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VARIVOLT AUTO TRANSFORMER Is a continuously variable voltage autotransformer, having a movable carbon tip, fixed to a brush - arm sliding on a silver plated commutator. Rotation of the brush - arm by either manual or motor drive,  delivers - an output voltage from zero to or above line voltage. VARIVOLT conforms to I.S. 5142 of 1969.
  Salient Features :-
  Rugged Construction : Varivolt Autotransformers are designed for heavy duty trouble - free operation. All components are designed to give maximum life to the unit under extreme operating conditions, and do not require to be changed frequently. This practically makes the Varivolt a maintenance free electrical equipment.
  Excellent Regulation : The drop in voltage from "no load to full load" is minimal in Varivolt Auto-transformers.
  High Efficiency : Careful copper, core selection and design assures the user of low watt loss, as compared to other types of controllers.
  No Wave From Distortion : Varivolt provides an output voltage wave - from, which is a faithful and distortionless replica of the input voltage wave from.
  Silver Plated Communator : A special silver plating technique is used on the commutator, enabling it to with stand high overloads & maintain constant contact drop. It also ensures smooth operation, long life & increased resistance to corrosion.
  Over-load Capacity : Because of its careful designing, Varivolt can withstand many over - load. When repeated over loading takes place, care has to be exercised that sufficient of  time is provided to reduce the temperature build-up.
  Low Operating torque : A glass smooth commutator, special sintered bushing for the shaft & perfect assembling fo the coils, results in low operating  torque for all Varivolt Auto - teansformers.
  Smooth & Linear Output : As voltage between turns is small & as the brush-arm is in constant contact with more than one turn, Harmfull sparking is avoided & output voltage can be set very easily to fraction of a volt from zero onwards by rotation of the knob.
  Low Magnetizing Current : By using an adequate section of high quality grain oriented silicon steel, the iron losses in Varivolt, are controlled to the minimum. The no-load current in all Varivolt transformers, is invariably less than 36% of the rated current.
  Negligible Maintenance & Trouble - Free Long Life : Varivolt has been carefully designed. No special care has to be taken to maintain varivolt auto transformers in normal working environments. The only components needing inspections & maintenance are the carbon tips & the commutator. Timely replacement  of the carbon tips & the commutator surface of foreign particles & accumulated dust, will ensure a considerably long, maintenance - free & uninterrupted life of the unit. Normaliy Varivolt Auto - transformers upto 28 Amps. are offered in aircooled or oilcooled construction. In very special cases varivolt of 40Amps. & above can be offered in air cooled construction. This is possible due to the new parallelling trchniques adopted by us.
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