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Unit and Bulk Material Handling Systems
All types of Chain Conveyors
Bucket Elevators
Dust Conditioners
Coal Feeders
Scissors - Lifts
Dock Levellers
Constructional Material
Wet Scrapers
Welcome to the world of POWERCON EQUIPMENTS, where we are committed to make your business of conveying material easier.

Since 2000 onwards POWERCON EQUIPMENTS is being growing and getting recognized within our field of material handling for developing and refining material handling solutions.
Tha company is built on the traditional values of innovative design, quality workmanship and attension to detail. That tradition continuous today...

POWERCON EQUIPMENTS offers a range of material handling equipments like all types of Chain Conveyors, Bucket Elevators, Dust - Conditioner, Coal Feeders, Scissors - lifts, dock levelers, etc.

You can be sure that POWERCON EQUIPMENTS offers you the best solutions at competitive prices and will be continously monitored, adapted and redesigned to reflect market changes and ensure value for your money.
In the new millennium POWERCON EQUIPMENTS will continue to develop and trains its enthusiastic team of employee to offer our existing and new customers, the best products andservices.

We are cimmitted to provide products that offer you economy, quality, safety and reliability to form long lasting relationship.

We will be delighted to hear from you
Chain Conveyors :

POWERCON chain conveyors are mainly used in chemical, mineral, steel & coal handling & processing industries.

These conveyors have the following advantages material handling equipments

Low energy cost.
Environment friendly
Minimum product degradation
Easy installation
Robust structure
More than one outlet / inlets


Horizontal, inclined and elevated profiles up to 90 degrees
Standard sizes of machines
Low maintenance cost
Electro-mechanical safety features
Chain Conveyors
Chain Conveyors
These above advantages supports good performance of equipments. The accurate design parameters reduces the power consumption. The all side dusttight bolted construction does not allow the material to get spill out and thus avoided pollution. The special type of chain link flight does not allow degradation of material. Since the sectional construction it self is sturdy it does require less require less support structure and make installation easy. The conveyors can take material in at various stations and can deliver it at various stations on his profiles way. The conveyor profiles can be made horizontal, inclined or vertically elevated thus can convey horizontal and elevated up with single unit. The machines are supplied in various sizes to accommodate various capacities.
Constructional Material :

Conveyor Chain : The Chain is made from high tensile alloy steel drop forgings, precision machine and case hardened to resist wear & tear.
Sprockets and Trail wheels - These components are also made from special grade forged material with case hardened to resist wear & tear.
Additional liners are provided to increase the life of the equipments.
Constructional Material
Dust Conditioner :

POWERCON made dust conditioner is used to convey fly ash/any dusty material towards disposal centers with proper conditioning and thus avoiding spillage of dusty material and avoiding polluting of atmosphere. The machine is conveying the material with mixing the dusty material with water spray. Sprinkling of water arrangement is inbuilt with the system.

The spiral two lead screws are designed in such way that they mix material and carry forward the same at the time.

The machine also includes a dust tight enclosure. The spirally designed blades of lead screws are replaceable and made out of high wear-resistant material. The size of the equipment is compact.

Dust Conditioner

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