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Hydrobromic Acid Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters

Acme Sujan Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. ULHAS N. PATIL
Tel No. 251 - 2434499
Phase Transfer Catalyst, Amine Hydrochlorides / Hydrobromides, Cosmetic and Preservatives, Photographic Chemicals, UV Screen Chemicals, Perfumery Intermediates, Corrosion Inhibiters, Pharmaceuticals Intermediates & Bulk Active Ingredients, Speciality Fine

Sunil Great Processors Pvt. Ltd.
Tel No. 2525 - 323967
Bromine Liquid,Hydrobromine Acid.

Acid India (Mumbai)
Contact Person: MR.KUNAL ASHER
Tel No. 22 - 61392000
Phosphoric Acid - Food Grade, Phosphoric Acid - Tech Grade, Citric Acid Monohydrate, Citric Acid Anhydrous, Glycerine CP, Glycerine IP, Stearic Acid, ISO Propyl Alcohol, Spirulina, Causitc Soda Flake, Bromine, Hydrobromic Acid, N-Propyl Bromide, N-Butyl B

Khushi Chem
Contact Person: MR.JATIN ANKHAD - PROP.
Tel No. 22 - 23887869
Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Bulk Drugs, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Ciprofloxacin

A.D.Pharmachem Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR. A.D.ARBALE
Tel No. 240 - 2552212
Hydrobromic Acid, Phenyl, Acetic Acid

Anisha Enterprises
Contact Person: MR. ARUN P. DESHPANDE
Tel No. 22 - 26741588 / 04
Liquid Bromin, Sodium Bromide, Ethylene Di Bromide, Bromo Benzene, Hydrobromic Acid

Kdm Chemical
Contact Person: MR. MUKESH K.RATHOD
Tel No. 22 - 23736559
Liquid Bromines, Hydro Bromic Acid - 48%, Sodium Bromide, Pottassium Bromide
Desai Industries
Distributor, Dealers, Suppliers Of Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Caustic Soda, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrochloric Acid
Montana International
Industrial Belts Timing Belts, V-Belts, high quality power transmission belts
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