Textile Machinery And Spares Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters

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Contech Instruments Ltd.
An ISO 9002 Company Manufacturing Electronic Weighing Scales Ranging From 0.00001gm Accuracy To 150 Tonnes. Our Product Range - Electronic Weighing Scales, Weigh Bridges, Platform Scales, Precision Balance, Crane Scales, Milk Weighing Scales, Bench Scales, Table Top Scales, Price Computing Scales, Piece Counting Scales, Autosorters For Textile Industries, Flame Proof Scales, Analytical Scales, Baby Scales, Bathroom Scales, Bench Scales, Carrate Scales, Clinical Scales, Diamond Scales, Electronic Jewellery Scales, Health Scales, Hospital Scales, Kitchen Scales, Laboratory Scales, Micro Scales, Pocket Scales, Table Top Scales, Tank Scales, Truck Scales Etc.

International Equipments
Mfrs.& Exporters Of Material Testing Equipments & Plastic Testing Equipments Such As Universal Testing Machines, Impact Testers, Melt Flow Index Testers, Humidity Chambers, Friction Testers Etc.

Kavitsu Transmissions Pvt.Ltd.
All Types Of Gears & Gear Boxes, Bevel Gears, Cement Plants, Chain Type Ratio Reduction Gear Boxes, Chemical Machinery, Crown Gears, Electric Geared Motors, Fhp Geared Motors, Gear Box, Gear Box Reconditioners, Gear Box Test Rigs, Gear Boxes, Gear Repairs, Gear Testing Machines, Gearbox Shafts, Gearbox Wheel, Gearboxes, Geared Motors, Gears & Gear Boxes, Gears (All Types), Gears Industrial, Gears Plastic, Helical Gears, Indexers (Gears & Gear Boxes), Industrial Gears, Industrial Gears & Repairs, Material Handling Equipments, Mechanical Transmission Systems, p.i.v.Gears, p.m.d.c.Motors, Pinion Gears, Piv, Piv Gears, Planetary Drive Gears, Planetary Drives, Planetary Gear Boxes, Planetary Gearbox, Planetary Geared Motors, Planetary Windpower Gear Boxes, Ratio Reduction Gear Boxes, Ratio Reduction Gearboxes, Reconditioners, Reconditioners Gears, Reconditioning Of Gear Boxes, Reduction Gear Boxes, Reduction Gear Boxes & Repairs, Repairs Of Gear Boxes, Slew Ring Bearings, Spares For Gearbox, Speed Reducers, Sprocket Gears, Spur Gears, Steel Plants, Textile Machinery,Toothed Wheel, Transmission Gears, Variable Speed Geared Motors, Wind Mills, Work Wheel Gears, Work Wheels, Worm Gear Boxes, Worm Geared Motors, Worm Gears, Worm Reduction Gears, Worm Wheel Gears

B.M.P.Equipments (Mumbai)
Coil Winding Machines, Automatic Coil Winding Machines, Heavy Duty Coil Winding Machines, All Gear Winding Machines, H.t.coil Winding Machines, Toroidal Winding Machines, Coil Taping Machines, Ceiling Fan Three-in-one Machines, Heavy Duty Armature Winding Machines, Handfeed Motor Winding Machines, Motor Winding Machines, Strip & Wire Tension Control Units

Advance Equipments
Polymer Testing Equipments, Universal Testing Machine, Hydraulic Press, MFI Tester, MVR Tester, Tensile Machine, Film Testing Equipments

Coil Winding Machines, Automatic Coil Winding Machines, Heavy Duty Coil Winding Machines, All Gear Winding Machines, H.t.coil Winding Machines, Toroidal Winding Machines, Coil Taping Machines, Ceiling Fan Three-in-one Machines, Heavy Duty Armature Winding

Ace Industries (India) Pvt.Ltd.
Centrifuge Machines, Calcium Chloride, Hydro Extractor, Bottom Discharge Centrifuge, Chemical Plant & Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Lifting Bag Type Centrifuge, Dome Open Bottom Discharge, Pilot Scale Cenrifuge, Hydro Extractors, Lifting Top Centri

Techno Search Instruments
Analytical Instruments, Dies, IR/FTIR/XRF/HPCC Accessories, Pallet Holder, Polymer Film Making Equipments Automatic, Polymer Film Making Equipments Manual, Demountable Cell, Semi Permanent Liquid Cell, Fixed Thickness Liquid Cell, Gas Cell, Dry Box, Hplc Column Oven, Solvent Filtration Kit, Fibre Compression Press, Fibre Compression Die

Vaibhavi Enterprises
PTFE/ECTFE (Halar) / PVDF / FEP / PFA / Nylon-11 Coating & Lining On Chemical & Lab Equipments, Xylan / PTFE Coating On Bolt, Stud & Nut, Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) Coating For Special Application, PVDF / FEP / PP Lined Ball & Diaphragm Valves, Water Filters & Purifiers For Domestic & Industrial Application, Yarn Oiling Device For Textile Machines (TFO)

Ace Industries (India) Pvt.Ltd.
Centrifuge Machines, Calcium Chloride, Hydro Extractor, Bottom Discharge Centrifuge, Chemical Plant & Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Lifting Bag Type Centrifuge, Dome Open Bottom Discharge, Pilot Scale Cenrifuge, Hydro Extractors, Lifting Top Centrifuge, Doom Open Top Centrifuge, Trolley Mounted Centrifuge, Table Top Centrifuge

Machines Makers R.S.
Wire Processing & Stripping Machinery, Cable Cutting Machinery, Industrial Automation System, Machinery For Wiring Harness

Digambar Enterprises
PCB Processing Machines, Brushing Machines, Single Brushing Machine, Etching Machine, Dryer Machines, Lamination Machines, Dry Film Lamination Machines, Photo Printing Machines, Roller Tinning Machines, Developing Machine, Screen Exposing Machines, Electroplating Tanks, Electroplating Tanks With Agitator, Router Machines, V Grooving Machines

Stalwart Engineering Co.Pvt.Ltd.
Garment Processing, Dyeing & Washing Machinery 10 Kg. To 300 Kg. Capacity, Hydro Extractor Upto 50 Kg. Capacity, Drying Tumbler Upto 200 Kg. Capacity

Niksu Power Tools
Tube Expanders, Condenser Tube Expanders, Boiler Tube Expanders, Tube Installation Tools,Tube Rolling Controls, Tube Pulling Systems

Jethwa Automatic Can-Equip. Co.
Mfg., of 15 Ltr.-20 Ltr. Tin / Can Manufacturing Unit. Decoiling Machine, Film Rolls Can Machinery, Drum Machinery, Tin Machinery, Barrel Machinery, Bucket Machinery, Tin Making Machinery, Barrel Making Machinery, Bucket Making Machinery, Filter Seaming Machinery, Gang Slitter, Can Machinery, Can Making Machinery, Can Seaming Machinery, Power Press, Pioneers of Tin Can Making Machinery, Steel Drum Making Machinery, Barrel Making Machinery, Oil Barrel Making Machinery (200-220 Ltr., Barrel Mfg. Machines, 1-5 Ltr., Rectangular Can Making Machines. 1 to 4 Kg. Round Can Mfg. Machines.

Kb Industries
Tube Expanders, Boiler Tube Expanders, Tube Installation Tools, Tube Cleaning Tools, Tube Cleaning Equipments, Hydraulic Cylinders, Pneumatic Cylinders, Electrical Expansion Systems, Impact Sockets, Bevelling Machines, Beveling And Facing Machines, Tube Rolling Tools, Condenser Tube Expander, Condenser Tube Expanders, Flange Spreaders, Hydraulic Flange Spreaders, Hydraulic Nut Splitters, Hydraulic Tube Pulling, Tube End Facers, Tube Facing Tools, Tube Puller, Tube Pulling Systems, Tube Pulling Tools, Tube Rolling Controls, Tube Cleaners, Tube Expanders, Expander, Tube Expansion, Tube Pulling, Boiler Tube Cleaners, Flexible Shaft Machine, Flexible Shaft, Tool Head Cutters, Wire Brushes, Shoot Thru Brushes, Shoot Thru Scrubber, Condenser Tube Cleaners, Electric Tube Cleaners, Portable Electrical Tube Cleaners, Chiller Tube Cleaning Equipments, Pneumatic Tube Cleaners, Tube Cleaning, Hand Held Pneumatic Tube Cleaners, Cleaning Tools, Pneumatic Tube Cleaners Kits, High Pressure Water Jet Machines, Continuous Tube Pulling System, Air Stub Puller, Hydro Stub Puller, Tube Rolling Controls, Torque Tools, Torque Wrenches, Hand Torque Multiplier, Tool Kits, Nut Splitter, Flange Spreader.

Mayfair Machinekraft Pvt.Ltd.
Wire & Cable Making Machinery, Telephone Cable Making Machinery, Power Cable Making Machinery

Hemant And Co.
Mfg. Of High Frequency PVC Welding Machines Upto 10 K.Watts, Machineries For P.P.Stationery & Also Make Fully Automatic Machines, Plastic Welding Machine, Welding Machine, Machineries for PP Stationary, Pvc Welding Machine With Shuttle Tray, Hot Air Seam Sealing Machines, High Frequency Pneumatic PVC Welder, Aluminium Cast Plate, Radio Frequency Plastic Welder, Plastic Welder, Welding Of Plastic, Embossing Of Plastic, Plastic Welding Machine, Pvc Welding Machinery, 2 Kw Table Model Machines, Tensile Fabric Welder, Tensile Structure

Raj Works & Industries
Pulverisers, Impact Pulverisers, Masala Pulverisers, Besan Plants, Papad Plants, Grouadnut Plants, Supari Machines, Potato Chip Machines, Mixer Grinder Machines, Gili Dal Machines, Micro Pulverisers Cattle Feed Machines, Ball Mill, Line Stone Pulverisers, Dolomite Pulverisers, Red Stone / Bauxite Pulverisers, Chinaclay Pulverisers, Gypsum Pulverisers, Automatic Pulverisers, Centrifugal Machines, Screw Conveyor Machines, Feed & Discharge Control Devices, Feeder Conveyor, Spiral Conveyor, Feeder, Rotary Air Lock Valves, Mixer Cum Blender, Industrial Ovens, Industrial Dryers, Hydro Dryer Machines, Pilling Machines, Ribbon Blender Machines, Mango Cutting Machines, Bottle Washing Machines, Cone Mixer, Coconut Slicing Machines

Plamac Engineering
Last 25 Yrs. Leading Mfgr. & Exporters Of Plastic Extrusion Machinery And PVC Pipe Dies. (Also Rigid PVC Pipe Unit, PVC Braided Hose Pipe Unit, Extrusion Dies, Tub Traction, PVC Compounding Unit Manufacturer, High Speed Mixer Manufacturer, Acrylic Extrude

Perfect Tools And Equipments
Mfg. And Repairing Purpose Related Tube Expander, Tube Cleaning Tools, Tube Removal Tools, Tube Installtion Tools, Bolting Tools, Tube Tools

Himron Systems & Control
SMPS, Battery Charger, Control Panels - Powers, Automation, APFC, Fidder, Soft Starter Control Panel, Proximity Sensors - Inductive, Optical / Capacitive, Magnetic, Digital Process Indicators, Controllers, Digital Timers, Counters, Pull Cord, Belt Sway Switch, Zero Speed Sensor, Switch, APFC Relay, Solid State Relays ( SSR ), Temperature, Humidity Sensors, Transducer, Display Systems, Pepsi Packaging Machine, Electronic Spares

Polyplast Equipments & Accessories
Mfg. Of The Testing Equipment Like TTM, Sample Cutting Press, Dumbbell & Tear Dies, Specimen Moulds, Compression Set, Abrasion Tester , Ovens, Muffle Furnace Etc

Abc Industrial Fasteners
Nuts & Bolts, Eye Bolts, Fasteners, Screws, Allen Plugs, Carriage Bolts, Washers, Dowel Pins, Dome Nuts

Yadav Machines Pvt.Ltd.
Soap Machinery, Turnkey Projects For Soap & Detergent Industry

Gayatritex Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
Mfg. Of Fabric Inspection Machines, Tube Rolling, Double Folding And Platting Machines, Brushing Machines, Manding Machines, Fabric Reversing Machines Sample Cutting Machines, Hydraulic Trolley, J Scray With Feed Units, Heavy Duty Trolley, Chemical Dosing Plants, Sample Cutting Machines

Dolphin Torque Tools
Design, Development, & Manufacturing Of Torque Tools, Tube Expanders & Accessories, Torque Controllers, Boiler Tube Expanders, Condenser Tube Expanders, Tube Installation Tools, Digital Tube Rolling Controllers, Tube Removal Tools, Hydraulic Tube Expansion Systems, Hydraulic Tube Expanding Systems, Hydraulic Tube Pulling Systems, Tube End Facing Chamfering Machines, Digital Torque Controllers, Torque Wrenches, Tube Rolling Controllers, Tube End Facing Machine, Grooving Tools, Tube Cleaning Equipment, Hydraulic Nut Splitter, Hydraulic Flange Spreaders

Coil Winding Machines, Automatic Coil Winding Machines, Heavy Duty Coil Winding Machines, All Gear Winding Machines, H.T.Coil Winding Machines, Toroidal Winding Machines, Coil Taping Machines, Ceiling Fan Three-In-One Machines, Heavy Duty Armature Winding Machines, Handfeed Motor Winding Machines, Motor Winding Machines, Strip & Wire Tension Control Units

Kale Texnique
Textile Machinery, Jacquard Card Punching Machines, Computerised Jaquard Card Punching Machine, Jaquard Card Punching Machine, Continuous Card Punching Machine, Verdol Pitch Card Punching Machine

Apurva Texmac
Warping Machinery, Bobbin Winding Machine, Selvedge Warping Machine, Bobbins Textile Machinery, Textile Machinery

Fancy Textiles
Textile Machinery, Jacquard Card Punching Machines, Computerised Jaquard Card Punching Machine, Jaquard Card Punching Machine, Continuous Card Punching Machine, Verdol Pitch Card Punching Machine

Fancy Textiles
Computerised Jaquard Card Punching Machine, Textile Machinery, Jacquard Card Punching Machines, Jaquard Card Punching Machine, Continuous Card Punching Machine, Verdol Pitch Card Punching Machine

Gajraj Engineers
Manufacturers Of Cotton Bailing Press, Hydraulic Cotton Bailing Press, Hydraulic Press, Hydraulic Presses, Hydraulic Press Machines, Four Pillar, 4 Pillar, C Frame, C Type Hydraulic Presses, Closed Frame Rubber Molding Hydraulic Presses, Conventional Hydraulic Presses, Cotton Belling Spares, Customized, Custom Built, Single Acting, Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders, Gap Frame Presses, Hydraulic Bakelite Molding Press, Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Cylinder Units, Hydraulic Equipments, Hydraulic Hot Presses, Hydraulic Power Packs, Hydraulic Press Brakes, Rubber Molding Presses, Rubber Moulding Press, Hydraulic Shearing Machines, SPM, Special Purpose Hydraulic Presses, SPM Hydraulic Presses, Customer Built Up Presses, Throat Type, Two Post Hydraulic Presses, Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier

Manisha Machinery Pvt.Ltd.
Precision Honing Machines, Lapping & Superfinishing Machines, Vertical Honing Machine, Honing Tools

Neyo Machineries
Material Handling Equipment & Packaging Machines, Hand Pallet Truck, Scissor Lift Pallet Truck, Scissor Lift Table Truck, Manual Stackers / Semi Electric Stackers Strapping Machines, Carton Sealer, Wrapping Machines

Ag Electronics
Mfrs. & Exports of Corona Treating Systems, Static Charge Eliminator, Ozone Generator, Corona Treaters

Electronic Counters, Static Eliminator, Yarn Detectors, Optical Weft Feeler Type RTL, Optical Weft Feelers, Optical Weft Feeler Type LPC/ LPC IR, Electrical Warp Stop Motion, Optical Weft Feeler Type PT-2

Texmech Engineers
Fabric Inspection Machine, Cloth Inspection Machine, Fabric Folding Machine, Fabric Sample Cutting Machine, Cloth Swatch Cutting Machine, Fabric Mending Machine, A Frame Trolley, Horse Back Trolley, Fabric Brushing Machine, Fabric Sueding Machine, J Scray, Textile Machinery, Fabric Rolling Machine, Fabric Double Fold Lapping Machine, Fabric Inspection Cum Rolling Machine, Cloth Inspection Cum Rolling Machines, Rolling Arrangement Inspection Machines, Plaiter Arrangement Inspection Machines, Plaiter Arrangement Fabric Rolling Machines, Electromagnetic Cloth Guider Machines, Cloth Inspection Cum Rolling Machines, Fabric Inspection Machine With Electronic Counter Meter

Seema Infotech Pvt.Ltd.
ERP Software, MRP, Enquiry Tracker, DMS, Tool Room Mgmt. Dealer Mgmt. FRTS, Clinic Mgmt, Service System, HR & Payroll, CRM

Indotech Industrial Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
DG Synchronization Panels, Auto Mains Failure Panels ( AMF Panels ), Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels ( APFC Panels ), Distribution Panels And MCC Panels, PLC SCADA Systems, PLC Panels, Low cost machine-automation systems based on embedded technol

Hind Enterprises
Analytical Instruments, Dies, IR/FTIR/XRF/HPCC Accessories, Pallet Holder, Polymer Film Making Equipments Automatic, Polymer Film Making Equipments Manual, Demountable Cell, Semi Permanent Liquid Cell, Fixed Thickness Liquid Cell, Gas Cell, Dry Box, Hplc

Arihant Engineers
Mfg., Exporters, Importers Of Linear Motion Bearings, Linear Guide Ways, Hard Chrome Plated Bars, Ball Screw, Rolled Ball Screw, Ground Ball Screw, Linear Shafts, Linear Ball Bushings, Sintered Bushes, Du Bushes, Dx Bushes, Self Lubricating Bushes, Fricti

Concept Electronics
We Supply Load Cells & Pcb Suitable For Electronic Weighting Scales. We Have A Very Strong Association With 100, Manufractures In India And Know For Best Quality To Price Ratio. Load Cells PERK, ADI Artech, Flintec, HBM, Vishay, Seensortronics, Sensotech,

Ace Industries
Centrifuge Machines, Calcium Chloride, Hydro Extractor, Bottom Discharge Centrifuge, Chemical Plant & Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Lifting Bag Type Centrifuge, Dome Open Bottom Discharge, Pilot Scale Cenrifuge, Hydro Extractors, Lifting Top Centri

Aim Industries
Centrifuge Machines, Calcium Chloride, Hydro Extractor, Bottom Discharge Centrifuge, Chemical Plant & Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Lifting Bag Type Centrifuge, Dome Open Bottom Discharge, Pilot Scale Cenrifuge, Hydro Extractors, Lifting Top Centri

Ace Chlorides
Centrifuge Machines, Calcium Chloride, Hydro Extractor, Bottom Discharge Centrifuge, Chemical Plant & Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Lifting Bag Type Centrifuge, Dome Open Bottom Discharge, Pilot Scale Cenrifuge, Hydro Extractors, Lifting Top Centri

Mak Industries
Trading in Bearings, Valves, Bushes, Couplings, A/C Frequency Inverter Drives

Kosak Engg. & Rubber Products Pvt.Ltd.
Inner Tube Machine, Bladder Curring Press, Tyre Building Machine, Hot Feed Extruder, Bag-o-Matic Tyre Curing M/C, Steel Industries, Tyre Machinery, Tube Machinery, Rubber Machinery, Cement Machinery & Allied Industries Machineries, Foundry & Material Hand

Plamac Industries
Leading Industrial Unit For Extruder Dies and Plastic Moulding Dies

Ace Industries (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Centrifuge Machines, Calcium Chloride, Hydro Extractor, Bottom Discharge Centrifuge, Chemical Plant & Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Lifting Bag Type Centrifuge, Dome Open Bottom Discharge, Pilot Scale Cenrifuge, Hydro Extractors, Lifting Top Centrifuge, Doom Open Top Centrifuge, Trolley Mounted Centrifuge, Table Top Centrifuge

Ace Industries
Centrifuge Machines, Calcium Chloride, Hydro Extractor, Bottom Discharge Centrifuge, Chemical Plant & Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Lifting Bag Type Centrifuge, Dome Open Bottom Discharge, Pilot Scale Cenrifuge, Hydro Extractors, Lifting Top Centrifuge, Doom Open Top Centrifuge, Trolley Mounted Centrifuge, Table Top Centrifuge

Mak Industries
Centrifuge Machines, Calcium Chloride, Hydro Extractor, Bottom Discharge Centrifuge, Chemical Plant & Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Lifting Bag Type Centrifuge, Dome Open Bottom Discharge, Pilot Scale Cenrifuge, Hydro Extractors, Lifting Top Centrifuge, Doom Open Top Centrifuge, Trolley Mounted Centrifuge, Table Top Centrifuge

New Darshna Engineering Works
Mfg. Exporters & Importers : 3/5 Ply Board Making Plant and Box Making Machinery & Flat Bed Die Cut Punching Machines

Ramco Engineering Works
Textile Machine Spares Parts, Textile Machine Maintenance, Importer Of Textile Machine Part, All Type Gear, Helical Gear, Super Gear, Bevel & Spiral Bevel

Sumu Industrial Services
Dealers in Textile Machinery

Shital Industries
Textile Machine Spares Parts, Textile Machine Maintenance, Importer Of Textile Machine Part, All Type Gear, Helical Gear, Super Gear, Bevel & Spiral Bevel

Inductive Proximity Switches, Namur Switches 2 Wire Nc, DC 2 Wire No Inductive Proximity Switch, Namur Type Inductive Proximity Switch Without Led Indication, Square Type Inductive Proximity Switch, Capacitive Proximity Switches, Capacitive Sensors, Magnetic Proximity Switches, Block Type Magnetic Sensor, Power Supply For Three Wire Dc Proximity Switches, Optical Proximity Switches, SAFETY LIGHT CURTAIN / BARRIER SENSOR, Fiber Optic Cable ( Diffuse Reflective ) Sensor, Fiber Optic Cable ( Through-Beam ) Sensor, Sensor Connector Cable, Temperature Sensor, Wire Loop Powered Temperature Transmitter, Signal Isolator , Signal Converter, Digital Temperature Controller, Digital Process Indicator, Digital Temperature Indicator, Fix Input Temperature Controller, Fix Input Auto Tune Pid Temperature Controller, Programmable Process Indicator, Flow Rate Indicator Cum Totaliser, Universal Digital Timer, Digital Cycle Timer, Digital Sequential Timer, Time Totaliser, Digital Presettable Timer (Fix Range), Digital Presettable Timer (Multi Range), Digital Rpm Indicator, Digital Count Totaliser, Digital Programmable Counter, Digital Presettable Counter, Digital Batch Counter, Digital Length Counter, Multi Tier Tower Lamps, Tower Lamps, Allen Key Bolt Cap, Key Bolt, Sensor Bracket, Sensor Mounting Bracket, Star Washer M8/ M12 / M18 / M30, Cables, Sensor Connector Cables, Allen Key Bolt Cap, Sensor Brackets, Washers

Adam Engineers
Mfr And Exporter Of Automatic Cotton Baling Press, Semi Automatic Cotton Baling Press, Semi Automatic Baling Press,Yarn Baling Press, Fabric Baling Press, Hydraulic Baling Press,Single Stage Cotton Baling Press, H-Type Press, Revolving Box Type baling Pre

Allied Metal Pressings Pvt. Ltd.
Sheet Metal Pressings & Fabrications Manufacturer Of Textile Spinning Arms.

Ambica Tex Spares
Weaving Spare Parts.

Apte Plastic Technique Extrusion
PVC Heat Shrink Sleeves Machinery, Heat Shrinkable Sleeves Machinery, Gluing Machinery, Cut to Length Cutting Machine, Pre-Form Cap Making Machine, Point Cutting Machines, High Speed Hot Mixer, Cutting Machines, Extruders

Bekaen And Company
Reeds, Wire Healds, Shuttles, Heald Frames For Handlooms.

Bentex Engg. Co.
Ring Doubling Frames And Textile Machinery Spare Parts.

Cerebro Trade Service Pvt.Ltd.
Trading And Servicing Of Garment Machiens

Coton Code Garments
Dealers In Coton And Poly/ Cotton Dyed Yarn For Woven And Hosiery Garments

Creative Synergy India Pvt.Ltd
Textile Products For Spinning, Weaving And Processing

Damodar & Sons
Looper, Needle Clamp, Bobbin Case, Zuki, Brother, Turpei, Machines.

Dogetech Machinery Mfg. Co.Ltd.
Drawframe Machines, Autolevellers Of Spinning Departments

Exemplar Engg.Pvt.Ltd.
Auto Levellers For High Production Carding Machines, Vps Spindle Speed Regulators For Ring Spinning Frames And Cleaning & Oiling Devices For Textile Spindle

Gukss Industries
parts Suitable For Elevator Conveyors & Ginning Equipments, Cabinets, Panels, Desks

Hy-Tech Engineers
Mfg. Spare Parts For Textile Wet Processing Machinery, Printing Machinery

Advantys Systems
Industrial Automation Systems, AC Drives, AC Drives with Starters, Soft Starters, AC Servo Drives, Servo Drives, Stepper Drives, Stepper Motor Drives, Systems Integrators, PLCs, PLC Based Automation Systems, HMI, HIO, SCADA, Axis Controllers, Relays, SMPS

Aps-Star Industries Ltd.
Manufacturers Type Of Products: Textile Machinery

A.K.Aggarwal & Bros
Manufacturer Of Warp Fabrics

Balkrishna Sizing Industries
Sizing Of Cotton, Polyster

Ab Carter India Pvt.Ltd.
Steel Rings & Ring Travellers.

Best Exports Centre Pvt.Ltd.
Textile Mill Machinery, Plastic Processing Machinery, Turnkey Projects And Workshop Machinery

Acetex Textile Engineering & Consultants
Textile Machines, Textile Accessories & Spares

Bois Technologies (P) Ltd
Largest Importer Of Welding Inverter Machines, Arc, Tig And Mig And Sub Arc Machines And Welding Automations Importer Of Shering Machine, Rolling Machine And Cnc Cutting Machines

C. Gheewala & Co.
Manufacturer Of Textile Machinery And Spares And Accessories For Complete Textile Mills And Textile Parts

Century Corporation
Dealing With Reactive Dyes, Textile Chemicals, Cotton Yarn, Raw Cotton, Textile Machinery

Champion Pharma Machines
Pharmaceutical Machinery, Multi Mill, Fluid Bed Dryer, Vibro Sifter, Storage Tanks, Coating Pans, Bottle Filling Machine, Filter Press, Zero Hold Up Filter Press, Packing Belt Conveyor, Starch Paste Kettle, Stirrer / Homogenizer, Membrane Filter Holder, P

Coco Peat Machine, Coir Extraction Machine
Manufacturer And Exporter Of Coco Peat Machine, Coir Extraction Machine And Coir Geo Textile Machine. And Also Deal With Coir Dryers, Coir Pith Block Making Machine, Coco Log Machine And Coir Geo- Textile Fully Automatic Loom.

Dalal Engg. Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Chemicals, Textile Equipments And Vibro Machinery

Mahalaxmi Sales Corporation
Textile Process House Spares, Spinning Machines Spares, Rubber Parts

B.Tex India
Textile Spinning Machinery Replacement Spares From Blowroom To Winding

Milltex Industries
All Metal & Aluminium Heald Frames For Projectile/ Rapier & Airjet Weaving Machines.

Narendra Industries.
Cam Dobbies, Dobby Card Punching Machines, Name Selvedge Jacquards & Weaving Accessories, Heald Frames, Riderless Healds, Reeds, Profile Reeds Etc.

Buvanraj Agency
Buy And Sell Textile Machinery

Amv Trade
T-Shirt Printing Machine, Pad Printing Machine, Hot Foil Stamping Machines, Textile, Offst & Screen Printing Machinery

Classic Plast
Manufacturer Paper Mill, Sugar Mill & Textile Mill Spares

B-Tex Textile Machinery
Fabric Inspection Machine For Grey / Semi Finished & Finished Fabrics, Fabric Rolling Machines

Holy Spin (P) Ltd.
We Are Buyers And Seller Of Second Hand And Used Textile Machinery

Pashupati Traders
Ginning Cloth, Hosiery Khol, Calander Cloth & All Type Of Factory Use Cloth

Balaji Enterprises
Manufacturers Of Nylon Ring Travellers.

Baltex Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
Textile Wet Processing Machines.

Pinco Industries
Textile Machinery Components

C.Gheewala & Co.
Spinning, Weaving, Processing, Testing Machines, Drafting Materials, Top Rollers, Needle Bearings, Cots & Aprons, Ring Tubes, Bobbins Cheeses

Inovative Yarn Pvt Ltd
Textile Mill, Yarn Dealers

Caliber Engineering Co.
Manufacturer Of Textile Machinery Spares

Dynamic Textile Engineers
Preparatory Machine Top Rollers, Textile Drafting Top Rollers, Rieter Machine Spare Parts, Lap Spools, Nippers For Undercasings, Tfo Capsules Etc.

Eastern Mill Stores Co.
Spare Parts For Rapier & Airjet Weaving Machines And Spinning Machines.

Precision Engg.
Textile Spare Parts

Juby Enterprieses
KTA Tool Holders, Accessories, & Tappinng Products, High Precision Collets, Boring Bars & Cartridge, Spindle Cleanders, Pull Studs, Clamping Fixture, Clamping Elements

Classic Steels Pvt.Ltd.
Our Products Include: Bearing Steel Wire, Alloy Steel Wire, Needle Wire, Spring Steel Wire, Fish Hook Wire, Ring Travellers Wire, File Steel/ Profile Sectional Wire, Card And Gil Pin Wire, Saw Wire, Rivet Wire, Reed Wire And Other Grades Of Chq Wire.

Kevin Enterprises
Textile Spinning, Weaving Machinery, Spare Parts And Sundries.

Kohinoor Enteprises
Venturies, Metal Spinning, Cones, Solar Covers

Harish Textile Engineers Ltd.(M)
Hot Air Stenter, Scouring & Bleaching, Rotary Screen Printing Plant

Hbm Apparels Pvt.Ltd
Garments Mfr And Yarn And Fabric Dealer

D.Parikh Engg.Works
Hydro Extractors For Cotton & Synthetic Yarn Cheese Packages, Loose Stocks, Terry Towel Fabrics In Rope Form, Wool Tops, Garments & Flocks, Hank Dyeing Machines

Lachhminarayan & Co.
Textile Machinery, Stores And Spare Parts

Mark Engineers
Manufacturerand Exporter Of Finned Tubes, Steam-oil Heaters, Oil-coolers

Mark Invention Ltd
Garments And Textile Machinery Importer.

Mehta Parikh & Co.Pvt.Ltd.
Cotton Healds, Pitch Bound Steeln Reeds, All Metal Reeds, Profile Reeds, Wire Healds, Flat Steel Healds Etc.

Ets Intarlaken Technologies
Manufacturer And Exporters Of Testing Equipments And Machines Like Metal Testing Equipment, Petroleum Testing Equipment, Compression Testing Machines, Textile Testing Equipment, Plastic Testing Equipment

Kamruddin Adamjee & Co.
Felt Cut Parts, Felt rolls, Woven Felts/Felt Seals, Felt Polishing Wheels, Felted Mounted Points, Glass Wool.

Lakshmi Ring Travellers (Cbe) Ltd.
All Types Of Ring Travellers & Ring Traveller Application Tools And Fluff Removers

Organic Clothes India
Our Products Range Includes Home Textiles, Apparels, Organic Fabrics

Oswal Traders
Manufacturer Of Plastic Bobbins, Textile Spare Parts, Cheeses.

Manasi Enterprises
All Kinds Of The Textile Looms Spares, Of Rapier, Air Jet, Looms.

Patco Exports Pvt Ltd.
Spare Parts For Blow Rooms, Cards, Draw Frames, Speed Ring Frames, Autoconers, Weaving Machines & Processing Machines, Dealers In Spinning & Weaving Machines And Spare Parts, Consultants For Hr, Overseas Recruitments, Turnkey Projects Etc.

Perfect Machine Fabric
Hydraulic Presses, Hydraulic Power Packs, Hydraulic Cylinders, Rubber Moulding Presses, Deep Drawing Presses, Closed Frame Presses, C Flame Presses, Sheet Bending Presses, Cotton Bailing Presses, Hydraulic Equipments, Hydraulic System Tool

Metro Textile Mills
Pocketing Cloth, Popline, Printed Fabrics

Spentax Ind.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Yarn, Repairing Of PCB Of Related Yarn

Prabhat Engineering Co
Spare Parts For Spinning, Weaving, Sizing & Processing Machines And Dealers In Complete Drafting Materials For Ring Frames, Speed Frames, Slub Motions, Card Cans And Spare Parts For Autoconers

Sri Ramani Spinners Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Spinning Yarn. Also Running Cotton Ginning Factory.

Narayani Industries
Textile Machinery Parts/ Bobbins, Injection Moulding

National Machinery
All Types Of Precision Textile Winding Machines, Y Cone Winding Machines For Textile & Industrial Yarns And High Speed Kingspool Cheese/ Tube Winders.

Isha Trading
Printing, & Trading Textile Chemicals & Machines.

Surabhi Marketing Pvt.Ltd.
Carding Machines, Blow Rooms, Roll Shop Machines, Card Room Machines, Bare Flats, Aluminium Re-Drawn Tubes, Plastic Tubes/Rods And Top Arm Pressure Checking Devices.

Raj Enterprises
Dist. High Performance Lubricants, Greases & Speciality Oils

Rajguru Processor
Dyeing, Processing And Printing of Textile Goods

Ramco Gears
Textile Machine Spares Parts, Textile Machine Maintenance, Importer Of Textile Machine Part, All Type Gear, Helical Gear, Super Gear, Bevel & Spiral Bevel

Nitin International Worldwide
Manufacturer Import & Exporters, House Hold Plastic Items, Electric, Chemicals, Footwear, Textile Machine

Steam Ironing Systems, Washing & Drycleaning Machines, Thread Sucking, Fabric Inspection Machines

Textile Instruments And Fabric Testing Instrument
Engaged In Manufacturing And Suppling Of Textile Processing Equipment, Textile Instruments And Fabric Testing Instrument. And Also Deal In Launderometer, Yarn Tension Meter With Box, Lea Strength Testers, Light fastness Tester, Lea Strength Testers And Pr

Three Brothers
Dyeing Machine And Accessories, Yarn Winding Machine, Hydroextractor High Speed, Yarn Gassing, Singeing, Tfo, Overhead Travelling Cleaners, Humidification Plants, Filter Media For Humidification Plants, Spares For PS Mettler Winders.

Weaving Machines And Accessories

Sai Paradise Machine Tools
Crimping Machines, Strapping Machine, Heavy Duty Stripping Machine, Automatic Cutting & Stripping Machine, Stripping & Twisiting Machine, Wire Crimping Machines,

Ubhi Tools (Regd)
Manufacturer Of Multy Spindle Drilling, Multy Spindle Boring, Centering Cumfacing, Multy Spindle Machine

Kedar Auto Components Pvt Ltd
Washer, Spacer, Shims, Press Parts, Sheetmetal Components, Dowel Pins, Bushes, Precision Turned Components, TIe Rods, Studs, Textile Machinery Spare Parts

Vg Importers
Offering Various Secondhand Textile Machines

Sheth Enterprise
Imported Textile Machinery, Dornier Spares Etc.

Shijiazhuang Textile Machinery Co., Ltd.
Weaving Machine, Loom, Rapier Loom, Filter Mesh, Paper Machine Felt, Compress Felt Machine, Conveyore Belt Core Weaving Machine.

Shiv Shakti Sales
Dealers of all types of bearings, v-belts,

Shree Jayabharathi Texile Suppliers
We Are Suppliers Of All Type Of Textile M/C Spares From Blow Room To Autoconer

Shree Shakti Merchandising
Mfr & Exporter All Kind Of T Shirts, Ready Made Garments, Terry Towels & Home Textiles

Zhi Cheng Fu Co. Ltd.
Dyeing Machines, Technical Consultancy For Cotton Processing, B Grade Rejected Fabrics, Hot Stamping Foil Machines, Flat Kind Machines.

Lakshmi Marketing Services.
Tubes/ Bobbins, Card Cans, Top Rollers, Transmission Belts Etc.

Sofeene Plastics Pvt.Ltd
Textile Machinery Parts/ Bobbins, Injection Moulding

Sovereign Electro Electronics
Textile Machinery Spares, Electrical And Electronics Components

Sri Sakthi Steel Trader
Spinning Frames, Blow Rooms, Spindles

Surya Machinery Manufacturing Pvt.Ltd.
Pirn Changing Weaving Machines, Shuttleless Weaving Machines, Cam Dobbies, Card Punching Machines, Beams, Aluminium Flanges, Cloth Rollers, Heald Frames Etc.

Perfect Transmissions
Chains, Sprockets, Couplings, Bevel Gears, Cranes, Material Handling Equipments, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Sugar Machinery, Pump, Textile Machinery

Svd Textronics
Suppliers / Stockists Of Electronic Industrial Components & Textile Machinery Spares

Ponnazhagi Tex Spares
Top Arm Flyers Draftings Rings Etc, Textile Machinery Roller Seperators And Holding Forks, Aluminium Spares

The Sirdar Carbonic Gas Co.Ltd.
Elastic Calender Bowls And Squeezing Rolls Used In Textile, Paper & Jute Industries.

M.V.Textile And Machines
Importers And Exporters Of Textile Machineries, Textile Fabrics

Makali Engineering Works
Jute Spinning Machinery Sparts Such As Below Top Pressing Roller Boss Part

Raaja Textiles Mills
We Are Leading Manufacturer Of Woven & Knitted Fabir And Aslo Garments.

Metalreeds & Millstore Mfrs
Manufacturer Of Weaving Reeds.

V.S.Automation Pvt.Ltd.
Industrial Automation, Sensors Optical, Safety Curtains, Wireless Network, Indicators, Switches,Poka-Yoke System

Mtf & Co.Ltd.
Dyeing, Printing & Finishing Machinery

Victor Engineering Enterprises
ManufacturersOf Pharmaceutical, Pulverising & Textile Machinery & Spares, SS & MS Fabrication Of All Type, Precision Fastners & Components, Filters

Vishal Trade Channels
Heald Frames, Perforated Steel Strips, Braided Cords, Wire Healds, Drop Pins, Etc.

Runeecha Textiles Ltd.
Spinning Ring Frame, Autoconer, Warping Machine, Sizing Machine, Sulzer.

Ningbo Dingming Machinery Manufacturing Co.Ltd.
Thread Winders, Prewound Bobbin Winders, Sewing Thread Winding Machine, Cone Winders, Spool Winders, Twist Machine, Hard Cone Winders

Saailuxmi Teztile Suppliers
Used Textile Pcb Sales And Services

Zs Control Panels
Manufacturer of Control Panels Using PICs, AC/DC Drives, Digital Matrs, Indicators, Automation Works

Oerlikon Fairfield Drive Systems
Solar technology , Textile Industry , Vacuum technology

Oerlikon Textile India Pvt.Ltd.
Machines For Poy,Fdy, Industrial Yarn, Texturising, Bcf Plants, Spinning Components, Non- Woven Machines, Ring Spinning Machines, Rotor Spinning Machines, Auto Winding Machines, Twisting Machines And Embroidery Machines.

Ok Garments Pvt.Ltd Company
Global Emporium Of latest Jeans & T-Shirt Collection

Abhilash Enterprises
Textile Bobbins, Tyre Cord Bobbins, Wire Winding Bobbins, Fish Net Accessories, Braiding Spares Braiding Machine Spindles/Carrier Customized Bobbins, Industrial Bobbins, Herzog Accessories

Oxo Exports
Manufacturer Of Garments

Pal Pongu Textiles
Manufacturer Of Spinning, Knitting, Weaving And Processing Units.

Source Enterprises
Exporter, Supplier And Manufacturer Of Textile Machinery, Textile Machinery Parts Like Steel Ring, Bobbin Hanger, Spindle Tape, Blower Tapes.

Shaileshco Industries
Manufacturer Of Pneumatic Drafting Pressure Hoses

Accura Trading Company
Manufacturer & Traders Of Instrumentation Parts, Textile Parts, Medical Parts, Precision Machined Components, Seal Parts & Assemblies

Ahmed Reed Repairing Works
We Service All Kinds Heald Frames, Reeds, Dropin Patti, We Also Sell Wire Healds

Adarsh Enterprise
We Proudly Oursalves As The Leading Manufacturers Of Circular Loom Spares For Gcl, Lohia & Starlinger Loom

R.G.Desai & Co.
Used Textile Machinery For Spinning, Weaving, Processing And Testing.

Raj Engineering Works
Handloom Machines, Reeling Machines, Spinning Machines, Agricultural Implements

Air Fill
We Offer To Sell Ferrous Casting, Non- Ferrous Casting, Brake Hubs, Brake Assemblies, Brackets, Exhaust Bends, Piston Road, Turbo Charger Assembly , Valves, Air Compressor Spares, Textile Machinery Spares, Engineering Spare Parts.

Associated Marketing Agencies
Spare Parts For Spinning & Weaving Machines.

Akshaya Instruments
Manufacturer Of Industrial Process Control Instruments, Single Converters & Interface, TFO Display, Speed Profile Controller, Counter, Timers, Speed Switches, Rate Indicator, Pressure Switch, Re-Winder Controller, Analogue Isolator With Converter, Digital

Source International
Textile Machinery, Chemicals And Inks

Ayodhya Ginning & Pressing
Ginning & Pressing Services, Tranportation, Cotton Trading

Garment Equipments

B.Mehta & Co.
Textile Mill Stores & Machinery

Ravi Technocraft (I) Pvt Ltd
Casting, Rolling & Fabrication Works

Textile Humidifiers (Comber), Tea Fermenting Humidifiers, Textile Humidifiers (Yarn Conditioning), Coffee Curing Yard

Bharat Engg Co.
Supplier Of Textile Parts And Accessories For Weaving Processing Winding As Per Requirement Of Buyer

S.V.Silk & Handlooms
Power Looms And Handlooms Make Fabrics For Garments, Apparels

Alfa Engineering Company
Specialist In All Type Of Special Purpose Of Machinery, Metal Cutting, Forming, Embossing Machines, Strips, Wires, Tube Making Plant, Pipe Bender

Super International
Mfr And Exporters Of Automobile Parts And Components & Accessories, Ayurvedic & Herbal Products, Hand Tools & Laboratory Equipment, Textile, Fabric & Yarn, Dyes & Chemicals And Food & Bevarages, Ayurvedic And Herbal Products Etc.

B. Tex India
Textile Machinery Spare Parts

Bakubhai Ambalal
Garment Washing , Dyeing & Denim Garment Processing Machines, Finishing Machines, Scouring-Milling Machines, Cutting & Stitching Machines, Combined Polishing & Shearing Machines, Brushing Machines,Sueding Machines,Open Width Washing Ranges, Bleaching & Dy

Angels Instruments
Laboratory / Paper / Pulp . Textile Testing Equipments

Anish Equipments,
All Cot Grinders, Auto Feed Cot Grinders, Automatic Cot Grinders, Hydraulic Cot Mounting Machines, Ultra Violet, Treatment Machines, Spindle Lubricators, Top Roller Greasing Machines And De- Greasing Machines.

Servotex Engineers
Fabricators Of Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Textile Processing Equipments. Manufacturers Of Jacketed Reaction Vessels, Limpet Coil Reaction Vessels, Rubber Lined Vessels, Pressure Vessels, Double Cone Blenders, Ribbon Blenders, Agitators, Heat Exchangers, C

Seva Instruments
Manufacturer Of All Types Spare Exporter, Supplier Importer Of Electronic Weighing Machine, Winding & Warping Machine

Cbe Shantex Tex Engg.
Manufacturer Of Knitting Machineries And Spares

Bk Chemtech Engineering India Pvt Ltd
On The Local Market We Are Promoting. Anodizing Plants. Powder Coating Plants. Brushing And Polishing Machines. Revamping Of Old Plants. Technical Assistance..And All Accessories For a Good And Efficient Plant Operation..Chemical Recovery Processes.. Alte

Chamunda Industries
Manufacture Of Automatic Cotton Conveying Plants & Ginning Machinery, Oil Mills, Chemical Factories

Christilda Enterprises
Spinning Bobbin Holder & Spindle Finger Brakes Manufacturer

Texperts Machinery Pvt.Ltd.
Textile Processing Machines And Consultants For Textile Processing Plant.

Texspares Machine Works
Manufacturer Of Precision Cone / Cheese / Tube / Y Cone Winding Machines For Man Made Fibre And Sewing Thread Industry

Commonwealth Textiles
Textile Machinery And Spare Parts

Tmf Noida
To Buy- Vtl, Shearing M/c, Lathe M/c, Rolling M/c. Tube Bending M/c.

Unitech Texmech Pvt.Ltd.
Spinning Rings, Holders, Components For Mechanical Seals & Pipe Fittings, Steering Components, Rollers, Shafts, Transmission Components, And Travellers.

Universal Marketing Corpn.
Energy Efficient Control Systems, Retrofits, Cans Humidification Systems, Waste Evacuating Systems, Fibre Contamination Removal Systems, Cascade Wrapping Testing Equipments

Vaid Engineering Industries
Manufacturer And Exporter of Rolling Machines And Gear Boxes Such As Rolling Mill Machines, Cup Down Rolling Mills, Cold Rolling Mills

Vaijayanti Plastic
Textile Machine Spares

Veer Enterprises
ManufacturersOf All Types Of Rod End Bearings, Spherical Plain Bearings, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Bearings, Needle Bearings

Emjay Marketing
Suppliers Of Textile Spare Parts

Simta Mfg.Co.
Synthetic Spindle Tapes,Flocked Clearer Rollers And Overhead Travelling Cleaners For Spinning & Weaving

Vipro Garments
Supplier And Exporter Of All Type Of Mens T-Shrits, Mens Sports T-Shrits, Mens Half Sleeved T-Shrits, Mens Designer T-Shrits Etc

B.Framjee & Co.
Spinning And Weaving Accessories, Mill Stores Etc.

Vishnu Group Of Textiles
Manufacturer & Exporter Of High Quality Cotton Fabric Of Shirting & Shutting

Voltas Ltd.
Textile Machinery, Rubber Belt

Spinloom Associates
Mfr Of Pneumafil Nylon Net With Beading, Textile Mill Store Suppliers

Balaji Engineering.
Weaving Machine Spares & Precision Job Work

Ghia Textile Products Co.
Spinning Rings, Card Cans, Flutted Rollers, All Types Of Gears, Spares For Processing Machines And All Types Of Weaving Machines

D.M.Parmar Textile Engineers
ManufacturerOf Textile & Garment Machinery, Roll Fold, Frame Fold, AC & DC Drive Batching Machine, Inspection Machine, Sample Cutting M/c., Heat Slitting Machine For Thermo Selable Fabrics, Special Machine Designer & Developers

Globe-Tex Industries
Manufacturer Of Textile Testing Equipments

Darshana Trading Co.
Textile Weaving Machinery, Spare Parts And Dealers In Repier Looms, Water Jet Looms, Air Jet Looms, Warping Machines And Single And Sizing Machines

Sri Gugan Knitwears Pvt Ltd
Manufacturers & Suppliers Of Socks, Knit Wear & Garments In Attractive Designs & Vibrant Colors

Sri Jai Sudha Tex
Surplus Yarn With Knitting Fabric Trading

H.Kantilal & Co.
Textile Machinery, Spare Parts And Dealers In Second- Hand textile Machines

Bharat Engineering Co.
Hylam Shuttles, Picking Sticks, Rubber Fillets, Wire Ropes, Nylon Synthetic Pickers

Stm Knitting Machine Manufacturer
Manufacturer Of All Types Of High Speed Circular Knitting Machines, Single Jersery, Double Jersery

Bhilai Castings (P) Ltd.
Rolls & Reels For Steel Rolling Mills.

Super Sales India Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Spinning / Gears

Henna Tex
Manufacturer & Exporter Of Textile Machines & Provider The Entire Range Of Blow Room Machines

Himatlal Trikamlal & Co.
Rapier Looms, Powerlooms, Second-Hand Sulzer Machines And Weaving Accessories.

Diana Dyeing Engineer Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Dyeing Machines, Pneumatic Press For Package Carrier / Top Carrier

Hind Soka Enterprises
Precision Cone/ Cheese Winders & Its Spare Parts And Precision Engineered Components For Man-Made Fibre/ Filament Yarn Spinning Plants.

Surya Knit Finishers
Need Knitted Garment Washing, Finishing Chemicals For Our Garment Washing Unit.

India Mills Supply Co.
Spinning & Ginning Spare Parts

Indian Card Clothing Co Ltd.
Card Clothings. Card Accessories.

Technomet Enterprises
Pneumatic Spares, Textile Spares, Foundry Raw Materials

Kalpesh Synthetics Pvt.Ltd.
The Mfr Of Heavy Woven Industrial And Technical Textile In Our Complete In-House Infrastructure

Kraft-Spin Enterprises
All Spinning Spare Parts i.e. Blow Room, Carding, Draw Frame, Comber, Speed Frame, Ring Frame, Autoconver, Open End Machines, Classified Newspaper Advertising, Advertising Agencies, Newspaper, Advertising Depots

Umargaon Textile Machinery Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Precision Cone / Cheese / Tube / Y Cone Winding Machines For Man Made Fibre & Sewing Thread Industry

Machatronics Automation
We Are Wholesale Suppliers Of Temperature Controllers, Pressure Transmitters, Data Loggers, Hitachi Variable Frequency Drives, Optical Sensors, Level Sensors, Banner Sensors, Vision, Yokogawa Products.

Vaibhav Enterprises.
Textile Machinery And Its Spares

Valli Textiles
Twin, Rope Making Machine Using Filament Yarns

Varuna Industries
Rubber Rollers, Rollers for Conveyors, Printing Offset Machine Rollers, Alcohole Dampering Rollers, UV Coated Rollers, Recoating of Old Rubber Rollers, Riders for Offset Machines, Rerubberisation of Old Rollers, Paper Machine Rubber Rollers, Textile Machi

Vijaya Consultancy Services
Colour Matching Systems, Textile Testing Instruments, Pumps For Dyes & Chemicals Industry

Mehul Iron & Steel Works
Spare Parts For Waterjet Looms.

Mercury T-Mec Works
Manufacturer Of Heavy Ring Twister, Ring Doubling Frames Suitable For All Types Of Cotton Yarn & Spun Polyester Yarn.

Deep Jyoti Industries
Manufacturer & Supplying Of Wheel Rims For All Kind Of Agricultural Earth Moving Vehicles

Waqar Textile Store
Importers Of Ring Travellers, Rubber Bots, Apron For Spinning Ring Frames Etc

Weavetex Engineers Pvt Ltd.
Yarn Dyeing Machines, Multi Colour Printing Machines, Laboratory Dyeing Machines Etc

National Engineering Corporation
Panel Locks, Hinges And Accessories And Textile machinery Spare Parts

Nidhi Containers Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturere & Exporters of Plastic Pet Containers, Plastic Containers, Plastic Batries, Plastic Moulds, Plastic Articles, Plastic Industrial Parts, Teflon Parts, P.U.Parts, Industrial Electronic Plastic Parts, Precision Moulds, PTFE, PC, Pet, Delrin, Co

Nirmal Industries
Textile M/C Spares, Parallel M/c Keys Precision Components

Padmavati Udyog
Tongueless Jaws, Pickers, Buffers, Ring Buffers, Hylam Shuttles And Ruti-C Accessories.

Elgi Electric And Industries Ltd.
Over Head Travelling Cleaners, Yarn Conditioning Systems, Bobbin Transport Systems And Spark & Metal Diverter Systems.

Falcon Textiles
Bed Linen, Textile Fabrics & Home Textiles Items

Govardhan Engineering Works
Calendering Machine, Jigger Machine, Boiler, Hydro Machine, Dyeing Machine

G M Cottex
We Deal In Pneumafil, Comber-Noil, Card Flye, Card Tickreen, Blow, Droping, Yarn Waste, Sized Waste Yarn Artifical 2nd Cut Linter.

Hasmukh Textile Works
Dealers In All Types Of Textile Weaving Machineries & Spares, Second Hand Sulzer & Papier Looms, Processing Machines & Spares.

Hindustan Agencies
Industrial Felts & Felt Products

Handloom Bhandar
Weaving, Dying And Printing Of All Type Of Fabrics

Inava Instruments International
Digital Counters, Control Cards, Energy Saving Electronic Ballasts, Lighting Fittings & Controllers, Dealers In Light Fixtures, Warping Counters And Consultants For Power Audit & Turnkey Project Design & Implementation

Harish Enterprise Pvt.Ltd.
Hot Air Stenters, Rotary Washing Ranges, Hydraulic Jiggers, Electronics Jiggers, Relax Driers, Tumbler Driers, Loom Steamers Etc.

Proximon Controls Pvt.Ltd.
Inductive Proximity Sensors, Capacitive Proximity Sensors, Photoelectric Sensors, Color Mark Sensors, Power Supplies (SMPS), Micro Processor Based Weigh Controllers, Forward / Reverse Logic Controllers For Packaging Machines, Programmable Counters / Total

Heat-Cool Fin Industries
Manufacturer of Heat Exchangers, Fin Tubes, Fin Tube Radiators, Vessels, REceivers, Re-Boilers, Distilation Column

Hero Dyeing Machine Works
We Are Manufacturer Of All Kinds Of Dyeing Machines, Dryer Machines, Spare Parts

Indo Textile Stores
Drop Wires And Flat Steel Healds.

Ram Engineering Company
Manufacturer Of Jaguar Make Lab Sifter, Sieve Shaker, Ring Chamfering Machines, High Pressure Homogenizers, & Reconditioning Of Imported & Used Homogenizers.

Kapadia Enterprise
Textile Machinery Items

Rieter-India Pvt.Ltd.
Textile Machine Manufacturer

Manufacturer Of All Types Of Rollers

Royal Fabrics
We Are Leading Exporters & Mfr Of A Wide Assortment Of Textile, Knitted Apparel Fabric, Blended Fabric & Fashion Garment Fabric, Auto Loom & Power Loom Fabric Are Acclaimed For Their Durability & Color Fasteness

Kiran Industrial Engineers
Manufacturer & Suppliers Of Machinery Spare Parts Of Winding, Spining, Weaving

Kunjutech Corporation
ManufacturerTooth Brush & Industrial Brush Machine, Spare Parts, Suppliers of Brass Components & Other Engineering Work

Jogindra Industries
Leading Mfr And Supplier Of The Finest Quality Textile Machines, Textile Weaving Machines, Fabric Dyeing Machines, Weaving Machinery

Sai Sarvani Engineering Industries
Manufacturer of New Cotton Bailling Press

Sardar Textile Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Jiggers/ Winches, Padding Mangles, Drying Ranges, Curing Machines, Float Dryers, Stenters, Pre & Post Digital Printing Machines, Transfer Printing Machines, Inspection- Cum-Rolling Machines.

Machinetex (India) Agencies
Blow Room Lines, Blow Room Machines, Filters, Waste Evacuation Systems, Over Head Travelling Cleaners For Speed Frames, Ring Frames & Autoconers, Roll Shop Machines, Hydraulic Cots Grinding Machines, Hydraulic Cots Mounting/ Demounting Machines, Top Rolle

Shakti Textile Engineers Pvt.Ltd
Textile Processing & Allied Machines And Pvc/ Pd Leather Cloth Manufacturing Plants

Kts Instruments
Textile Testing Instruments, Yarn Testing Instruments, Garment Testing Instruments

Kuan Chung International Co.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Circular Knitting Machines

Kumudchandra & Co.
Spare Parts For Auto Looms, Winding Machines, Warping Machines, Creels, End Break Stop Motions, Detectors, Sensors, Conversion Undertaking & Innovations, Stocking & Transport Trolleys, Drawing-In Stands, Oil Bath Stand, Heald Frame Stands, Accessories For

Shivam Cone Winder
Manufacturer of Cone Winder, Reel Winder, Daba Winder, Dori Machine, Twisting Machines

Lea Cool India
Offering Knitted Garments And Woven Garments For Men, Ladies And Jids Including Mens Shirt, Mens T-Shrits, Ladies Tops, Ladies Skirt, Boys Shrits, Girls Top, Girls T-Shrits, Girls Bottoms, Babies Wear, Table Cloth, Kitchen Towel, Apron, Placement, Kitchen

Marsons Print Graf Machines Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer & Exporters Of Flexographic Printing Machinery & Spares, Rotogravure Leader (For Machinery & Final Product Screaming), Wet/Dry Laminations, Slitting & Rewinding Machines, Hot Melt Machinery, BOPP Machinery, Shearing Machinery, Bag Making Mach

Luxite Industries Ltd.
Ball & Roller Bearings, Textile Bearings, Components And Spare Parts And Dealers In Spinning Rings, Ring Travellers, Bobbin Holders And Roving Stop Devices.

Textile Machinery

Sona Impex
Trading Of Used Textile Machinery, Power Plant

Mail Hosieries
Mfr And Exporter Of Knitted Garments

Navbharat Industries
Textile Wooden Accessories For Spinning, Weaving & Blow Room Machines, Droppers, Aluminium Frames And Auto Pirns For Ruti B & C Looms

Mhalsa Overseas
Solar Water Heaters, Strapping Machines And Garment Finishing Machines

Nylon Ring Traveller Pvt. Ltd.
We Are Manufacturing Ring Traveller Suitable For ¼ (6.3mm), 3/8 (9.5 Mm), 21/32 (16.7 Mm), 1 (25.4 Mm) & 11/16 (17.4 Mm ‘j Type’)

Mistry Plywood Industries
All Type Parts For Furniture, Textile Parts, Packaging Material

The Consolidated Mill Supplies Pvt. Ltd.
Textile Spinning, Weaving & Processing Machinery

Niranjan Textile Corporation
Rapier Reeds, Flat Healds, Wire Healds Etc

Trans World Marketing
Textile Machinery And Accessories.

Orient Engineers
Manufacturer Of Textile Machinery, Rubber & Ebonite Rollers

Peass Industrial Engineers Ltd.
Hank To Cone/Cheese Winders, Cone Winders/ Assembly Winders, Precision Cone Winders, Yarn Sizing Machines, Yarn Marcerising Machines, Dye Package Winders, Two-For-One Twisters, Precision Propeller Winders, Versatile Machines, Ultima Soft Winding Machines

Perfect Braiding Industries
Manufacturers Of : Braiding Machinery, Twisting Machinery, Gland Packing Fancy Lace, Shoe Lace, Fiber Glass Sleeve, Nylon Rope, All Type Of Gears

Prece Enterprises
Garments Equipments And Spare Parts

Pranav Textile Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
HTHP Fabric Dyeing Machine

World Traders Mfg.Co.
Fibre Yarn Testing Machines Etc.

Radiant Engineering Works
Cylinder Drying Ranges And Its Spare Parts.

Ramsons Garments Finishing Equipments P.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Garment, Finishing Equipments, Laundry And Dry Cleaning, Material Handling Systems

Renaissance Crafts International
We Are Manufacturer And Trader of Textile Machinery

Rhodek Pumps & Equipments
Mfrs & Supplier Of Pumps Like Vaccum Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Barrel Pumps, Dewatering Pumps, Sewage Pumps, Valves, Mechanical Seals, Fans And Blowers

Rudra Industries
Manufacturer Of Textile Machinery Spare Parts, Watch Gears, Car Gears, Computer Gears, Chemical Filter Holders

Samar Sales Corporations
All Types of False Ceiling Boards

Sarj International
Merchant Exporters Dealing In Paper, Garments, Wood/ Plywood, Rice, Sugar, Minerals, Chemicals, Industrial Raw Materials

Savio India Limited.
Manufacturer Of Textile Machinery

Shah Textile Products Co.
Spares For Blow Rooms, Carding Machines, Draw Frames, Combers, Speed Frames, Ring Frames, T.F.O,Autoconers, Link Coners, Sulzers, Airjet Looms And Rapier Looms.

Sharp International India
Manufacturer And Suppliers Of Garment Finishing Machines

Sheela Marketing Services
Dealing In Kinds Of Textile Spinning, Preparatory & Weaving, Printing & Dyeing, Embroidery, Garment Machine & Accessories

Simta Clear Coats Pvt.Ltd.,
Flocked Clearer Rollers, Clearer Roller Cleaning Machines And Autofeeders.

Sowbagya Metal Alloys
Mfr Of Aluminium Gravity Cast Bobbins For Narrow Fabric, Looms

Shree Shakti Industries
Custom Made Spares For Spinning, Winding, Warping & Weaving Machines, Teflon, Nylon, Ceramic, Sic Coating & Other Special Products And Dealers In Imported Lenos, Heald Wires, Drop Pins, Heald Frames, Grippers Etc.

Shri Savabu Textile Traders
dealers Of Alpha Tex, Winders And JC Machinery All Types Of Used Textile Machinery Yarn Dyeing Plant, Winding Machines And Doubling Machinery

Spartex Industrial Corporation
All Metal Reeds, Imported & Indigenous Spare Parts , Weaving Machines & Accessories, I.E.Reeds, Heddles And Drop Pins.

Bhogle Engineering Works
We Manufacture Qualitative Range of Thermal Lamination Machines, Auto Cutting Machines, Rewinding Machines, Laminator Machines.

Sriraam Enterprises
Manufacturer & Suppliers Of Warping & Sizing Machines

Star Plus Engineering Enterprises
Mfr And Exporter Of Precision Engineered Textile Machinery Spares, Cleaning Brushes And Clearer Spares, We Also Offer Spinning Machinery Spares, Pneumatic Products, Textile Machiney Spare parts

Texind Corporation Pvt.Ltd
Beam Knotting Machines And Semi- Automatic Drawing-In Machines.

Tuljai Engg. Works Pvt.Ltd.
Sp. Textile Stenters Direct Fired Hot Air System, Non IBR Boilers, Hot Air Generators, Thermic Fluid Heaters, Hot Water Generators (Coal Wood Oil, Fired), Baby Boilers, Hot Unit For Center Machines

Trueshape Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Rapid Washing Machines, Dolly Washing Machines, Fabric Shrinking Machines, Back Coating Machines, Relaxing & Conditioning Machines, Tube Rolling Machines, Big Batching Machines, Feed Units, Open Width Plaiting Machines, Motorised Mending Machines, Double

Vasuco Texspares Pvt.Ltd.
Pitch Bound Steel Reeds, All Metal Reeds, Perforated Steel Strips, Wire Healds .

Vijay Knit Fab
Industrial Textile, Foam Component For Appliance Industries & Acoustic Items

Vintex Engineering Exports Pvt.Ltd.
Spinning, Weaving And Processing Textile Machinery, Accessories, Spare Parts, Dyes, Yarn, Fabric Etc

W. H. Bradys & Co. Ltd.
Material Handling Equipments, EOT & HOT Cranes, Electric Wire Rope/Chain Hoists, Jib Cranes, Goods Lift, Chain Pully Blocks, Pallet Trucks, Stackers, Textile Machinery & Spares.

White Polytex
Plastic Injection Moulds, Textile Bobbins & Cones

Yash Textile Machines Pvt. Ltd.
Fabric Inspection Machine, Cloth Inspection Machines, Fabric Rolling And Folding Machine, Rolling And Inspection Machines, Reversing Machine, Folding Machine, Brushing Machine,finishing And Making-up Machinery, Packing Machine, Winding Machine, Sueding Ma

Shree Maruti Associates
Textile Machinery, Material Handling Equipments Etc.

Dystar India Pvt.Ltd.
Textile Dyeing and Boiling Machinery and Equipment.

Innova Enterprise
Exporter and Supplier of Metal, Healed Frames for HY Speed Looms, Heald Frames, J Hooks, Wire Healds

Cantrell Worldwide (India) Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Shakers, Meal Grinders, Hull Beaters And Separators, Gravity Separators, Box Type Seed Cleaners, Dry Destoners, Aloe Vera Processing Machines, Cotton Baling Press, Hammer Mills, Lint Cleaners.

Aadarsh Technologies
Manufacturer, Trader & Supplier of complete Textile Lab Equipment & Paint/Pigment Testing Lab Equipment, Weather Testing Equipments.

Benz Embroidery
Garment and Textile Machinery, Embroidery Machines, Laser Cutting, Engraving, Marking & Digital Flat Bed Printing Machines.

Blow Mould Plast
Transformer Bobbins, Solenoid Bobbins, Automotive Alternator Bobbins, Ferrite Core Bobbins, Laminated Core Bobbins, Round Core Bobbins, Alternator spares, Bobbins Textile Machinery.

Adiv Exports
Supplier, Exporter and Manufacturer of Plastic Balding Machinery, Textile, Fabrics, Made-ups, Textile Mills Cotton.

Hitexin Company
Industrial Machine Spares, Chemical Machinery Spare Parts, Pharmaceutical Machinery Spare Parts, Textile Machinery Spare Parts, Dyed Cotton Yarn.

Garment Finsihing Equipments
Fusing Machines, Boilers, Steam Irons, Ironing Tables, Special Finishing Machines For Denims, Fabric Checking Machine.

Innolab India
Lab Jet Dyeing Machine, hthp Beaker Dyeing Machine, Color Fastness Instruments, Washing Fastness Tester, Crockmeter, Gray Scales Blue Wool, Perspirometer, Exposure Rack, Light Fastness Tester, Lab Dyeing Instruments, Hthp Beaker Dyeing Machine.

Dodhia Traders
Dryers, Printers & Processors of Textiles.

Platinum Pharma Tech
Pharmaceutical Machinery, Food Processing Machinery.

Harikrut Industries Pvt. Ltd.
We are engaged in offering Nylon Matty Cotton and Jute Bags, Textiles Goods, Corporate Gifts, Cotton T Shirt.

Rajat International Co.
All Kinds Of Textile & Industrial Machineries Industrial Machinery & Parts.

M.S. Machinery
Industrial Machines. Fusing Machines, Printing Machines, Textile Machinery, Embossing Machines, Vacuum Forming Machines.

M/S Chemtex Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Supplier of Textile Machinery and Trusted Textile Machines, Yarn Machine, Chenille Yarn Cleaner, Water Treatment System, Knitting Machine.

Liladhar P. Shah & Co.
Industrial Machinery, Chemicals, Surgical Product, Textile Garment Industrial Machinery & Parts.

Sawe Engineering And Fabrication Works
Engg. Spare Parts for Textile & Pharma, Centrifuge Repairs & Supply, MS and SS Fabrication. Structure, Vessels, Pipeline etc.

Seaman Power Steam
Manufacturers and Trader of Steam Generators, Steam Car Wash, Jeans Wrinkle Machine, Electric Curing Machine, Scrapping Machine, Jeans Spray Booth.

Shah And Parekh Traders
Machine Tools, Kitchenware Products, Merchant Exporter (Abrasives), Coated & Bonded Abrasives, Towel Machine.

Shive Industries
Cable Twisting Machine, Cable Take Up Machine, PVC Cable Making Machine.

Shivam Texmech Pvt. Ltd.
Marketing of Textile Machines & Accessories Manufacturing of Textile Equipment

Shree Om Sai Packaging
Manufacturer of Steel Cable Drums, Corrugated Steel Drum, M.S.Spool, Bobbins, Process Drums, M.S.Tie Rods.

Sri Swaminatha Ginning Mills Pvt.Ltd.
Ginning Machinery, Textile Mills.

Swati Industries
Needle Loom, Jumbo Bag Series, Gold Wider Series, Gold Economy Series, Gold Super Series, Economy Series, Warping Machine, Rolling Machine.

Uni Tech Engineers
Pressing Machinery, Rolling Equipment And Spare Parts Machinery.

Tubacex India Pvt Ltd
Heat Exchanger Tubes, Hydraulic & Instrumentation Tubes, Boiler Tubes, Line Pipes.

Babu Engineering Foundry
Autombobile Spare Parts, Textile Spare Parts, Compressor Spares, Motor Parts.

Godwell Engineering Products
Coir Machines, Tea Machines, Foundry Equipments, Textile Machines.

Metro Springs
Springs, Textile Spares, Wire Forms.

Sei Technologies
Textile & Automobile Parts.

Shrill Engineers
Automobile Components and Textile Components, Textile Machinery Spares.

Specific Engineering Corporation Pvt.Ltd.
Inner Tube Machine, Bladder Curring Press, Tyre Building Machine, Hot Feed Extruder, Bag-o-Matic Tyre Curing M/C, Steel Industries, Tyre Machinery, Tube Machinery, Rubber Machinery, Cement Machinery & Allied Industries Machineries, Foundry & Material Handling Equipments, Extruders (plastic M/c), Mixing Machinery (Process Plant), Tube Mill Machinery, Foundry Machinery, Material Handling Equipments, Rubber Processing Machinery

Sree Balamurugan Industries
Textile Machinery Parts, Valve Industries Parts.

Sri Meenaakshe Amman Industry
Hydraulic Pnuematic Equipment, Spares, Textile Spares & Pump Spares.

Unity Metals Containers
Mfg. of Gang Slitter, Body Rolling Machine, Welding Machine, Tin Printing Oven Machine, Curing Machine, Drying Oven.

Vetri Engineers
Textile Machinery Spares.

Yamuna Machine Works Pvt.Ltd.
Textile Processing Machinery.

Konica Electronics Enterprises
Manufacturing, Exporting and Repairing of Electronic Spares for Textile Weaving machineries.

Kristeel Shinwa Industries Ltd
Measuring Instruments & Gauges, Textile Machinery, Photo Chemical Machinery, Real Estate, SMT Stencils, Thick Film Screens.

Yashtex India
Fabrics, Cloth, Inspection, Rolling, Brushing, Sample Cutting Machinery.

B Kay Machine Works
Candy Wrapping Machines, Coir Spinning Machines, Fodder Cutter Machines & Bio Mass Cutter Machines.

Adwaith Lakshmi Industries Ltd.
Bright Bar, Textile Machinery Spares.

Coimbatore Springs
Textile Machinery Spares & Sheet Metal Components.

Associated Autotex Ancillaries Pvt.Ltd.
Bobbin Holders, Fluff Protectors, Ring Tube Bobbins, Textile Bobbins.

Deep International
Crochet Machine, Industrial Crochet Machine, Textile Machinery.

Batliboi International Ltd.
Machine Tools, Air Engineering, Textile Machinery, Environmental Engineering, Wind Energy, Motors, International Marketing And Logistics.

Swastik Future Tech Machinery
Wholesale Trader of Textile Machine, Multi Needle Embroidery Machine & Computerized Embroidery Machines.

Coimbatore Machines & Toolings
Mfr. Jaquard Card Punching Machine, Knitting Machine Automation, Suttleless Loom Spares, Knitting Mills (Textile), Shuttles Textile Machinery.

True Shape
Inspection Machines, Rolling Machines, Folding Machines, Plaiting Machines Textile Machines Machinery.

Chandni Textiles Ltd
All Types Of Machinery And Machinery Components.

Deeco Mechatron Marketing Pvt.Ltd
Spinning, Weaving And Processing.

Dharshini Impex Pvt.Ltd.
Export of Garments & Import of Secondhand Looms Woven Garments & Madeups Fabrics.

Easy Dry Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer of Cloth Drying Systems

Deltron Engineers
Garment and Printing Machinery.

Ekay & Associates
Textile Machinery.

Electronics Signals & Controls
Mfg. Electronic lamps & Textile Machinery Spares.

Eldi Electrodes
Textile, Automobile, Printing Machinery & General Engineering Components

Eureka Precision Instruments & Co
Mfrs. Of Textile Testing Instruments. Textile Testing Machine.

Apsara Engineers
Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier. The extended range of Pillow & Textile Machinery includes Fiber Opening Machine, Pillow Filling Machine, Vacuum Packers, Sealing Machines, Blow Rooms etc.

Jai Engineering Works
Ginning Machine Spare Parts, Machinery Spare Parts

Hitesh Mechanicals Pvt Ltd
Agitators, Chimneys, Condensers, Galvanized Tanks, Heat Exchangers, Pipe Bending Machines, Pressure Vessels, Reactors, Rolling Machines, Storage Tanks And All Types Of Fabrication Works.

Knitting & Textile Machinery Works
Mfrs of Knitting Machines & Cotton Knitted Hosiery Cloth.

Tirupati Corporation
All Textile Machinery, Spare Part & Accessories

Lmw Machinery Ltd
Textile Ring Spinning Machine.

Matchless Enterprises
Manufacturer of Textile Machines Spare Parts & Assembly

Hiwin Technologies India Pvt.Ltd.
Machining, Precision Components for Automobile, Valve, Textile & General Engineering.

Annai Sharadhambal Trader
Exporters Of Heavy Machinery, Boilers, Textile Machinery, Diesel Generators, Transformers, Electric Motors

Karthika Industries
Machine Shop, Textile Spares, Workshop M/C Accessories & Attachments, Workshop Machinery.

Moreind Automation Pvt.Ltd.
Textile Machinery & Accessories, Electronic Length Meter CNC & VMC Machine Shop, VMC Machined Components, VMC Machines.

Murugan Engineering Company
Gear Wheels, Gear Boxes, Textile Spares, Engineering Industry Spares.

Mahendra Engineering Corp.
Dealers & Stockist Of All types Of Engineering, Precision & Measuring Tools, Textile Instruments For Yarn Testing, Repairers & General Suppliers

Impex Trading Company
Heating Control, Heating Elements, Electronic Components, Cooling Thermostats, Energy Regulators, Switches, Measuring Instruments, Indicators, Neon Lamps, Resistance Wires, Ribbons and Strips. Rocker Switches, Dumet and Lead In Wires for the lamp industry, Thermometers (Industrial), Beryllium Copper and Bimetal Strips and Components, Heat Control Switches.Test and Measuring Instrument & Oscilloscopes, Heat Regulators, Silica and Quartz Tubes, Ceramic Tubes, Fused MGO insulating powders for heating elements, Borosilicate Tubes and Capillaries, Borosilicate Tubes and Special Labware, Switchgear Products and Components, Timers and Time Switches, Technical Ceramics and Components, Heating Element Machineries & Spares.

Mehala Machines India Ltd.
Mfrs of Energy Efficient Squirrel Cage Motors / Clutch Motors for Sewing Machines & other Garment Making Machinery.

Manufacturer of Textile Machines, Bottle Filling Machines, Packaging Machines, Software & Hardware for Single End Sample Warping, Sectional Warping & Rapier Loom.

Germatech Eu Germany
Buy and Sell Textile Machinery and Original Spare Parts.

N.M.Engineering Indusstries
Gears and Gear Boxes, Textile Machineries & Spares, Roto Mould Machines, Roto-mould Products, Pulverizer Turnkey Projects, Cut Wire Shots Machine.

Jambu Associates
Textile Machinery Spares, Narrow Woven Fabric, Elastic Tape.

Karpagam Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Engineering Textile Machinery Parts, Spinning Machinery, Textile Machinery.

Renghnathan & Sons
Textile Machinery Parts & Accessories, Comber Topcombs, Carding Brushes, Blow Room Lattieces.

Kcr Global Co.,Ltd
Textile Used Machinery Import And Export Business.

Jtex Poly Products
Polythene Bags, Textile Bobbins, Cones, Ringtubes.

Milltex Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Mfr. Of Jute Carding Machine & Jute Spinning Machine

Nandini Gears
Textile Machinery Spares.

Sree Balagi Engg Comps
Automobile Parts, Textile Parts, Pump Parts, Valve Parts, Textile Machine Spares.

Sri Balaram Enterprises
Textile Spares, Comber Spools, Comber Brushes, Lappet Hooks, Lattices, Wooden Rollers, Combing Mills.

Sri Tex Ace Traders
Textile Machinery Spares.

Swarnaraj Engineering Works
Pump Spares, Automobile components, Textile Machinery spares.

Khimji Visram & Sons
Trading in Raw Cotton, Cotton Ginning & Pressing.

Vhandni Textiles Engineering Industries Ltd.
We Are Manufacturer Of Prerna TFO Twister For Spun Yarn.

Srg Engineerings
Dyeing Machines and Accessories Dealing Valves and Mechanical Seals, Industrial Valves.

Vxl Systems
Textile Machinery Manufaturer

Venkatesa Traders
Packing Materials, Textile Spares, Speciality Tapes.

T.R. Industrial Works
Mfr. Textile Spares, Machinery Spares.

Taj Engineering & Co.
Manufacturer Of Oil Mill Machinery, Ginning Machinery

Silver Crown Metal Coatings
Electronics, Automobile, Computer Parts & Textile Machinery Parts etc.

Soveriegn Engg Pvt.Ltd.
Textile Machinery Spares.

Unity Textile Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Mfrs of Textile Spares and Equipments.

Textile Machinery Spares, Bottom Fluted Rollers & Drafting Materials.

Sree Andal & Co.
Engineering Industry, Textile Machinery.

Venkatapathy Foundry
Textile Testing Equipments, Machineries & Spares, CNC Machined Components, Dynamically Balanced Fans, Implellers etc.

Macrotech Engineers
Mfr. Of Textile Carding Machinery & Spares.

Darshan Sales Enterprises
Exporter, Supplier and Manufacturer of Machinery, Heavy Duty Dye Cutting, Ginning Machinery Duty Dye Cutting Creasing, Embossing Platen Press.

Unirols Airtex
Overhead Travelling Cleaner.

Vijayeswari Ring Travellers Pvt.Ltd
Textile Spares Ring Travellers.

K K Engineering
Textile & Engineering Space part, Grease, Type Of Machine, Automation Precision Work On CNC Lathe.

Kmc International
Laundry Machines, Garment Finishing Machines, Steamers, Irons and Spare Parts.

Naya Plast & Metal Works
Plastic Blow Moulding, Protection Caps for Steel, langes, Bobbin, Plastic Moulded Parts.

China Win Group Co.Ltd.
Floor Washing Machines, Floor Brushing Machines, Floor Sweeping Machines, Carpet Cleaners, Air Duct Cleaning Machines

Sangam Engineering
Manufacturer of Fabrics & Yarn Dyeing Machinery, Multi Colour Spice Dyeing, Biker or Lab Dyeing, Hydro or Structure Machine.

Sulz Electro
Textile Sulzer Loom.

Fair Deal Associates
Manufacturer For Pilot Melt Spinning Machine & Wet Spinning Machine

B.M. Engineering
Manufacturers Of Textile Machinery And Part

Micromatic Engineers
Manufacturing Activities like Pumps & Motors, Textile Machinery, Auto parts and Instrumentation.

Sri Laskmi Engineering Works
manufacturer of Custom Built Textile machinery spares, Gear Boxes, Industrial Gear Boxes, Helical worm Gear Boxes, Bevel Gear Boxes and Geared Motors.

Nathan Industries
Textile Machinery Spares, Fluted Rollers & Top Rollers, Draft Conversion Materials.

Patwari Udyog
Manufacture Automation Forging, General Forging, Forged Steel Grinding Media Balls

Reshmi Industrial India Pvt.Ltd.
Textile Machinery Manufacturer.

P.A.S. Industries India Pvt.Ltd.
Hosiery Finishing Machinery, Industrial & Other Machinery, Parts & Accessories of Textile Machinery

Textile Service Engineer
We Undertake Job Work Of All Type Of Carding Machines And Spinning Machines, And Also Metalic Wires And Garnett Wire Mounting.

R.S. Industries
Mfr of Textile Spares.

Rupa Engineering Industries
Textile Machinery Spares, Automobile Parts.

Magnum Resources Pvt.Ltd.
Brother Industrial Sewing Machine, Lockstitch, Over Lock, Zig Zag, Twin Needle, Button Hole, Button Stitch, Computerised Embroidery Machines

Textile Spinning & Doubling Rings Manufacturers.

Sri Sarathi Enterprisess
Textile & Machinery Spares.

S.K. Associates
Textile Machines.

Micro Industries
Textile Machinary Spares.

Suman Tex Industries
Mfrs of All Types of Textile Spare Parts. Textile Machinery, Textile Machine Spares.

Millmark Associates
Trading in Textile Machinery & Spares.

Nestling Technocraft
Mfr & Trading Textile Machinery Spares.

Shriji Engineering Works
Mfr. Gears, Bevels, Sprockets all Textile Spares & Gears, Sprockets, Textile Spare Parts.

Vibrant Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Textile Machineries & Accessories.

Wilson Equipments Pvt.Ltd.
Textile Machinery Spares & Components, High Pressure Water Pump.

Sri Krishna Foundry
Rich Huller Machinery Parts & Textile Machinery Parts & Rough Cast Iron Cast.

Sri Venkateswara Hi-Tech Machinery Ltd.
Mfg of Textile Machinery, Paper, Cement, Railway Parts, and Space Research Equipment, Paper Machinery, Railway Equipment, Aerospace Parts.

Statex Electronics
Textile Testing Instruments.

Susiram Enterprises
Mfg. of Textile Machinery & Spares.

Rajaram Dies Maker
Faceting Machine, Forming Machine, Turning Machine, Rolling Machine, CNC Machine.

Bajaj Steel Industries Limited
Automatic Cotton Ginning Machine, Cotton Bale Press, Cotton Baling Press Machine, Hydraulic Cotton Bale Press Machine, Lummus Cotton Gin, Roller Ginning Machine, Spare Parts For Ginning Machine

Bhadauria Infotech Private Limited
Knitting Needles, Knitting Machines, Circular Needles, Korean Needles, Sinker & Jacks.

Vijayalakshmi Metal Works
Pneumafills Cut Roll Cleaning M/c, Press Components Textile Spares, Eye Wear Display Stands.

Yellow Hammer Accessories
Mfg. of Textile Machinery Parts.

Shree Shakthi Industrries
Textile, Sugar Mills, Paper Mills, Coir Machines etc.,

Amar Jacquard
Electronic Jacquard, High Speed Jacquard Hooks, Electronic Jacquard Loom, High Speed Jacquard Hooks, Electronic Jacquard Rapier Looms, High Speed Jacquard Hooks, Electronic Jacquard for Handloom.

Sree Venkateswara Company
Aluminum Metal Spinning Items, Happet Hook & Wire Items Press Items & Machine Items.

Sri Sai Industries
Manufacturer and Supplier of CNC Machined Components, Radar Parts, Textile Machine Parts.

Stalwart Engineering Co.Pvt.Ltd.
Garment Processing, Dyeing & Washing Machinery 10 Kg. To 300 Kg. Capacity, Hydro Extractor Upto 50 Kg. Capacity, Drying Tumbler Upto 200 Kg. Capacity

Susi Industriess
Paper Tube Machinery, Special type of Machinery, Paper Ione Machineries.

Vijay Engineering Works
Textile Machinery. Cone Winder Machine.

Jeyaletshmi Machine Works
Manufacturer Of Ring Doublets, Heavy Ring Twisters And On-Line Ring Winders.

Jadhao Falc
Manufacturer Of Agricultural Implements,Agricultural Equipments, Cotton Bailing Presses, Cotton Ginning & Pressing Units,Shredders, Shredding machines, Tractor Mounted ploughs,Tractor Drawn Trailors,Tillers.

Caru - Macchine Caru' S.R.L.
Sueding Machine, Laser Machines, Cleaning Machines, Velvet and Corduroy Finishing Machines, Wool Brushing Machines, Raising Machines, Shearing Machines, Steamers and Dryers.

Chandra Electricals
All Type Of Sulzer Somet, Donier Machine, Maintenance Work, L.T Electrical Work, All Type Looms, Errection Work Panel, Transformer.

Patel Textile Engineers
Manufacturer of Spares for Leesona-50, Presion Corn, Tube & Cheese Winding Machines, Multi Spindle Drilling Machines, Yarn Processing Machinery.

Redex S.A
Machine Tool Drives, Strips Processing Equipment, Precision Rolling Mills.

Shahas Sociates
Marketing The Textile Machinery Products

Vital Texcrafts
Importers And Exporters, Indenting Dealin In Textile Machinery

Harini Associates
We are Supplying all Kinds of Textiles Spare.

Sumaco Engg. Works
Manufacturer Of Hydro Extractors, Cheese Winder, Cone Winder, Warping Machine, Doubling Machine, Ring Spinning Frames, Teaser Machine, Willow Machine, Baling Press, Vacuum Press, Jiggers, Dyeing Machines, Hanks Reeling Machines

Prageet Engineers
Manufacturers and exporters of precision turned & machined components as per customer technical drawings. Our array of precision turned components include Precision Turned & Machined Component, Pins, Bush, Inserts, Studs, Threaded pins, Bolts Nuts, Gear B

Pakira Export Pvt.Ltd.
Jute Machinery Part, Textile Machinery Part, Man Garments.

Thaker Engineering Co.Pvt.Ltd.
Artos Stenter Clips, Stenter Clips, Stenter Clip with Roller Feeler, Pin Link (long).

Sanarco Engineering Private Limited
Manufacturer & Exporter Of Dyeing Plants, Yarn Conditioning Plant. Yarn/ Fibre Pressing Machine, SS Dye Spring & Yarn Printing Machine Etc.

Sk Impex
Manufacturers, suppliers, importer and Exporters of Electronic Jacquard, Electronic Highspeed Jacquard, Rapier Looms, Power Looms, Embroidery Machines, Dry Clean Machine, Rivet Attaching Machine, Industrial Sewing Machine.

Vpr Enterprises
Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Textile Machine Parts, Loom Machine Parts and Sulzer Machine Parts.