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Ball Bearings
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The man : late Shri B.M. Birla, whose vision, zeal and sheer hard work were the sturdy pillars on which a fledgling industry was fast taking shape. The place : Jaipur, the sunset colored city that's flavored with legends. Thus came into being the National Bearing Company Limited in 1946 and 4 years later, India's own first bearing rolled off the line. Mr. B.M. Birla, meanwhile, blessed with strong sense of nationalism and consumed by vision of total self reliance and indigenisation, was busy completing the blue print for further pioneering efforts. The inevitable had to happen. The restless spirit of a founder, who loved challenges coupled with the collective enthusiasm of its people had to be unleashed in other directions and thus the company was into the manufacture of Roller Bearing Axle Boxes for railway stock, Steel Balls, Tapered Roller Bearings, Spindle inserts and other related products. What followed was natural. A name change. In 1958 the National Bearing Company Ltd. became the National Engineering Industries Ltd. However, two things were left sacredly intact.

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