Food Product Processed

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Swami Siddhi
Organic Food, Grocery Products.

Sovereign Chemicals & Cosmetics
Manufacturing & Export-Trading Group With A Global Footprint & Interests Spread Across Diverse Product Groups And Activities, Including Specialty Petroleum Products Like Petroleum Jelly, Liquid Paraffin, Etc. Pharma Grade Products Like Emulsifying Wax, Bees Wax, Etc. Cosmetics Products Like Creams, Lotions, Baby Oil Etc

Gadark Agro & Techno Pvt.Ltd.
Kokam Butter Manufacturer. Kokam Butter is Available In Packing of 1 Kg and 5 Kg. Kokum Butter is a Tender Way to Treat Skin Infections, Dead Skin Cells, Dry Skin, Stretch Marks, Sores, Stomach Ulcers, Gastritis, Inflammation and Constipation, Skin and Hair, Kokum Butter is Used to Treat Acne, Dry Hair, Split Ends and Dandruff.

Vijay Engineering
Mfg. of Papad Making Machines, Chapati Making Machines, Dosa Making Machines, Meal Tray Sealing Machine, Food Packing Machine.

Shree Shekhar Impex Pvt.Ltd.
Mfgrs.Of Heat Exchangers, Heating & Cooling Systems, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Coolers & Condensers, After Coolers - Fixed Tube Sheet, After Coolers - Removable Bundle Type, Inter Coolers, U-Tube Coolers, Tube Bundles, Copper Tubes with Expanded Joints, SS / MS Tubes With Expanded Joints, SS / MS Tubes With Welded Joints, Heat Exchanger Assembly, Chiller Assembly, Process Heat Exchanger, Strainer Screen, Boiler, Vessels

Sovereign Impex
Anionic Emulsifying Wax, Baby Oil, Baby Petroleum Jelly, Comesitc Chemical, Hair Gel, Lip Balm, Lotion, Pharma Product, Printing Chemicals, Rose Water, Skin Care Cosmetics, White Beeswax

Aym Fresh Exotic Vegetables Dealers & Suppliers
All types Exotic Vegetables (Clean, Wrapped, Packed) Colour Capsicum Broccoli , Lettuce Iceberg, Baby Corns Mushrooms, Zucchini Green- Yellow, Cabbage Red, Chinese Cabbage, Asparagus. All Types Herbs Varuett, All types Lettuces Variety Etc.

Bharat Starch Industries
Manufacturer Of Corn Syrup And Used PP Press For Filteration of Syrup

Dindori Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Commercial Brolier Chicks

Expo India Impex
All Vegitables Items And Fruits Supply Local and Domestic Market

Groupe Congo Futur
Construction Equipment, Food Products, Plastic Products, Biscuits / Bakery Products, Timber Dealer, Detergent & Soap, Vegetable Oils

Gurukripa Enterprises
Repackers Of Honey, Suppliers of Bulk Honey

Gurukripa Traders
Traders Of Grocery & Other Products In Wholesale.

Aalam International Trading Co.
Food Products, Metal Scrap, Petrochemical Products, Construction Materials, Perfumes & Essential Oils

Kalvert Foods (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of All Food Processed Product Like Syrups, Squashes, Jams, Vinegar Etc.

Karha Valley Agro Food Pro. Co.
Fruit Products Processed

Kirmani Traders
Food Processed, Soap, Detergents

Avt Mccormick Ingredients Pvt.Ltd
Exports Naturally Sterilized & Processed Whole, Ground Spice And Curry Formulations To Global Market.

Abn Food Products
Kurkure, Wafers, Cheese

Leena Agro Innovations
Kokam Juice, Kokam Soda, Juices & Beverages

Agro Food Processing Emporium
We Supply Dry Fruits Like Almonds, Walnuts, Bitter Apricots, Almond Oil And Saffron

Agroone Food & Processing Pvt.Ltd.
Providing Dry Fruits And Vegetables

Chhatrapati Agro Food Mfg Co.Ltd.
Solide Jaggery, Liqued Jaggery And Powder Jaggery

Dehydrated Vegetable & Fruits

Amrut Food Products
Manufacturer Of Processed Honey

We Are Garment Expoteres, We Are Expoting All Type Of Garment, Mainly We Are Dealing FOB Oder, Our Product Is Knitts, Woven. Mens; Wear, Laidies Wear, Kidds Wear, Like T-Shirt, Jeans, Skirts, Pants, Shirts, Tops.

D.S. Group
Manufacturer Of Top Ten Food Products

Mahalaxmi Food Products
Exporters Of Vegetable & Fruits, Local Trading Of Aam Panhe, Amrutjal Brand Coconut Water Powder Sachets, Resins

Divyansh Fruit & Vegetabls Export Com
Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Export

Atharva Naturals
Suppliers Of Natural Food Colors For Both Large Scale & Small Sacle, Manufacturer Of Various Types Of Food Products

Mgb Exim Enterprises
We Are In Field Of Plant Nutrient Based On Nanotechnology For All Crops Like Floriculture, Field Crops, Fruits, Vegetables Etc...

Mohak Labo Pharma
Manufacturer Of Generic And Brands In Form Of Tablets, Syrups And Suspension

Ferrous Traders
Encourages & Supports Food Processing Units Product.

Ahz Agro Industries Pvt.Ltd.
We Produce And Market Agro Based Processed Foods i.e. Snacks Product like Chanchur, Potato, Crackers, Potato Chip, Alochur, Wafer, Candy

Fourbros Food Industries
Manufacturer Of Potato Wafer

New Wave Health And Food Products
We are Manufacturer Of Detergent Cakes And Washing Powders And Food Products Like Noodles, Vermicelli, Namkins

Galla Foods Limited
Producers And Exporters Of Tropical Fruit Purees And Concentrates

Ganesh Industries.
Manufacturer Of Papada, Vermicelli, Noodles.

Globe Engineers
Manufacturer Of Frozen Food Plants, Cold Storage, Milk Chilling Plants, Ice Plants, Vegetable Processing Plants

Green Fiesta Pvt.Ltd.
Organic Food Business, Namely Organic Cereals, Organic Pulses, Organic Spices, Organic Sugar Products.

Arul Appalam
Manufacturer & Exporters Of Appalam & Papads

Hart Foods
Manufacturer And Exporter Of Whole And Ground Spices, Curry Powders, Blended Spices And All Other Food Products Of Indian Origin.

D.B.M. Foods
Fruit Products Processed, Papain

Pearl Foods Incarnation
We are Manufacturer of All Types Of Khaman, Dhokla, Kachori And Samosa

Banjosh Enterprises
All Canned Product Including Curried Vegetables All Types Of Sauces, Mayonnaise Etc

Pineapple India
Pineapple Products As Canned Pineapple Slices/ Tid- Bits/ Chunks Etc In Syrup, Crushed Pineapple, Pineapple Chunks, Pineapple Concentrate, Pineapple Pulp, Pineapple Juice Concentrate, Frozen Pineapple Juice Concentrate And Pineapple Juice.

Bhagirathi Products
Suppliers Of Pre Processed Speciality Mixed Grain Flours

Indian Products Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Spice Ingredients, Tea & Coffee.

Popular Tea & Coffee Premixes
Manufacturer Of Tea, Coffee, Soup Vending Machines, Instant Tea Mix, Instant Coffee Mix, Soup, Ice Tea, Lemon Tea.

Century Foods
Manufacturer Of Food Products e.g.Tomato Ketchup, Pickles, Syrups, Crushes, Toppings, Jams, etc

Pristine Valley Apiculture Pvt.Ltd.
Aloe Vera, Juice, Amla Juice, Honey

Gafill Food Products
Manufacturer Of Tomato Ketchup, Puree, Paste, Vinegar & Sauce Like Red Chill, Green Chill, Soya Sauce etc

Khushi Agro Products Pvt.Ltd.
Processing Of Food And Vegetables Products

Grameen Agro Fruits.
Biggest Grower & Exporter Of Fresh Fruits & Vegetables.

Haneef Khan Habeeb Khan
Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Supplier

Krishna Food Products
Instant Juice, Dry Mix Sarbat, Syrup, Low Calory Healthy Drink, Vinegar

Revo Export
Manufacturer & Exporter Of Grapes & Flowers, Agricultural Products

Ksbio Foods
We Are Manufacturer of Bulk Herbal And Organic Amla And Aloevera Products Like Candy, Juice, Prash, Squesh, Murabba, Aloevera, Juice

Rich Global Impex
Mango Pulp, Tomato Puree, Tomato Ketchup

Madhusha Honey And Bees Farm Co.
We Are Marketing Honey & Amla Products

International Agro India
1.Indian Best Basmati Rice, Ginger/Garlic/Onion, Spices, /Mineral Water, Dry Fruits, Fresh Mushroom,Sugar, Palm Oil/ Kenel Oil/ Vegetable Oil, Canned Fruits, Health Consulatncies

Sai Food Products
Manufacturer Of Cashew Processing

Sai Internationalzo
Backery Products, Bread, Cakes, Biscuits, Jam, Pickles

Ester Maria Exports.
Manufacturer Of Noni Juice Products.

Sargam Spieces (P) Ltd.
All Types of masala, Mirchi, Dhaniya, Haldi, Powder Papad & Pickels

Metro Frozen Fruits & Vegetables Pvt Ltd
We Offer Wide Variety Of Superiorb Quality Frozen Vegetables, Fruit Which Are Hygienically Processed And Packed

Kellogg India Ltd.
Corn Flakes, Wheat Flakes, Strawberry Corn, Chocos Flakes, Frosties, Almond Corn, Froot Loops

Koyana Agro Ltd.
Pickless, Sauces, Crushes, Mango Pulp, Jams

M/S Macro Foods
We Manufacturer Of Jam Jelly Syrup Crush jelly Candy Honey, Srawberry Pulp Mango Pulp Oter pulps

Good Day Food Products
Gooday Toast, Bread, Khari, Pav

Shubham Industries
Manufacturer Running Stone Crusher & Crusher Parts, Flowers & Vegatables

Mangal Precision Products Ltd.
Interrests In Automotive Batteries, Advanced Sheet Metal Fabrication & Processed Food.

Panama Foods
Soups, Ice Teas, Tea And Coffee Premixes, Flavaoured Drinks, Frappes, Sauces, Dips, Seasonings Etc

Hindustan Food
Manufacturer Of Indian Spices And Food Products, Coriander Powder, Turmeric Powder, Chilly Powder, Garam Masala

Phondaghat Pharmacy
Honey, Gulkand, Amla Murabba, Bel Murabba, Rose Water, Audumbaer Jal, Bees Wax .

Step Mushrooms
Food Industries

Stm Foods
Manufacturer Of Organic, Non Organic & Processed Foods.

R.K. Agro Food Industries
Manufacturer Of Pickles, Spices, Jams.

Jayanti Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd
Namkeen, Snacks & Sweets In Brand\ Jayanti

T P H Sons
Food & Beverages

Riffa Food Product
Mango Pulp Exporters, Mango Juice Manufacturer

Rup International
Exporters And Suppliers Of Basmati Rice, Raj Mahal Basmati Rice, Brown Basmati Rice Dehraduni, Parboiled Basmati Rice, Rajmahal Super Fine Basmati Rice, Non- Basmati Rice, Wheat, Fresh And Preserved Fruits, Vegetables, Pulses, Spices And Other Agro Produc

Trimurti Foods
Food Products Processed.

Sarsan Foods Pvt.Ltd.
Import, Export, Distribution Of FMCG Products, Fruits & Vegetable Suppliers

Satish Enterprises
Marking & Coding, Packaging, Pharmaceutical And Food Processing Industries, Hot Ink Rollers, Over Printing, Auto Coders.

Kenwood Biochem
Manufacturer Of Tablet, Capsule, Syrup, Ointment Opthalmic, Injections, Neutraceuticals.

Shaikh Co.Ltd.
Food Processing

Kiran Industries
Trading In Food Grains

Vinu Food Products
Snacks Mixs, Sweet Mixs, Rice Mixs, Ery Mixs, Spices

Shree Ganesh Enterprises
Dealer Of Food And Beverages

Coconut Powder N Coconut Products.

Stm Foods Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of All Types Of Table Foods Like Meyonies, Pizza Topping, Pani Puri Consultate, Harbal Tea, Marinede Pastes, Cake Mixes, Milk Shake Mixes Etc.

Suncrest Food Makers
Mfr Of Sugar Boiled Confectioneries Like Candies, Toffees, Lollypops Etc

Laxmi Agro Industries
Food Processing, Cold Storage, Alcoholic Breavrage.

Swami Oil Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Oil Production, FMCG Foods

Photons Food Processing Engineers
Manufacturer Of Paddy Parboiling And Drying / Steam Rice Plant And Equipments

Loyal Food International
Manufacturer & Exporters Of Processed Fruits And Vegetables

Tricom Agrochem Limited
Manufacturer Of Fruit Pulp And Concentrates

Trimurti Enterprises.
Cashew Nut, Karnel

Mangalam Foods
Tomato Ketchup All Variety Of Jams, Pickles, Chinese Sauces

Mdc Exports
Food Processed, Exporters & Merchants

Making Jams

Varun Roasters
Food Processing Roasted Gram, Roasted Peas (Vatana And Salted Pea Nuts)

Mittal Fresh Food Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Tomato Paste

Mps Greenery Developers Ltd.
Fresh Fruits And Vegetables And Food Products

Vison Labs
Air Quality & Stack Monitoring, Water Analysis, Poultry Feeds, Foods, Rice Bran & Minerals, Coal.

Vzon India Entrepreneur Pvt Ltd
We Are Into Distribution Such as Stockist/ Super Stockist/ Cfa/ Mfr Food Products

Nhc Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Leading Manufacturer & Exporter Of Spices, Sesame Seeds, Grounded, Blended Products & Food Product.

Saif Foods Pvt Ltd
Mfr Of Food Products & Machines-Fryms, Papad, Vermicelli, Pasta, Noodles

Saipro Biotech Pvt. Ltd.
Mfg. of Agro Products, Vegetable Powders, Fruit Powders, Spice Powders, Herbal Powders, Medicinal Herbs Powders, Ready to Cook Mix Spices

We Are Traders & dealers Of Food Raw Materials Used In Sauce / Pickle / Ketchups And Other Food Products

Sun Seeds
Manufacturing and Supply of High Productivity Seeds for Vegetables, Flowers and Herbs.

Penguin Agro International
Fruits And Non Fruit Beverage, Pineapple Slices, Jams, Pickles, Squash

Pio Food Products.
Manufacturer Of Pineapple Products Like Pineapple, Juice, Pulp, Tit Bits, Slice, Jam & Squash.

Arihant Pharmaceutical Works
Manufacturer Of Ayurvedic Medicine And Food Products

Aurochem Laboratories (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer And Exporter Of Pharmaceutical Products Like Tablets, Ointments, Creams, Capsules, Syrups, Liquids, Natural Skin Care

Acp Enterprises
Dealing In Small and Medium Food Processing Projects, Technical Knowhow Product Development

Bagh Fruits.
Orange Juice, Mango Juice, Sweet Corn, Tomato Puree, Lime Juices, Cordial, Syrups, Squashes, Sauces, Jams Etc.

Rasam Naturals
Suppliers Of Natural Food Colours For Both Large Scale & Small Scale Manufacturer Of Various Types Of Food Products

Adhok Trade Links Mozambique
Manufacturer Of Desiccaed Coconut Powder, Virgin Coconut Oil

Rgr Agro Trading Company
Grape & Resin Processing

Ruchita Gruha Udyog
Instant Foods, Spices, Packed Food Powders

Sai Foods
Food Products

Sai Gruha Udyog
Home Made Nuddles, Papad, Kudi

Sunray Industries
S.P.M. Food Processing

Sannathi Trading Company Pvt. Ltd.
We Are Leading Distributors Of Frozen Food.

Allana Cold Storage Ltd.
Food Processed, Meat Processed, Cold Storage

Allianz Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Syrups, Suspensions & Herbal Extracts

Bijur Sooper Foods Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Instant Foods, Food Flavours, Food Colours

Bsa India Food Ingredients Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Premixes For Making Sausages, Salami, Ham, Pepperoni, Mortadella, Seekh Kabab, Meat Balls, Nuggets, Burger Patty

Fillers, Liquid, Powder, Granules, Paste, Paints, Greases, Weighmetric & Volumetric

Chaitnya Gruha Udoyog
Production Of Cashew Nut

Chheda Specialities Foods Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Indian Traditional Snacks, Potato Chips, Banana Chips, Extruded Snacks.

Swati Enterprises.
Producer And Supplier Of Honey, Comb Honey, Licthi Honey, Multi Flower Honey, Honey Bee Products, Wooden Beehives, Natural Bees Wax, Beekeeping Dress, Beekeeping Equipments, Earthworms, Vermicompost, Comb Foundation Sheets, Honey Bees And Bulk Honey

Swiss Castle Bakers
Pure Vegetarion Items & Suger Free Items, Sweets, Cakes

Ranjit Liladhar Pvt.Ltd.
Food Products, Spice Merchant.

Tastel Fine Food (P) Ltd
Food Processing, Snacks, Food Suppliments, Ketchup, Sauce, Powdered Spices

Manserve Pharma
Pharmaceutical Capsules, Tablets, Syrups, Pharmaceutical Medicines, Ear Drops, Protein Powder, Pharmaceutical Injection.

Shivji Cretions
Manufacturer Of Garlic, Onion, Vegetable Dehydration Plant With Totally Plant Setup.

Shobha Agro Exports
Manufacturer And Exporters Of Cashew Nuts, Mango Pulp, Gava Pulp, Papaya Pulp

Uday Imp & Exp Services Ltd
Import & Export Of Pulses, Spices, Live Seafood, Canned Foods And Pine Wood

Danmakks (India)
We Are Engaged In Distribution Of Masalas And Papads And Pickles And Instant Foods Etc In Delhi And Ncr.

Diamond Industries
Manufacturer Of All Types Of Cashewnuts

Fruit Products, Sugar Controller

Gauri Food Products
We Are Specialised In Making Of Chaklis Which Is Comes In Dry Food.

Gelombang Kualatari Pt
Manufacturer & Processing Burning Charcoal Ie Coconut Charocal & Mangrove Charcoal.

Gemini Trading Co.
Agriculture Products, Fresh Vegetables And Fruits

Gracespike Flavours
Spices And Coir Products, Dry Coconut, Other Food Items

Green Current
Suppliers of Organic Food And Lifestyle Products

Green Gold Seeds Ltd.
R & D/ Processing Of Hybrid Seeds, Products Category Hybrid Seeds Of Cotton, Pulses, Vegetable, Careals Etc.

Yojak Associates

Bikaner Distribution House
We Running Distribution House At Bikaner And Its Nearby Areas, We Deals In Confectionary And Biscuits And Other Products.

Superb Overseas
Xray Chemicals, ECG Electrodes, ECG Jelly, Ultra Sound Jelly, EEG Paste, White Phenyl Consentrate, Bathroom Cleaner, Glove Powder.

Hind Spectron Manufacturers Pvt.Ltd
All Type Of Whole And Blend Spices, Papad, Food Products, Pickles, And Edible Oil.

We Are One Of The Leading Pork Meat Suppliers In Bangalore. We Would Like To Start Food Processing Like Sausage And Jam .

Food And Beverages And Agro Products To Ourv Domestic

Doshi Industries Ltd.
Food Processing Industry

Dunar Foods Ltd.
Rice Basmati Rice 1121 basmati rice Pusa basmati rice traditional basmati rice

Honey Sugar Product
Invert Sugar Syrup, Pharma Grade Invert Sugar Syrup, Honey Grade Invert Sugar Syrup

Carnival C.C.Pvt.Ltd.
Agro Chemicals, Raw Cottos, Tobbacco, Non Perishable Vegetabels, Dry Fruits

Indradhanu Soya And Foods
Soya Products As Paneer (tofu), Milk, Atta, Nuts. Other Assorted Pickles, Murabba Etc

Food & Beverages

Iran Dried Fruits
Supplier And Exporter Of Iran Pistachio, Saffron, Almond, Raisin, Dates

Fizzy Foodlabs Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg. of Packaged Food Like Pasta, Sauces, Noodles, Desserts.

Eternal Naturals
Organic Food Store.

Kavisha Food & Agro Processing India Pvt.Ltd.
Mayonnaise, Dressings, Sauces, Jams, Toppings, Bar Syrups.

Kaypan Vanijya Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Rubber Chemicals, Zinc Oxide, Spices, Softdrinks, Food Processing

Kinetic Marketing
Water Lonizer, Commercial Unit For ICE Making, Hospitals, Hotels, Food Processing, Dairy Farn, Poultry Farm

Konkan Industries
We Deal In All Types Of Agro Product And Food Products

Kowley Polymers Pvt.Ltd.
We Pulverizing Polymers Into Fine Powders

Manoe View Enterprises Ltd.
Fresh Fruit And Vagitables.

Wbk Trading Co.
Outsourcing Of Processed Food Products Like Frozen Vegetables, Fruits, Sea Food, Canned Food Like Whole Tomatoes, Diced Tomatoes, Green Peas.

Digvijay Trading Company
Food Processed, Packaged Drinking Water

First Info Services
Exporters Of Fresh, Frozen, Canned, Vegetables, Fruits, Spices

Naturnutra Food Products
Mfg. Of Powder Product Such As Tomato, Cucumber, Carrot, Beat Root, Chilly, Ginger, Garlic Etc

Gauri Spices & Food Products
We Are Exporters Of Spices & Food Products.

Suppler Of Oranges.

Galaxy Food Processig Pvt.Ltd.
Tomato Ketchup, Jam, Food Products.

We Are Dealing Cashew Kernals

Hmv Products
Jam Manufacturers, Syrup Manufacturers, Syrup Kalakhatta Manufacturers

International Chief Food Inds
Manufacturing And Food & Drink Processing.

Jay Associates
Coconut Shell Charcoal.

Indus Beverage & Multifoods Pvt.Ltd.
Instant Tea, Coffee, Green Tea, Black Tea, Lemon Tea Premixes, Tomato Soup, Herbal Soup, Instant Sambar, Instant Rasam

Ratonan Ltd.
Fruit Processing Plants, Fruit Products Processed

Ipss Marketing
Manufacturer Of Flavoured Peanuts.

Jagan Agro Food
We Are Manufacturer Of Mango Pulp

Sams Agro Pvt.Ltd.
Supplier For Mango Pulp (Totapuri & Alphonso), Mango Flavour & Preservatives.

Kanco Southwest Enterprises
Cashew Nut Shell Liquid, CMSL Oil, Cardanol, Residol, Cashew Nut Kernels.

Kanjo Foods Company Ltd.
Supplier Processed Foods

Saraswati International
Leading Offering A Variety Of Food And Agro Products, Oil Seeds, Fruit, Vegetables, Spices And Flowers

Madhansuryaa Enterprises
Mfr: Appalam, Pappad, Pickels, Jelly Jam

Magnus Marketing And Finance Company
Marketing & Sales Of Various Foods, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics

Maharudra Agriculture Research Institute.
Cotton Seed, Maize Seed, Chick Peas Seed, Onion Seed, Soybean Seed, Black Gramgreen Gram, All Kind Of Vegetable Seed.

Sheetal Industries.
Tooty Fruity/ Candied Fruit

Shivani Food Industries
Chinese Food, Hakka Noodle Manufacturer In Virious Brand.

Marva Enterprises
Importer & Bulk Supplier Of White Oats.

Sky Exim India
Pineapple Pulp, Banana Pulp, Papaya Pulp, Tomato Paste, Processed Foods Products,

Manor View Enterprises Ltd.
Fresh Fruit And Vegitables

Neelachal Agro Food Products Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Masala, Jam And Sauce

Mayur Foodchem
Manufacturer Of Thickners For Ice Cream, Tomatoe Sauces.

Modern Agencies
Distributors Of Frozen Veg And Non Veg Snacks

Moonrich Foods Pvt.Ltd.
Noodles, Jams, Sauces, Vinegar

Mtr Foods
Distributors For Butter, Gheee And All Dairy Products

Orion Commodities & Services Pvt Ltd
We Deal In A Wide Range Of Agri Commodities Like Cashew Nuts Kernels, Raw Cashew Nuts, Coffee Beans, Rice, Soya Bean, Soya Extractions, Pulses.

Pachrangasons International
Pickles, Murabbas, Chutneys, Paste, Curries, Sauces, Ketchups, Spices, Squashes, Sherbats, Sweets Etc

Nutro Food Products
Manufacturer of Jelly Sweets, Cup Jelly, Creamed Wafer Biscuits

Priya Instant Tools
Manufacturer Of Food Products, Noodles

Pujan Enterprise
Food & Beverages

Rajwadi Tea
Tea Packaging

Zain Fresh Agro Ltd.
Mfg. And Exporters Of All Kinds Of Fruit Purees And Concentrates, Imported Tomato Paste, Frozen Foods, Fruit Jam, Squashes And Pickles

S.P. Foods
Food Quality, Prepared In Hygienic Conditions, Preservatives, Fresh Vegetables, Refined Oil, Aqua Guard Water.

Samarth Papain Supplyer
Crude Papain, Papaya Fruits, Papaya Powder Supplyer

Seven Days Processing & Marketing
Food Processing, Pickle Industry.

Sham Fruit & Food Processors
Producers, Suppliers And Processors Of Fruit Products

Shreejee Enterprise
Manufacturer Packaging And Distribution Of Food Items

Soft Enterprises
Supplier & Exporter Of Empty Hard Gelatin Capsules & Formulation Of Finished Capsules, Tablets, Syrup & Injections

Siddhi Impex
Canned Food, Jams Spices

Harnik General Foods Pvt.Ltd.
Instant Food Mixes, Confectionery Products, Pudding Mix

Food & Grocery Retail Business.

Suruchi Mahila Gruh Udyog
Chilly/ Coriander/ Turmeric Powder, Pickles, Spices, Jam-Jelly & Ketchup, Cold Storage Activities

Crown Pharmaceuticals
Manufacturer and Supplier of Pharmaceutical Products, Liquid Oral Syrup, Pain Killer, Anti Allergic, Anti Biotic, Mineral, Vitamins.

Sufalam Seeds Pvt. Ltd.
We Are Dealing Vegetable Products, Soya Products.

Supreme Industries
Glass Items, Fabriscs With Hand Embroidery, Hot Pots, Shirts, Food Products.

Tranzpac Logistics Coimbatore Pvt.Ltd.
Trading in Fresh Vegitables, Fruit Coconuts, Spices, Tender Coconuts, Chutny & Pickles

Thai Foods (P) Ltd
Mango Pulp, Mango Pickle, Amla Pickle, Tomatto Pickle, sauce

Food Quest Pvt.Ltd.
Storage & Trunking Food Items.

Good Morning Products India
Mfg. & Exporters of Food Products.

Vyankatesh Dehydrated Foods
Dehydrated Fruits & Vegetable Powders, Flakes

Harnik Industries
Bakery Products. Food Products.

Monica International
Tea, Rice, Grocery Items.

Impex Diamonds
Spices & Herbs, Pickles.

Express Foods
Food Products.

Alive Health Care
Manufactures Pharmaceutical Formulations. Gelatin Capsule, Tablets, Syrups.

Ameeti International
Rice, Sugar, Oil, Maize, Pulses, Spices, Grocery Products.

Aparna Enterprises
Distributor for Food & Beverages

Chheda Super Market
Mfg. And Wholesaler Of Gift Boxes For Various Items, Dry Fruits, Sweets, Chocolates And Other Food Items And Jewellery

Ahanda Food Colour Preparation
Foods Colours, Baking Powders, Custard Powders, Cornflour, Pharma Chemicals.

Akorn India Pvt.Ltd.
Exporter, Supplier and Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Product, Syrups, Injection, Capsule.

Amruta Food Products
Food Product & Catering

Dm Pharma
Tablets, Capsules, Sachet, Syrups.

Ganpati Additives Pvt.Ltd.
Food Colours I.F.F. Flavours & Colours.

Focus Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Tablets, Capsules, Syrups, Injections, Protein Powders.

Narmadha Industries
Food Processing Industrial, Coconut Shell.

Padma Agro Solutions
Marketing Agro Products, Processed Food

Chirag International
Food Packaging, Food Products.

Cubic Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.
Pharmaceutical Tablets, Pharmaceutical Capsules, Pharmaceutical Syrups, Pharmaceutical Suspension,

Res Sancta
Supplier and Manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals Medicine, Liquid Oral Syrup.

Everest Agency
Super Stockist for Food And Beverage Products

Fruits, Grocery.

Gopal Life Science
We Provide Affordable Medicines. Capsules, Tablets, Cardiovascular-Segment, Antibiotics and Other Segments.

Logan Exports
Vegetable, Castor Seeds.

Joglekar Enterprises
Distributors & Retailers of All Types of Food Products

Mangal Agencies
Distributors Of Food And Beverages

Sakthi Masala Pvt.Ltd.
Food Product, Spices Powder, Curry Powder.

Mcneil And Argus Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Mfg. of Pharmaceuticals Formulations, Tablets, Capsules, Syrup, Suspension, HIV Drugs.

Kelkar Canning Pvt.Ltd.
Food Processing, Manufacturer of Alphonso Mango Pulp, Jams, Kokum Syrups, Mango Poli, Pickles and range of Konkan Products.

Maitri Sales
Food & Beverages Dealers

Life Health Foods India Pvt.Ltd.
Food Processed,Health Food.

Omkar Traders
Kokum, Awala, Pineapple, Mango, Jambhul Sarbat, Awala Juice, Raw Mango Juice

Omkar Cashew
Food Product. Cashew Nut.

Rajesh Foods
Machineries Of Food Products Food Processing Machinery.

Punyaee Agro
Vegetable Supplier

Shree Communication
Packaged Drinking Water & Frozen Foods

Shreehari Agencies
Distribution & Marketing of FMCG / Food Products, Distributors For Shanti s Corn Flakes, KPRA Masale

Shreeji Speciality Products Pvt.Ltd.
Natural Spices, Forest Herbs, Dried Fruits, Powders Etc. Dried Fruits. Vacuum Dried Fruit & Vegetable Powders, Masale.

Shri Siddh Agro Industries
Masales, Food Products.

Surabhi Globals
Indian Spices, Fresh Vegetable, Pulses.

Vaze Bandhu Food Products
Vegetable Paste for Batata Wada & Cutlet

Food Gift Boxes In Wood And Paper Granola, Jams, Coffee, Honey And Baked Items

Supermax Laboratories
Manufacturer, Supplier of Finished Pharmaceutical Formulation such as Tablets, Capsules, Syrups.

The Canning Industries Cochin Ltd.
Crush / Squash, Jam, Mango Bar, Mango Pulp, Pickles, Sauce, Soft Drink, Soft Drink Concentrate.

Agraj Food Processors
Exports to USA & Australia - All Typess Of Food Products - Flours Pulses, Spices, Bhajanya etc

Anupam Products
We Make Chocolate Made By Cashew Nuts Named Kajukand Delight & Some Sweets

Vida Agro Pvt. Ltd.
Distributor of Agriculture Commodities

Asian Fresh
Food & Beverages.

Avni Herbal And Healthcare
Manufacturer Of Honey, Handmade soaps, Glass bottles

Blue Star Food Products Co.
Crown Foods, Instant Food, Allied Food.

C L International
Manufacturer And Exporter Of Slm Spices, Basmati Rice, Pulses, Sugar, Soybean, Wheat, Tea, Herbal Products, Incense Sticks & Other Agriculture Or Groceries Products.

Dadi Impex Pvt.Ltd.
Food & Beverages.

Delicacy House
Suppliers Of Food Products

Hindustan Global
Food & Beverages.

Opel Proscro
Organic Waste Processing Equipment Manufacture

Annad Mahila Gruha Udyog
Shengdana Ladu Manufacturers

All Konkan Related Activities Under One Roof

Satkamal Exports
FMCG, Grocery Product.

Shangi Food Products

Shree Devashree Foods
Instant Maharashtriya Food, Cook & Serve

Trupti Food
Chakli, Puran Poli, Modak

The Foodpecker
Vegan Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Organic Raw Items, Includes Honey, Health Bars, Teas, Bronies, Cookies, Spices, Dates, Muesli Dips And More

Aaha Impex Pvt.Ltd.
Organic Spices, Organic Cereals, Spices, Indian Food Masala Mix, Herbs, FMCG Products, Pickles.

Abhiruchi Food Products
Frozen Chapattis Production

Agog Pharma Ltd.
Manufacturing Tablets,Liquid Orals,Capsules and Dry Syrup formulations.

Alulkar Foods
Homemade Food Products, Farsan, Sauce, Ladu, Chakli, Chiwada, etc.

Sgr 777 Foods Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Food Products, Pickles, Mango Pickles, Lime Pickles, Onion Pickles, Tomato Pickles, Instant Tamarind Paste.

Kandhar Traders
Food & Beverages.

Shop Recent
Online Shopping.

Anjali Foods
All Typess of Ladus

Anushka Munchings
Awala Supari, Ova, Shahi Mukhavas

A.R.R. Seeval Pvt.Ltd.
Seeval Product. Manufacturer of Supari, Mouth Freshener, Betel Nuts, Amla Supari, Meethi Supari and Borla Supari.

Avani Enterprises
Cashew Nut Processing

Aztec Pharma Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer and Exporter of Medicines, Tablets, Capsules, Injection, Syrup.

Anurim Foods Pvt. Ltd.
All Types Of Pellets.

Amratlal Ashkkumar & Co.
Fruit and Vegetable Merchants and Dealers.

Daily Needs
Grocery, Textiles, IT, Mobiles & Home Appliance.

Best Foods
Manufacturer Of Food Products,Cashew Nut

Banaanaa Slice India Pvt.Ltd.
Food Processing, Banana Chips.

Baramati Food Processing Pvt. Ltd.
Dehydration Vegetable, Instant Weaning Food

The Organic Garden
Organic Fruits, Organic Vegetables, Organic Grocery, Organic Spices.

Tulsian Foods Pvt.Ltd.
Food Products, Spices Powder & Blended.

Dilipkumar Nanji & Company
Coconut Powder and Jaggery.

Goodday Foods Ltd.
Dairy Products, Paneer, Dahi

Dream Desserts
Speciality for Rabadi, Special Milk Shakes

Green India Laboratories
Medicines. General Tonic, Syrup, Capsules, Tablets.

Gunbharit & Sons
Manufacturing Of Wheat Floor, Instant Mixes - Dhokla, Idli etc., Food Grain

Ally Pharma Options Pvt.Ltd.
Tablet & Capsules, Suspension & Syrups, Creams & Ointments, Injectable.

Excell Engineers
Organic Waste Composting System LPG Products

Joosub Peermahomed And Co.
Exporters Of Spices & Food Products.

Kads Foods
Manufacturing & Marketing of Processed Food, items like Flour, Powders, Chatnies and Fry items

Arvind Remedies Ltd.
Tablets, Capsules, Syrups.Anti Infectives, Antioxidant / Anti Rheumatic, Anti Spasmodic, Cough Expectorant, Nasal Decongestant, Nutritional Supplement, Vitamins.

Mapro Foods Pvt.Ltd.
Manufactures Fruit Jams,Fruit Beverage Concentrates, Crushes And Squashes And Fruit Bars

Keshav Laxmi Prasadhan
Manufacturing & Retail Shop for Pickles, Spices, Powders, Chatanies, Flours etc.

Mutual Traders
Grocery Products.

Kulkarni & Sons
Food Products - Chakali, Ladu, Chiwada

I.T.C. Ltd.
Grocery Product.

Matsyagandha Enterprise
Exporter Of Frozen And Fresh Sea Food, Vegetables, Meat, Ready To Eat Food

J.S. Foods
Dehydrated Fruits.

Jkc General Trading Co.
Wet Dates & Dry Fruit

J.B. Chemicals And Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
Dosage Forms for Tablets, Lozenges, Injectables, Gels, Creams, Ointments, Liquid Herbal Syrups and Capsules.

Kappac Pharma Ltd.
Manufacturers of Pharmaceutical Products. Drugs, capsules, Tablets and Syrup.

Bhide Kokan Shoppy
Alphonso Mango Pulp & Fresh Mango & Kokan Products

Paresh Impex
FMCG, Grocessary Product.

Krishnaraj Dry Fruits
Manufacturing Of Food Processed

S.M.R. Traders
Manufacturing of Butter, Ghee.

Sai Siddhi Impex
Foods & Beverages.

Cherish Foods
Cup Cakes- Egg/Eggless in Pure White Butter Baked, Chocolates Puffs, Wheat Cookies, Nankatai, Khari

Chingday Products
Mango Pulp & Mango Export

Chitale Sweet Centre
All Typess of Sweets, Pedhe, Ladu, Chivada, Puran Poli and Vade, Samosa, Surali Wadi, Bakarwadi etc.

Pranita Foods Mahila Udyog Gruha
Kajukand, Amba Vadi, Chatnya

Nvento Foods Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer And Supplier Of Vegetarian Non-Dairy Creams And Other Bakery & Confectionery Products

Jainam Exim
Food & Beverages.

Prayag Food Pvt.Ltd
Trade & Export Pasta, Macaroni, Hakka Noodlesm And Ginger Garlic Paste.

Mukund Milk And Foods
Food Products & Eatables, Tiffin Suppliers to Schools

Radiant Exim
Spices, Vegetables & Cashews.

Ruby Food Products
Fruit Juices, Pickles & Aerated Water.

Sampada Food Products
Bakery Products, Readymade Flour, Khadya Padartha

Quincaillerie Touba
Exporter OF Vegetables.

Shivam Products
Kokam, Awala, Kaju Sarbat, Amba Poli, Mango Rus & Laterite Stone Manufacturing

Shraddha Services
Decorative Articals, Farsan,Sweets.

Soham Udyog
Nachani Sattva, Papad Variety of Flours and Upwas Products

Seven Star Fruits Pvt.Ltd.
Food & Beverages. Fruit Product Processed, Food Product Processed.

Tammana Exports
Foods & Bverages

Adf Foods Ltd.
Mfg. Ethnic Indian Pickles, Chutneys, Canned Foods, Frozen Foods and Spices.

Vacco Exports
Food and Beverages.

Srm Agro Foods
Food & Beverages.

Entreprise Kamo
Agro Products.

Everest Global
Grocery Product.

Tasty Corner
Food Items Manufacturing & Sales.

Khunteta Industries
Bulk Supplier Of Pure Natural Honey, Bees Wax & CTC Tea, Green Tea, Etc.

Masters Naturals Organics
Organic Spices Export Import

Vividha Enterprises
Real Fruits Juices, Readymade Flour, Handmade Painting on Kurtis, Cotton Blows

Mahalaxmi Traders
Fresh Vegetables & Fruits.

Food & Beverages.

Ags Trading Co.
Wholesale Food Grain Merchant.

Laxmi Enterprises
We are supplier of fresh red onion, red onion, fresh onion, also offered golden raisins, ajwain, annatto, cassia tora, heena leaf powder, maize, rice, yellow millet, black sesame seeds,

Pristine Beauty And Healthcare India Pvt.Ltd.
Aloe Vera Juice, Amla Juice, Honey.

Field Fresh Foods Pvt. Ltd
Manufacturer, Distributor and Supplier of Tomato Catchup, Fruits Juice.

Krupa Trading Company
Agricultural Products, Vegetables, Agricultural Feeds, Coconut Oils

Manjusha Food Products
All Typess Of Packed Food, Namkins, Dry Fruits etc.

Jiwadaya Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.
Ayurvedic Medicine, Eye Drop, Syrups, Tablets.

Mandalia Overseas Corporation
We offer a range of healthy and Hygienic Food Products such as Spices & Spice Powder, Dals, Papads, Pickles, Grains, Onions, Instant Food Packets, and also Hair and Skin Health Care products etc.

Healthy Habits
Amla Herbal Tea, Mint Tea, Green Tea, Healthy Snacks & Fruit Mixes, Amla Candy

Amrita Consumer Food Products Ltd.
Manufacturing Consumer Foods.

Asian Thai Foods (P) Ltd.
Consumed In Various Cities Of Different Countries. All Major Cities And Towns Of Northern & Northeastern States Of India.

Navkar Glass World
Glass, Aluminium, Plywood, Sugar, Tapes, Oil & Food Processed

Sai Krishna Impacts
Garlic Paste, Garlic Cloves, Garlic Powder, Garlic Pickles And Garlic Flakes.

Mataru Agro Impex Pvt.Ltd.
Exporter of Packed Food Products, Potato etc. Fresh Roses.

Himatlal Brothers
Food and Beverages.

Mukete Estates Ltd.
Aricutral Products.

Jiyvina Foods
Foods Products Manufacturing, Juice Brand, Softdrinks. Etc

Karan Agencies
Frozen Green Peas, Sweet Corn, Fresh Mashroms

Wox Solutions
Heavy Metal Scrap, Copper Scrap, Aluminium Scrap, Sugar Food & Beverages Oils, Textiles Materials Wholesales Products.

Noorsons Exports
Onion, Potatoes, Fresh Fruites, Vegetables.

Priya Dixit
Amba Poli, Phanas Poli, Fry Gare, Cashewnut, Mango, Mango Modak

Quality Agro Sweets
Manufacturers Of Peanut Chikki, Rajgira Chikki, Peanut Rajgira Mixed Chikki, Coconut Chikki

Rite Food Products
Food & Bevergaes.

Rusika Products
Ladu & Chikki

Pramod Lifescience
Pharmaceutical Tablets, Eye / Ear Drops, Pharmaceutical Capsules, Washing Powder, Rom Capsule Pharmaceutical Syrup, Veterinary Medicines, Tablets Capsules.

Khawakee Food Products
Maharashtriya Food Products Manufacturing & Home Delivery

Readymade Flours & Food Products - Ladu, Chiwada

Kokan Products
Pickles, Masala, Poha Papad, Kokum Sarbat, Mango Pulp, Metkut

Shree Samarth Enterprises
Trupti - Readymade Flours & Other Food Products

Renuka Gruha Udyog
Hand Shewai, Dink Ladu, Chiwada, Shankarpali, Pico, Fall

Srujann Fenco Food Engg. Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturers Of Complete Lines For Tomato, Mango, Guava & Other Fruits Processing Aseptic, Canning

Mondelez India Foods Pvt. Ltd.
Food Products, Confectionery, Chocolate

N.S.Muthiay & Sons
Food Product. Masala, Pastas.

Native Foods
Sweet Food Product.

Nina Foods
Alphonso Mango Pulp, Baby Corn, Sweet Corn, Beet Root, Gherkin

Shraddha Foods
All Types of Food Products like Papad, Sandge, Spices etc.

Sunny Group Of Companies
Food Products, Confectionery, Mobile, Bakery Products, Agro Products.

Allied Fruit Industries
Supplier of Bakery and Confectionery raw materials, Paper and Paper products, Flavours, Disposable items, Dry fruits etc.

Bait Al Tamur
Dry Fruits,Fruits & Vegetables

Divine Scientific Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Dehydrated Fruits

Allanasons Ltd.
Largest Exporter Of Processed Food Products And Agro Commodities

Spas Industry Pvt. Ltd.
Wafers, Kurkure Manufacturers, Aloo Shev, Lasoon Shev, Chiwada etc.

Bader And Sons
Food & Beverages.

Brar Frozen Foods
Supplier and Trader of Frozen Foods, Vegetables Manufacturer of frozen Fruit, Vegetables, Frozen Green Peas, Frozen Sweetcorn, Frozen Mix Vegetable.

Frolic Foods­
Namkeen Foods, Namkeen, Gulab Jamun.

Vinayak Keshav Co.
Tel Poli, Puran Poli, Chakli, Chiwada, Thalipithachi Bhajani, Diwali Festival

Export Fruit & Vegetables.

Al-Gyas Exports Pvt. Ltd
Exporter, Supplier and Trader of Rice, Sugar, Chick, Jam, Wheat, Pulses, Corn, Groundnut, Milk Powder, Tea, Spices.

Laxmidas Shamji
Food Product Retailers.

Namdeo Umaj L Agritech (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Import seeds of all vegetables and ornamental flowers and garden tools and distributing all over India

Mk Engineering
Deal In Garlic, Onion, Vegetable D Hydration Plant Setup

Kumar Foods
Manufacturer Of Chineases Sauces, Custard Powder, Corn Floor, Baking Powder

Shimlahills Offerings Pvt.Ltd.
Fruit Juice Concentrates, Fruit Puree Concentrate, Fruit Pulps, Fruit Juices, Canned Fruits & Vegetables, Fresh Ginger Oil, Indian Spices

Honesty Overseas
Distributor and Trader of Rice, Jowar, Maize, Cashew Nuts, Rag, Isal Seeds, Niger Seeds.

Jayantilal Laxmichand & Sons
Trader, Distributor and Supplier of Natural Spices, Forest Herbs, Dried Fruits, Powders, Contract Packaging, Oil Seeds, Pulse.

Sian Exim Pvt.Ltd.
Supplying Agro & Commodity Products.

Bharat Food Products
Manufacturing And Exporting Of Biscuits, Exporting All Kinds Of Agro Products, Spl Rice Tamarind, And Also Exports Into Soft Drinks.

Averol Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd.
Supplier And Trader Of Tablets, Capsules, Injectables, Syrups, Ointments, Pharmaceutical, Pharma Products, Pharma Franchise.

Dal Dairy Factory
Dairy & Food products manufacturing

Agro Tech Foods Ltd.
Salt, Food Products.

Arient Scientific Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturing & Exporter of Tablets,Capsules,Syrup & Sachet

Bharrani Masala Pvt.Ltd.
Food, Dehydrated and Freeze-Dried, Herbs and Spices.

Heritage Foods India Limited
Manufactureing & Pricessing Of Dairy Products

Dixit Products
Shewai, Masale, Chatanies, Metkut, Bhajani

Medilente Pharma Private Limited
Deals In Pharma Franchise, Tablets, Capsules, Injectibles, Syrups, Etc.

Sac Pharmaceuticals
Pharma Franchise Company, Pharmaceutical Company, Pharma Franchise, PCD Pharma Company, Pharma PCD Franchise.

Jai Maa General Trading Llc
Importer Exporter Distribution Of Dry Foodstuffs Pulses, Grains, Spices Whole And Ground, Fresh And Frozen Food Products, Fresh Fruits And Vegetables, Fruits And Fruit Pupls, Papad, Pickets, Chutney.

Shakambari Food Products
Manufacturer & Exporter Of Indian Namkeen & Snack Foods

Nishi Creations
Homemade Food Products, Pav Bhaji Masala, Jams, Pachak, Natural Herbal Product.

Sanskar Ayush Medicare Pvt.Ltd.
Herbal Products, Ayurvedic Formulations, Herbal Ayurvedic Medicines, Energy Supplement, Natural Honey.

Winners World Wide
We Exporting of All Agrucultural Products, Fresh Fruits, Dry Fruits, Fresh Vegetables, Leafy Vegetables Spiees, Grains, Pules, Coir & Coconut Product.

Radha Griha Udyog
Manufacture of Papads, Appalam and Similar Food Products.

Allana Frozen Foods Pvt.Ltd.
Food Products, Frozen and Deep Frozen.

Spicy Touch Foods
Bhajni Chakli, Butter Chakli, Softy Masala Chakli, Variety Puri, Flavour Khakra, Kachori And Bhakarwadi, Namkeen.

Amrapali Foods Ltd.
Fruit and Vegetables, Processed.

Premium Engineers
Biscuit Machinery & Plant, Food Stuff Processing, Packaging Machinery & Rubber Processing Machinery

Tetra Queens Distilleries And Breweries Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturing Food Products and Beverages).

Vinayak Drugs & Surgicals
Trader, Distributer And Supplier Of Pharma Medicine, Pantaparozole, Rablet, Ofloxin, Paracetamol, Vitamin Capsule, Tablet, Syrup, Injection

Oasis Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Pharmaceuticals Formulations, Tablets, Capsules, Syrup, etc.

Sneh Udyog
Farming & Fruit Processing Unit

Sai Siddhi Foods
Manufacturer of Pickle, Chutney, Masala.

Swati Dry Fruits Pvt.Ltd.
Supply Dry Fruits to Chocolate, Ice Cream And Breakfast Cereal Processing Companies.

Leben Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.
Supplier And Manufacturer Of Pharma Medicine, Tablet, Capsule, Syrups, Injections.

Tapadiya Agencies
Food Product Distributors, Consumer Product Distributors, FMCG Product Distributors, Consumer Product.

Sushashini Chari
Manufacture of Papads, Appalam and Similar Food Products.

Sfx Food Products
Caterers, Food Product Manufacturers.

Raj Food Industry
Manufacture of Papads, Appalam and Similar Food Products.

Gaurav Sales Agency
Supplier of Allopathic Medicine Like Tablet, Capsule, Syrup.

Krishna Plantations Pvt.Ltd.
Processing of Edible Nuts.

Indian Spices
Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter Of Indian Spices, Pulses, Oil Seeds, Dehydrated Products, Papad, Ready To Eat Food Items, Pickles And Pastes, Blended Masala, Instant Mixes & Flours, Frozen Vegetables & Snacks

Advance Life Sciences Pvt.Ltd.
Deals in Medical Supplies and Pharma Products. Health and Lifestyle Food Products.

Aftab & Co.
Fruit and Vegetables, Processed Fruit.

Nutrich Foods Pvt.Ltd.
Food Processing & Food Product.

Blue Bird Food Products
Custard Powder, Coco Powder, Milk Pudding Powder.

Cal-Lite Foods (India) Pvt.Ltd.
Food Products, Rice Noodles, Pasta Products.

Tulsyan Food Products
Mfg. Of Pappad, Pickles, Tomato Sauces, Potato Chips Etc

Dayal Food Products
Food & Food Products / Mushroom,Food Essence/ Flavouring/ Colour & Preservatives.

Asha Ram And Sons Pvt.Ltd.
Food Products, Fruits & Vegetable.

Novas Impex
Spices, Masalas, Pickles, Confectionery & All Processed Foods

Bacfo Pharmaceuticals India Ltd.
Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Pharmaceutical Capsules, Pharmaceutical Tablets, Herbal Syrups, etc.

Perinbavilas Food Products
Spices and Food Products.

Kamat Enterprises
Retail Sale of Cereals and Pulses, Tea, Coffee, Spices and Flour.

United Sales Corporation
Paraffin Wax, Residue Wax, Yellow Maize Corn, Mango Pulp, Fruit Pulp, Soya Bean Meal, Dehydrated Onions Etc.

Vipran Foods & Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd.
Food Product, Pharmaceutical Product.

Star Agro Products
Manufacture of Papads, Appalam and Similar Food Products.

Nirmal Seeds Pvt.Ltd.
Seeds Products, Bio Organic Products, Vegetable Product.

Madam Agro Food Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Whole Wheat Flour, Fresh and Healthy Food Products.

M/S Sateri Enterprises
Retailers of Food, Beverages.

Rajashree Griha Udyog
Manufacture of Papads, Appalam and Similar Food Products.

Longi Industries
Manufacturer of Food Product, Masales.

M/S. Goa Cold Storage Pvt.Ltd.
Production, Processing and Preservation of Meat, Fish, Fruit Vegetables, Oils and Fats.

Niranjan Food
Manufacture of Other Dairy Products.

Vaibhav Laxmi
Manufacture of Papads, Appalam and Similar Food Products.

Vyankatesh Pulse Mill
Manufacturer All Types Of Pulses.

Hindustan Foods Ltd.
Manufacture of Malted Foods Including Foods, Food Product.

Kruti Foods Pvt.Ltd.
Food Product, Production, Processing and Preservation of Meat, Fish, Fruit vegetables, Oils and Fats.Meat Processed / Fish Processed.

Aspartame India
Dairy Products, Pharmaceuticals, Desserts And Candies, Personal Care Supplements, Such As Sodas, Instant Coffee, Chewing Gum, Jams, Process. Vegetables.

Candor Foods Pvt.Ltd.
Dry Fruits, Nuts & Dates.

Dsv Agro Care Industries
Cold Storage, Food Processing.

Microstar Services And Savitrica Foods.
Mfg. of Tea / Coffee Premixes & Other Food Products.

Veg Bagicha
Organic Vegetables And Food.

Nisarg Nirman Agro Products Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturing and Processing of These Vegetables and Fruits.

Organic Foods.

Powell Associate & Co.Ltd.
Mineral Water, House Claning Products, Food Products, Industrial Products

Sarv Siddhifoods
Manufacturer Of Syrups & Instant Foods

Deo Gruh Udyog
Potato Kis, Sabudana Chakali, Chikodya, Sangli Mirchi