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We at Arya Electronics & Controls Pvt. Ltd. started its operations in teh year 1998 intending to provide high-quality Electronic Controller / Assemblies, to OEM customers across a vast spectrum of teh industry. We have developed a tradition of high tech engineering, quality designing and manufacturing having a decade of experience and rigorous quality standards very competitive pricing, making us a diverse choice in teh manufacturing industry today.
Electronics Embedded Product Design, Development And Manufacturing, Embedded Hardware Design, Embedded Firmware Development, Product Engineering Services, Sustenance Engineering - Reliable Product, In-House Proto & Bulk Manufacturing, Expertise In - Engine & Compressor Controllers, Compressor Cluster AE901, Engine Controller AE1706, Starter Protection Unit AE903, Blower Controller AE1906, Engine Control Panel (ECP) AE, Data-Logging & Cloud Management, GSM Based Data-Logger AE1809, Data-Logger (Modbus) AE, Data-Logger 8 Channel, IIoT Solutions, M2M GSM Gateway, RS485 to Wifi IoT Gateway, RS485 to GSM Gateway With Blue Tooth, Remote Monitoring Unit, Protocol Converters, RS485 to Ethernet, USB to RS485, SMPS Battery Charger, Battery Charger 12V / 6A-AE1904, Battery Charger 12V / 10A- AE1905, Battery Charger 24V / 5A, Battery Charger 24V / 10A, Gen Set Controllers, Genset Monitoring Unit (GMU), Alternator AMF Controller (AMS-963), GENCON, POWERCOM, Engine Control Panel With Governor (ECPG), Portable Test Rigs, Doser Test Rig – AE1806, PSO500 Testing Rig, PCC3300 Test Rig, Customized Embedded Products, Industrial Controllers, Weighting Indicator
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