Manufacturer Of Rotameters, Purge Rotameters, Bypass Rotameters, Metal Tube Rotameters, U Tube Manometers, Inclined Tube Manometers, Mumbai, India

Manufacturer Of Rotameters

Manufacturer Of Rotameters, Purge Rotameters, Bypass Rotameters, Metal Tube Rotameters, U Tube Manometers, Inclined Tube Manometers
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Company Profile

Five Stars is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Rotameters and Manometers since 1979. Five Stars offers high quality products for accurate measurement of Flow, Pressure, Velocity and Levels.

Our product range includes – Variable Area Flow Meters, Acrylic Body Rotameters, Glass Tube Rotameters, Metallic Body Rotameters, Bypass Rotameters, U Tube Manometers, Inclined Tube Manometers, Single Limb Manometers, Vacuum Manometers, Pitot Tubes, Liquid Level Indicators, Sight Flow Indicators, Level Switches, Metal Tube Magnetic Rotameters.

Infrastructural Set Up & Team

Our comprehensive infrastructure comprises of fully equipped manufacturing unit at Mumbai. Empowered by sophisticated assembly line of machineries & calibration systems; we are capable to undertake both small and bulk orders of our clients. Entire process of pre and postproduction activities is conducted in our own manufacturing premises.

The manpower of our company is ramified into various departments like procurement, production, marketing, personnel, testing and others. The departments are inter-woven together to deliver high precision products. Moreover, our team of expert professionals and diligent labors has extensive industry expertise in the field and ascertain production of every single product with utmost accuracy.

Quality Orientation

“Quality” is the core domain of our organization. In order to offer best world class products, we implement strict “Quality Control Program” in our company. Our team of experts assures that the quality of the finished product is in compliance with international benchmarks. Experts check that raw materials are sourced from the most reliable vendors.

• Rotameters • Manometers : (Acrylic & Glass Tube Manometers) • Pitot Tubes
• Level Indicators • Pitot Tubes & Orifice Assemblies • Level Switches

 1)  ROTAMETERS (Variable Area Flow Meter)

Acrylic Body Rotameters
Glass Tube Rotameters
Metal Tube Rotameters
Purge Rotameters
Bypass Rotameters
Suitable for online installation with flanged or screwed connections with several options of materials for the wetted parts.

Available Sizes: 15 NB to 100 NB
  • 2.5 to 40,000 LPH of water at ambient temperature.
  • 0.1 to 300 Nm³/hr of air at NTP.
  • Accuracy: ±2% of FSD.
Acrylic Body Rotameters

Acrylic Body Rotameters


U Tube Manometers
Inclined Tube Manometers
Single Limb Manometers
Vacuum Measuring Manometers
U tube manometer is used for precision measurement of pressure, vacuum, differential pressure, and flow measurement in plants and labs where certain accuracy is required. Available in wall and stand mounted.

Ranges: 50-0-50 to 3000-0-3000 mm WC/HG.
U Tube Manometer

U Tube Manometers


“S” Type
“L” Type
"Straight” Type
“Double Tipped” Type


Pitot Tubes - Manometer Combination
Orifice - Manometer Combination
Pitot Tubes
Pitot Tubes
A primary element for velocity pressure in air, gas or liquid flow, Used widely in measuring velocities and impact pressures of air conditioning systems, fan testing and liquid pump discharge. Concentric type and double tipped type pitot tubes are manufactured by us made from SS or Brass.
Accuracy: +-2%.


Tubular Glass Level Indicators
Magnetic Capsule Type Level Indicators
Reflex Level Guages
Sight Flow Indicators
Float & Board Level Indicators
Side mounted Tubular level indicator is a reliable device for reading the level of liquid in the tank. Auto-shut of ball check valve arrangement provided for preventing liquid loss during glass breakage.
Tubular Glass Level Indicators

Tubular Glass Level Indicators


Side Mounted Magnetic Level Switches
Top Mounted Float Operated Level Switches
Side Mounted Magnetic Level Switches
Side Mounted Magnetic Level Switches

Mounted on the side of the tank, float position changes with the level which in turn with the help of magnetic coupling changes the switch contacts. Used for Automatic pump control high and low level signals safety interlock circuits.


Address: 304, Shreeji Krupa, 77/87, A. G. Marg, New Bardan Lane, Masjid Bunder, Mumbai – 400003.
Tele/Fax: +91-22-23423372
Mobile: +91-9967571201 / +91-9892963606 /


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