Adhesives Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters

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Kamsons Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Building Chemicals, Construction Chemicals, Acrylic Polymer Emulsion For Water Proofing, Paint Emulsions, Bopp Tape Adhesives, Water Based Polyurethanes, Textile Printing Binders, Water Based Polyurethane Dispersions, Paint Binders Thickners, Polyurethane Floor Coatings / Roof Coatings, Paint Chemicals

Aditya Polymers
Synthetic Adhesives, Packing Adhesives, Paper Conversion Adhesives, Customised Adhesives, Labeling Adhesive, Lamination Adhesives, Textile Screen Printing Adhesives, Furniture Adhesives, Post Forming Adhesives, Paper Adhesives, Flex Adhesives, Corrugated Box Adhesives, Paper Core Adhesives, Temperature, Resistant Adhesives, Solvent Free Adhesive, Starch Based Adhesive

Dex-Vin Polymers Pvt.Ltd.
Anti Rust Varnishes, Binders, Binders For Non Woven Fabrics, Thickeners, Thickeners In Plastic Emulsion Paints, Lamination Adhesives, Adhesives For Stickers, Sticker Adhisives, BOPP Tape Adhesives, Polymer Systems, Anti Tarnishing Agents

Speciality Polymers Pvt.Ltd.
Construction Chemicals, Polymers & Copolymers Dipicryl, Dipivin Dipicol Dipilex For Construction Chemicals, Paints, Textiles, Paper, Leather & Packaging Industies, Also Manufacture Solvent Based Adhesives For Machine Applications

Satyen Enterprises
Self Adhesive BOPP Tapes, Self Adhesive BOPP Lamination Film, Surface Protection Film, Scratch Proof Film, Guard Film, Co Adhesive Film, Adhesive, Adhesives, Self Adhesive Lamination Film, Lamination Film, Adhesive Tapes

Supreme Polytech Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg.High Performance Epoxy Resins, Hardness Polyurethane Systems, Pigments & Speciality Chemicals, We Also Undertake Industrial Epoxy Flooring, Water Proofing & Surface Coatings Job Works

Mag Hard Insulators
Authorised Dealer & Distributor For Thermocole / PUF / Phenotherm - Slabs & Pipe Section, Mineralwool, Glasswool, R.P.Tissue, Plaster Of Paris, Bitumen & Shalikote, Specialist in Insulation Contractor For Hot, Cold & Acoustic Insulation. PUF Insitu Job Br

Selwel Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.
Welding Machine, 3M Electrical Epoxy Powders, Electrical Epoxy Powder, Electrical & Electronic Resins, Adhesive Tapes, Adhesive Laminating Tape, Multipurpose Spray Adhesive, 3M 700R Taping Machine, Aluminium Foil Adhesive Tape, Double Side Foam Tape, Double Side Tissue, Polyster Tapes, High Temprature Adhesive Lamination Tapes, 3M Masking Tapes, VHB Tapes, Tape Dispencer, Transfer Adhesive Tape, Foil, Adhesive Tape, Die Cut Tape Products, High Temprature Masking Tapes, Sil Sponge Rubber, UV Cure Adhesive, Chip Bonding Glue, Chip Bonding Glue, Heat Sink Adhesives, Adhesive Sequencing Tape, Non-Adhesive Sequencing Tape, Sequencing Tapes, Stretch Pe Butyl Adhesive - Tapes, Rubber Cushion Pad, ELGI Air Compressors BOSCH Power Tools, Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Machines, Hypertherm Plasma Cutting Machines Accessories, DH Welding Electrodes, Supratherme Low Hydrogen Electrodes For Pressure Vessel Applications, Heavey Duty Arc Welding Transformers, Crni Alloy Electrodes For Special Applications, Maintenance Welding Electrodes, L&T Maintenance Welding Alloys & Solutions, Thyristorised MIG/CO2 Welding Machines, Zuperarc 400T / 600T Inverter DC Welding Rectifiers & TIG Welding Sources, Digital MIG Welding & Brazing Powder Sources, Diode Based MIG/CO2 Welding Machines Zuperarc 300/400, Placut Range Of Plazma Cutting Machines, Maintenance Welding Alloys & Solutions, MARPOL Powder Coatings, Pure Epoxy Powder Coating, Indoor Use Epoxy Polyester Powder Coating, Polyester Powders, Polyester Powders Coating, Powder Coating Services, Powders For Aluminium Components, Powders For Aluminium Sections, Powders For Pannel Applications, Powders For Two Wheeler Industries, TEADIT Fluid Sealing Solutions, Gland Packing & Gaskets, Gasket Sheets, Valve & Pump Packings, Metalic Gasket, Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant & Sheets, Expansion Joints, Industrial & Textile Gaskets, Eptfe Ropes & Tapes, Stuffing Box Gland Ropes, Graphite / Carbon Gland Ropes, Spiral Wound Gaskets, Specially Lubricants, Oils, Greases, Maintenance Aerosol Sprays, VCI Products, 'Kyodo-Yushi' Oils & Greases, Stainless Steel Welding Conumables, SS MIG Welding Wire, SS TIG Filler Rod, SS SAW Welding And Fixures, Welding Equipments, Inverter Welding Rectifiers, Digital MIG / CO2 Welding Machines, TIG Welding Machines, CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) Welding Machines, Special Welding Equipments, Pulse MIG Brazing Machines, Welding Accessories & Torch Spares, MIG Welding Torches & Spares , TIG Welding Torches & Spares, Welding Accessories, Robotic MIG Welding Torches & Spares, Robotic MIG Welding Cones & Conduits, Welding Cables, Fume Extraction Systems, Welder's Safety Wares & Accessories, Messer Gas Regulator, Cutters, Brazing Torch, Gas Savers, MIG Welding Torches, Spares & Accessories Suitable For Benzil, TBI, Panasonic, OTC, ESAB Make Torches, Pneumatic & Automation Products, Pneumatic Cylinders, Electro Mechanical Drives, Grippers, Vacuum Technology, Valves, Valve Terminals, Sensors (Proximity & Inductive), FRL's & Compressed Air Preparation, Pneumatic Tubings & Fittings, Image Processing Systems, On Line Quality Inspection Systems

Apte And Apte Organic Coatings Pvt.Ltd.
Adhesives, Coating For Plastics, Industrial Paints, Thinners, Printing Inks, Polyurethane Lacquers

Vasumati Print & Packaging
Self Adhesive BOPP Tapes, Self Adhesive BOPP Lamination Film, Surface Protection Film, Scratch Proof Film, Guard Film, Co Adhesive Film, Adhesive, Adhesives, Self Adhesive Lamination Film, Lamination Film, Adhesive Tapes

Aqua Alliances (India) Pvt.Ltd.
Leading Organisation In The Field Of Water Proofing Which Introduce India Industry Of Construction the New trend Of Water Proofing Systems With Crystallization Method And Liquid Applied Membrane Of Various Natures For Locations Of Each kind.

Ameya Industrial Suppliers Pvt.Ltd.
Distributor, Exporter OF 3M Industrial Tapes, Adhesives, Labels, Films, Papers, Rubbers & Foams. Welding Electrodes, Wires, Fluxes, Gas Regulators, Cutting & Welding Blow Pipes, ARC Welding & Cutting Machines, Filtration Systems, Cable & Hose Reels, Covering Tools,

Anagha Engineers
We Provide Solutions for Eco Friendly Water Based Rust Proofing Protection & Prevention Solution, Eco Friendly Water Based Nano Technology Waterproofing, Engineering Adhesives & Sealants. Eco Friendly Water based Rust Proofing - Protection / Prevention so

Tuff-Bond Industrial Adhesives Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg. & Promoters Of Adhesives, Structural Adhesives, Cyanoacrylate Adhesive, Anaerobic Adhesives, Single Part Heat Curing Epoxy, Two Part Epoxy Adhesive, Epoxy Putty, Epoxy Gel Coat, Structural Adhesive, RTV Silicones, Pu (Polyurethane) Sealant For Construction Expansion Joint, Automobile & Marine Application, UV Glue (Glass Bonder), High-Temp Silicone Gasket Maker, Brake Shoe / Disk Pad Bonding Adhesive, Acrylic Binders, Anti Corrosion Coating, Binders (Adhesive), Enamels, Floor Coatings, Glues, Guar Gum, Gums, Industrial Adhesives, Moisture Curing Urethanes, Pigments, Putty, RE Enterable Coatings, Road Marking Paints, Roof Leakage Coatings, Rubber Adhesive, Sealants, Structural Adhesive, White Glues

Supreme Poly Products
Mfg.High Performance Epoxy Resins, Hardness Polyurethane Systems, Pigments & Speciality Chemicals, We Also Undertake Industrial Epoxy Flooring, Water Proofing & Surface Coatings Job Works

Capsil Synchem Industries
Mfgrs.Of Cable Jointing Kits, Potting Compound, Epoxy Resin & Epoxy Putty, Adhesives, Polyurethane Compound For Capacitors, Cast Resin Based Straight Joints

Supreme Coatings
Acrylic Resins, Adhesives, Air Drying Paint Finish/Epoxy Painting, Anti Foaming Agents, Binders (Adhesive), Building Chemicals, Construction Chemicals, Defoaming Agents, Epoxy Castings, Epoxy Compounds, Epoxy Coatings, Epoxy Painting, Epoxy Resins, False

Rachna Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Textile Processing Chemical, Textile Chemicals Leather Chemical, Construction Chemicals, Plywood Chemical, Auxilliary Chemical, Wax Product, Bleaching Chemical.

Prodigious Agencies
Mfg. & Promoters Of Adhesives, Structural Adhesives, Cyanoacrylate Adhesive (Super Glue), Anaerobic Adhesives, Single Part Heat Curing Epoxy, Two Part Epoxy Adhesive, Epoxy Putty, Epoxy Gel Coat, Structural Adhesive, RTV Silicones, Pu (Polyurethane) Sealant For Construction Expansion Joint, Automobile & Marine Application, UV Glue (Glass Bonder), High-Temp Silicone Gasket Maker, Brake Shoe / Disk Pad Bonding Adhesive, Acrylic Binders, Anti Corrosion Coating, Binders (Adhesive), Enamels, Floor Coatings, Glues, Guar Gum, Gums, Industrial Adhesives, Moisture Curing Urethanes, Pigments, Putty, RE Enterable Coatings, Road Marking Paints, Roof Leakage Coatings, Rubber Adhesive, Sealants, Structural Adhesive, White Glues

Ronak Specialities
Manufacturer Of Adhesives For Wood: Sh & D-3, D-4 Grade (water Resistant)paper: For Paper Core, Tubes, Drums, Acrylic Emulsions For Decorative, Wall, Coated Wall Paper, Coated Bottle Labels, Tea Bags & Mineral Coatings Lamination: Paper To Pvc, Paper To B

A To Z Electronics
Electronic Components, Switches, Cables, Fuses, Adhesives, Lugs, Transistors, Isolated Gate Bipolar Transmitter

Supreme Polymers
ManufacturerHigh Performance Epoxy Resins, Hardness Polyurethane Systems, Pigments & Speciality Chemicals, We Also Undertake Industrial Epoxy Flooring, Water Proofing & Surface Coatings Job Works

Pathfinder Technologies
Industrial Safety Equipment, Industrial Items, IT Products & Services

A1 Adhesives And Sealants
Adhesives, Sealants, Lubricants, Rust Preventive Chemicals, Epoxies And Specialty Products Adhesives & Sealants, Rust Preventive Oils, Rust Preventives, Lubricants, Lubricant Greases, Lubricant Oils, Greases.

Arofine Polymers Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturers & Supplier of Gums, Guar Gum, Guar Gum Powder, Guar Gum Thickner, Adhesives & Glue.

Blue Coat Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Adhesive, Chemicals.

Chandra Chem Ltd.
Adhesives Sticking Materials.

Joshi Enterprises
Authorised Dealer for Dr. Fixit & Roff Brand Chemicals, Pidilite Industries Ltd

Kosee Industries
Rubber Moulding Machine, Plastic Moulding Machine, Transfer Injection Rubber Molds, Compression Moulds, Collapsible Moulds.

Packaging Aid Products
Starch Based Adhesives.

Reliable Corporation
Industrial Adhesives & Binders.

Resinova Chemie Ltd.
Manufacturer of Chemical & AMP, Dolvents, Adhesives, Putty, White Cement.

S.K. Bitumen Products
Bituminous Emulsion, Adhesives, Bitumen Blow Grade.

Sana Traders
Insulation Material, Aluminum Product, EPS Themocol, Fevicol Adhesive, Insulation Board, Insulation Tapes, Packaging Material, Pallets, Plastic Products, Adhesives, Binders, (Adhesives), Industrial Adhesives, Pallets.

Sealants, Adhesive, PU Foam Manufacturers, Polyurethane Foam, MS polymer, pu Sealant, HDPE / PP Cartridges

Shah Mulji Shantilal & Co.
Adhesives & Tapes (Self Adhesive Tapes) Injection Moulding And Inject Moulding Machinery.

Wacker Chemie India Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Silicone Fluid, HFFR Additives, Adhesive & Sealants, Tile Flooring Adhesives, Wood & Furniture Adhesives, PVC Adhesives, Vacuum Bags, Prototypes.

Ellsworth Adhesives India Pvt.Ltd.
Adhesives,Conformal Coatings,Dispensing Equipment.

Glass Adhesive.

Fine O Chem International Co.
Titanium Dioxide, Petroleum Resin, Adhesives, Adhesives, Insulation Adhesives.

Galaxy Hotmelts
Printing & Packaging Hotmelt Glues (Adhesives)

Gee Aar Lamocoat Pvt. Ltd.
Self Adhesive Products, Adhesive Tapes, Adhesive Films

H.P. International Ltd.
Manufacturer & Supplier of Adhesives Sealants, Plastic / Industrial Pipe Adhesive Sealants etc.

Jyoti Chemicals
Starch Based Adhesives

Kamla Trading Co.
Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesive

Parallax Decor Pvt.Ltd.
Particle Board, Edge Bands, Glue And Adhesive, Foil Laminated Boards.

Sahyadri Products
Adhesives, Anchor, Dextrines, Starches.

We One Advensive Industries
Adhesives, Glues And Gum Product.

Associated Chemicals
Textile Chemicals,Construction Chemical, Paint Additives, Leather Additives, Adhesives.

Burhani Tools & Hardware
Trader, Distributor and Supplier of HSS & Carbide Cutting Tools, Carbide Inserts & Holders, Hand Tools, Core Cutters, Adhesives, Abrasives.

International Watch Trading Company
Manufacturer And Exporters Of Anvils, Adhesives, Beading Tools, Casting Tools.

Nirbhay Rasayan Pvt. Ltd.
Adhesive Sealant Coating.

Baan Adhesives Private Limited
Pioneers In Solvent Cement Manufacture. CPVC Solvent Cement, UPVC Solvent Cement,

Excel Traders
Tools, Hardware, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Fittings, Adhesives & Electrical Materials

We We are an India based e-commerce enabled business serving the needs of OEM and MRO, Abrasives, Adhesives, Sealants & Tapes Electrical Fasteners Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance Furniture & Office Supplies Hydraulics Janitorial & Facility Maintenance Lubri

Intech Orchem Pvt.Ltd.
Adhesive, Non Woven Binder, Textile Oxidising BOPP Selver Tapes, All Type Sof Emulsion Polymers,

Jai Lakshmi Agro Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Dealers of Chemical, Adhesive, Agro Chemicals.

Parson Adhesives, Inc.
Adhesive Manufacturer With Wide Range Of Products Suitable Of Every Industry. All Types Of Adhesives.

Pragati Chemicals Ltd.
Supplier And Manufacturer Of Chemical, Nitrobenzene, Adhesive, Industrial Paint, Printing Ink, Epoxy Paint, Resin Epoxy, Coatings, Polyurethane, Amino Acid, Decorative Paint

Techno Solution Industrial Products
Distribution Of Chemical & Equipment, Adhesive, Sealants, Surface Preparations, Corrosion Protection, Dispensing Equipment.

Aarkay Industries
Sealants, Anaerobic Sealants, Maintenance Spray, Anti Rust Spray, Adhesives, Tapes, Bopp Tapes, Insulation Tapes, Automobile Lamps

Aarushi Speciality Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Water Based Lamination Adhesives Thickness For Paints, Dispersing Agents For Paints

Accurate Marketing
Dealers in Grinding Wheels, Chemical, Epoxy Coatings, Anti Corrosive Paints, Adhesives

Ace Industries
Adhesive, All Types Of Thinners & Speciality Chemicals

Adchem India
We Deals In All Types Of Adhesives, Speciality Cyanoacrylate, Silicone Fluids

Adima Organics (I) Pvt. Ltd.
Fine Chemicals & Bulk Drug Intermediates, Adhesives

Advanced Chemical Industries
Specializing In The Production Of Adhesives, Sealants And Chemical Products

Akshar Udhyog
Epoxy Putty, Epoxy General Purpose Adhesive, Epoxy & PU Sealant, Cable Jointing Compound.

Alba Sales Corporation
Specialty Lubricants, PU & Silicone Sealants, 3M Tapes & Adhesives, Water Treatment Chemicals

Ameya Industrial Suppliers Pvt. Ltd.
Adhesives, Welding Equipments, Hydraulic Oils, Filters and Fans

Anabond Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Adhesives, Sealants, Coatings & Paints Products

Anila Products
Industrial Suppliers, All Types of Industrial Clothes, Tapes, Adhesives, Cotton Clothes, Fabrics & Other Bag Material

Argus Coating Polymers Pvt Ltd
Construction Chemicals & Adhesive

Arofine Polymers Ltd.
Synthetic Resin Adhesives & Emulsions

Asha Industrial Corporation
Industrial Packaging Adhesives

Ashokaa Industries
Deal Into The Chemicals Required By Textile Chemicals, Construction Chemicals, Adhesives, And Surfactants

Auxiliary Products And Tile Grouts
Distributors And Suppliers Of Waterproofing Systems, Auxiliary Products, Elastomeric Waterproofing Systems. And Also Deal In Industrial Auxiliary Products, Self Adhesive, Thermal Insulation, Acoustic Performance System, Construction Chemicals, Tile Grouts

Bcc Cement Pvt.Ltd.
Distributors Lararge Cement, Birla White Cement & Putty

Bhalaria Cork & Gasket Co.
Jointing Sheets, Gland Packings, Cork Sheets, M.Seals, Adhesives

Bondit Bondwell Polymers
Manufacturer Bondit Clear & Fast Setting Epoxy Adhesive, Adhesive Glues, Gum Products

Branch Polyresin
Construction & Formulation For Adhesives SH, SR, Epoxy, PU, Construction Chemicals

Busra Bond
Adhesive Bonded, Allied Products

Camlin Ltd.
Adhesives, Inks

Ceramix Solutions
High-Resistance Binder, Levelling Product, Waterproofing Product, Tile/Stone Adhesive, Griout, Elastic Sealant, Wall Putty.

Chandras Chemical Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Adhesives & Allied Prodcuts

Classic Marketing
Epoxy Resin, Epoxy Adhesives, Adhesives, Masking Tapes, Silicones Sealants

Color Bond Marketing Ltd.
Colour Paints, Adhesive Trading

Auth.dealers.For Fevicol Engineering Adhesives & Sealant, Electronics Chokes, Ballast, Lamp & Light Accessories, Lighting Energy Saver

D M Industries
Adhesives, Plastic Bags

Debasis Classic Printers
Manufacturer Of Self Adhesive Multi Colors Rubber & Heat Transfer Labels

Devasri Chemical Industries
Manufacturer Of Wood Polish And Wood Adhesives

Digitex Systems
Manufacturer Adhesives, Binders Textiles

Divya Importers
FRP Resins & Wood Adhesives.

Dynamic Rais
Adhesive Powder For Corrugation, Paper Tubes And Paper Core, Pigment And Dyes For Textiles

Dyne Chemical Co.Ltd.
Chemicals, Hexane Diol, Adhesives

All Glue And Glue Related Products, Adhesies, White Cement,

Engineer Materials
Manufacturer Of High Technology Adhesives And Sealants

Exsan Specialities
Greases, Lubricants, Car Care Products, Adhesives And Sealants

Fine Carbon Papers Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturers Of Carbon Papers & Adhesive

Flexipack Chemicals (I) P.Ltd.
BOPP Tapes, Adhesives, Wood Working Adhesives, Water Proof Coating For Paper And Heat Seal Lacquers For All Foil Paper, Polypropylene

Gayatri Chemicals
Manufacturer Of Adhesive, Radiator Coolant, Radiator Flush Chemical, Hand Cleaner, Detergent, Glass Cleaner, Car Perfume, Printer Binder.

Global Technologies
Washroom Hygiene Products And Bopp Packing Adhesive Tapes

Gnp Polytechno Solutions
Plastic Raw Materials, Adhesives, Paints And Coating, Epoxy Resins, Castor Oil, Karanja Oil, Soya Oil, Preforms, Polyurethane Foam

Good Chemical Science & Technology Co.Ltd.
Manufacturer Adhesives, PU Adhesive, CR Graft Adhesive, Chloroprene Adhesive, Natural Rubber, Spray Glue

Graninger India Pvt. Ltd.
Pneumatics & Hydraulics, Power Transmission, Hardware, Hand Tools, Adhesives

Gyan Industries
Manufacturer Of Syn Enamel, Primers, Wall Putty, Cement Paint, Acrylic Distemper, Exterior Emulsion, Oxide Colour & Adhesive

Hb Fuller India Adhesives Pvt.Ltd.
Leading Global Adhesives Provider

Henkel Adhesives Technologies India Pvt. Ltd.
Adhesives, sealants, Surface coating work

Henkel Cac Pvt. Ltd.
We Are Number 1 Adhesive Manufacturer In World For Flexible Packaging.

Henkel Teroson (I) Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Laundry And Home Care Products, Beauty And Personal Care Products, Adhesives, Sealants & Surface Treatments

Hp International
PVC Solvent Cement, PVC Glue, CPVC Glue, PVC Adhesive, Epoxy Adhesive, Rubber Adhesive.

Huntsman Advaced Material
Dealing In Resin Based Adhesives

Indus Industries
Cement Fibre Board Jointing Compound In Powder

Industrial Adhesives Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Adhesives For Packaging, Book Binding, Soap Wrapper Coating

Jash Corporation
Manufacturer Of Water Based Adhesive For BOP And PVC Films, Pu Adhesive For Flexible Packaging Styrene, Acrylic Adhesive

Jeet Enterpries
Engineering Items, Hardware, Valves, Adhesive Items, Material Handling, Fabricated Hose, Machine Work.

Jeetendra Industries
PU Adhesives For Air & HEPA Filters, PVC Solvent Cement

Jubilant Org Ltd.
Polyurethine Base Adhesives For Flexible Packaging

K. R. Enterprises
We Are Material Suppliers To Matches And Fireworks Industries. We Supply Waxes, Glue, And Adhesives.

Kartik Sales
Note Book, Register, Adhesive, Stationery.

Keifer Usp
Hardware, Glues & Adhesives, HT Tapes, Lubricants, Stainless Steel.

Ks Trading Company
Manufacturer Of Adhesives Paper, Liquid, Gum

Laxmi Trading Company
Book & Note Book Binding Adhesives

Lookman & Sons
Valves, Fasteners, Adhesives

M.B. Enterprises
Manufacturer Of Starch Based Adhesives Powder.

Maalwa Chemoplast
Manufacturer Of Modified Starches, Adhesives And Chemicals, Planning To Pure Honey

Mahalaxmi Herbals
Manufacturer Of Herbal Based Eco Friendly Wood Preservatives & Foundation Treatment Products, Adhesives, Multi Purpose Wax Polishes, Mosquito Repellent

Maharani Industries
Lamination Adhesive, Label Or Sticker Adhesive, Wood Adhesive, Paper To Paper Adhesive, EMC & DDL, Transformer Core Adhesive, Side Pasting Adhesive, Flexographic, Printing Inks, Pigment Paste Emulsions

Mahima Packs
Powder Adhesives,Yellow Dextrine & White Dextrine

Mira Organics & Chemicals Private Limited
We Are One Of The Leading Processors And Exporters Of Inorganic Industrial Chemicals, Fertilizers And Adhesives. Which Are Extensively Used In Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Rubber, Textile And Glass Industries.

Mithil Corporation
Supplier Of Screen & Offset Printing Inks, Adhesives, Metallic Powders

Mk International
Latex Adhesives, Myroblant Nut & Powder, Highgel Glue, Cashew Husk

Synthetic Resin Adhesives

Narendra Udyog
Paint Strippers, Maviflex Brand Adhesives & Thinners

Deales Of Water Proofing Products, Canvas And Nylon Tarpaulins, Chain Pulley Blocks, Hand Tools, Chain Sprockets, Adhesive, Fasteners, Sheets, Power Tools

Omni Impex Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Emulsifiers For Pigment & Paints Leather & Textile Auxiliaries Adhesives Agro Chemicals Latex Detergents.

Peacock Allied Products Pvt.Ltd.
Dextrin, White Dextrin, Canary Dextrin, Modified Starches, Thin Starch, Oxidise Starches, Corrugation Gums, Pasting Gums, Adhesive For Paper Tubes

Pinnacle Industries
Manufacturer And Supplying Various Adhesives

Powertex Marketing
Powertools & Machine Tools, Construction Building Hardware Self Adhesive & Sealant, Industrial Machinery Item

Professional Polymers
Water Based Adhesive Binders For Paint Lamination

Progmatic Sales & Services
Garage Equipments, Vacuum Cleaners

R N Trading Company
All Type Of Flooring & Door Mats, Adhesive.

R. G. Enterprises
Supplier Of Starch Based Adhesives Powder.

Rajesh Hardware Products
Railway Products, Adhesives, Sealants, Fastners, Oil Testing

Resinova Chemie Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Adhesive Products

Rhine Trading Co.
Adhesives, Chemicals, Leather Chemicals, Furniture Adhesives, Wood Preservative Oil

Rohm & Hass (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Latex Polymer Emulsion, Adhesive And Sealants

S G Universal
Manufacturer And Supplier Of Cyanoacrylate Instant Adhesives

S S Chemicals
Polyurethane Adhesives, Synthetic Rubber Adhesives, Water Base Adhesives, Benzene, Ethyl Acetate, Methylene Chloride, Nitro Benzyl Alcohol, Tetrahydrofuran, Butyl Acetate, Chlorinated Paraffin Wax, Diacetone, Dioctyl Phthalate

Sanjay Specialities
Manufacturers Of All Kinds Of Water Based Paint And Adhesives

Setco Chemicals (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Paints, Resins & Adhesives, Additives, Printing Inks For Packaging Industries.

Shine Metals
All Types Of Sprockets, Conveyor, Chain & Slats, S.S. & M.S.Pipe & Pipe Fittings, Pump & Pump Spares, Cast Steel, Cast Iron, Tool & Tackles, Welding Materials, Paints & Adhesives, Bearings, General Hardware, Electrical Pannels & Switchgears

Shree Surya Adhesives Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of All Types Of Adhesives

Shri Venkatesh Electric Company
Lighting, Lamps, Inverter, Home UPS, Adhesives, Electrical Switchgear, Control Panel Accessories, Connectors, Automation Products

Shri Vinayak Organics (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Copolymers Solutions, Copolymers Emulsion, Adhesives

Shriji Print N Pack & Sanjay Adhesive
Manufacturer Of Starch Based Adhesive & Also Packaging Machineries

Sika India Pvt.Ltd.
Construction Chemicals, Water Proofing Membranes, Adhesives, Sealants Etc

Sonal Adhesive Limited
Adhesive, Ropes, Bopp Self Adhesive Tapes, Twine Nylon, Rope Article, PP Ropes, Polypropylene Ropes, Polypropylene Tapes, Polyethylene Ropes, Polyethylene Strappings, Nettings, Adhesive Ropes, BOPP Tapes, Printed Tapes, Acrylic Binders, Cargo Nets, Strapp

Southern Chemical Industries
Manufacturers Of Wood Adhesives Manufacturers Of PVA Solutions Spare Capacity Available

Spectrum Colours
PVC Products, Adhesives.

Spectrum Industries
Manufacturer Of Epoxy Coatings & Adhesives, Speciality Chemicals

Sri Gajanana Enterprises
Trading In Water Based Adhesives & Solvent Based Adhesives

Sumukha Hitech Products Industry
We Are Engaged In Manufacturing And Exporting Of Adhesives, Pressure Sensitive Adhesives, Side Pasting Adhesive, Binding Glue, Aqua Varnish , Blister Varnish, Uv Varnish, Aqua Specialty Products, Lamination Adhesives.

Sun Process
Paper And Paper Boards, Adhesives, PVC And BOPP Film Rolls

Supriya Polymer Pvt.Ltd.
Adhesives, Silicones, Silicone Oil, Silicone Emulsion, Mould Release Agents, Silicone Defoamer, Silicone Grease, Dicot, Self Adhesive Foam Tapes, Crosslink Foam Sheets, Foam Die Cuts, Industrial Rubber Products, Glass Beading, Rubber Sheets, Industrial Lu

Swagath Enterrprises
All Kinds Of Adhesives & The Related Accessories.

Total Solutions
Construction Chemicals, Water Proofing, Coatings, Adhesive, Sealants, Repairs, Epoxy Flooring

Trade Syndicate
Quality Asheives & Sealants, Lubricatin Technology, Asian Paints

Dealing In Synthetic Rubber Adhesives, & PU Adhesives.

Unibond Industries (L.L.C.)
Adhesive & Sealants, Maxgripp Tapes, Gaskets, Maxfix Pipe Clamps & Supports, Flexible Duct Connector, Sticker Pin (Self Adhesive Hangers), Flexible Ducts, Vibration Isolation Products, Fibreglass Products, Copper Coils & Tubes, Fibreglass Insulation, Clos

Unibond Marketing Pvt.Ltd.
Adhesive & Sealants, Gaskets, Pipe Clamps & Supports, Flexible Duct Connector, Stickers, Vibration Isolation Products, Fibreglass Products, Copper Coils & Tubes, Fibreglass Insulation

Universal Elastomers
All Types Of Synthetic Rubbers, Rubber Chemicals, Rubber Process Oils, Adhesives

Vardhaman Colour & Chemical Industries
Cement Paint Acrylic Distemper Emulsion & Water Base Paints Adhesives

Vidyut Impex
Electrical Industry Tapes And Fabrics, Laminated Paper Tubes, Adhesives

Vijay Chemical Industry
Dextrine Paper Tubes Adhesives, Natural Pasting Adhesives, Corrugation Adhesives, Misclinous Adhesives

Vivek Enterprises
Epoxy Resin & Adhesive.

Worlee Chemie India Private Limited
Leading Suppliers Of Adhesives, Additives, catalysts, Defoamers, Dispersing Agents, Emulsion, Polymers, Resins, Water Thiinnable

Zone Infra-Projects Pvt Ltd
Plastic Raw Materials, Hot melt Adhesives, Construction Chemicals And Technical Services In Polymers

Molyplast Ltda
Hydraulic Hoses, Air Hoses, V Belts, Bearings, Conveyor Belts, Adhesives, Oil Seals, Pulleys, Couplings

Kantilal Brothers
Adhesive / Glue & Gum Product, Glue, Adhesive.

Abrasive, Grinding Wheel, Adhesive/Glue & Gum Product.

Eoc Tailor Made Polymers India Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Acrylic Emulsion.

Suparshva Industries
Adhesives Synthetic.

Hind Traders
Dealers of Plywood, Adhesive, Timber, Laminate.

Giriraj Waxes Llp
Acrylic Solid Surface, Adhesives.

Spot India Group
Industrial Goods, Safety Equipments, Adhesives, Construction Equipments, Hand Tools, Single Phase Motors, Digital Energy Meters, Industrial Pumps.

Vardhman Plywoods
Deals In Decorative Laminated Sheets, Plywoods and Adhesives.

Bhalaria Corporation
Manufacturer Of Electrical Contact Cleaners, Rust Remover & Lubricants, Electronic Grade Cleaners Supplier Of Electrical Contact Cleaners, Adhesives, Corks, Cork Industrials, Corks Rubber, Gasket Corks, Guar Gum, Gum Envelope Flap, Gum Shoes, Rust Preventive Oils.

Visen Industries Ltd.
Paint And Coating, Construction, Adhesive ,Textile ,Consumer Products.

Indian Recaply Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.
Suppliers of Particle Boards, Plywoods, Laminates, Medium Density Fibre Board, Adhesives and Flush Doors.

Artec Adhesive Products Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer And Supplier Of Adhesive & Acid.

Bombay Chemical Industries
Mfg. And Exporters of Textile Auxiliaries Specialty Chemicals Adhesives Leather, Paper, Chrome Plating Etc.

Ester Chemical Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Adhesives, Textile Chemicals, Coatings, Paint Additives & Binders.

Krishna Adhesives And Coating P.Ltd.
Adhesives For Diverse Applications.

Mechemco Resins Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg. of Unsaturated Polyester Resins, Vinyl Ester Resins, GEl Coats & Adhesives.

Bonds & Coats
Manufacturer of various sorts of Bonding, Coating and Sealing Material, Tar & Bituminous Waterproofing Compounds, Emulsion, Paints, Primer and Adhesives etc.

Paona Chempro Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Adhesives And Polymer For Multiple Multinational Companies.

Prithvi Starch Products
Mfg. Of Chemical & Industrial Adhesives.

Spectrum Polymers Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg of Adhesives & Coatings.

Sun Adhesives And Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg of Adhesives, Emulsions, Thickeners & Binders.

Texo Chem Industries
Mfg of Chemicals For Textile, Paints,Leather, Construction & Adhesives.

Cera Chem Pvt.Ltd.
Tile Fixing Mortars & Joint Fillers, Waterproofing Systems, Admixtures & Plasticizers, Concrete Structural Repair, Sealants & Expansion Joints, Industrial Grouts, Anti-corrosive products, Industrial Floorings, Floor Coatings, Concrete Surface Treatment, Marble Renewal Product etc.

Alchimica India Pvt. Ltd.
Thermal Insulation & Waterproofing, Floor Systems, Top Coats, Joint Sealants, Gap Fillers, Cementitious Mortars, Injection Foams, Adhesives, Waterbased Systems, Primers, Additives, Other Products, Aquasmart System, Drainage Membranes, Joint Tapes.

Sunraj Industrial
Manufacturer of Adhesive, Industrial Adhesive, Air Filters.

Karshati For Energy & Environment Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturers and Suppliers Dealing in a Wide Range of Industrial Chemicals, Adhesive chemicals, Galvanizing Preflux, Metal Corrosion Inhibitor, Galvanizing Degreasers.

Adhesive India
Manufacturer and Supplier of all type of Industrial Adhesives.

Nirmesh Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.
Dealers of Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Adhesive, Industrial Chemicasl.

All India Traders
Adhesives & Sticking Materials.

Hankel Loctite
Adhesives & Sticking Materials.

Jackson Polymers (India)
Manufacturer of Paper Lamination Adhesive, Furniture Adhesive.

Surfactant Indutries
Adhesive Water Based Water Resistant, Artcol-Wood Adhesive, Hot Melt Adhesives.

Uday Traders
Manufacturer of Chemicals,Oils, Thinners, Adhesive, & Design Materials.

Arofins Polymers Ltd.
Adhesive Glue & Gelatin

Bal Endura Adhesives India Pvt.Ltd.
Enhanced Mortar, Adhesives, Special Adhesives, Grouts, Tile Care & Liquid Polymers.

Suparshva Adhesives Ltd.
Manufacturers of Adhesives like Industrial Adhesives, Synthetic Adhesives, Flooring Adhesives.

Bhavesh Samir And Co.
Adhesives & Sticking Materials, Construction Chemicals & Material Suppliers, Pipes, Tubes & Fittings.

Lord Corporation
Adhesives, Coatings, Electronic Materials, Magneto-Rheological (MR), Oil & Gas, Sensing Systems, Solar Energy, Specialty Chemicals.

Metlok Precoat Services Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturers & Supplier of Engineering Adhesives and Sealants.

New Era Adhesive Industries
Manufacturer of Adhesives.

Acrabond Silicones
Adhesives & Glue Sticks Segment. Acrabond Silicones.

Abrasives N Adhesives
Supply of Adhesive Glue & Gelatin.

Altimate Bond Industries
Adhesive Sealant and Gums, Sign Boards, Industrial Adhesive.

Benson Polymers Ltd.
Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporters of Adhesive, Wood Glue and Wood Lamination Adhesive.

Bison Shelter System Pvt.Ltd.
Construction Chemicals, Thermal Insulation.

Devanshi Project Management Services
Adhesive Sealants, Anti Corrosie Chemical, Degreaser Chemical.

Dinesh Suppliers
Adhesives, Gluesand Binders and Other Chemicals.

Dua Polymers
Adhesive Glue & Gelatin.

Flovell Dispensers And Systems
Adhesives Epoxies, Glues, Gums etc.

Indian Adhesives And Glues
Adhesive, Brake Liner Automobile, Grease.

Srivatsa Synthetics Pvt.Ltd.
Supplier of Adhesives, Industrial Paints.

Om Mid West Industries
Exports of Solvent free Hot Melt Adhesive, High-Performance Hotmelt Adhesive, Polyamide Hotmelt Adhesive.

R.S. Enterprises
Manufacturing and Supplying Adhesives.

Sudarshan Group
Dyes Intermediates, Printing Inks, Adhesives.

Nikit Chem
We Engaged Adhesive, Industrial Adhesive, Acetate and Wood Adhesive.

Super Bond Manufacturing Pvt.Ltd.
We are Providing a wide range of Adhesive Solutions, Adhesive Packaging, Synthetic Adhesives and Industrial adhesives.

Indian Textile Suppliers & Co.
We Offers Textile Accessories, Nylon Sandwich Belting, Timing Belts, Perlon Ropes and Industrial & Domestic Adhesives.

Alvel Sales
Distributing Wide Range of Products such as Adhesives, Lubricates, Decarbonise, Silicones, Antiseize Compounds, Silicone Sprays.

Bonafide Maritime Traders
Electrical Items, Pressure Gauges, Adhesives, Hand Tools, Abrasives, Valves, Flanges and Fittings.

Techno-Commercial Linkers Phenomenal Sales Inc.
Manufactures Hi-Performance Adhesives, Sealants, Epoxies, Putties, Specialty Lubricants, Cutting Tools.

Anil Industrial Corporation
Manufacturer of Kwik Bond Brand Instant Adhesives, HDPE Bottles & PP Plastic Bottles for Filling :Liquids and Powders.

Aman International
We are Cyanoacrylate Adhesives Manufacturer & Supplier From Jaipur, Rajasthan. Brand Name : Super Bond, QFix.
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