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  Profile :-

A visionaries, expert, professionally well qualified Technocrat with several years of  experience with one of the world's famous Multinational Company has put his experience to launch Supreme Polymers.

The Promoter have the complete know how of the products formulation to make all its products a standard internationally quality with a strong branding.

Company :
Supreme Polymers
a well established professionally managed company seven years young has established its position in the market for its products, which are accepted in the consumer market & industries for its quality & durability.  We have a full fledge advance technology manufacturing unit located here at 123, Veena Industrial Estate, LBS Marg, Vikhroli (W), Mumbai-400 083, expanding our manufacturing capacity.

The products are been marketed through well versed & reputed distributors supported by our own marketing team in all over Maharashtra & other part of the Country.  Our products are also being consumed by major industries in various parts & location of the country.

The company is at a threshold of an expansion on the national front for having offices in different location in the country & expanding our network among distributors.

The company is growing at the rate of 200% annually & for seeing position & ranking in a nearby future by making the company Private Limited.

  Products :-
Superdit TM for Epoxy Adhesive, Casting, Laminating, Tooling, Imitation of Jewellery, Civil & Building, Construction materials, Industrial Floorings, Hygienic Surface Coating
Super Dome TM Epoxy flexible system for Label doming.
Superlac TM Epoxy clear Lacquer & anticorrosive, chemical & weather resistance paints.
Super-Seal TM General Purpose Epoxy Putty.
Super-Bond TM Tiles, Marble & Expansion Jointing compound ( Hard & Flexible )
Supreme Pigment Pigment pastes for Epoxy & Polyester based
Super Coat TM The polyurethane refinish coating systems & many new applications making use of these super version Epoxy resins & hardeners.

Supreme Polymers has entered in the new millennium with various grade of high performance SuperditeTM  the versatile epoxy resins & curing agents for epoxy Adhesive, Casting, Laminating, Tooling, Imitation Jewellery, Civil & Building Construction Materials, Industrial Floorings, Surface Coatings, Super- Dome TM flexible system for Label-Doming, Superlac TM epoxy clear lacquer & paints, Super-Seal TM Epoxy Putty, Pigment pastes ( in Epoxy & Polyester ) & also Super-Coat TM the polyurethane refinish coatings systems & many new applications making use of these Super-version epoxy resins & hardeners.

Applications :-    
High Performance Epoxy Resins
* Antistatic / Aesthetic joint less floor topping.
* Industrial heavy duty flooring.
* Protective Coatings.
* Sealing of Cracks
* Bonding of old to new concrete.
* Heavy machinery foundation grouting
* Protective treatment against cavitations / erosion
* Rehabilitations of RCC Structures.
* Waterproofing
Axis Electrical Component
Pvt. Ltd., Kandivali - Mumbai.

Floors are among the most highly stressed of all parts of a building.  This applies particularly to industrial floors, which are usually subjected to severe mechanical stresses & often also to thermal stresses & chemical attack.

epoxy resins have been specially formulated & are highly successful for this application.  The typical characteristics of cured epoxy resin formulations obtained are as per the salient features paragraph.

SuperditeTM  based flooring compositions are divided in different types of flooring components like Sealants, Primer Coats, Mortar Screeds, Self-Leveling floors compound & Solvent free thin surface coating etc.  which are readily available and meet the performance expectation.

High Performance Epoxy Resins
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