Refractories Material, Insulating Material & Castables, Magnesia Carbon Bricks, Dolomite Refractories, Thane, India
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We are glad to introduce ourselves as sold distributors for Tata Refractories  Ltd., Western India 9 Maharashtra Goa and Gujarat) for their Refractory Productors.
TRL is the largest manufacturer of Refractories in India having wide range of Refractories to cater service to almost all industry. TRL is a very reputed name in quality Refractories manufacturers.
The product range of Tata Refractories Ltd. is very vast and we sure that we will be able to supply material as per your requirement and specification.
We have to come up with this product Booklet to Tata Refractories Ltd. to assist you in buying Refractories Materials as per the specification required by you.
We looking forward for your valuable inquiries, and request you to kindly include our mane in youre vendor's list for your requirement of any type Refractories materials.
  Products :-



Refractory Material

Refractories Material

Fire Bricks Insulating Material
Mortars Castables
Coating Mass Insulating Castables
Basic Bricks Direct Bonded Magnesia Chrome Bricks
Magnesia Carbon Bricks Forsterite & Mag.Alumona Bricks
Basic Mortars, Castable & Patching Mass Basic Gunning Mass
Basic Ramming Mass Basic Ramming & Patching & Coating Mass For Induction Furnace
Slide Gate & Gas Purging Refractories Tundish Refractories
Gas Purging Refractories Flow Control Monolithics
Zircon Based Refractories Zircon Based Ramming Mass, Mortars & Patching Compounds
Dolomite Refractories Dolomite Monolithics
Silica Bricks silica Mortars, Ramming Mases & Spraying Compounds
Fire Clay & High Alumina Bricks Precast Shapes
Alumina Mortars, Ramming Mass & Patching Mass Fire Clay & High Alumina Chemicals Setting Mortars
Fire Clay Ramming Mass & High Alumina Plastic Materials Fire Clay & High Alumina Castables
Insulating Castables Low Cement H.A.Castables
Alumina Gunning Materials Basic Spraying Mix For Tundish Mettalurgy
Silica Spraying Compounds Silica & Zircon Based Mortars
Blast Furnace Trough Mix & Tap Hole Clay Silicon Carbide Refractories
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