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Microprocessor Based Alarm AnnunciatorsSequence of Event Recorders - SER
Microprocessor/PLC Based Systems
RTV Silicone Rubber Coatings
Insulator Coatings

SF6 Gas Reclamation(Unit) Device
SF6 Gas Leak Detectors
SF6 Gas Dew Point Hygrometers
Gas Multi Parameter Analysers
SF6 Gas Vacuuming & Refilling Unit
SF6 Gas Leak Detector

Low Pressure Retrieving
Gas Multi Parameter Analysers
Low Pressure Retrieving
Gas Multi Parameter Analysers
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• Silicone Rubber Coatings
Insilcote is a unique room temperature vulcanised, (rtv) silicone rubber formulation, specifically developed by Mace Technologies in collaboration with the Electric Power Research Group of the University of the Witwatersrand for the prevention of pollution flashover of high voltage outdoor insulation.

The exceptional hydrophobicity of Insilcote inhibits the formation of continuous moist conductive layers on insulator surfaces. This, in turn, limits the flow of leakage currents thus preventing the creation of dry bands and partial discharges – critical steps in the flashover process.

The superior performance of silicone rubber over other insulating materials in polluted environments is well proven. What makes silicone unique is the fact that, owing to the migration of low molecular weight siloxanes that exist within the elastomer, the water repellent properties are imparted to contaminants which accumulate on the surface. Thus, even when covered with a thick pollutions deposit, hydrophobicity is maintained.
Silicone Rubber Coatings
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Silicone Rubber Coatings
• Alarm Annunciators
•  State of art Microprocessor / Microcontroller Based Design.
•  Reliable Unit, with Negligible Maintenance.
•  Optically Isolated Field Inputs.
•  Long life and low power consuming Super bright Colour LED'S
•  Input Fault Contact with our potential and Programmable ( NO / NC ) configuration.
•  User specifed window size besides 45 X 45 mm standard window size.
•  User specified Row and Column combination of windows besides standard combinations.
•  Integral or Multiple Unit Cascading Facility.
•  Different flashing frequencies of faults on facia window as per priority.
•  First Fault Discrimination.
•  Suitable Power Pack for both AC / DC supplies.
•  Durable and aesthetical aluminium housing with powder coated finish for the unit.

Alarm Annunciators
• Sequence of Event Recorders
A PC based user friendly system for data logging and time stamping of critical evnets in power plants and the process industry.
Features include alarm monitoring, soft alarm annunciation, grouping of events, user defined report printing with accuracy of 1 ms. Resolution, event data storage.
Gas Leak Detectors - SF6
Gas Leak Detectors
•  Patented Microprocessor Controlled Circuitry
•  Patented Ion-PumpR Sensor Enhances Sensitivity and Reliability
•  Patented Filter Eliminates False Signals Due to Moisture
•  Steel Domed TActile Feedback keypad
•  Three Individually Selectable Alarm Indicators ( Audible Only / Visual Only / or a Combination of Audible and Visual )
•  10 Segment LED Leak Size Indicator
•  PIN POINT Mode Eliminates Background Contamination
•  10 Selectable Sensitivity Ranges
•  40 Hour Battery Life
•  Automatic Power Save Feature Conserves Battery Life
•  Low Battery Indicator
•  Certified to SAF J1627 and CE Approved

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