Plastic Grinding Machines With Grinding Equipments Are Granulators, Hammer Mills, Attrition Mills, Cryogenic Attrition Mill, Roll Mills, Used For Acrylic, Polystyrene, Melamine, Polypropylene, Nylon, Mumbai, India


Plastics are used by virtually every end-use segment of the economy. The unique attributes of plastics (including process ability, light weight and corrosion resistance) have not only led to the creation of new products and plastics, but have also displaced paper, glass and metal from traditional applications.

Thus, the plastic products industry is a high-growth industry and has broad and rapidly growing industrial and consumer applications. Related to this is the need to employ advanced technology machines and equipments to cater to this upsurge in demand of diverse plastic products.

Large in terms of Experience, Small Enough to give QUALITY Personal Customer Service to you, Our GREATEST Asset.

SIDDHI VINAYAK INDUSTRIES established in 2003 with an objective to bring into existence some of the designs and applications by designing, manufacturing and installing innovative tailor-made and special purpose machines. The company has demonstrated remarkable performance cutting.

The main strategy was to modernize existing designs and make multipurpose, user-friendly, energy efficient machines that simultaneously give best man-machine combination. Known for its reliable designs and sturdy construction of products, we strive to be responsive to our customers' needs and requirements at all times based on our many years of experience.

The dynamic nature of the industry coupled with its technological advancement and complex client requirements, has made it imperative for any company to acquire specialized skills, technology and capabilities, to sustain itself. In such a volatile scenario Siddhi Vinayak Industries has maintained its wining edge for the last 5 years by offering wide range of designs & competitive pricing to its clients in India and abroad.
  Company Policies :-

It is our policy to study requirements of our customers and provide product & services of excellent quality which meet customer expectations.

We strive to constantly improve our products and maintain our leadership in all our products. We motivate our employees, vendors and business associates to maintain a culture of honest business practices. Siddhi Vinayak Industries works to achieve this by:

  • Stringent quality assurance system
  • Continual upgrade of facilities, equipment and skills related to manufacturing & customer service activity
  • We take great pleasure in getting feedback from customers on our products & then customizing our machines according to their needs.
  Quality Assurance :-

QUALITY is the primary concern at Siddhi Vinayak Industries. We adhere to stringent quality control measures at every level of our activities to ensure that our customer gets total satisfaction. The finished products are properly inspected for their performance and quality in order to ensure the movement of only excellent products to the market. Our CAD supported design facility ensures perfection at every stage of manufacturing.
Why Us ?
Some of the specific reasons for which we are preferred by our customers are:
  • Competitive price
  • Customized products
  • Qualitative products
  • Timely delivery.
We have a talented and well qualified team of workers, designers, researchers and managers, who are geared with relevant credentials and have immense industry experience. They also have an in-depth knowledge about the industry trends and ways. They keep a close tab on the market and keep their eyes open to all sorts of changes and upgradation, so that we do not lag behind in any aspect. We heartily acknowledge their contribution and commend their dedication and sincerity.