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Swami Samarth Consultants, has been a pioneer in manufacturing of turnkey automation solutions based on German design principles since 1974. We have our office and works based at Thane, India, with facilities to design, manufacture and service our products.

We have authorised sales and service representatives in prime industrial regions in India who ensure local support for all our machines.
At Swami Samarth Consultants, we believe in technology driven products and take pride in our capabilities to evolve technology from scratch and build robust, dependable and most user friendly machines to suit different customer requirements. 

1) Cobol Standalone Pin Marking Machines

First 100% Indian  Controller  Based Pin  Marking MAchine  Suits  Standalone, bench type  & Integrated  Application

Guaranteed Least Cost  of  Ownership  throughout the Life  of  the Machine

Machine Specifications :

  • Marking Area: 100mm x 100mm
  • Standard column frame 150 mm
  • Linear, Angular, Circular, Inverted, Mirror marking possible
  • 4 standard Fonts available in machine
  • Character Height : 0.5 - 99.9 mm
  • Date codes, Shift code, Serial Numbers
  • Lot Number etc. can be matched
  • Stores 40 blocks with 15 designs to save
  • Stores 4 PLT files in the machine
  • Start & Stop Push Buttons
  • All the features fitted in 20 ch x 4 line LCD Display

2) Dot Peen Marking Machines

Features :

  • Computer Based Machine operating via RS232 port.
  • Marking Area: 100mm x 100mm
  • Standard Height Adjustment : 200mm
  • Power: 220V, 50Hz AC
  • Pneumatic Pressure: 2-6bar depending on stylus types.
  • Stylus Types Available: PH-16, PT-16, PT-10, PT-06, LP-10, LP-16.
  • Machine Dimensions: 335mm length x 292mm width x 630mm height
  • Machine Weight: 30kg
  • Standard Accessories: Power Supply Adapter, One stylus assembly, FR Unit, Start Stop Box.

3) Metal Marking Laser Systems

As a systems manufacturer for nearly 30+ years Swami Samarth Consultants has a wealth of experience in the areas of Laser Marking and Laser Markers. We provide Marking solutions tailored specifically to customers requirements. We offer the following machines.

  • YAG Laser Marking Machine
  • CW & Pulsed Fiber Laser Marking Machine

With our well-equipped applications and demonstration areas we are able to generate high quality samples and Marking feasibility studies.

4) Laser Engraving Machines

These machines are typically used for engraving and cutting of non-metallic components. We manufacture these machines in different sizes and laser powers. However, we provide the user an option to choose either an American Laser with 2 years warranty or a Chinese Laser with 3 months warranty. We prefer our customers' choice in deciding on higher machine cost and a good warranty or economical in purchase but a regular consumable.
5) Thermark LMM

TherMark Laser Marking Materials (LMM) work with almost any laser to expand and improve the capabilities of the laser alone. Regardless of whether you already own a laser(s) or are looking to buy one, it is important to understand how TherMark products can help you with laser marking.

Laser Marking Systems; especially the lower cost CO2 models, cannot mark many materials like aluminum and stainless steel with a high contrasting mark. This is where the TherMark and CERMARK Laser Marking Materials come into play. These materials are available in different forms as aerosol sprays, liquid concentrate and applying tapes. Screen Printing inks are also available for automatic application.

6) Chemical Etching Machines

We sell machines manufactured by our partners M/s Yugma Impressions.
Etching is most common alternative for marking on various components where Laser marking is desired.

Manual Etching Machines :   Mark-1           Mark-2           Mark-3

There are Semi-Automatic Etching Machines & Automatic Etching Machines also available.

7) Custom Machines

Followings are Four Custom Machines :

- IMG 79 Custom Machines
- Mantri Custom Machines
- Custom Machines 004