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We at Seema Enterprises, Mumbai, are proud to be trading in products of Nitta Corporation and assure all our customers of quality products and prompt services.

We have a wide range of belts for a wide range of applications and therefore request you to give us complete details of your applications, service factor, environment and all other relevant details to enable us provide you with an ideal belt/drive package.

We are manufacturer of Conveyor System. Specialist of Belt & stockiest of world leading manufacture for their belt which are listed below.


Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belts

We have wide range of Nitta Japan® for their Tailor made conveyor belt for wide application such as Food & Drugs, Soap Industry, Wood, Chocolate, Paper, Tin Drums, Automobile and many more in automation & processing plants. We have special AUM resistance & Antistatic Belt of Nitta Japan Make 

Nitta utilize 4 basic types of fabrics :

R-Fabric, or rigid fabric, has a monofilament yarn running across the belt, which ensures that our belting to lies flat. Rigid fabric has several different varieties, which depend on the type of monofilament yarn. We differentiate light rigid (LR), high rigid (HR), rigid (R). A special type in this range is the RZ-fabric which has a monofilament yarn combined with a viscose yarn.
N-Fabric or non rigid fabric, incorporates flexible yarns in the weft, as well as high tensile warp yarns, enabling belting with fabric to haul heavy, bulky goods in either a troughing or flat conveying system.

C-Fabric or cotton fabric, has cotton fill yarns for moisture absorption and polyester warp yarns for strength and low stretch.o

W-Fabrics or whisper fabric, also called low noise fabric. Its special structure decreases the noise a belt causes while conveying products.

Some types of fabric (R, LR, N, W) can be combined with a carbon or steel yarn which gives the belts antistatic qualities. All fabrics can be impregnated with PU or PVC. For some applications polyester felt can be used as a top cover.


Our conveyor belts are usually supplied with a cover or coating of polyvinylchloride (PVC) or polyurethane (PU). A wide of colours, as well as durometers and various profiled surfaces are available and on request we are able to make belts in "your" colour, thickness and/or "your" profile.

Conveyor belts with PVC cover / coating can be differentiated in OV and EX types.

The OV types are oil and grease resistant. The white OV types have full FDA approval for use in handling food and related products. The other OV types are particularly suitable for non-food applications requiring oil resistancy.

The EX types are abrasion resistant with high mechanical strength particularly suitable for agriculture and general applications, especially where the application causes high abrasion.

We have also conveyor belts with a PVC cover, which has flame retardant qualities. These types can be recognized by the by the FR-code.

Conveyor belts with PU covers consist of a very high-wear resistant polyurethane cover, conpur R80 and thermoplastic conpuryl.

V & Variable Belts : Having wide range of V & Variable speed belts of Mitsubhishi Japan such as section A / B / C / D also have cogged belts

variable belts

Flat Belts : We have wide range of Nitta Japan Flat Belt used in textile, paper, and many more industries for power transmission as well as conveyor purpose

Timing Belts : We have wide range of "Unitta Power grip" Mitsubhishi, Timing Belt, Merge Torque (Equivalent to Poly chain) belt in rubber as well as Polyurethane material 

flat belts, timing belts

Thermoweldable Synthetic Drive Belts : Mafdel France make for their round / V / Flat, Reinforced belts, guided flat & flights welded belt for Ceramic Tiles Industries, Food Industries.


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