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22 - 22061429
10, Gopal Bhuvan, Gr.Flr., 199, Princess Str., Mumbai - 400002
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All Types Of Insulating Tapes, Papers & Fiber Glass Products, Polyster Fleece (DMD) Paper Nomex, Kapton, Teflon, Garware Polyster Films, Kraft, Crepe, Pressboard Carbon, Graphite, Silicon, Rubber, Acrylic Adhesives Coated Clothes, Films All Kinds Of Cable
Our Products
  • Acetate Rayon Adhesive Tape
  • Adhesive Tapes Insulation
  • Anti Corrosion Pipe Wrap Tape
  • Barium Chromate Tapes
  • Bitumen Coated Cotton Cloth Tape
  • Black Cotton Tape
  • Black Eyelet Tape
  • Black Nylon Tape
  • Black Rayon Adhesive Tape
  • Black Waterproof Cloth Tape
  • Cable Jointing Kits
  • Cable Trays
  • Cables
  • Cotton Cloth Tape
  • Double Sided Cloth Tape
  • Double Sided Polyester Tape
  • Double Sided Polyester Tape Paper Liner
  • Double Sided Tissue Paper Tape
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Fibre Glass Products
  • Fibre Glass Sleeves
  • Fibre Glass Tapes
  • Fire Retardant Black Tape
  • Flame Retardant Silicone Elastomer Tapes
  • Friction Tapes
  • Glass Cloth Adhesive Tape
  • Glass Mica Tapes
  • Hessian Cloth Boxes
  • Industrial Adhesive Tapes
  • Injection Powder
  • Insulating Paper
  • Insulating Tapes
  • Insulation Material
  • Kraft Paper
  • Non Adhesive Tapes
  • Non Waterproof Cloth Tape
  • Nylon Non Adhesive Tape
  • Photo Splicing Tape
  • Pink Rayon Adhesive Cloth Tape
  • Polyester Double Sided Cloth Tapes
  • Polyester Splicing Tape
  • Prolans Table
  • Pvc Non Adhesive Heat Sealing Tape
  • Room Temperature Polyester Tape
  • Rubber Coated Cotton Tape
  • Self Adhesive Surface Protection Tape
  • Semi Conducting Carbon Tape
  • Semi Conducting Graphite Tape
  • Semi Conductive Water Blocking Tape
  • Silicone Elastomer Coated Fibre Glass Cloth Tapes
  • Single Sided Polyester Tape
  • Slit Cotton Tapes
  • Uniform Mica Tape
  • Varnish Fibre Glass Cloth Tape
  • White Cotton Tape
  • White Eyelet Tape
  • White Nylon Tape
  • White Waterproof Cloth Tape
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