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We, at Proton Power Control, are committed to Design, Development, Manufacturing and Supply of professional electronic equipment for the customers and strive for their complete satisfaction. We cater to customer requirements , which are dynamically changing due to advancement of technology. Our strength is to adapt to these changes and bring out solutions in the form of products and systems in a minimal throughput time, without sacrificing on quality, reliability and delivery commitments.
Alarm Annunciators, Electronic Components, Process Control Instruments, Industrial Automation System, Microprocessor Based A.C. Controllers, Timers, Preventers, Microcontroller Based A.C. Controllers, Digital Panel Meters, Current Scanners, Digital Temp.Indicators & Controllers, Motor Protection Relays, Custom Built Electronic Equipments, RPM / Frequency Indicators, Line Frequency Meters, AC Volt Meters, AC Ammeter, Voltage Scanner, Humidity Indicators
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