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Parth Valves And Hoses Llp
Authorized Dealer, Supplier, Solution Provider Of Hoses, Actuated Ball Valves, Actuated Butterfly Valves, Actuated Diaphragm Valves, Actuators, Air Ducting Hose, Air Pressure Valves, Air Valves, Air Vent Valves, Back Pressure Relief Valves, Ball Butterfly Valves, Ball Valve, Ball Valve Components, Ball Valve For Air Application, Ball Valve For Oil Application, Ball Valve For Water Application, Butterfly Valve, CIP System, Corrugated Hoses, Delivery Hoses, Diaphragm Seated Valves, Diaphragm Valve, Diaphragm Valves, Diaphragm Valves Manual, Direct Operated Pressure Relief Valves, Disc Check Valves, Discharge Valve Assembly, Discharge Valves, Diverter Valves, Duct Hoses, Flanged Ball Valves, Flanged Butterfly Valves, Flanged Check Valves, Flexible Duct Hose, Flexible Hose Pipe, Flexible Hoses, Food Grade Hoses, Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Globe Valve Flanged, Globe Valve Screwed, High Pressure Hose Suppliers, High Pressure Hoses, Hose Pipes, Hoses For Various Industrial & Construction Applications, Hoses High Pressure, Industrial Chemical Valves, Industrial Hoses, Industrial Process Valves, Industrial Valves, Instrument Check Valves, Pneumatic Ball Valves, Pneumatic Butterfly Valves, Pneumatic Control Valves, Pneumatic Off Valves, Pneumatic On Valves, Pneumatic Piston Valves, Pneumatic Positioner, Pressure Control Valves, Pressure Reducing Valve, Pressure Relief Valves, Pressure Valves, Process Control Valves, PVC Foodgrade Hoses, Vacuum Hoses, Valves

Auto Steel And Rubber Industries Private Limited
Manufacturers Of High Quality Rubber Products, Sealing Rings, O Rings, V Seals, U Seals, Grommets, Gaskets, Valve Seats Seals, Rubber Washers, Abrasion Resistant Products, Rubber Feet, Brake Seals, Rubber Mats, Shock Absorbing Products, Anti Vibration Mou

Polyplast Chemi Plants (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Chemical Plant Equipments, FRP Storage Tanks, Chemical Process Equipments, FRP Pipes, GRP, Fluro Polymers, Scrubbers, Reaction Vessels, FRP Moulding, FRP Lining

Aqua Products & Services Pvt.Ltd.
Water Control Products, Water Treatment Plants, WTP Installation, Commissioning Of Pumping Systems, WTP Annual Maintenance Contract, AMC Services For Water Supply Pumping, Pipes, Valves, Pumps, Booster Systems, KiTEC Products, STUDOR Products, Franklin Electric Products, OR Valves Products, VTM - UTAM - FEDEREL, McAlpine Products, Everlast Composites, Honeywell Products, Authorized Distributor, Dealer, Supplier, Trader, Maintenance Contractor ( AMC Services, Annual Maintenance Contract )

R.R.Plast Extrusions Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer and Exporter of Plastic Extrusion Machinery & Equipment, PP/HIPS Sheet Machine, R-PET Sheet Machine Bottle Flakes, Thermoforming Machine, Vacuum Forming Machine, Plastic Extrusion Machine, Vented Recycling Machinery, Plastic Recycling Machinery, Direct Feed Recycling Plant, Dieface Cutter, Mother Baby Recycling Machines, Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant, Round Drip Pipe Machine, Flat Drip Pipe Machine, HDPE Sprinkler Pipe Line, Plastic Extrusion Plant Plastic Sheet Making Machine, Rotomoulding Compound Machine, D/F Pen Barrel making Machinery, Refill Machinery, Lollipop Stick Making Machinery, Disposable Container Machinery.

Vipro Tools And Engineers
P.T.F.E. Teflon, Rods, Bushes, Sheets, Skived Thin Sheets, Bellows, Gaskets, Washers, O, V, U Rings, Valve Accessories, Piston Rings, Components for Glass Lined Reactor Vessels & Components As Per Drawing & Specifications

Shashi Fluoroplastiks
P.T.F.E. Teflon, Rods, Bushes, Sheets, Skived Thin Sheets, Bellows, Gaskets, Washers, O, V, U Rings, Valve Accessories, Piston Rings, Components for Glass Lined Reactor Vessels & Components As Per Drawing & Specifications

Genius Rubber Industries
Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier Of Industrial Rubber Hoses, Industrial Hose Pipes, Industrial Rubber Gaskets, Hose Bellows, Flanges & Nipple Hoses, Silicone Bellow Hoses, Moulded Parts, Bend Hoses, Rubber Lining, Rubber Cords, Food Grade Hoses, Fire Hose Pipes, Silicone High Temp Hoses, Nitrile, Neoprene, EPDM, Viton, SBR Rubber Hoses, Sand Blasting, Carbon Free, Heavy Duty, Cement Hoses

Sonal Transformer
Transformers, Auto Transformers, Single Phase Isolation Transformers, Three Phase Isolation Transformers, HT Transformer with Built in HT AVR, Control Transformers, X RAY Transformers, Edge Winding Coils, Choke and Inductors, Reactors

Nirmala Polymer Industries
FRP, PP, PVC, PVDF, Teflon, Poly Propylene, Poly Vinyl Chloride, Fibre Reinforced Plastics, FRP Lining, PP Lining, PVC Lining, PVDF Lining, Teflon Lining, GRP, Glass Reinforced Plastics

Thermoset Poly Products (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Designers & Manufacurers of Storage Tanks, Rectangular Tanks, Pressure / Vacuum Vessels, Reaction Vessels with Agitation, Fume Scrubbing Systems, Blowers, Ductings & Pipings, Gratings / Walkways, GRP Pipes For Potable & Sewage Water, FRP Piping For Chemical Applications, Windmill Nacelle covers, Agitated Reaction / Process Vessels, Chlorine Drying Towers, Pipings, Ductings, Chimneys, Hoods, Valves, Dampers, Trolleys

Varad Automation And Robotics Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturing, Trading And Supplying Optical Vision Sorting Machine, Auto Component And Fastener Inspection Machine. Vision Guided Robotics, Measurements inspection. Optical Character Reading (OCR) And Verification (OCV). Barcode And Data Matrix Reading.

Hose Reels, Spring Balancer, Work Station, Mobile Oil Kit, Pneumatic Accessories, Pneumatic Sockets, Hydraulic Gas Coupling, Pneumatic Gas Coupling, Electric Cord Reels, Quick Release Couplings, Oil Greece, Water Hose Reel

S.P.Air Tools Pvt.Ltd.
Hose Reels, Spring Balancer, Work Station, Mobile Oil Kit, Pneumatic Accessories, Pneumatic Sockets, Hydraulic Gas Coupling, Pneumatic Gas Coupling, Electric Cord Reels, Quick Release Couplings, Oil Greece, Water Hose Reel.

Tsa Process Equipments Pvt.Ltd.
Water Distribution System & Utility Piping, Installation Of Turnkey, Sanitary Pumps, GMP Zero Dead Leg Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves & Globe Valves, Storage Tanks, Mixing & Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers As Per The GMP Standards, Filters & Filter Housings, Fabrication Of Sterile & Clean Room Furniture & Accessories, Electropolishing & Super Finishing Processes In Situ, PLC & Scada Interface, Validation Documentation As Per USP-25 Norms, Reverse Osmosis System, Pressure Tubes, High Pressure Pumps, Skid Mounted Modular RO System, Filter Housing, Orbital Welding, Boroscopy, Filtration Train, Electropolishing, Electro De Ionization, High Purity Distribution System, WFI Distribution System, Tri Clamp Fittings, Ball Valves SS 316, Diaphragm Valves Ss 316, Storage Vessels Plain/ Jacketed SS316/304, SS Limpet Coil Vessels, Softening Plant, Multi Grade Filter, Sanitary Valves, De Mineralization Plant, Ultra Violet Disinfectant, Ultra Filtration, Validation Documentation Of High Purity Water System, SS 316 L Block Design Valves, Designing Purified Water System, Sterile Manufacturing Vessels, Multicolumn Distillation Units, Pure Steam Generators, Clean Steam Generators, Liquid Manufacturing Plants, CIP/SIP, Clean In Place, Steam In Place, Pressure Gauges, Compound Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, SMS Fittings, Din Fittings, Sterile Process Piping, Purified Water Piping, WFI Piping, Pure Steam Piping, High Purity Water Systems, Centrifugal Pumps, Forged Diaphragm Valves, Pigging System, ASME BPE Fittings, Installation As Per ASME BPE

Spirall Plastics
HDPE/PP (Spirall) Chemical Tanks, Reaction Vessels, Scrubbers, Venturies, Fume Absorbers, Nutch Filter, Blowers, Ducting Hoods & HDPE / PP (Spirall) Or Sintex Tanks Repairing (By Extruction Welding) Also Manufacturing PPGL / FRP / FRV Tanks Similar To HDPE Tanks & Undetake FRP Lining, Spiral Plastics, Spiral Scrubbers, Fume Hoods, Vertical Spiral Tanks, Chemical Storage Tanks, Spiral Agitators, Nutsche Filters, Horizontal Spiral Tanks, PP Storage Tanks, Industrial Reaction Vessels, HDPE Storage Tank, Rectangular Tanks.

Modern Chemicals And Plastics
Leaders In Mixed-Metal Liquid Stabilizers Since 1955. Applications: Calendaring, Extrusion, Injection, Coating, Deep Molding, PVC Flooring, Medical Use, Hose Pipes

Mahesh Industries
Fabrication & Engineering Job Works, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Equipments, Air Hose Balancer, Air Hose Reels, Automobile Components, Automobile Parts, Electric Cable Reels, Electric Reels, Fabrication, Grease Hose Reel, Job Working Units (Engineering), Machine Components, Oil Hose Reel, Overhead Trolleys, Petrol Hose Reel, Polyurethane Tubes, Precision Press Parts, Quick Release Couplings, Ratchet Balancer, Spiral Springs, Spring Balancers, Stud Driver, Water Hose Reel

Moulik Rubber Industries
Industrial Rubber Parts, Extruded Rubber Parts, Pharmaceutical Rubber Parts, Bellows, Gaskets, O Rings, U Seals, Diaphragms

Plamac Engineering
Last 25 Yrs. Leading Mfgr. & Exporters Of Plastic Extrusion Machinery And PVC Pipe Dies. (Also Rigid PVC Pipe Unit, PVC Braided Hose Pipe Unit, Extrusion Dies, Tub Traction, PVC Compounding Unit Manufacturer, High Speed Mixer Manufacturer, Acrylic Extrude

Hem Traders
Authorized Dealers / Stockiest For Contractors, Relays, Motor Starters, Electro Pneumatic Timers, Circuit Breakers, Push Button, Limit Switches, Air Circuit Breakers, Screwless Terminal Blocks With Cage Lamp, PVC Channel, Proximity Switches, Connectors, L

Pooja Trading Co.
Authorised Distributors of Prince Pipes & Fittings Pvt.Ltd., Sintex Industries Ltd., Thermoset Poly Products (I) Pvt.Ltd., Jayna S.S. Kitchen Sink. Distributors and traders of high quality UPVC Plumbing Systems, ASTM Plumbing Systems, UPVC Pressure & Non Pressure Pipes & Fittings, SWR Drainage Pipe & Fitting System, PPR Plumbing System, CPVC Pipes & Fittings, UPVC Ball Valve, Thermodrain FRP Manhole Covers & Gratings & All types of Sintex Water Tank etc. Branded PVC Pipes, Thermodrain FRP Manhole Covers, Our range also includes All Types of Plumbing Pipes & Fittings, Ball Valves, and Many Other Products.

Hydrasun India
Mfg. Of Metallic & Rubber Expansion Bellows, S.S.Corrugated Flexible Hoses, High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses & Assemblies

S.P.Air Controls
Hose Reels, Spring Balancer, Work Station, Mobile Oil Kit, Pneumatic Accessories, Pneumatic Sockets, Hydraulic Gas Coupling, Pneumatic Gas Coupling, Electric Cord Reels, Quick Release Couplings, Oil Greece, Water Hose Reel

Super Fasteners Industries
Mfrs. & Stockists Of Hydraulic Pneumatic, Pneumatic Equipments, Valves, P.U., Nylon Tubings, Instant & Push On Fittings, Tube Fittings, P.U.Coiled Hoses, F.R.L., Solenoid Valves, Hand Lever Valves, Flow Control Valves, Cylinders, Silencers & All Types Of Fittings, Hydraulic High Pressure Hose Pipe, Q.R.C.Ball Valves, Needle Valves, Compression Type Tube Fittings (Ermetto, Olive, Swedgelock, Parker), In Brass, S.S., M.S. & C.S. & All Types Of Hydraulic Accessories & Systems

Royal Tools
Since 15yr Leading Stockist Of Thread Inserts Coils & Nuts& Bolts, Hardware Engineering, Precision Tools, Metal Cutting, Carbide Tools, Hydraulic Pipe Fitting & Seamless Pipe Fitting, Heavy Spanner Wrenches, Pneumatic Tubes Fittings, Polyester Slings, Round Slings, Machine Tools Accessories, All Types Of Cutting Tools, Cartridge Tools & Mitayo Co. Products, Nose Piles, Screw Driver Bits, Pneumatic Bits, Electrical bits, Pneumatic Tools

Navalai Fabricators & Engg.Works
Chemical Process Equipment & Fabrication.

Thanavala Enterprise
PTFE Coating, Teflon PTFE / FEP / PFA / ETFE / One Coat / S-Dry Lubricant / SF Coating, Industrial Moulds, Teflon Coated Chemical Bessels, Xylan Coated Nut / Bolts, Hot Plates, Bearing, Xylan Coating, Solenoid Plungers, PTFE Products

Moulik Rubber Industries
Industrial Rubber Parts, Extruded Rubber Parts, Pharmaceutical Rubber Parts, Bellows, Gaskets, O Rings, U Seals, Diaphragms

Ganesh Rubber Products
Mfg. Of Rubber Products, PTFE Products, Seals, O Rings, All Types Of Gaskets, Valves And Pump Diaphgragms, Float Seals, Bush, Anti Vibration Mounting, All Types Of Bellows, Expansion Joints, Non Metallic Bellows, Rubber To Metal Bonded Articles, Vition Products, Neoprene Products, Butyl Products, PU Seals, PU Rollers, Bushings, Extruded Profiles, Oil Seals Gaskets

Mercantile Electric Corporation
Cable Glands & Lugs , Crimping Tools, Proximity Switches, Connector & Relays, Cable PVC Duct, Digital Timer, Counter, Panel Board, Cable Ties

Goodwill Traders
Industrial Gases Welding Equipment & Accessories, Sand Blasting Equipment, Plasma Cutting Machinery, Safety Equipment Engineering Tools, Paints & Hardware

Swastik Industries
Industrial Valves, Globe Valve, Forged Valves, Ball Valve, Industrial Pipes, Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes IBR, Seamless Boiler Tubes, CDW Boiler Tubes IBR, Alloy Steel Seamless Tubes, Pipe Fittings, Mill Gins, Pipes

Rajesh Industries
Specialist in All Types of Plate Cutting, Bending, Pilling Equipment. All Kind of Metal Pipes, Coils, Aluminum Section Bending. Tanks Fabrication Jobs, Pipe Repairing, Chemical Storage Tank, Storage Tank.

Frp Equipments & Polymers
Designers & Mfrs.Of Chemical Equipments Like Tanks, Vessels, Piping, Ducting, Vacuum Vessels, Pressure Vessels, Scrubing Systems, Blowers Out Of FRP, PP+FRP, PVC+RP, CPVC+FRP, PVDF+FRP, ECTFE+FRP Etc. & Various Types Of FRP Mouldings, Dlrs.Of HDPE/PP Pipe

Heera Roto Polymers
Plastic Moulding Products, Rotomoulding Powders, Chemical Tanks, Crates Plastic, Plastic Water Storage Tanks, Processing Tanks, Pvc Pipes, Trolleys

Pure Water Engineers
Stainless Steel Valves, Sanitary Butterfly Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Loop Valves, Electropolished Tubes / Fittings, Cleaning Equipment, Pump, Filters, Strainers, Caster Wheels, Pure Water Distribution Systems, Pure Water Generation, Turned Components, Nut

Bhargav Industries
Actuator Valve Diaphragms, Anti Vibration Mountings, Asbestos Gaskets, Bellows, Leather, Rexine, PTFE Rubber, Belts For Conveyor, Pneumatic & Hydraulic Seal, Chevaran Packing Seals, Coupling Bush, Diaphragm Pumps, Diaphragm For Valve, Rubber Expansion Bellows O ring, Gasket, Rubber Rollers, PTFE Products, PTFE Coating, Expeller Ring, Extruded Profiles, Extruded Rubber Parts, Gaskets, Gromets, Hydraulic Seals, Hypalon Products, Na Coupling Pad, Neoprene Products, Neoprene Rubbers, Nitrile Products, Non Asbestos Gaskets, Non Metalic Bellows, O Rings, O Rings Rubber, Oil Seals, Pneumatic Actuator Diaphragms, Pneumatic Seals, Pneumatic Valve Diaphragms, Ptfe Back Up Diaphragms, Ptfe Laminated Diaphragms, Ptfe Products, Ptfe Teflon Products, Pu Rollers, Pu Seals, Pump Diaphragms, Rubber Bellows, Rubber Bonded Bushes, Rubber Bushes, Rubber Diaphragm For Pumps, Rubber Diaphragm For Valves, Rubber Diaphragms, Rubber Expansion Joints, Rubber Gaskets, Rubber Rollers, Rubber Teflon Parts, Rubber To Metal Bonded Products, Rubber To Ptfe Bonded Products, Seals, Seat Rings, Seat Sleeves, Silicone Rubber Products, Sounders Diaphragms, Spider For Coupling, Twin Set Seal, U Cup Seal, U Seals, V Seal, Valve Diaphragms, Viton Products, Viton Rubbers, W Seal, Wiper Seals

Pipe Tech Hydraulic
Hydraulic And Pneumatic Fittings, Gauge Isolator Valve, Direct Operated Pressure Relief Valve, Directional Control Valve, Inline Check Valve/ Subplate Type, Radial Piston Pump, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Power Pack, Suction Strainer, Filler Breather Tank Breather, Pressure Gauge, Gear Coupling, Fluid Level Indicator, Bell Housing, Pipe Camps, Dowty Seal And Copper Washer, Manifold Blocks / Subplates, Inline Check Valve / Subplate Type, In Line Check Valve, Pilot Operated Check Valve, Flow Control Check Valve, Equal Tee, Parallel Male Stud Elbow, Swivel Elbow, Straight Coupling, Pipe Clamps, Parallel Male Stud Coupling, Straight Bulk Head, Flow Way Tee, Gauge Adaptor, Parallel Male Stud Coupling, Equal Elbow, Hose Adaptor, Majestic Coupling, Swivel Elbow, Wind Nipple, Ball Valve, Male/ Female Elbow Tee, Brass Fitting, Coltgear Pump, Power Jack Products, Light Weight Threaded Ram, Spring Return High Pressure Hydraulic Jack, Hydraulic Piping Of Hydraulic Project Work, Labour Charges & All Types Of Piping Works, Labour Charge Of Hydraulic Pipe Bending Contractor, Specialist In Hydraulic Piping Of Hydraulic Project Work, Repairs And Maintenance Of Plant And Machinery, Working In Water Line, Air Line - S. S., M. S. Copper

Trimurti Polymers
Manufacturer of MS / PTFE, MS / HDPE, MS / PP Lined Pipes & Fitting, Valves, Dip Pipes, Bellows and Strainers, Lined Pipes, Lined Fitting, Lined Flanged Bellows, Lined Sight Flow Indicators, Lined Valves, Lined Dip Pipes, Lined Strainers.

Thanavala Associates
PTFE Coating, Teflon PTFE / FEP / PFA / ETFE / One Coat / S-Dry Lubricant / SF Coating, Industrial Moulds, Teflon Coated Chemical Bessels, Xylan Coated Nut / Bolts, Hot Plates, Bearing, Xylan Coating, Solenoid Plungers, PTFE Products

Pradip Plastic Moulders Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturers, Suppliers OF Plastic Moulded Components, Wind Shield Containers, Air Intake Ducts Snorkels, Blow Moulded Plastic Parts, Recovery Coolant Tank, Surge Tank, High Pressure Tank, Injection Moulded Seat Parts, Injection Moulded Engine Parts, Injection Moulded Sunwiser Parts, Recliner Covers For Seats, Interior & Exterior Parts For Automobile, Blow Moulded Plastic Parts, Injection Moulded Plastic Parts, Injection Moulded Parts & Assemblies For Automobile

Grace International
Mfrs.& Exporters Of Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System, Micron Filters, Housings Etc.

Arun Plast
Specialised In FRP Tank, FRP Moulding & Lining, FRP Door, PP, PVC, CPVC, UPVC & HDPE pipe Fittings, Acrylic, Nylon, PVC, PP, & PPGL Fabrications & Chemical Equipments & Tank & Tank & MB / DGT / Pressure Vessels In FRP

Parag Enterprises.
Since 1986. Stockist & Dealers For Metal Cutting & Threading Tools, CNC Toolings, Bearing, Measuring Instruments, Gauges, Tool Room Accessories, Coated & Bonded Abrasives Etc. (All Types Of Industry) Tool Accessories Machine Tools

Taher And Sons
Since Last 30 Years Mfgrs., Exporters & Wholesalers Of Galvanised Fabrication Work, Letter Boxes, Tool Boxes, Panel Boxes, Trays, Trunks, Bath Tubes, Bird Cages (All Types), Specialised For Galvanised Buckets And Trunk, Letter Box & Birds Cages, Industrial Tool Box, Industrial Galvanized Trunks, Industrial Galvanized Water Tank, Industrial Trays, Animal Cage.

Shree Ganesh Engineers
Mfg. & Designers Of PP, PVC, FRP Tanks, Storage Tanks, Nutsche Filters, Reaction Vessels, Heat Exchanger Design, Pressure Vessels, Anti Corrosive Lining (PP / PVC /FRP), Fume Exhaust & Scrubbing Systems (Turn-Key Systems), Fume Scrubbers, Hoods, Filament Wounded Pipes, Ducting, Gratings, FRP Moulded Items, Centrifugal Blowers (0.5-30 HP)

Aayushi Enterprises
Switches, Change Over Switches, Multistep Switches, Instrument Switches, Breaker Control Switches, Motor Duty Switches, PVC Cable Ducts, Electronic Pressure Switches, Push Button Switches, Trippers.

Shree Rubber Industries
Mfg. Of Rubber Products, PTFE Products, Seals, O Rings, All Types Of Gaskets, Valves And Pump Diaphragms, Float Seals, Bush, Anti Vibration Mounting, All Types Of Bellows, Expansion Joints, Non Metallic Bellows, Rubber To Metal Bonded Articles, Vition Pro

Chemi-Flow Rubber Industries
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Rubber Components, Rubber Products, Moulded Parts, Sponge Rubber Seals, Expansion Joint Bellows, Washers, Cup Buckets, Steel Rubber Bearing Bushes, Gaskets For Washing Machines, Rubber Rollers For Printing Machines, Injection Moulding Of Rubber Products, Rubber Liner Pads, Anti Vibration Mounting Pads, Rubber Diaphragms, Disc Couplings, Double Pot Seals, Wiper Rings, Rubber Rollers, Diaphragms, Double Lip Seals, Buffers, Hydraulic Seals, Canvas Seals, Quard Rings, Cup Buckets, Rubber Sheets, Sleeves, Rubber Injection Mouldings, Rubber Bearing Pads, Rubber Bridge Bearing Pads, Rubber Extrusions, Mouldings, Pads, Rubber Bridge Pads, Bumpers, Tack Bumpers, Rubber Hoses, Rubber Flooring Tiles, Versatile Floorings, Epdm Rubber Hoses, Hard Rubber Blocks, Rommet Bumpers, Molded Rubber Products, Rubber Washers, Synthetic Rubber Hoses, Automotive Rubber Components, Industrial Rubber Components, Rubber Hoses

Indian Industrial Company
Mfrs.Of Plastic Pipes & Extrusion Articles & Plastic Moulding, Moulding Articles, P.P.Pipes, Pipes Plastic, Rigid Pipes Plastic, PVC, Nylon etc, PVC Pipes, Flexible Pipes Plastic

Spiral Specialist
Spiral Tank, HDPE Tanks, Chemical Reaction Vessel, HDPE / PP Chemical Storage Tanks, HDPE / PP Lining Agitator, Spiral Horizontal Storage Tanks, HDPE Vertical Storage Tanks, HDPE Pickling Tank, PP Pickling Tank, Spiral Square Storage Tank, HDPE / PP Reaction Vessel, HDPE / PP Scrubber, Spiral Scrubber, HDPE Hood Lines,Repairs & Maintenance Works For Spiral Tanks.

Indomax Engineers
Mfgrs.Of Plastic Processing Machinery, Injection Moulding Machines, Injection Mouldings

Shree Kedar Trading Co.
PTFE Coating, Teflon PTFE / FEP / PFA / ETFE / One Coat / S-Dry Lubricant / SF Coating

Polymold Products
HDPE Flanges, HDPE Pipes, Beige PP Pipes, Flexible Pipes Plastic, Flexible Pipes, Sleeves & Tubing Plastic, FRP Pipe Fitting, HDPE Bend, HDPE Elbow, HDPE Pipe Fitting, HDPE Reducer, HDPE Stub Flanges, P.P.Pipes, Pipe Fittings Plastic, Teflon, Nylon Etc.,

Concrete Care India Pvt.Ltd.
Aluminium Sheets, Building Materials, Cement Dealers, Cement Pipes, Construction Chemicals, Epoxy Coatings, False Ceiling, Flooring Tiles, Flush Doors, FRP Sheets, Galvanised Sheets, Hume Pipes, Pipes & Pipe Fittings, Plumbing Contractors, PVC Pipes, R.C.

Hindustan Trading Agencies
Water Proofing Contractors, Water Proofing Materials, Construction Chemicals, FRP Sheets Products, Roofing Sheets, Rafractories Materials, Pipes & Pipes Fittings, Roofing Contractors, A.C.Sheets, Galvanised Sheets, Sheets, Asbestos Sheets, RMP Sheets, Gal

Ruda Containers
Mfg. Of Containers, Pharmaceutical Containers, Plastic Pipes, Moulding Articles

Vikram Industries
Mfg.of Capseals of 2", 3/4", 1", 3", 4", 7", 72mm, 75mm & 85mm and Capsealing Machinery, Crimping Tools,Pneumatic Crimping Tools,Cap Seal Removal Tools,Bungs & Flanges, Plastic Seals, HDPE Drums and Barrels.

Mandar Rubber Products
Leading Mfrs & Exporter Of All Types Of Industrial Rubber Products, Specialised For Bellows, O Rings, Diaphrams Bellows, Silicon Tubing, Rubber Gaskets, Neoprene Rubber, Viton Rubber, Rubber Expansion Joints, Pneumatic Seals, Seals, Oil Seals Etc.

Shah Enterprises
Control Panels Accessories, Rubber Groumet & Closer, Heat Shrinkable Sleeves, D.M.C.Insulator, Finger Type Support, Anodised Plates & Stickers, Self Locking Cable Marking Ferrules, Interlocking Cable Marking Ferrules, International Colour Coded Ferrules, Marker For Clip on Type Connector, Cable Binding Strap & Buttons, Saddle & PVC Clip, PVC 'P' Clips, Nylon Cable Tie K.S.S., Cable Tie Support, Spiral Band Tubing, Monofilament Lacing Cord, Groumet & Closer, Snap Type Plug open / Close Hole, Non Adhesive Tape, Panel Door Knobs, Lever Type Cam Knob, Panel Door Locks, Door Hinges, Handles, Filters, Document Holders, Meter Glass, Channels For clip on Type Terminals, Shorting Link & Stud For Clip On Type Terminal, Neutralink, Aluminium Anodized Plates, Stickers, Flexible Relay Reset Cord, Eye Bolt, Insulators DMC / SMC, Self Adhesive Gasket, Heat Shrinkable PVC Sleeves, P.V.C. Sleeving, Blanking Clips.

Rubber Products, Rubber Molded Item, Oil Seals, O Ring, Bonded, Brushesh, Gromet

Steel Enterprises
Iron & Steel, M.S.Bright Bars, M.S.Structure, M.S.Sheet, C.R.Sheet, S.S.Sheets, S.S.Rounds, S.S.Pipes Seamless & ERW, M.S.Pipes Seamless & ERW, M.S.Nut, Bolt & Washer, S.S.Nut, Bolt & Washer, M.S.Pipe Fitting, S.S.Pipe Fitting, Alloy Steel & Tool Steel

Chopada Sales Corporation
Manufacturers Of MCB Channels, Terminal Channels, DIN Rail Channels, PVC Channels, Deals In Control Panel Accessories, Lugs, Glands, All Types Of Switchgears, Switch Gear Components, Switchgear , Switchgear Accessories, Switchgears And Spares

Swastik Press Components
Manufacturer, Supplier OF M.S.Flanges, Mild Steel Flanges, Hose Clips, Clamps, Flanges, Ball Check Valves, Ball Foot Valves, Butterfly Valves, Sheet Metal Pressed Components, Automobile Hose Clips, Pipe & Pipe Fittings, Hose Nipples, Fasteners, Bore Clamps, M.S.Threaded Flanges, Rubber Washer For M.S.Flanges

Super Pneumatic And Hydraulic Co.
Mfrs. & Stockists Of Hydraulic Pneumatic, Pneumatic Equipments, Valves, P.U., Nylon Tubings, Instant & Push On Fittings, Tube Fittings, P.U.Coiled Hoses, F.R.L., Solenoid Valves, Hand Lever Valves, Flow Control Valves, Cylinders, Silencers & All Types Of Fittings, Hydraulic High Pressure Hose Pipe, Q.R.C.Ball Valves, Needle Valves, Compression Type Tube Fittings (Ermetto, Olive, Swedgelock, Parker), In Brass, S.S., M.S. & C.S. & All Types Of Hydraulic Accessories & Systems

Top Rubber Products
Manufacturer Of Rubber Products, Rubber Components, O Rings, Gaskets, Bushes, Grommets, Seal, Rubber to Metal Bonded Products, Rubber Moulded Products

Sahas Enterprises
Cable Trays, Capacitor, Connectors, Contactor For Switchgear, Relays, Switches, SMPS, Control Panel Accessories, Fuse Holders, Time Switches, Terminal Block, Fuses Gauges, Hooters AC/DC., MCB, ELCB

Hem Enterprises
Cable Trays, Capacitor, Connectors, Contactor For Switchgear, Relays, Switches, SMPS, Control Panel Accessories, Fuse Holders, Time Switches, Terminal Block, Fuses Gauges, Hooters AC/DC., MCB, ELCB

Sahas Agencies
Switchgear, Control Panel Accessories, Control Panels

Fabcon Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Water Distribution System & Utility Piping, Installation Of Turnkey, Sanitary Pumps, GMP Zero Dead Leg Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Ball Valves, Butterfly Valves & Globe Valves, Storage Tanks, Mixing & Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers As Per The GMP Standar

Manufacturers of Three Phase & Single Phase Transformers Upto25 KVA, Control Transformers, Ferrite Core Transformers & Coils & Buck Boost Transformers.

Bright Stars Electronics
SPM, Hot Junction Welding Machines, Hot Junction Welders, SWR Pipe Socketing Machines, SWR Pipe Fitting Socketing Machines, Response Time Measurement Units, Capacitor Discharge Fine Wire Welding Machines, Capacitor Discharge Welding Machines, Time Synchronizing Systems, Quality Testing Devices, Digital Safety OHMS Meters, Siren Controller Systems, Stress Relieving Of Pressure Gauges, Pressure Gauges Calibration, Type Testing Of Pressure Gauges, Cycling Of Pressure Gauges, Six Station Computerized PVC Pipe Testing Machines, Memory Data Bank / Data Storage, Weather Stations, SWR Pipes, SWR Fittings, PVC Pipes, Belling, Socketing, PVC Pipe Testing, Dam Gate Measurement Systems, Canal Gate Measurement Systems, Response Time Measurement, Pressure Gauge Testing, Elastomeric Seal Rings, Solar Powered Constant Move Pivot Irrigator, Solar Powered Towable Single Tower Central Pivot Irrigator, Solar Powered Gate Actuator, HR Controllers, CR Controllers, Micro Hydraulic Power Plants, PICO Hydraulic Power Plants, Dams And Canal Gate Position Systems, Measurement Of Flow With Doppler, Measurement Of Flow With Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler ( ADCP ), Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier

Pooja Traders & Suppliers
Dealers For All Types Of Agricultural Pipe Fittings , Agricultural Spray Guns , Agricultural Spray Pumps , Agro Spray Pumps , Drip Filter Spares , Drip Irrigation Equipments , Drip Irrigation Systems , Hand Pumps , Irrigation Systems Drip And Micro , Micr

Mechwin Technik
We Provide Ptfe Hoses, Silicon Hoses, Hose Assemblies And Asme Bpe Standard Tubes And Fittings In India,

Mark Trade Links
Crimping Tools, Cable Tie,Terminals.

Shrinath Electricals
All Types Of Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Pumps, Cables, Starters, Pump Spares, Repairing & Maintenance Of Pumps & Motors, PVC Pipes

Sai Plasto Fab
Job Work Of Plasto Fab, HDPE Fabrication Work, Plastic Fabrication Work, HDPE Tank Fabrication, HDPE Manhole Fabrication, HDPE Pipeline Job Work, HDPE Fabrication, HDPE Pipe Line Fabrication, Plastic Tank Repairing, HDPE Tank Repairing, PP Tank Repairing

Plamac Industries
Leading Industrial Unit For Extruder Dies and Plastic Moulding Dies

Samarth Rubbertech Industries
Mfg. & Suppliers of All Types of Rubber Nylon, Teflon, PU, Moulded And Extruded Parts. O Ring, Gasket, Seals, Bellows, Pads, Chevran Packaging Bush, Belts, Diaphragms, Grommets, Sheet, Cords, Metal To Rubber Bonded Parts, Sleeves, Teflon & Nylon Parts.

Arrow Clip Products
Deals In L.D, H.D, P.P, Plastic Pipes, Nylon, ABS, HIP, Polycarbonate, Polystyrene & Moulding Articles

Guala Closures India Pvt.Ltd.
Long And Short Roll On Aluminium Closures, Safety Closures.

Weld Eezy
Leading Mfr, Exporters And Suppliers Of International Quality Pipes, Valves, Fittings, Sheets And HDPE Pipe Fittings

Parekh Rub & Plast Industries
Manufacturing, Retailing and Wholesaling the Best Quality Chevron Packing, Rubber Mat, Hydraulic Hose Pipe, Copper Seal, Spiral Hose Pipes.

Shubham Plast
Manufacturer, Exporter And Supplier Of Pharmaceutical Applicators, Measuring Cups, Assembly Dropper, Caps & Closures, Eye/Ear Droppers, Measuring Spoon, Dropper Bottles.

Unicel Engineering Private Limited
Manufacturer Of HDPE Pipes,HDPE Pipes For Pipeline Projects, Sprinkler Irrigation System,Sprinkler Pipes And Fittings.

Godawari Traders
Pvc Pipe Fittings, Pvc Pipes

Agarwal Pipe And Fittings
We are a Distribution House Dealing with different type of Agricultural Products.

Raj Polythelene Industries
Polythelene Bags, Tubes, Sheets, Ice Cream Pipes And Irrigation Pipes

Sri Sapthagiri Enterprises
Submersible Pumps, PVC, GI, HDPE Pipes

Prakash Agro Plast
Hdpe Pipes, Pvc Pipes

Shri Saibaba Trading Co.
Supplier Of HDPE & PPR Pipes In Various Pressure Classes, Landscapping, Under Ground Irrigation Works In Fields, Parks.

Kisan Group Of Companies
Manufacturers Of PVC Agri Pipes & Fittings, HDPE Pipes & Fittings, Sprnkler & Drip Irrigation System, Submersible Pipes, Casing Pipes, PVC Ball Valves & Foot Valves.

Dagar Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Dwc Pipes, Solar Module Cleaning System, Sprinkler System, Mini Sprinkler System, HDPE Pipes, HDPE Fittings, HDPE Coil, Roll Pipes, UPVC Pipes, SWR Pipes, Casing Pipes, Conduit Pipes.

Bhagwati Agro Sales
Dealer of Plastic Pipes, Gi Pipes, Plastic Pipes, PVC Pipes.

Ideal Plastic Mould Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Plastic Injection Molds, Pipe Fitting, Plastic Product Parts, Rapid Prototyping, China Precision Tooling, Double Color Mould, Hot Runner Molds, PVC Pipe Moulds.

Beauty Bounty
PVC Pipes, Pipe & Pipe Fittings

Johstar The Plastic Man
Manufacturer & Exporter Of Quality High Density Polyethelene Bags (HDPE)

Manufacturer Of Rigid PVC Pipes

Shree Sadguru Enterprises
Manufacturer Of PVC Pipes, Injection Moulding

Shri Sales & Services
Distributors Of Various Test & Measuring Instruments For Temp-Pressure-Force-Load Cell

S.D.Trading Co.
We Deals In all Types Of Hardware Goods, Machinery And Its Parts, G.I, M.S. Pvc Pipes And Pipe Fitting Goods, All Types Of Water Pumps

Plastic Pipe & Fittings

United Trading Company
Bottles, Caps/ Closures

Lr Infrastrurals Pvt.Ltd.
Intrested In PVC, HDPE Pipes

Inox Pipe
Manufacturer Of PVC Pipe.

Kabra Steel And Pipes Distributors
ERW Pipes, Steel Pipes, HDPE Pipes, Hollow Section Pipes, Iron Pipes, Stainless Steel Rods.

A M Enterprises
PVC Cores And Pipes, Paper Cores And Pipes, Corrugated Boxes And Other Corrugated Items, All Types Of Stationery Items, Packaging Items Etc.

Patil Thermoplastic
Nylon6, Naylon6/6, Uitra High- Molecular- Weight, Cast Rods, Tubes And Profiles, Castor Wheels, Extruded Rods And Tubes

Shine Safe Industries
Manufacturer, Exporter Of Flexible Conduit Pipe, PVC Coated Flexible Conduit Pipe, Reduce Wall Flexible Conduit Pipe, Liquid Tight Flexible Conduit Pipe & Brass Fitting

Polestar Polymers
Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Rods, Sheets, Tubes, Balls, Components & Profiles, Plastic Rods, Polyurethane Rods, Polyurethane Sheets, Plastic Tubing For Packaging, Plastic Profiles.

Vishnu Asbestos Cement Products
Rcc Hume Pipes, Cast Iron Pipes Fitting And Manhole Covers, Pvc Pipes & Fittings, Sw Pipes & Fittings, Ac Pipes & Fittings, Handware Sanitarywares And Bathroom Fittings And Wall And Floor Tiles In All Brands.

Sujal Pipes
Manufacturer Of PVC Pipes

Shri Sairam Plastic & Irrigation
Low- Density (Ldpe), High- Density (Hdpe), Pipe And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic ( Rigid And Flexible)

Industrial Resins Mfg. Co.
Manufacturer Of HDPE Pipes, PP Pipes, UPVC Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Valves

Mohit India
HDPE Pipe, Sprinkler Systems & Polythene Bags.

Gopal Rubber Enterprises
Rubber O Rings, Dampers, Seals,Engine Mounts, Rubber Gaskets, Grommets, Rubber Bellows / Automotive Rubber Products.

Shakti Plastic
Polyethylene Foam Sheet, Net, Rod, Tube & Pouches, Air Bubble Film & Bags, Cross Linked Foam (Capcell), Reticulated Foam

Advance Steel Tubes Ltd.
Pipes, Tubes, Ducts and Hoses, Plastic, Pipes and tubes, Polyethylene (PE),

Jalsagar Udyog
Pumps, HDPE Pipes & Fittings, PP Pipes And Fittings, Valves, Solar Lights, Solar Bulk Cooking, Solar Heaters

Kothari Polyextrusions
Pipe And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic ( Rigid And Flexible)

Ajay Trade Center
Braided Pipe, Braided Rubber Hose, Braided Supply Lines, Buy PVC Pipe, Flexible Braided Hose

National Plasto Products Pvt. Ltd.
Plastic Products, Plastic Pipes , Plastic Goods, Plastic Chair, Tables.

Marco Plast Corporation
Hose Pipe, PVC Flexible Pipe, PVC Tubing, Suction Pipe

Aadarsh Plastics Enterprises
High Pressure, Rubber Hose Pipe, Steel Wire & Duct Hose Pipe, PP & Pvc Pipes & Fittings

Integrated Cadcam Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
High Precision Molds For Caps & Closures, Medical Devices, Pharma Packagings.

Essar Electro Control
Control Panel, Terminal Lugs, PVC Sleeving, Cable Glands, Terminal Connectors, Push Button, Cable Ducts, Ferrules, Support, Tie, Knobs, Busbar Supports, Hinges, Eye Bolts, Fork Lugs, Gromets, Non Metalic Locks

Jd Traders
Trader And Wholesaler Of An Extensive Assortment Of PVC Pipes, GI Pipes, MS Pipes, PPR Pipes, HDPE Pipe Fittings, etc.

Disha Plast
Acrylic Plastic Sheets/ Offcuts/ Scrap Rods, Tubes, Fabricator, Novelty & Corp, Gift/ Articles Polycarbonate Sheet And Other Plastic Materials

Sandeep Sprinkler & Drip Industries
HDPE Pipe, Pvc Pipe, Sprinkles System, Pipe System

Yogdeep Enterprise
Nylon Tube, PU Tube, Silicon Tube, Heat Shrinkable Turbings, Nylon / PU Coiled Hoses, Spring

Shubhada Agroplast Pvt.Ltd.
PVC Pipes Fittings For Agriculture And Construction

Perfect Hydraulics
Mfr & Importers Hydraulics & Low Pressure Hoses, Teflon Hose

Prince Enterprises
Supply Of Agri PVC Pipes & Fitttings, Plumbing Pipes & Fittings, Sintex Water Tank, Bath Fitting

Shantadurga Enterprises
PVC Pipes & Fitting, Sanitation & Plumbing Systems

Kgn Hydraulic
All Types Of Flexible Hoses, Hydraulic Hoses, Teflon Hoses, Teflon Corrougated, Expansion Bellows, Flexible Bellows, Hoses, Hydraulic Hose & End Connection.

Reaselack Polymers Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer And Supplier Of Flawless Array Of HDPE Pipes, PVC Pipes, UPVC Rigid Pipes, DWC Pipes, Etc.

Makknow Industries
Manufacturer Of HDPE Pipe & Fittings

Preetam Technic
Distributors For PVC Pipes And Construction Chemicals

Vikram & Co.
Manufacturer & Distributors Of All Types Of Rubber, S.S.Teflon, PP Composite Flexible Hoses & Hoses Assemblies

Blade India
HDPE Pipe & Sprinkle System.

Aryan Polyplast Industries
Poplypropylene, Hdpe Pipe, Pipe Fitting & Valves, Steet & Welding Accessories.

Sandeep Marketings
Liqiud Crystal Polymers, Reinforced Plastic / Composites Processing And Products Equipment

Shraddha Polymer Industries
PTFE Moulded & Machined Components, MS PTFE Lined Pipe & Fittings

Raj Fibre
Specialised For All Types Of Fibre Glass Equipments, Film, Interior Decorator Industry, Such As FRP Mandap, FRP Dom, FRP Pillars, FRP Murals, Resort & Garden Equipment, Fibre Glass Antique Items

Extrusion Processes Ltd.
Seals, Closures and Caps, Plastic, Stoppers and Caps.

Nitin Mechanical Works Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturing of PVC Rigid, Transparent Pipe Plant, Processing Machinery, High Speed Mixer Grinder.

Amanplast Industries (India)
We Are Manufacturer Of HDPE Pipes In Coils

Srushti Polyplast
PVC. Pipes, SWR Pipes, Plumbing Pipe, Rope Wire, Rotomoulding Powder

Anant Extrussion Ltd.
PVC Pipes, Fittings And Centralizers, SWR, Borewell, Casing And Screen Pipes

Sonu Rubber Works
Bellows, Expansion Bellows, O Ring, Oil Seal, Gaskets, Inflatable Gaskets, Rubber Moulded Items, Hoses, Rubber Sheets, Gaskets, Rubber Bellows, Wire Hose, Extruded Rubber Parts, Silicon Tubing, Automobile Rubber Moulded Item, Expansion Joints, FBD Gaskets

Sai Industries
PVC Packaging Materials, Shrink Labels, PVC Tubes, LF Tubing Roll, Roll Heat Machine, Packaging Films, Tubes Plastic Tubing For Packaging.

D-Farm Accessories
PVC Pipes, Electric Motors, HDPE Pipes, Solar Water Heaters, Sprinklers Irrigation

Rc Plasto Tanks And Pipes Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturing, Supplying And Exporting Extensive Range Of Water Storage Tanks, Plastic Water Tanks, PVC Pipes And Fittings, CPVC Pipes And Fittings, Plastic Pipes, HDPE And Sprinkler Pipes.

Shivam Plastic Industries
Manufacturers of PVC Conduit Pipes, Tubes, Brackets, Electric Accessories.

Paras Agro Plast Pvt.Ltd
Pipe And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic ( Rigid And Flexible), Injection Moulding

Vidyoot Corporation
Dealers of Drill, Aluminium Ladder, MS Pipe, PVC Pipe, Pipe, Power Tool, Bosch Tool, Ladder, GI Pipe, Stainless Steel Pipe. Tool Bits, Steel Pipes, Tool, Tools & Fixtures, Tools Accessories, Tools Electric.

Unibell Polyplast Pvt Ltd
PVC Rigid Pipes, Plumbing Pipe, Casing Pipe, Borewell Pipe, Swr Pipe, Conduit Pipe, Water Staorage Tank, PVC Profile Items, PVC Transparent Pipes, Pipe Fittings

Vaibhav Plastimoulds Pvt.Ltd
Pipes And Pipe Fitting Of Plastic, Reservoir Tanks, Shrink Tubing And Films, Sleeving

Veer Hanuman Polyplast
Manufacturer Of All Kind of PVC Pipes & Fittings.

Sharma Plastic Industries
Water Storage Tanks, Lldpe Rotograde Powder, PVC Swr Pipe, Hdpe Pipe

Shri Radha Govind Sales Corporation
Trading for PVC Pipe & Fittings.

Polysil Pipes India
Polysil Pipes, PVC Pipes, Mfr Of HDPE Pipes, Upvc Pipes

Satyam Irrigations
HDPE Pipes & Sprinkler, Irrigation System, Jalpari, Sprinklers.

Kaler Electricals Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of HDPE Pipe & Felt Cable.

Fortune Industries
HDPE Pipe Manufacturer, HDPE Granuels.

Shivshakti Industries
PVC Agriculture Suction Hoses, PVC Pipes, Tubing, Wires & Cables.

Norpack Industries
Manufacturing And Marketing Pvc Conduit Pipes & Fittings.

Laxmi Plastic
PVC Steel Wire Reinforced Hoses, PVC Couplings, Fitting for Flexible PVC Pipes, Nylone & Polymide Cable Glands

Nagpur Cables & Polymers Pvt. Ltd.
Electrical Cables, Winding Wires, PVC Pipes

D.S. Industries
PVC Pipe & Casing Capping.

Modi Trading Corporation
Manufacturer & Suppliers of P.V.C Hoses, Metal Corrugated Hoses, Air Hose, Flexible Duct Hoses, Hydraulic Hoses.

Super Sales
PVC Pipe & Fitting.

Divyajyot Pipe Stores
Stockist & Deal. in Pooja Flex, PVC Tubing, Sleeving, Rubber Tubing & Hoses, Samson & Durolon PVC Braided Hose, Polyurethane Pressure Tube, Coiled Roil, Silicon Tubings, LD, HD, LLDP, Nylon Tubings, HDPE Pipe, Air Ducting Hose, Steel Wire, PVC Vinyl / Hos

Dinesh Enterprises
High Pressure Hydraulic, High Pressure Spiral Hoses, Steam, Air Water, S.S.Flexible Bellow Assembles & All Types Of Flexible Pipes

Thangam Pipes Pvt.Ltd.
Rigid PVC Water Pipes And Electrical Conduit Pipes & Threaded Pipes

Mehta Trading Company
Rolytube PVC SWR Hoses, Rolylite PVC SWR Hoses

Jyoti Rubber Industries
Rubber & PVC Hoses & Sheets, Electric Mats, Hose Clip

Shand Group Of Industries
Mfr Of Suction And Delivery Pipe, Flexible Braided Pipe, Rock Drill Pipes, Corrugated Pipe, Duct Pipe, Tubings, HDPE Pipe, Column Pipe

Spark Irrigation Pvt.Ltd.
Drip Irrigation And Sprinkler Systems, HDPE Pipes And Coils

Raj Plastochem Industries
Calcium Filler, Moisture Renewable Granual.

Ud Pharma Rubber Products
Pharmaceutical Plastic & Rubber Products, Covers and Closures for the Medicines and Drugs, Closures, Rubber Products.

Armstrong Infrastructure And Projects Ltd.
Manufacturers Spiral Saw Pipe.Coke,And Alumina Bricks.

Faizan Engineering Works
Hose Pipe Fittings, Valves And Machinery Spare Parts

Kartik Agro Chem Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer PVC Pipe

Parmar Trading Company
Hardware, Sanitaryware, Paints, PVC Pipe & Fitting, Edoor Fittings

Saitech Industrial Supplies
Manufacturer Of Hdpe Pipes, Sprinkler Systems, Hdpe Fittings And Plastic Moulded Components.

Jamna Irrigation Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of PVC Pipe, Casing Pipe, SWR & Elastomaric Pipe.

A.K. And Sons
Agriculture Eqpt.& Machinery, Pipes & Tubes ( PVC ).

Ambika Plast
Pvc Electrical Pipe

Sudhakar Pvc Products
Pipe And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic ( Rigid And Flexible)

Vikram Hose Corporation
Rubber Hoses. Rubber Conveyor Belting, All types Of Hoses Of rubberS.S. & Teflon With Or Without Fitting & Rubber Bellows.

Bansal Utkarsh Ltd.
G.I. Pipes, PVC Pipes, Black Pipes, Steel Tubular Poles, High Mast Poles, SWR Pipes

Sunrays Polyplast
HDPE Pipe, HDPE Fittings, PP Diaphragm Valve, PP Butterfly Valve, PP Sight Glass, PP Foot Valve, PP Wafer Type NRV, PP Sheet, PPGL Sheet, HDPE Sheet, PP Sowel, PP Bolt Nut, Teflon Sheet-Rod-Bush.

Steelbird International
Rubber Mountig Components, Rubber to Substrate Bonded Components, Suspension Rubber Bushes, Silent Block Boshes, Rubber Mounts - Bumper & Dampers, Rubber Boots & Bellows, O Ring, Oil Seals, Rubber Grommets, Rubber Gaskets, Diaphragms, Rubber Mounted Hoses

Supplers Of PP Filter Presses, Screw Pumps, Helical Pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, PP Pumps, Valves, Teflon Lined Valves, HDPE Pipes & HDPE Fittings.

Kamax Corporation
Manufacturer Of Flexible Copper Ropes Cables, Double Glass Covered Copper Wires, Copper Wire & Aluminium Wires

Essel Propack Ltd.
Laminated Tubes, Seamless Plastic Tubes, Laminates, Caps & Closures, Despensing System.

Samruddhi Enterprises
High Pressure Hoses, Teflon Hoses, Corrugated Hoses

Kothari And Brothers
PVC Pipes, PVC Fittings, Drip HDPE Pipe

Acme Plastics
Manufacturer And Exporter Of Plastic Molded Products, Rubber Molded Products Such As Pvc Sleeves, Dip Molded Parts, Plastic Molded Parts, Rubber Elbow Bellow, Water Inlet Pipe, Pvc Profiles, Pvc Channel, Spiral Sleeves, Refrigeration Gaskets And Door Gask

Everest Electricals
Wiring & Panel Accessories. Cable Marker, Cable Ties & Mounts, Spiral Tubing, Gaskets, Groumets, Heatshrinkable Tubes, Panel Locks & Hinges, Busbar Insulators, Neutral Links, PCB Supports.

Veer Visions Pvt.Ltd.
Mfr Of HDPE Pipes, PLB Telecom Ducts & Accessories, ISI Marked & Tec Approved

Surya Group Of Industries
Poultry Cages, Chain Links, Poultry Feeders, Drinkers, PVC Pipes, Casing Pipes, Plumbing Pipes

Sona Polyplast Pvt.Ltd.
Pipes And Pipe Fitting Of Plastic, High Density, Low Density

Rex Polyextrusion Ltd.
Wall Corrugated Pipes, Corrugated Sheet, Bridges, Flyovers

Ars Steels Pvt.Ltd.
Steel & Stainless Steel Products & Components, Steel Pipes & Tubes, Alloy Steel Pipes & Tubes, Stainless Steel Wires & Cables, PVC Pipe Fittings, Cement, Wide Range Of Steel Angle, Industrial Pipe And Many More.

Ngi Pumps
PVC Pipe & Fitting.

Sankhla Industries
Manufacturer Of PVC Compounding & PVC Masterbatches & PVC Sleeves & Profiles.

Sanco Industries Ltd.
PVC Conduit Pipes, PVC Profiles, PVC Wires & Cables, Led Lights & Panels, PVC Resin, Calcium Carbonate, Copper Wire Rods, Pvc Insulation Tapes.

Dutron Pipes & Hoses Pvt.Ltd..
UPVC Pressure Pipes, Rigid PVC Pressure Fittings, UPVC Raiser Pipes, S.W.R.Drainage Soil Waste Pipes & Fittings, PP Pipes & Fittings, PVC Power Spray Hose, PVC Corrugated Hose, Rubber Hoses, G.I. & Stainless Steel Clamps

Manufacturersof Transformer Bobbins in Vergin & Second Nylon, 2 & 3 Pin Mains Cords, Ballast Cabinets, Foots ( Bottom Legs ), PVC Gromates, Tinned Coated Flexible Wires, Shielded Cables

Alaziz Plastics Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacture Of International Quality Plastic Products And Accessories That Secure And Channel Electricity, Water And Gas For Domestic And International Commercial And Industrial Use.

Arihant Polymer Extrusions
Pipe And Pipe Fitting Of Plastic ( Rigid And Flexible)

Veena Plastics Pvt.Ltd
Caps/ Closures, Moulded Parts Take- Off System

Precision Plastic Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Distinguished Manufacturer Offering An Enormous Consignment Of Electrical Piping Systems And Plumbing Piping Systems.

Vardhman Polyextrusion
Manufacturer Of UPVC Pipes, Suction Hose And HDPE Pipe

Ama Husain & Co.
PVC Hose, Rubber Hose, Hydraulic Hose, Fire Fighting Hose, Silicon Hose, Ventilation Hose, PTFE Hose, Stainless Steel Hose, Clips & Clamps.

Good Earth Co.Ltd.
HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE Products, Pipe Fittings, Pipes

Plastic Traders
Manufacturer of PVC Pipe.

Muthu Pipes Pvt.Ltd
Pipe And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic ( Rigid And Flexible)

Aroon Amulakh Sheth & Co.
Distributors Of Pipes And Fittings, Valves, HDPE & PP Bags

Plenco Closures Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Plastic Caps And Closures

Rajkamal Industries
Hoses ( General And Reinforced), Pipes And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic

Eastern Engineering Works
Circular Weaving 200m (For HDPE Bags)

Zenith Irrigation Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturers, Trader, Importer And Exporter Of An Assortment Of Finest Quality PVC Pipe And Fittings, HDPE Pipe And Fittings, PVC Hose, Irrigation Systems, CPVC Pipe And Fitting.

Deluxe Engineers
Finolex Pipes, Cables, Texmo Water Pumps GI Pipes & Fittings Plasto Water Tanks SKF Bearing Godavari HDPE Pipes

Sai Pipes
LD Pipes, HDPE Pipes, Spoinklers, Garden Pipes

Hasti India Ltd.
Trading for HDPE & PVC Pipe etc.

Singla Plastic
Manufacturer Of PVC Rigid Pipes, PVC Conduit Pipes, PVC Plumbing Pipes

Bhalchandra Traders
Dealers In All Type Of Industrial Hardware, Tools, M.S., S.S. & High Tensile Nut Bolts, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Valves, Fittings & Cylinders, G.I., M.S. & S.S.Pipes & Fittings, Metals, Electrical Products & Power Tools, Adhesive, Laboratory Chemicals, Stati

Jaypee Enterprises
Pipe And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic ( Rigid And Flexible)

R.S. Rubber Ltd.
Manufacturer of All Type of Rubber Hoses & Rubber Sheet, PVC Pipes / Water Seals & Other Related Rubber & PVC Moulded Goods.

M A Impex
All Kind Of Hardware Items & PVC Pipe Fittings, Glass, Mirror, Plywood Importers

Patel Containers
Bottles, Caps/ Closures

Arun Plast
HDPE Pipe Fittings, PVC Pipe Fittings, PP Pipe Fittings, PPGL Fabrications, Chemical Equipments, Acrylic Products, Nylon Products

Mukambika Industrial Corporation
Manufacturers All Types Of Shivashakti Brand Pumps & Motors, dealers In Texmo, Suguna, Kirloskar, Sharp, Ellen PSG, HDPE Pipes, GI Pipes Etc.

Yash Traders
Cam Switches, Rotary Switches, Microswitches, Water Meters, Braco Terminal Ends, Braco Terminal Glands, Salzer Terminals, AE Meters, Teknic Control Devices, Teknic Signalling Devices, Motor Protection Relays, Electronic Timer, Control Panel & Accessories,

Delta Packaging Industries
Manufacutring of Dimond Brand Packaging Machineries

Ajmera Investment Company
Plumbing Material Supply, PVC Pipe & Fittings, & Other Plumbing Accesories

Sri Venkateswara Engineering Enterprises
G I, MS, PVC Pipes & Fittings, Motors & Monoblcoks, Valves

K.K. Teflons
Trader and Supplier of Durable PVC Sheet, PVC Flexible Sheet, PP Rod, PVC Rigid Sheet, Nylon Rod, Acrylic Sheet, Hylam Rod, UHMW Rod, Syndhanio Sheet, Polyurethane Rod, Acrylic Sheets, Rods, Pipes and Tubes, Acrylic Rods, Plastic Pipes, Plastic Pipes (Rig

Dura Line
Telecom Duct & Water Pipe.

Rungtta Polymers
Sprinkler System & HDPE Pipe.

Plastomen Drip Irrigation Systems P.Ltd.
Manufacturer & Exporters Of PVC Conduit Pipes, PVC Trunkings And Casing, PVC Profiles And Section

Awasthi Polymers
Manufacturer of PVC pipes.

Nice Packaging
All Types of Packing Material Required in Textile Industry. Also, Deals in Tarpaulins, Ropes and PVC Pipes.

Kolns Pipe Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer And Exporter Of PVC Pipes, Pipes Fittings, Paper Tubes, Paper Cores, Conduit Pipes, PVC Core Pipes, O Rings Swr Pipes And Fittings

Balaji International.
Manufacturer Of All Kind Of H.D.P.E. Fittiangs, Clips And Footbutton.

Premier Mill Stores Company
Duct Hose, PVC Suction Hoses, Spray Hoses, Car Washing Hoses, Rock Drill Hoses.

Sharada Industries
Special Purpose Machines ( Designing & Manufacturing ), Jigs & Fixtures, Machine Reconditioning & Maintenance

Adhar Agro Equipments
PVC pipe & Sprinkler Irigation System.

Modigold Pipes Pvt.Ltd.
Manufactures High Quality PVC Flexible Pipes/Garden Pipe,Rigid PVC Pipe/UPVC, Suction Medium Duty And Light Duty Hose, LLDPE Flat Hose, Tripal ,Water Storage Tanks And Braided Hose.

Uni Polymers
We Are Manufacturer of MS/HDPE Lined And MS/ PP Lined Pipes Fittings And Piping Products

Navjeevan Feb, Engineering
Frp Lining, Frp Storage Tank, Pp Tank, Pp Pipe Line, Frp Scraper, Frp Picking Tank, Frp Blower, Pvt Tank, Hdep Pipe Line, C Pvc, Rubber Lining And Pvc Rubber Lining, Fumeless Picking Plant, Gi 5 Tank Frp Lining, Etp Frp Lining, Frp Lining

Bee-Cee Tubes Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Pvc & Hdpe Pipes.

Mahavir Agencies
HDPE/PP/PVc Pipes & Fittings, Valves & Sheets, PP Valves & Pvdf Lined Valves, PP Nut Bolts & Pp Gratings, Fabrication & Installation, HdPE Lining Of Tanks

Mahavir Mill Stores
Manufacturer Of PVC Tubings, HDPE Pipes, Industrial Hoses, Fire Fighting Canvas Hose Pipes, Hydraulic Hoses, Hose Clips, Fenner V-Belts

Tirupati Industries
Manufacturer Of Rigid PVC Pipes And MIP Irrigation

Consumers Plastics Pvt.Ltd.
HDPE Pipes PVC Suction / Delivery Flexible Reinforced Hoses, PVC Duct Hoses, Steel Wire, Reinforced PVC Hoses

Raka Plastic Pvt.Ltd.
PVC Pipes, garden Pipe, HDPE Pipe, LDPE Pipe

Standard Tube Co.
Leading Stockist, Supplier And Distributor Of Carbon Steel Pipe, Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes, Carbon Steel Pipe Fittings, Carbon Steel Tubes, Casing Pipes, Erw Black Steel Pipes, Erw Pipes, Erw Steel Pipes, Erw Galvanized Steel Pipes, Mild Steel Pipes, We

Global Link
PVC Pipes & Fittings

Mudit Ceremics
Wholesaler of HDPE Pipes, MDPE Pipes, Velocity Meters, Electro Magnetic Meters

Jamna Plastics
Manufacturer Of Plastic Gramuds, Bags, Sheets, All Types of Pre-Process Granules And Agriculture LD Pipes

Polymer House
Suppliers of PP Scrappers, Plastic Pipes, Plastic Sheets, PP Butterfly Valves, Damper Valves, Plastic Impellers, Spade & Shovels, Plastic Pipe Strainers, Plastic Quick Release Hose Couplings, Stub Ends, Flange & Threaded Type Ball Valves, PVC Solid Welding Rods, PP Pipe Ends, HDPE TEE, PVC Sheets, HDPE Ball Valves, HDPE Sheets.

S. K. Enterprises
Highdrolick, Tun Press, Caqurdtiles, Mosicktile, Cementbrick, Interoking Tiles Paverblock Tiles, E.T.C.A. Pipe, Pillers, & Fittings, Ventileters, P.V.C. Pipe & Fittings.

Cap And Seal Pvt.Ltd.
Aluminium Pilfer Proof, ROPP Caps, Aluminium Flip Top And Tear Off Seals; Plastic Caps & Closures Manufacturing And Exports.

Shree Darshan Pipes
Manufacturer & Supplying HDPE, PVC, PP, CPVC, PVDF Pipes And Their Fittings

Mamta Plastic Works
Conduit Electrical Pipe And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic, Granulator, Crusher, Processors

Jai Industries
Manufacturer Of PVC Pipes.

Bajrang Plastic Industries
Mfr Of Bpl UPVC Pipe & Fittings, HDPE Pipes & Fittings, BPL Sprinkles Irrigation System

India Hydraulic Company
TEflon Hoses, SS Corrugated Hoses, Rubber Expansion Bellow, SS Expansion Bellow, High Pressure Hydraulic Hoses With All Types Of End Connection.

Aditya Industries
PVC Sleeves & Tubes

Fibro Plast
Manufacturer and Trader of Premium Quality Storage Tank, Fuel Filter, HDPE Pipe and Pipe Line, PP Tray, Roof Sheet, FRP Square Cooling Tower, PP FRP Scrubber, PP FRP Blower and FRP Motor Covers.

Shriniwas Industries
HDPE Pipes, Sprinklers Irrigation

Vijay Laxmi Udyog
Supplier of Teflon Hoses, Air Pneumatic & Rock Drill Hoses, PVC Braided Hoses, Jack Hoses, Expansion Bellow.

Jaspreet Industries
Manufacturer Of PVC Pipes, ASTM Pipes, SWR Pipes And Granules

Tijaria Polypipes Ltd.
PLB HDPE Ducts, HDPE Pipes & Coils, HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Structured-Wall Pipes, HDPE Sprinkler System, MDPE Pipes, SWR Pipes & Fittings, MICRO / DRIP Irrigation System.

Supreme Polytubes Ltd.
Selfit Pvc Pipes, Ringtite Pvc Pipes, Heavy Pressure Pipes, Ducting Pipes, Engineering Centre, Plumbing Pipes, Flexible Pipes, Packing Details For Shipment

Corrosion Care Specialities
Manufacturers/ Supplier Of HDPE/ PP Pipes & Fittings, Kitchen Composite Pipes & Fittings, PVC Duct Hose, PVC Valves, Pipes & Fittings

Shri Ram Rubber Works
Manufacturer & exporter Of Industrial Rubber Moulded Components Like O-Rings, Oil-Seals Gaskets, Bushings, Cords, Diaphragms, Bellows, Grommets, Isolators, Flanges, Pads, Made From Natural & Synthetic Rubber Like Nitrile, Neoprene, Silicone, Viton, Hypalo

Satguru Industries
Plastic Granule, Agricultural LDPE & HDPE Pipes

Apt Packaging Limited.
Co-Extruded Tubes & Triangular Ammonium Nitrate

Manufacturer Of All Types Polythene Packing Materials, Liners, LD Krishi Pipes

Premium Pipes & Fittings Pvt.Ltd
Pipe And Pipe Fitting Of Plastic, Injection Moulding Laminating

Composite Hoses & Hydraulic Pvt.Ltd.
Thermoplastic Hoses, Rubber Hoses, Teflon Hose, Industrial Hoses

Shree Shubh Laxmi Polymers Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Water Storage Tanks, HDPE Coil Pipe, Sprinkler Irrigation System & Moulded Items.

Electech International Trades
Industrial Plugs & Sockets,Terminal Junction Boxes, Crimping Tools, Terminal Blocks, Outdoor Floodlight, PVC Flexible Pipes, Flexible Conduit Pipes,Cable & Wiring Accessories.

Pratik Rubber Pvt.Ltd.
HDPE-LDPE-Rigid PVC & Plastic Pipes & Fittings.

Flexibel Hose- Assemblies
Manufacturers Of Stainless Steel Hoses, Thermo Plastic Hoses, Pvc Hoses, Hydraulic Hoses, Steam Hoses, Chemical Transfer Hoses, Oil Suction, PTFE Teflon Hoses

Amar Plastics
HDPE Pipes, Fitting & Valves

Rattan Industries
PVC Braided Pipes, PVC Clear Pipes, Suction And Duct Hoses

Coimbatore Paint Stores
dealers PVC Pipes And CP Metro, Bathroom Fittings, CI Ball Valves & IBR Mountings

Pramod Traders
Tarpaulins, Plastic Ropes, Plastic Pipes

Anand Plastics
dealers Of Rigid PVC Pipes, Flexible PVC Garden Pipes And Conduit Electrical Pipes

Dhy Trading Corporation
Manufacturer of DWC Pipes , HDPE Pipes , HDPE PLB Duct , Couples , Plastic Pipes .

Hebei Cangzhou Hengtong Tubing Co., Com.
Manufacturer Of Cover High, Intermediate And Low Pressure Pipe Fitting And Tubes Such As Elbow, Tee, Reducer, Flange, Bend, Socket Fittings, Seamless And Welded Tubes.

Kushalchand Industries
Custom Moulded Bottles & Containers In Pvc, Petg, Pc, Hdpe, Pprcp, Ldpe, Etc. Caps And Closures, Pvc Compound, Mould Development

Satyasai Polystructures (P) Ltd
We Are Mfr Of Pvc Pipes & Profiles

A.K.Plastic Welding Co.
Plastic Fabrications, HDPE, PP, FRP, Blower, Ducting, Industrial Piping, HDPE Chemical Storage Tank, Vessels & Acid Proof Lining, Plastic Pipe Welding Machines & Accessories, Structural Fabrication & Machining Of Spares & Accessories

Agro Pipes
PVC Pipes & Sleeving,

Filfab Corporation
We are the sole distributors of Hydropath Technology UK make Hydroflow Electronic Water Conditioners in India. Supported by huge market experience.

Kothari Fnalex Limited
Agriculture Equipment, Irrigation Equipment & PVC Pipes Tubes & Fitting.

Wholesaling, Trading, Service Providing And Supplying A Range Of Products And Services Comprising HDPE Pipes, Sanitary Wares, Carbon Steel Flanges, Fitting, G.I. / M.S. / S.S. PIPES, RCC PIPES.

Akshaya Steel & Pipes Traders
Wholesale & Retail Dealers In Iron & Steel, G.I.Pipes, PVC Pipe & Fittings, M.S.Pipe, C.R.Pipe, I.B.R.Pipes & Fittings Water Metre

Sunflex Pipes Pvt Ltd
Agricultural Rigid PVC Pipes Fittings

Calex Auto
We Manufacturer of Fuel Injection & Oil Pipes, Brake, Clutch & Fuel Tube, Nylon Tubes and Polyurethene Tubes Assemblies, Hydraulic Hose Assemblies, Fabricated Steel Pipe Oil Assy. and Allied Products, Hydraulic & Air Brake Hose Assemblies, PTFE Hoses.

M. S. Plastics
PVC Pipes, Box, Containers etc.

Infinite Metals Pvt.Ltd.
Seals, Closures and Caps, Plastic Closures and Caps, Plastic, Moulded Caps.

Pipe House
HDPE Pipes & Pipe Fittings, Light Weight G.I.Pipes, G.I.& ERW Black M.S.Pipes, PVC Pipes, PPR & PVC Pipes, Ductile Iron Pipes, Seamless Pipes

Kanchan Plastics
Manufacturer Of HDPE, LDPE, PVC, Rigid Pipes.

Rathi Irrigation Pvt.Ltd.
HDPE Pipes & Sprinkler System.

Besto Plast
Plastic End Protector For Flange End, Socketweld & Scrwed End Valves, Pumps & Fitting Ends, Pvc Sleeves.

Varun Pipes
Manufacturer of PVC Pipes, Plastic Pipes.

Naman Electricals
Distributors For Switchgear And Fusegear, PVC Conduit Pipe, Earthing Materials

Alfa Piping System Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of Pvc Pipes, Pipes & Joiner Big Nuts PVC Pipes,Drip Irrigation Pipes,MS Pipes,Pipes Joiner,Round MS Pipes,Fabrication Pipes,Pipe Fittings,Carbon Steel Pipes.

Watertec Systems (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Bath Fitting, PVC Pipes & Fittings, CPVC Pipes & Fittings.

Vishal Packaging
Manufacturer Of Printed Plastic Bags, Krishi Pipes

Manufacturer of Plastic and Steel Reinforced HDPE Pipes.

Midas Marketing Inc.
We Are Importing HDPE For Pipes And PVC Resin Regularly

P.J. Industries (Indore) Pvt.Ltd.
Dealers of Plastic Pipe. Agricultural Pipe.

Sagar Plastics
Rigid PVC Pipes And Fittings

Vandana Trading Company
PVC Suction Pipes, Pvc Garden Pipes, Sanitary Products- Jet Spray Shower Tubes, Packaging Materials, Plastic Goods

Honesty Tubes & Fittings
G.I.Pipes, M.S. Pipes, C.P.Bath Fittings, Ball Valves, Brass Fittings, PVC Pipes And Fittings, G.I.Fittings

Little Plastics
Engineering Components, Medical And Health Care Goods, Bottles, Caps/ Closures

Balaji Plumbing Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
CPVC Pipes & Fittings, PPR Pipes & Fittings, SWR Pipes & Fittings, PVC Pipes & Fittings, GI Pipes & Fittings.

Vaid Elastomer Processors Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg. of Automotive Hoses & Moulded Rubber Components.

Pennwalt Agru Plastic Ltd.
Manufacturer Of MDPE & HDPE Pipes

Spectra Pipes Pvt.Ltd.
UPVC Plumbing Systems, CPVC Plumbing Systems, SWR Drainage systems, PVC Underground Drainage Pipes, PVC Agricultural Pipes and Fittings, Drip Irrigation systems, Garden Hoses, Water Tank.

Saurabh Agencies
Manufacturer Of Plastic Tube.

Yash Industries.
Manufacturer Of PVC Pipes

Sakkthi Polymers
Pipe And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic ( Rigid And Flexible)

Master Plasto Industries
Manufacturer Of PVC & HDPE Pipe.

Thakur Shroff & Electric Company
Electrical Components, Wires & Cables, PVC Insulation Tapes, Control Switches, Lugs, Crimping Tools, Fuses, Cable Glands, Panel Meters, Solder Wires, Siwtchgears

P N A Industries
Pvc Compound, Pipe And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic ( Rigid And Flexible)

Krishna Polymach Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer And dealers Of All Kinds Of Plastic Items Like PVC Pipes And Etc

Shreeram Polymers
HDPE Pipes & Fittings, PP/PPH Pipes & Fittings

Joegeetha Plastic Pipes
Manufacturers Of Plastic Piping Systems, HDPE Pipes, Compression Fitting , HDPE Fitting.

Megna Super Plast.
Pipe And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic ( Rigid And Flexible)

N.N.Valechha & Assocaites
Fabrication Of Chemical Plant Equipment & Piping In MS, SS, PVC, PP, HDPE, FRP

Shree Hardeo Industries
Blow Moulding Water Tanks, Swr Pipes & Fittings, Upvc Pipes & Fittings, Isi Rigid Pvc Pipes, Isi Casing Pipes, Isi Agriculural Pipes.

Asian Pipe Stores
Stockist Of PVC Flexible Braided Sleeving, Rubber Tubing & Hoses Pipe, Tubings, PVC Suction Hose, Pipes Fittings, PVC Rigid Pipes

Har Har Udyog
Chemical Tanks, Pipe Fittings Plastic,Teflon,Nylon

Birla Associates
Distributors For Pneumatic Tools, Spare Parts, Recoil Hose, Quick Release Couplings, Ready Stock

Bc-Testtec Gmbh
Testing Machines For Grp, Concrete- Pvc, Hdpe And All Other Pipes

Anand Plastic
Hdpe Pipes, Ldpe Pipes, Pvc Pipes, Extruded Items, Pvc Sleevings

Shree Sudarshan Rubber Products
Industrial Rubber Products, Rubber Industrial Parts, Oil Seals, Rubber Moulded Parts, Anti Vibration Mountings, Rubber House Hold Parts, Gasket Rubber, O Rings, Bellows, Rubber Tubes, Metal to Rubber Bonded Products, Bushings, Rubber Pads, Hump Hose, Wash

Vasant Industries
Pipe And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic ( Rigid And Flexible), Sleevings

Mridu Plastics Pvt.Ltd.
PVC SWR Pipes & Pipe Fittings.

Arun Sanitarywares
Parry Superfine Sanitary Wares, Cast Iron Pipes & Fittings, Hindware Chimney, GI PVC Pipes & Fittings, Recold Water Heaters

Parvati Agro Plast
PVC Pipes, PVC Pipe Fittings

Yatai Especial Rubber Products.
Specializing In Producing Hose, High Pressure Hose, Hydraulic Rubber Hose, Hydraulic Hose, Metal Hose, Teflon Hose, Nylon Resin Tube, Braided Hose, Fireproof Hose, Hose Coupling, Assembly Parts.

Plastic Engineering Works
PP/PVC/FRP/HDPE Fabrication Viz : Fume Scrubbers, Chemical Storage Tanks / Vessels, Centrifugal Exhaust Fans, Ductings, Pipe Fittings, Y Strainers & All Types Of Industrial Mouldings, Centrifugal Blowers, Acid Storage Tanks, FRP Tanks, P.P.Ball Valves, Ho

Dairy Pharma Chem Liners
Stainless Steel Valves, Sanitary Butterfly Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Loop Valves, Electropolished Tubes / Fittings, Cleaning Equipment, Pump, Filters, Strainers, Caster Wheels, Pure Water Distribution Systems, Pure Water Generation, Turned Components, Nut

Billion Plastic
Flexible Braided Pvc Pipes, Flexible Corrugated Pipes, Flexible Soft Pvc Tubings, Pvc Suction/ Delivery Hoses,m Swr Hoses, Tpu Tubings

New Champion Traders
We are traders of all PVC pipes other yarns.

Miltax Industrial Corporation
Cable Glands & Lugs , Crimping Tools, Proximity Switches, Connector & Relays, Cable PVC Duct, Digital Timer, Counter, Panel Board, Cable Ties

Aastha Plastic
PVC Garden Pipes

Vardhaman Polymers
Pipe And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic ( Rigid And Flexible)

Param Products Pvt.Ltd.
Rigid PVC Pipe, UPVC Casing Pipe.

Moti Plastics
HDPE Sprinkler System Pipes & Fittings

Finolex Industries Ltd.
Suspension Pvc, Pipe And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic ( Rigid And Flexible)

Jay Kalyan Pvc Accessories
Electrical PVC Fitting Accessories like Junction Box, PVC Pipe Bend, Fan Sheets etc.

Rahul Product Company
Agriculture Eqpt.& Machinery,Pipes, Tubes & Fittings, LD Pipes, H.D.P.E Pipe, Sprinkler Pipes.

Udata Plastics Industries
Hdpe Pipes, Recycling, Box Strapping, Injection Moulding, Sutli

Swastik Pipes
Manufacturer of Quality Approved Assortment of PVC and HDPE Pipes, Drip Irrigation Tubes, Irrigation Fertigation Filters, Irrigation Sprinkler, Irrigation Fertigation Venturi, Irrigation Micro Sprinklers, UPVC Pipes.

Yap Marketing Pvt.Ltd
Corrugated Pipes From 6Mm To 50Mm In Pp, Pe, Puc, Pa, Eua For Washing Machine, Automobiles, Electrical, Sanitary And Many Other Applications, Plastic Magnets

Manufacturer Of Surgical Parts, P.v.c., L.d.p.e. Pipe, Spiral Band For Control Panel Accessories

Apex Plastics
Pipes & Tubes ( PVC ).

The Supreme Industries Ltd.
Manufacturer Of PVC Pipes & Fittings

Setia Pipe
Cables & Rigid PVC Pipes

Vishwas Pipe Fittings
Stockist/Supplier & Trader Of Various Items In: Stainless Steel,Copper,Brass,Aluminium,G.I.Items,Phosphor Bronze,En-Series,Alloys Steel,Mild Steel,Inconel,Monal,Hastalloy Etc, Bolts,Coupling,Reducers,Washers,Stubends,Flanges,Unions,Ferrule Fittings,All Ty

Aasita Industries
Agricultural Pvc Pipe, Pvc Casing Pipe.

Sri Kirthika International
We are Exporting And Dealing In PVC Pipes, Fittings, GI Pipes, Fittings, Electrical Cables, Granite, Marble And Many Other Items

Pancharatna Pipe Industries Pvt. Ltd.
Mfg. of PVC Pipe, Pipe Fittings, Hose pipes etc to manufacturing here in Nepal.

J. D. Pipe Industries
PVC & SWR Pipe & Fitting.

Shree Tnb Polymers Ltd
Extruded Profiles And Sections, Extruded Sheets, Extruded Rods And Tubes, Pipe And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic ( Rigid And Flexible)

Suvishi Polymers
Manufacturer Of Rigid PVC Pipe & Casing Capping.

Billion Plastics Pvt.Ltd.
PVC Suction, Delivery Pipes, Flexible Braided PVC Pipes, Flexible Soft PVC Tubings, Flexible Corrugated Pipes, HDPE Pipes

Z.R. Enterprises
All Types of Plumbing Works & Materials, GI, M.S, CPVC, UPVC, PVC Pipe Fitting, Electric Pump & Geysers Loft Tank & Sanitory Ware etc.

S.P.Coats Pvt Ltd
Mfr Of Extruded Plastic Products, Extruded Plastic Profiles, Extruded Plastic Tube, Extruded Plastic Tubing, Extruded Plastic Conduits And Plastic Extrusion Profiles.

Harso Steel Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of PVC Pipe & Fittings.

Adnan Brothers
We are Suppliers of Teflon Hoses, S.S. Corrugated High Temperature Hoses, Asbestos Covered Hoses Rubber Sheet, Air Pneumatic & Rock Drill Hoses, Jack Hoses.

Apollo Tyres Ltd.
Automotive Tubes

Shradha Industries
Polypropylene Pipes

Hiral Plast
Pipe Fittings and Ball Valves, Polypropylene Pipe Fittings, HDPE Pipe Fittings.

Vishal Industries
Pipe And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic ( Rigid And Flexible)

Nakoda Agro Pipes
Manufacturing A Qualitative Assortment Of HDPE Pipe, HDPE Coil Pipeand Sprinkler Pipe And Fitting.

Shree Dadijee Polytubes Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturers of All Sizes of PVC Pipes, PVC Pressure Pipes, PVC Ribbed Screen Pipes.

Shah Engineering & Machinery Co.
Dealers of Pipe, Ms Pipe, Pvc Pipe.

Kedara Plastics Pvt.Ltd.
Rigid PVC Pipes, SWR 'O' Ring Pipes, ASTM Plumbing Pipes.

Albea Betts India Pvt.Ltd.
Packaging Solutions, Cosmetic Packaging, Tube, Pumps & Dispenser.

Shree Shubh Laxmi Polyplast Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Rigid PVC, SWR, HDPE Pipes & Irrigation & Drainage Systems.

Petrorays Products Co.
Teflon Products, Gaskets, Teflon Tapes, Non Asbestos Packings, Universal Packing (Flex-O-Seal)

Unique Electrotech Pvt Ltd
Tubular Poles, Ms Gi Pvc & Hdpe Pipes

Hullasi Metal And Fittings
S.S.Butt Welded Fittings And Seamless Elbows, Brass And Aluminium Tube Redrawing

Aaditya Polymers Industries
PTFE/ Teflon Moulded Rods, Bush, Sheet Bellows & Lined Valves, Pipe Fittings

Aaram Plastics Pvt.Ltd.
HDPE Pipes, Sprinkler System.

Universal Trading
Manufacturer Of Hydraulic Hose Pipe & Fittings, S.S.Bellow, S.S.Braided Hose Pipe, Teflon Hose Pipe, PVC Hose Pipe, Thunder Hose Pipe, Low Pressure Hose Pipe

Bharat Enterprises
Wholesalers of Industrial Pipe Fittings, Industrial Cutting Tools, Grinding Wheels, Hex Bolts, Allen Key Bolts, Welding Products, Metal Wire Mesh, PVC Hose Pipes, Hydraulic Hoses, Teflon Products.

Kanchan Enterprises
Dealers of Hardware, PVC Pipe, Steel, Pipe.

Goel Marketing And Distribution Co.Ltd.
Distribution Of Pumpsets, Diesel Engines And Spares, Sanitary Fittings, Pipe Fittings, PVC Pipes

Parmar Electricals Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of MCC, PCC Cable Trace, Cable Wire, PVC and ERW Pipes.

Mittal Plastics
Plastic & HDPE Pipe, Tanks

Halston Distributors
Rasvin - Industrial & Hydraylic Hoses / Assemblies Realon -PVC Braided Hoses.

Preetam Hi-Tech Pvt.Ltd.
UPVC Pipes And Fittings, PVC Pipes, Suction Hose Pipes, SWR Pipes

Hem Plastics
Extruded Sheets, Extruded Road And Tubes, Pipe And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic, Fabricators

Mahaveer Industries.
Consumer Products, Bottles, Pipe And Pipe Fittings Of Plastic ( Rigid And Flexble)

Modi Pipes
Rigid PVC Pipe, HDPE Coil Pipe, HDPE Sprinkler System Etc.

Macoma Hardware
Clamps, Pp/Pe Ropes, Pvc Hose, Fasteners, Fixing Products, Sanitary Products.

Agarwal Enterprises
PVC Pipe, Motor Pump, Borewell Pump, Submersible Pump.

A.L.A.Chemicals Ltd.
Secondery Stabiliser & Plasticiser For All PVC Applications, Cables, Electrical Tapes, Footwear, Hoses, Tubing, Artificial Leathercloth & PVA Emultions, Secondary Antioxidants For Flexible PVC, Food & Industrial Grades, Pipe Fittings, Profiles, Sheets, Ca

Sidhi Vinayak Enterprises
Deals In All Kinds of PVC Pipes, SWR Pipes & Fittings.

Anek Industrial Plastics
HDPE PLB/DWC Pipes, Poly Propylene/PVC Pipes & fittings, HD/PP Valves-Sheets-Rods, Welding Equipments.

Vasuki Engg. & Marketing Co.
HDPE Pipes, Pumps, Valves.

Alpha Sales Corporation
Industrial Hardware & Project Equipments, Nut, Bolts, Electrodes, GI Fittings, Safety Items, PVC Pipes, Construction Chemicals

H. M. Pipes Pvt.Ltd.
HDPE Pipes & Sprinkler Irrigation Systems.

Bhanshaly Agencies
Plywood, Building Materials, Plastic Pipes, Double Side Decorative Laminated Sheets, Scaffoldings, Machine Tools.

Parthiv Polymers
Manufacturer of : PP Ball Valve Flange End, PVDF Ball Valve Flange End, HDPE Ball Valve Flange End, PP Ball Valve Thread End, PP Ball Valve Thread End, PP Foot Valve Flange End, PP Foot Valve Thread End, PP Non Return Valve Flange End, PP Butterfly Valve

Maheshwari Trading Agency
HDPE-LDPE-Rigid PVC & Plastic Pipes & Fittings.

Super India
PVC Flexible Pipes, Suction Hoses, Tarpaulin, Rubber Hoses.

Avon Industries
PVC Conduit Pipes, PVC SWR Pipes.

Kamakhya Udyog
Manufacturer Of PVC Pipes.

Ak Industry And Agency
Cardboard Box, PVC Pipes, UPVC Clam, Verity Of Corrugation Box And More

Aarpee Industries
Rubber Gaskets, O Rings, Gromets, Washers, Rubber Rings

Khandelwal Irrigations & Polypipes Ltd.
Manufacturer & Exporter of Sprinkler, Drip, HDPE, LDPE, UPVC Pipes & Accessories.

Jyoti Rubber Udyog (I) Ltd.
Manufacturers Of Rubber Hose Pipes, Rubber Sheets, PVC Pipes

Sahaj Enterprises
Manufacturer and Supplier of Food Grade Gaskets, Non Asbestos Gaskets, SS Hoses, SS Bellows, Rubber Hoses, PTFE Teflon, Metallic Hoses.

Unique Projects
Pumps, Pipe Fittings, Water Treatment Chemicals, Chemical Storage Tanks, FRP Tanks, HDPE Pipes, HDPE Fittings, Industrial Valves, Valves, P.P.Valves, Mono Block Pumps, Mud Pumps

Unichem Steel & Alloys Pvt Ltd
Manufacturing And Supplying All Grade Of Stainless Steel, Tubes, Pipes And Pipe Fittings, Alloy

Kasta Pipes
We Are Manufacturer Of All Kinds Of PVC Pipes, SWR Pipes And HDPE Pipe And Fittings

Saurav Industries

New Bombay Engineering Company
Hardware Shops, Hardware Dealers, Industrial Valves/NRV Valve, Ball Valve Flange/Butterfly Valve, Bearing/HDPE Pipe Fitting, HDPE Pipes/Pneumetic Fitting.

Kriti Industries India Ltd.
Manufacturer & Marketing Of Poly Vinyl Chloride, High Density Poly Ethylene, Pipe & Fittings For Agriculture, Construction, Gas Optical Fibre Cable

Hari Om Enterprises
Manufacturer Of Rigid PVC Fabricated Fittings For Agriculture

Jain Ceramics
We are Offering Water Meters, Glass Basins, Wall Tiles, Floor Tiles, Vetrified Tiles, PVC Fittings, CP Bathroom Fittings.

Bee Kay Industries
PVC Pipe & Fitting.

Dinesh Irrigation Pvt.Ltd.
Hdpe Pipe & Coil, Pvc Rigid Pipes, Eiastomeric Ring-Fit Pipes, Sprinklers & Accessorics, Swr/Casing/ Blue Pipes, Mdpf/Pp-R Pipes, Pe Pipes For Supply Of Gaseous Fuels

Classic Polymers & Resins
Mfrs Nylon Cast/ Extruded, Polypropulene, Rods, Plates, Tubes, Bushes, Components

Acrow Plast Piping Systems
Manufacturer Of Plastic Pipes Like ABS, HDPE, PP, PPR, EPOXY, GRP/ FRP Pipes, Fittings

Automotive Parts, Moulds & Pipes

Triton Alloys Inc
Pipeline Fittings Products

Shrinath Plastic Industries
Manufacturer Of Plastic Krishi Pipes

Kk Mart
P.P. Rods, P.P.Pipes, PP Tubes PP Sheets

Fibres & Polymers
Tank Dust Pipes And Fittings, Hoods Exhaust Blowers, Out Of PP + FRP, PVC, HDPE

Hamza Sales Corporation
Structure, SS, MS GI HDPE Pipes And Fittings, MS, SS GI Bolt, Nut, Industrial Valves Asbestos And Non Asbestos Sheets

Abc Tube Industries Ltd.
Valves, Cocks, Taps and Fittings, Plastic Pipe Fittings.

Hitech Ultraviolet Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturers& Exporters Of Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System, Micron Filters, Housings Etc.

Tatiwar Agro Industries
PVC Flexible Pipes, HDFC Pipes, Agriculture Pumps, Suction Hoses, Sprinkler Pipes

Shyam Polymers
Manufacturer of Rigid PVC SWR Pipes, Casings etc.

Rishabh Industries
PVC Compound, Plastic Component, PVC Pipe.

Anmol Enterprises
Pipes & Tubes ( PVC ).

Seema Plastic
PVC Pipe Fittings

Texmo Pipe And Products Ltd.
Manufacturer of SWR Pipe, Solvent Cement, Elastomeric Pipes, Rigid PVC Pipes

Supreme Gold Irrigations Ltd.
leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Trader of Plastic Pipes, Plastic Pipe Fittings, ERW Tubes, Coated Steel Sheets, Mezzanine Systems, Turbo Ventilators, Metal Purlins, Roof and Wall Panels and Sprinkler Irrigation Systems,Sprinkler Irrigation System, Drip Irrigation Systems, Hdpe Pipes, Rigid Pvc Pipes And Fittings, Rigid Pvc Pipes, Agricultural Pvc Fittings, ect.

Supreme Plasto Containers
Blow Mould Containers, Caps/ Closures

Greenco Equipments Llp
Manufacturer of Rubber Products Rubber Ring, Oil Seal, Rubber Bush, Rubber Sheet,Rubber Grommet, Rubber Chord, Rubber Star Coupling, Rubber Gasket,Rubber Conveyors Belt, Bellows.