We are pleased to introduce ourselves as designers consultants & manufacturers of SPECIAL PURPOSE MACHINES. We can start with a concept, understand the customer's requirements, design and develop full-fledged machine.

We started business in 1995 as consultants to Printed Circuit Board manufacturing industries and designing and manufacturing machines. The proprietor did his Graducation in B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Bombay and has extensive experience in machine buiding and printed circuit board manufacturing. (Please see Annexure A).

Please refer to Annexure B for our business activities, Annexure C for list of machines manufactured by us and Annexure D for list of customers to whom we have supplied screen printing machines.

We hope you will be satisfied with our capabilities and place your valuable order with us.
Special Purpose Machines • Low Cost Automation • Technical Consultancy
Some of The Machines Manufactured by us
• Semi Automatic Screen Printing Machine with PLC Control
• Small & Large Format ® Multi-Colour T-Shirt Printers
• Logo Printers ® Screen Reclaiming Wash Booths
• Screen Exposing with Vacuum Blankets
• Roller Tinning Machines For PCB
• Dip Soldering Machines for PCB Assembly
• Confectionery Making Machines
• Sticker Half Cutting Machines
• Tarpaulin Eyelet Rivetting Machines

      Design, development and manufacturing of machines specifically
      made for a certain process or product, tailor made to the
      customer's requirements.

      Converting a process that is being done manually to automatic by
      developing suitable machines so that manpower requirement and
      dependance on skilled lobour is reduced. The manufactured
      product is of better and consistant quality.

      In setting up manufacturing plants (in the small scale sector), plant layout, selection and       installation of machinery, providing innovative solutions to manufacturing problems, process       improvements or alternate methods / machines for better productivity.

            Our expertise is mainly in machines with mechanical, electrical and pneumatics with PLC control       & we have an excellent backup from our associates in electronics, PLC programming and software.
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