Energy Conservation Services, Energy Recovery Systems, Rain Water Harvesting, Effluent Treatment Plant, Mumbai, India

      Overview : Energy Conservation

It is suggested to form a team comprising of decision-makers, engineering and production mangers. This ensures Client's participation and facilitates comprehensive data collection and analysis. The team ensures immediate and correct evaluation of all suggestions.

The basic study is conducted in two visits, spread over a period of 30 to 60 days. The data collection and analysis is jointly carried out at site. This generates practical suggestions by weeding out errors, anomalies and controversies. A site report is prepared & discussed during each visit; also to finalize action plan & implementation schedule. This ensures collective responsibility and facilitates speedy implementation.

Further, visits are planned at periodical intervals to provide necessary support during implementation and monitor actual savings. A visit report also documents progress of implementation, actual savings, difficulties & trouble shooting activities.

The overall duration of the study is around six months. This ensures coverage of as many potential areas as possible and helps in devising control & monitoring system.

The final report is presented at the end of the studies.

 Overview : Proficient Operations
The competition has squeezed the profit margins of the companies. Savings through proficient plant operations is an easy way to make the product competitive and ensure market growth.

The proficient plant operations study comprises of effective tools for more profitable and efficient plant operations.

In any industry the manufacturing operations have improvement potential of 10% to 100%.

We extend our services to help the manufacturing to reveal the hidden Factory.

The improvement in utilization of materials, manpower and machines results in overall efficiency of the plant.

The Proficient Plant Operations study includes : 
* Implementation of productivity commandments
* Wastage optimization
* Scrap Reduction
* Man / Machine Utilization
* Energy Conservation
* Throughput Time Crunching
* Working Capital Cycle Reduction

The assignment involves thorough study of plant operations, highlighting and solving bottlenecks for materials rejection and manufacturing processes.

We extend our services not only till providing suggestions, but also till implementation stage to ensure that the manufacturing unit yields profitability increase with operational savings.

 Exhaust Gases : Energy Recovery Systems

Cold air exhausted at any temperature is a great loss while energy recovery becomes economical
for not so clean gases above 200C.

Typical applications could be
Pre-cooling the incoming air
Preheating the incoming gas / air
Hot water
Steam generation
Heating of thermic fluid
Refrigeration & air conditioning

As outlined in the 'SCOPE', we carefully study the present system, understand your needs and suggest the scheme with optimal usage of all such gadgets.

You can implement it on your own or entrust the responsibility on us.
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