Company Profile
Volt-Edge Electric Private Limited was formerly known as Gitesh Electricals. Gitesh Electricals was incepted in the year 2006.Owing to increasing demand for its superior quality control transformers, it was decided by the management to establish more systematic approach to its working methods and hence, Gitesh Electricals was converted into a Private Limited entity: Volt-Edge Electric Private Limited.

Volt-Edge Electric’s strength lies in its strong and capable managing team, its technical team comprises of experienced and skilled mechanical and electrical engineers. It has superior co-ordination within the organization and most importantly it has systematic approach to every situation. It also assures of timely deliveries owing to its relation with the raw material suppliers.

With an intention to bring about continuous improvisations, Volt-Edge Electric has been leader and will surely continue to lead the control transformer industry.
• Infrastruture
Continuous improvement is our sole motto. Be it human resource or physical infrastructure, we leave no stone unturned. We are dedicated to bring about constructive changes in our machineries. We believe modern technology is the only factor which helps us to provide precision engineered products to our valued customers. The example being our CNC winding machines. We have a fleet of CNC machines which are strong and inexhaustible.

Winding being the heart of a transformer, we will never compromise to bring in advanced CNCs. To bring about flexibility in working and to accumulate our advanced machineries, we have 1100Sq Ft State-Of-Art Works Department in Navi Mumbai.
• What We Do

We are manufacturers of high-end control transformers. We are specialized in this field of electrical transformers. We have vast market in electronics and electrical industry. We are already serving the air-conditioning industry , the control panel industry and instrument metering industry in huge quantity. Our clients include world class AC manufacturers Bluestar and Control Panel manufacturers Automatic Limited.

• Our Vision
Volt-Edge Electric promises to deliver quality, availability, service ,innovation and value in every encounter we have with our stakeholders. These may be direct and indirect customers, employees, shareholders or any party that is affected by our actions.
• Our Mission
Volt-Edge Electric always strives to fulfill the requirements of the customers in all aspects. For this purpose, Volt-Edge electric always keeps its employees enriched in terms of its relation with the employees. So, Employee and Customer Relationship is our utmost priority. Our goal is simple, treat both of them on personal basis and make them part of the Volt-Edge Family.
• Innovation
Volt-Edge Electric's commitment to innovation means that we will evaluate and incorporate new technologies into our existing products, services, and processes to continuously improve value to our customers. Volt-Edge does not search for avant-garde technologies purely for the sake of change, but instead embraces innovations and solid solutions that make a difference. Introducing new products for the purpose of fulfilling clients’ needs is also our priority.
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