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The company is the shoot of M. S. Group of Companies, who are pioneers in manufacturing of Sheet Metal & Wire form components. We relish being the Leaders for more than Two Decades. We are having specialization to manufacture the following products : • EXTERNAL CIRCLIPS • INTENAL CIRCLIPS • ‘E’ CLIPS • SPRING DOWEL PINS • SPRING DISC WASHERS • BEARING WAVE WASHERS • SPRING WASHERS • SPIRAL DOWEL PINS • MULTITEETH (FAN DISK) WASHERS • BELLEVELLE (WAVE) WASHERS • SHIMS • SNAP RINGS • ALL TYPE OF METAL PRESS COMPONENTS • WIRE FORMS • PRECISION TURNED / MACHINED PARTS • ANY OTHER PART AS PER PARTY’S SPECIFICATION The above products may be diminutive, but they are essential for the smooth and efficient running of the mechanism. Each product is been manufactured with prudence and the quality of the products reflects our notion of commitment to quality. In order to accomplish the quality norms the company strives to excel. The manufacturing unit is been set up at Bhayander, which is at the extremity of Mumbai City. The workshop is well equipped with modern machinery in order to manufacture any type of Sheet Metal Components and Wire Forms (see machinery list). At our end, we have engineers, who have thirst for innovation, they implement novel ideas every now and then for cost control, and supplements quality up-gradation. The improvement in quality and cost control is forwarded to our customers, which makes our product more attractive. The unit is well equipped with most recent instruments and equipments for quality evaluation. Experienced engineers inspect all the products before dispatch to ensure that our party gets best of our quality. Our inspection department is so designed that no deviation goes unnoticed. We strive hard to achieve unique quality. Finally, to our customers, who play vital role in our business, we promise quality with benefit of low-priced products. We discharge prompt service, which help us to accomplish our goal of total customer satisfaction.
Leading Mfrs.& Exporters (ISO 9001-2008) Of Disc Spring Washer, Spring Disc Washer, Belleville Springs, Specialist In External Circlips, Internal Circlips, E-Type Circlips, Snap Rings, Supporting Rings, Crescent Rings, Bearing Wave Washers, Spring Dowel Pin, Roll Pins, Sleeves, Spring Washers, Fan Disc Washers, Multitooth Washers, Stars Washers, Taller Pins, Groove Pins, Clevis Pins, Solid Dowel, Bushes Spares, Shims, Plain Washers, All Type Of Sheet Metal Components, Precision Machined Parts & Wire Forms, Control Panel Cabinet, CNC Machining Jobwork, CNC EDM Wirecut. Automotive Sheet Metal Components (Specialised for Ltd. Co., Govt. Sector, Export Etc.)
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