourselves as the pioneer in design, manufacturing and installation of Air Handling Equipments, Air Handling Systems, Air Pollution Control Equipment and systems, and equipments like Centrifugal fans (Blower), Axial Flow Fans, Mancooler, Dust Collector, Ventilation Systems since last eleven years.

We have a well equipped manufacturing unit in Talawade, Pune along with a qualified technical staff, testing equipments and facilities to test the Fans / Blowers as per I.S. 4894 – 1987.  We have supplied fans of highest capacity of 3,00,000 m3 / hr (S.I.S.W.) maximum pressure upto 1700 mm wg in single stage design and upto 8,00,000 m3/hr for D.I.D.W.

We have supplied and installed our equipments to almost each and every field of industries.  And over the years we have able to serve our customers to their satisfaction with our emphasis on sound design prompt delivery and exceptional pricing.

We kindly request you to give us the opportunity to serve your requirements of Air Handling Equipments/ centrifugal fans & blowers for the furtherance of your satisfaction.

Thanking you and assuring you of our best services at all the times.
: Manufacturers Of :
• Industrial Fans
• HVAC Systems
• Air Pollution Control Systems & Equipments
• Industrial Blowers
• Evaporative Cooling Systems
• Axial Flow Fans
Industrial Fan
A Industrial fan is a powered device used to create flow within a air. A Industrial fan consists of a rotating arrangement of vanes or blades which act on the air.
These units are MS internally lined with FRP or in galvanised iron construction. These are useful for those areas, which are moderately dry. Expected saturation efficiency of these units is upto 98%. The advantage of this Air Washer unit is that there is no atomisation of water. Hence, pumps of lower horse powers can be used. Also due to the absence of water spray normaltype of Mist Eliminators are not required. Special Evaporative Cooling Pad (ECP) are used for transfer of heat. The ECP matrix is wetted with water droplets and air stream is at right angles to this water flow. This helps in mixing of both the streams and results in air cooling based on psychrometric principle.

It is observed that for dry areas the drop in temp. at the exit of the Air Washer is as much as 10 0C to 12 0C from the ambient. These are available in different sizes. It is recommended that the units be externally thermal insulated to achieve better performance. For corrosive atmosphere, units can be offered in plastic construction, such as FRP. The Air Washer unit is factory assembled complete with water piping, water tank, float valve,strainer and receiver valves. The air connections on the inlet and outlet side are suitably flanged for ducting.
Air Washers
Different Types of Air Washers
Air Washers
AXIAL FANS : Man Coolers
Axial fans are widely used in ventilation application, as booster to exhaust system, driers, as roof extractors, food processing Industry, railway locomotives, power plants etc. The fans can be arranged either foot mounted, direct driven or with belt transmission unit.

These fans are suitable for exhaust application and are available in 2 models- Wall mounted and Tube Axial fan. The fans are having cast alloy alluminium impeller duly statically & dynamically balanced withhigh efficiency aerofoil section blades. These fans are available in Direct Driven and Belt driven arrangement.
Man Cooler Floor Mounted
   (Tubular Mancoolers)
Pedestal Mounted Mancoolers.
Man Cooler Wall Mounted
(Column Mounted Mancoolers)
Tubular Mancoolers
Pedestal Mounted Mancoolers
Column Mounted Mancoolers

We make cyclone seperator, Dust Collector having five micron filteration, and upto 95 % efficiency. Multi cyclones are in-house designed high efficiency particulate collection units.

These are used for arresting dust particulate like FLY ASH where boilers are used.

Bag Filter
Bag Filter

Pulse Jet Manual, motorised or dust collector is an efficient pollution control equipment. Pulse Jet Bag Filter is fully automatic and without any moving parts. Filtration is carried out through woven or non-woven filter media in form of bags. The cleaning action is due to high pressure air passed at intervals in the reverse direction.

Company manufacture Fans from M.S. as well as S.S., MS-FRP, PP-FRP, CS-RL & other special materials. Our fans can be used upto 700 oC temp. with special design. Centrifugal Fans are available in Single Inlet Single Width and Double Inlet Double Width suitable for various applications for heating, cooling, humidification & ventilation, etc. Our fans are available in different configurations - Double inlet double width,Single inlet single width and Inline duct fans with different impeller blade profiles. (Radial blades, backward inclined, backward curved, aerofoil, forward curves, padel type etc. to meet different duty conditions with low pressure, medium pressure and high pressure applications).
Centrifugal Fans

Sailent Features Of Centrifugal Fans :

Flour Mill Fans
•  Combustion Fans.
•  Limit Load Air Conditioning/Ventilation Fans.
•  Fans For Air Pollution Control.
•  Process fans for Dryers, Chemical / Fertilizer Plants, Ore Beneficiation  Plants,
   Grinding Mills, Steel Plants.
•  Air Slide Fans


Unit 1 & Regd. Office :
Gat No. 255 / A, Plot No. 253,  Jyotibanagar Industrial Estate,  Talawade, Pune - 412114. MS, India.
Tel. No. : +91 - 20 - 27690606,  27692980,
Mobile : +91 - 94225 16353

E-Mail : 
Unit 2 & Corporate Office :
  Plot No. 91,  Sector No. 10, PCNTDA, Bhosari,
  Pune - 411026.  MS, India.
  Tel. No. : +91 - 20 - 20273114 / 13


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