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Triologics was founded in 2002 by a team of technocrats, with over 18 years of experience each in the finishing industry, in the field of Surface Coating plants and equipments. Within the management team we cover all aspects of the surface coating industry, which includes spray finishing equipments & systems in both liquid & powder coating. With a rich experience in product development and six sigma quality management procedures and ISO 9001:2008 certification, the group is hard wired to provide quality products & solutions to its customers.

We have a team of qualified engineers, service technicians and skilled workers who look after procurement, manufacturing, quality assurance, product development and servicing. Along with this we have a dedicated sales team that takes care of sales & application and supports our customers at all levels. Our well-established vendor base for outsourcing of peripherals supports us to meet our quality and supply targets. Triologics also has a team of experienced channel partners situated at key locations all over India, who provide sales and service support to our customers.
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Spray Guns
Powder Coating Equipments
Feeding Systems
Auto Painting Systems
Paint Shop Accessories
Booths, Ovens and Paint Shop systems
Earlex HVLP Spray Stations
Bullows 630 ( Gravity Feed Guns)
Bullows 230 ( Pressure Feed Guns)
2.5 Litre Pressure Feed Tanks
Paint Kitchens

Prona M-20 Air Motors
Rotary Geared Air Motors
Turn-Key Solutions
Automatic Painting Plants
L-20 Air Motors
Paint Circulation Systems
Pressure Feed Tanks
Bullows HVLP 230 (Pressure Feed Gun)
Automatic Spray Guns