Industrial Chemical Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters

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Gsp Dyes & Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Safranine O, Di-Ethy Safranine, Basic Violet 5, Basic Violet 8, O-Cresolpthalein, Thymolpthalein, Dyes & Chemicals, PH Indicators, Lab Reagents

Pratap Tex-Chem Pvt.Ltd.
Cutting Oils, Soluble Cutting Oil, EDM Corrosion Inhibitor, Wire EDM Corrosion Inhibitor, EDM Oils, Cutting Oil, Synthetic Coolant, Cooling Tower Chemicals, Degreasing Chemicals, Washing Chemicals, Passivation Chemicals, Tapping Paste, Lapping Gel, Surface Corrosion Chemicals, Corrosion Inhibitor for Wire Cut EDM, Water Base Corrosion Inhibitors, Ultrasonic Degreaser, Metal Working Fluids, Metal Working Oil, Carrier Oil, Oil Base MPI Powder, Hydraulic Oil, Rust Preventive Oil, Washing Chemicals, Corrosion Inhibitors, EDM Fluids, Honing Oil, Tapping Liquids, Carrier Oil For MPI Systems, Water Based Carrier Solutions

Desai Industries
Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Caustic Soda, Chlorine Dioxide, Hydrochloric Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, Liquid Chlorine, Phosphoric Acid, Poly Aluminium Chloride, Potassium Carbonate Sugar Mill Sanitation Chemicals, Washing Soda, Electrical Products, Electric Transformer, Electrical Cables, Electrical Conductor, Fruit Drying Oil

Desai Enterprises
Chemical & Electrical Merchants

Synthotex Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of Textile Printing Inks, Eco friendly Printing Inks Non PVC Inks Suppliers, Non PVC Stretchable Printing Ink, 4 Colours CMYK Scheme, Amine Free Printing Ink, Amino Silicon Softners, Antifoaming Agent, APEO Free Ink, B

Meru Chem Pvt.Ltd.
Solvents, Activated Carbons, Chemicals Powder, Minerals, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Labarotary Instruments, Paint Chemicals & Grinding Media

Scitech Scientifics
Authorised Stockist Of Qualigens Range Of Product, Fisher Scientific Part Of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Dlrs.In Laboratory & Industrial Chemicals, Surgical Items, Test Sieves, Scientific Instruments & Equipments, thermometers, Silicaware, TLC Plates, HPLC Columns, Membrane Filters & All Kinds Of Labware & Accessories, Specialised For Stockist Of All Types Of Lab Chemicals

Mfrs.Of Laboratory Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Silica Wares, Instruments, Glass Wares

Yogita Industries
Textile Chemicals, Dyes Intermediates, Dyes, Industrial Chemicals, Pigments

Zeolites & Allied Products Pvt.Ltd.
Zeolite Compounds, Activated Alumina, Molecular Sieves Type 3A, 4A, 5A & 12 X In Powder Beads & Pellets Form

Sialca Industries
Zeolite Compounds, Activated Alumina, Molecular Sieves Type 3A, 4A, 5A & 12 X In Powder Beads & Pellets Form

Gsp Enterprises
Safranine O, Di-Ethy Safranine, Basic Violet 5, Basic Violet 8, O-Cresolpthalein, Thymolpthalein, Dyes & Chemicals, PH Indicators, Lab Reagents

Vishal Chemical Industries
Industrial Chemical & Industrial Product Our Range Including Sodium Metabisulphite, Sodium Bisulphite, Sodium Acetate Anhydrous, Sodium Thiosulphate Pentahydrate, Sodium Sulphite Anhydrous and Sodium Thiosulphate Anhydrous etc.

Apurv Chemicals
Solvents, Acetic Acid, Acetone, Industrial Chemical, Ammonium Chloride, Ammonium Bi Carbonate, Ammonium Bifluoride, Aniline, Alum Ferric, Alum Non Ferric, Activated Carbon, Benzene, Butyl Acetate, Boric Acid Power, Butanol-n, Calsium Carbonate, Calsium So

Dnl Group
Fatty Acids, Palm Fatty Acid, Sunflower Fatty Acid, Palm Kernel Fatty Acid, Rice Barn Fatty Acid, Distilled Coconut Fatty Acid, Soya Fatty Acid, Fatty Alcohol Residue, Oleic Acid, Soya Fatty Acid, Acid Oils, Soya Bean Acid Oil, Rice Barn Acid Oil, Rapesee

Ace Chlorides
Centrifuge Machines, Calcium Chloride, Hydro Extractor, Bottom Discharge Centrifuge, Chemical Plant & Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Lifting Bag Type Centrifuge, Dome Open Bottom Discharge, Pilot Scale Cenrifuge, Hydro Extractors, Lifting Top Centri

Ace Industries
Centrifuge Machines, Calcium Chloride, Hydro Extractor, Bottom Discharge Centrifuge, Chemical Plant & Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Lifting Bag Type Centrifuge, Dome Open Bottom Discharge, Pilot Scale Cenrifuge, Hydro Extractors, Lifting Top Centri

Aim Industries
Centrifuge Machines, Calcium Chloride, Hydro Extractor, Bottom Discharge Centrifuge, Chemical Plant & Machinery, Pharmaceutical Machinery, Lifting Bag Type Centrifuge, Dome Open Bottom Discharge, Pilot Scale Cenrifuge, Hydro Extractors, Lifting Top Centri

Mak Industries
Trading in Bearings, Valves, Bushes, Couplings, A/C Frequency Inverter Drives

Precise (India)
Industrial Chemicals, Rust Remover Solution, Rust Converter Cum Epoxy Primer, Anti Corrosive Paint, Acid / Alkali And Corrosion Resistance Paint, Transparent Rust Preventive Solution, 3 in 1 Chemical, Powder Coating Chemical, Heat Resistance Aluminium Pai

Sigma Chemical Industries
Mfg.Of Speciality Chemicals, Used in Textiles, Paper & Metal Treatment Industries

Supreme Transformer P.Ltd.
Acids, Phosphoric Acid, Acetic Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Solvents, Ethyl Acetate, Tri Chloro Ethylene 99.5%, Sodium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate, Potassium Bromide, Potassium Formate, Calcium Phosphate, Sulphate Chloride, Sodium Fluoride,

Prabhat Chemicals
Mfg. of Fine Chemicals, High Purity Chemicals & Solvents, Laboratory Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Silica Wares, Glass Wares

Aarjay Traders
Manufacturer Of All Industrial, Chemicals, Petrochemical & Process Control Valves, Valves (All Types)

Acid Enterprise
All Types Of Acid, Sulphuric Acid, Nitric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Battery Acid

Alfa Chemicals
Deals in Methanol, Acetone, IPA, Caustic Soda, Acetic Acid, Hydrogen Peroxide, E.A., Toluene, Acetate, MEK, NBA, MIBK

Altaroma Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Alpha A.C. Aldehyde C-14, Aurial Extra

American Enteprises Pvt.Ltd.
Reactive Dyes, Acid Dyes, Leather Dyes, Direct Dyes, Disperse Dyes, Solvent Dyes, Basic Dyes,Vat Dyes, Mordant Dyes, Naphthol, Fast Base, Optical Brightner, Pigments, Industrial Chemicals, Laboratory Chemicals

Amjey Chemicals
Specializing As Industrial Chemical

Associate Product & Service
Authorised Dealer For Industrial Chemical, Lubricant, Roof Treatment Chemical And Cold Welding Compound

Atharva Vitamins And Drugs
Buying & Selling Of Industrial Chemicals, Lab Chemicals, Glass Wares, Cardphenol / Cardianol, Cashew Shell, Nut Shell, Drug Intermediates, Water & Sugar Chemicals, Para Tolune Sulfonic Chloride, etc

Atul Enterprises.
Industrial And Laboratory Chemicals In Small Packings

B K Benzyl
Chemical Products

Ballaleshwar Chemicals
Chemicals, Acids And Solvents

Bhandari Sales Corporation
Industrial & Laboratory Chemicals, Lab Glass Wares, Solvents, Acids

Bhuta International
Distributors For Industrial Chemicals, Glycerine, Stearic Acids, Fatty Acids And Fatty Alcohol

C.P.Chemicals Corporation
Chemicals, Potassium Iodate / Sodium Chlorite / Imported Chemicals

Camphor & Allied Products Ltd.
Fragrance Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Products, Industrial Chemicals.

Chem Trade Corporation.
Importer Of All Grades Of Paraffin Wax, Industrial Chemicals, Rubber Chemicals.

Chemtech Enterprises
Industrial & Laboratory Chemicals, Glassware, Instruments, Safety Items & Ganeral Industrial Supplier

Chemtech India
We are Suppliers of Water Based Industrial Chemicals And Different Grades of Deburring And Polishing Stones

Chemtech Industries
Centrifugal Pumps, Process Equipments, Dosing Pumps, Industrial Chemical

Continental Chromates & Chemicals
We Are Dealing With All Types Of Chemicals, Leather, Paper And Textile And Manufacturer Of Anionic And Cationic Media Dye Solutions For Leathers.

Corrogard Chemicals
Manufacturer Of Pre Treatment And Surface Preparation Chem, Industrial Lubricants And Specialities Metal Cutting And Forming Oils, Rust Preventive Oils

Crystal Care Products
Fuel Additives For Furnace Oil & Coal, Coolant, Bearings, Industrial Chemicals, Oil & Lubricants

We Trade In Industrial Chemicals.

Dai Ichi Karkaria Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Chemicals

Dipa Chemical Industries
Manufacturer & Suppliers Of Laboratory And Industrial Chemicals

We Are Mfr And Exporter Of Industrial Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Agricultural Chemicals, Ammonium Phosphate Dibasic, Ammonium Phosphate Monobasic, Ammonium Sulphate Chemical, barium Acetate, Barium Carbonate, Calcium Acetate

Elfine Chemicals
Importers & Dealers Industrial Chemicals & Solvents, Acetone, Methanol, Toluens, Orthoxylene, Butyl Acrylate Monomer, Ethyl Acrylate Monomer, Ethyl Acelate, Propylene Glycol, Iso Propyl Alcohol

Fortuna Agencies
Importers And Suppliers of Chemical of All types

Garuda Chemicals
Manufacturer Of Chemicals At Lote Parshuram

General Chemcial Industries
Authorised Distributors, Inorganic Chemicals, Heavy Industrial Chemicals

Gokac Transmissions
Miranda Tools, Spitmaan Range Of Products, Unbrako/High Tensile Fastners, High Temperature Lubricants, Roto Pumps, Industrial Chemicals, Steel & Non Ferrous Metals

High Rise Chemical Inds. Pvt.Ltd.

Hin Exports
Manufacturer And Exporters Of Industrial Chemicals, Minerals For Industries like Paint, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Paper, Pulp And Rubber

Imperial Lube Chem
Industrial Chemical

J.J. Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.
Methanol, I.P.A, Acetone, Ethyleacetaf, N.B.A, D.I, M.D.I, Polyal, Bish Phenole, T.H.F, H.H, & Importer Chemicals.

Super Stockist Of OSEL Batteries, Inverter, Vehicle Batteries, Winding Wires Of Copper, Insulating Items, Chemicals, Scrap, IGBTS & BENTONITE

Jinesh Chemicals
2 Mercapto Benzimidazole, Alexidine Dihydrochloride Phenylenethiourea

K.Raj & Co
Imported Of Industrial Chemicals, Organic /Inorganic Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Hydrocarbons & Laboratory Chemicals Etc

Kaali Chemical Trading Co.
We Are Chemicals Supplier, Traders.

Kairav Chemo Farbe Industries Ltd.
Mfg. Of Chemical Solvents, Specialty Solvents, Industrial

Kairav Chemoforbe Industries Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Industrial Chemicals, Chemical Solvents, Speciality Solvents Such As 4 Dioxane, Diglyme, Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate, Ethylene Glycol Formaline, Formal Glycol

Kemix Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Dimethylamine HCL, Methene Solphonyl Chloride, Pyrophosphoryl Chloride

Krish Chem India
Industrial Chemicals, Solvents, Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Lab Chem Fine Chemicals
Manufacturer & Repacking Of Laboratory Chemicals, Trading & Purifications Of Bulk Chemicals, Dealers Of Glass Ware.

Labdhi Chemicals
Manufacturer Represantatives & Supplier Of Industrial Solvents, Chemicals, & Allied Raw Materials

Mandev Enterprises
Industrial Chemicals, Agro Commodities And Home Furnishings

May Chemical
All Industrial Chemicals

Mira Organics & Chemicals Private Limited
We Are One Of The Leading Processors And Exporters Of Inorganic Industrial Chemicals, Fertilizers And Adhesives. Which Are Extensively Used In Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Rubber, Textile And Glass Industries.

Mm Biochem & Solutions
Range Of Chemicals For Dust Suppressions In Mining Industry, Textile Industry Softners, Deinking Chemicals For Paper Pulp Industry

Navyug Acid & Chemicals
Acid, Chemicals, Solvent, Glasswear Equipment, Liquid Soap, Phenyle

Neelkateshwara Enterprises
Buyers And Sellers of All Industrial Chemicals, Papers, Ferrous And Non Ferrous Metals

Paras Corporation
Industrial Chemicals, Sodium Carbonate

Parshwa Raj Chemicals
Copper Sulphate, Zinc Sulphate, Ferrous Sulphate, Magnesium Sulphate, Cobalt Sulphate, All Agricultural And Industrial Chemicals

Polymark Industries
Packaging & Industrial Chemicals

Raj Chemicals
Industrial Chemical

Sai Yasika Biochem
Agents for All Industrial Chemicals And Solvents Bulk Drugs And Drug Intermediates, Spent Acids, Salts And Bromides

Saudi Pan Gulf
Industrial Chemicals, Petro Chemicals, Food Chemicals

Shanmukha Laboratories
Soaps, Detergents & Industrial Chemicals, Metallurgical Testing Lab.

Shimnit Trading Co.
Mfr And Suppliers Of Industrial Chemicals And Safety Items

Shivchem Enterprises
dealers of Distilled Industrial Chemicals and Solvents Mixtures Of Chemicals And Solvents, Any Types Of Chemicals

Siddharth Chemical Industries
Trading & Supplying Of Chemicals

Spray Fill India Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer And Supply Speciality Industrial Chemicals And Aerosol

Stonex Chem India
Deals In Industrial Chemicals, Distilled Solvents

Suyog Chemicals
Sodium Silicates & Allied Chemical

Upper India Smelting & Refinery Works
Supplier Of Industrial Chemicals

Viswaat Chemicals Ltd.
Ethosilation By Product

Yash Chemical.
Dealing In Various Types Of Industrial Chemical & Distilled, Crude Solvents

Yoshiaki Chemicals Company Pvt.Ltd
Manufacturer And Supplier Of Textile Dyes, Textile Chemicals, Textile Dye Chemicals, Textile Finishing Chemicals And Textile Pretreatment Chemicals Such As Wetting Agent, Scouring Agent, Sequestering Agent, Dispersing Agent, Soaping Agent, Fixing Agent, L

Tomar Scientific Corporation
Borosil, Glassware Industrial Chemical, School & College Laboratory Material.

Mahan Dye Chem
Chemical Trading, IPA Acetone, Chloroform Methylene Chloride, Phosphoric Acids, Toulene, Ethyl Acetate Acetic Acids

Al Majeed
Trading Chemicals And Fertilizers

Ram Shyam Chemicals
Manufacture of Chemical.

Huber Chemicals India Pvt.Ltd.
Supplier, Exporter and Manufacturer of Industrial Chemicals Like Silicate Pigments, Coating Pigments.

Indian Muds & Chemicals
Minerals, Oil Filled Chemicals like Drilling Chemicals, Ceramics Raw Material.

Parekh Industries Ltd.
Precious Metal Spent Wires, Chemicals, Catalyst, PT Lab Wares Like Crucible, Dish Exporter, Catalysts,Crucibles, Electroplating Chemical, Gold Potassium Cyanide, Laboratory Wares, Oxidation Catalysts, Inorganic Salts, Palladium Chloride, Silver Oxide, Industrial Chemicals.

Indane Chemical Company
Supplying A Wide Range Of Platinum Products Such As Platinum Crucible, Platinum Foils, Platinum Forceps, Platinum Tipped Tongs, Platinum Gold Alloy Mould, Platinum Iridium Electrodes, Platinum Wires, Platinum Solder, Alumina Crucibles, Cast Iron Crucibles, Chromium Chloride, Clay Graphite Crucibles, Combustion Boats, Crucible Tongs.

Drier Chemicals
Manufacturers and Suppliers of Molecular Sieves, Carbon Molecular Sieves, Activated Alumina, Mineral Desiccants, Molecular Sieves, Silica Gel, Activated Alumina, Mineral Desiccants, Ethyl Silicate, Activated Carbon Powder, Catalysts, Aluminium Oxide, Activated Clay Desiccant, Palladium Catalyst on Activated Carbon, Silica Gel Breather, Petrochemical Products, Industrial Chemicals.

Evonik Catalysts India Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Catalysts, Industrial Chemicals, Industrial Pallets.

Taurus Petroleums Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturers and Exporters of High Viscosity Automotive Lubricants, Cable Jelly, Industrial Additives, Industrial Oil & Chemicals, Industrial Specialities, Industrial Waxes, Metal Working Oils, Industrial Greases, Industrical Lubricants, Waxes, Greases, Petroleum Jelly, Pharmaceuticals, Rubber Process Oils, Additives, Rail Road Engine Oils, Defence Oils & Lubricants, Marine Engine Oils, Rubber Process Oils Paraffinic, Automotive Greases, Automotive Oils, Brake Fluids, Broaching Oils, Chassis Greases, Cutting Oils.

Vinay Trading Company
A Wide Range of Industrial Rubber Chemicals and Polymer Products. Carbon Black, Synthetic Rubber, High Styrene Rubber, Stearic Acids & Fatty Acids, Rubber Process Oil.

Anksy Tech
Rubber & Industrial Chemical.

Ketan Chemical Corporation
Chemical Solvents, Industrial Oils, Fine Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Chemicals Intermediates and Cresol Solutions, Chemical Solvents, Industrial Oils, Fine Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals.

B. I. Mehta
Industrial Chemicals & Allied Raw materials.

Camphor And Allied Products Ltd.
Suppliers of Industrial Chemical.

Chemways Healthcare Pvt.Ltd.
Industrial Chemicals, Caustic Soda, Tartaric Acid, Gallic Acid, Industrial Solvents.

Chrome Star Chemical Works
Manufacturer of Industrial Chemicals. Noble Marble Polishing Powder, MarbShine Marble Crystallizer, Cerium Oxide, Cerium Oxide Polishing Powder, Chrome Oxide Green,

Classic Organic Chemicals
Offering Non-Toxic and Effective Organic Chemicals, Agro Organic Chemicals, Industrial Organic Chemicals, Plant Growth Regulators, Amino Acids, Potassium Humate Powder, Protein Hydrolysate.

Good Earth Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Finest Quality Industrial Chemicals, Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant.

M. Dhanasekarapandian & Sons Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacture of Other Chemical.

Manas Enterprise
Supplier of Industrial Chemicals

Numatik Engineers
Water and Fuel Treatment Plants Which Includes Industrial Process Plants and Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals.

Ordeal Enterprises
Chemical Suppliers

P.M. Steels
Manufacturer of Industrial Chemicals.

Shelka Chem Ind
Cooling Tower Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Boiler Chemicals,Sewage Treatment And Swimming Pool Chemicals, Descaling Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals

Sree Ramicides Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Industrial Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals.

Starwin Perfect Mfg Co. Pvt.Ltd.
Industrial Chemicals, Chemical Manufacturers & Dealers

Suriraj Syntex
Printing Dye Suppliers, Industrial Chemicals Suppliers.

Swastik Chemicals
Water Treatment Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Alum Chemical Compound, Poly Aluminum Chloride, Poly Electrolyte.

Vaishali Group
Industrial Chemical, Rubber Product.

Vora Exports
Industrial Chemicals Suppliers.

Aayan Industries
Industrial Chemicals.Aromatic Chemicals.

Abc Chemical Exports Pvt.Ltd.
Chemicals & Allied Products.

Aditya Dye Chem
Chemical & Allied. Dyes Intermediates.

Alchem Industries
Chemical Dealer, Industrial Chemical Dealer.

Amar Dye-Chem Ltd.
Chemical & Allied Products, Dyes Intermediates, Dyes, Dyestuffs.

Apurva Chem Industries
Strength Property Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals.

Asian Trade Link
Chemical & Allied Products.

Associated Agencies
Chemical & Allied Products.

Chemicals & Allied, Industrial Surfactants, Additives, Pesticides, Effluent Treatment Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals.

Bhavna Colourants Llp
Chemical & Allied, Dyes, Dyes Intermediates, Pigments, Leather & Paper Chemicals, Textile Chemicals, Disperse Dyes

Champion Commercial Company Ltd.
Industrial Chemicals & Allied.

Chemco International
Industrial Chemicals.

Colour Corporation
Chemicals & Allied.

Crescent Organics Pvt. Ltd.
Trader In Industrial Chemicals, Solvents & Polymer Products.

Desmo Exports Ltd.
Importers Of Various Kinds Of Chemicals.

Eternis Fine Chemicals Ltd.
Fine Chemical & Allied Products.

Euroasian Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
industrial Chemicals, Solvents.

Gamas Enterprises
Industrial Chemical - Production & Sales

Guarniflon India Pvt.Ltd.
Industrial Chemical and Allied.

Gujarat Dyestuff Industries
Industrial Chemicals, Dyestuff, Dyes & Intermediates.

Gujarat Fluorochemicals Ltd.
Fluorine Chemicals & Compounds.

Indian Products Trading Co. Pvt.Ltd.
Chemicals & Allied Industrial Suppliers.

International Solvents & Chemicals Co.
Chemicals & Solvent, Industrial Chemicals.

Kenrinie Invesment
Industrial Chemicals For Foods Production Food Flavors Colors.

Lexicon Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Chemical & Industrial Chemicals.

Liberty Chem Colour
Mfg. & Dealers of Chemicals.

Mahesh (India)
Industrial Chemicals.

Mehta Corporation
Ether Anaesthetics, Chemicals,Industrial Chemical, Solvents.

Modern Gas & Allied Equipments
Dealers in Industrial Gases, Welding Equipments & Chemicals.

Neelikon Food Dyes And Chemicals Ltd.
Chemical & Dyes, Food Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals.

Poly Chemical Industries
Chemical, Industrial Chemicals, Solvents.

Sialca Industries
Zeolite Compounds, Activated Alumina, Molecular Sieves Type 3A, 4A, 5A & 12 X In Powder Beads & Pellets Form.

Upl Ltd
Agrochemicals,Industrial & Specialist Chemicals.

Amarjyot Chemical Corporation
Di Nitro Phenol,4 Nitro Amino Phenol,Para Nitro Phenol,2,4 Di Nitro Aniline, 6 Cholro 2,4 Di Nitro Aniline.

Anchor Chemicals Industries
Sodium Tungstate, Ammonium Para Tungstste, Tungstate Trioxide, Chromium Acetate Chromium Chloride.

Antares Chem Private Limited
Methacrylate, Methyl Methacrylate, Industrial Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Lab Chemicals, Construction Chemicals, Organic Chemicals, Cleaning Chemicals.

Beekay Overseas
Methacrylate, Methacrylate Compound, Methacrylate Compound, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Acrylic Acid, Butyl Acrylate Monomer.

Dealers of Chemicals and Allied Products.

Classik Casein Indus Chemie
Methacrylate, Methacrylate Compound, Industrial Chemicals, Acid Chemicals, Technical Casein, Food Chemicals.

Dharmit Enterprise
Methacrylate, Methacrylate Compound, Industrial Chemicals, Maleic Anhydride, Phthalic Anhydride, Ethylenediamine, Acrylate.

Dishant Organics Pvt. Ltd.
Acetic Acid, Solvents & Chemicals

Eastern Chemical Corporation
Chemical Raw Material, Industrial Chemicals, Paints Printing Inks, Solvents.

Ekta International
Industrial Dyes, Industrial Chemicals, Acid Dyes, Direct Dyes, Reactive Dyes, Reactive H Dyes.

Ganesh Enterprises
Industrial Chemicals

Giriraj Trading Co.
Traders Of Industrial Chemicals,

H. K. Group
Manufacturer Of Plastic Chemical

Hastand Export Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
Pharmaceutical Raw Materials,Chemicals.

Hi Purity Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Dichlorophene, Halquinol, pthalimide,Chlorophenols.

Huntsman International (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Chemicals, Surfactants, Aniline, Industrial Chemicals, Amines

Khare Minerals & Chemical Industries
Manufacturer and Trader of Minerals, Chemicals, Minerals Powders, Industrial Chemicals, Limestone and Dolomites.

Nanavati Group
Phthalo Colours & Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Pigments, Reactive Dyes

Pioneer Chemicals
Imports Of Phenol, Acetone, Toluene, Methanol, Mix Xylene, Ortho Xylene, Melamine, Acetic Acid Glacial, MDC, Para Formaldehyde, Acetonitrile & Many More Products.

Pnr Impex
Butyl Ether, Butyl Cellosolve, Laboratory Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals.

Polyfill Microns Pvt. Ltd.
Acid Brick Flooring, Effluent Treatment Plant, Acid Fume Scrubbers, Industrial Chemicals, Piping Systems, Reverse Osmosis System, Dm Plant,Domestic Water Purifier, Acid Recovery Chemicals, Hvac System, Sewage Treatment Plant.

Pruthvi Chemicals
Sodium Chemical, Industrial Bismuth, Industrial Bromide, Laboratory Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Plastic Chemicals and Textile Chemicals.

Rsd Polymers Pvt. Ltd
Industrial Chemicals.

Sarvavasa Services
solvents and Industrial Chemicals.

Big Youth Ltd.
Dealer In Chemicals

Central Chemical Industries
Dye Intermediated Dealers, Dye Dealers, Central Chemical Industries, Business Enterprises,

Ideal Dye Chem Industries
Di Chloro Benzindine, DIHCL Ortho Diansidine Di Hel, Tetra Cheoro Bennzindine.

International Petro & Petrochem Trade Co, Ltd.
International Trading Of Chemicals Raw Material, Industrial Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Refined Petroleum Products And All Type Of Recycle Materials

Jagdish Chemicals
Chemical Dealers, Industrial Chemical Dealers

Jyoti Som Chemicals
Inorganic Fine Chemical. Metal Slab Lime, Barium, Cadmium, Copper, Strontium Salts As Acetate Chlorides Sulphate Oxide.

K.K.Poonja & Sons
Chemical TBC, TBHO

Krishna Scientific Works
Trader, Distributer And Supplier Of Scientific Instrument And Laboratory Chemicals, Refracto Meter, Polaris Meter, Cholrofom, Methanol.

L.S.Chemical & Pharmaceuticals
Ammonium Molybdate, Di sodium Tartarate, Lead Acetate Trihydrate, Lead Monoxide, Lead Nitrate, Lead Peroxide, Lead tetra Acetate, Mercuric Oxide, Mercuric Chloride, Mercuric Iodide, Potassium Sodium Tartarate, Sodium Molybdate

Laxmi Trading
Trading In Chemical

M/S Chemic World Pvt.Ltd.
Distinguished Exporter, Importer, Distributor, Supplier, Wholesaler And Trader Of Chemicals & Solvents. Our Product Assortment Encompasses

Moraya Global Pvt.Ltd.
Chemical Dealers, Industrial Chemical Dealers

One Point Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Energy Management, Process Engineering Consultant, Suppliers of Industrial Chemicals and Engineering items

Orion Chem Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturing Of Chemicals

Perfect Chemicals & Instruments
Chemical Dealers, Industrial Chemicals

Punjab Chemicals & Crop Protection Ltd.
Manufacture of Agrochemicals, Agro Formulation, Industrial Chemicals.

R.A. Nariman & Co.
Industrial Chemical,

S K Chemical
Chemical Industrial, Fine Chemical, Sulphate.

Tri Phenyl Phosphite, Di Phenyl, Isodecyl, Pharma Intermediates, Phosphite, Poly Phosphoric Acid, Di Isodecyl Phenyl Phosphite.

Salasar Chemicals
MEK, MIBK, Normal Butanol, Cyclohexanone, MDC, Toluene, Nitro Benzene, Butyl Cellosolve, Ethyl Cellosolve , Di-Acetone(DAA), Xylene, Methylene Chloride (MCL), Benzene, Butyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate, Acetone, DMF, IPA, , Solvent C-9, DCP etc.

Sandhya Industrial Chemicals
Manufacturing Phosphorous Based Speciality Chemicals and Agro Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Antioxidant, Deformers.

Su Organic Sciences Private Limited
Export, Import, Distribution and Trading of API's, Bulk Drugs, Industrial Chemicals, Laboratory Chemicals, Organic Chemicals, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical Row Materials and Specialty Chemicals.

Supersonic Distribution & Services Pvt. Ltd.
Star Exporter Of Incese Stics, Lollipop, Biscuits, Safety Matches, Cabled, Aluminium Wires, Reckline, PP Pags, Diesel Engines & Industrial Chemicals

Ultra Chemical Works
Chemical & Minerals

United Phosphorus Limited
Special Chemical, Industrial Chemical, Pesticides Intermediates.

Industrial Chemical, Plastic Wares, Glass Wares

Vasu Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Industrials Chemicals.

Vinee Acids & Chemicals
Supplier Of Industrial Acids, Chemical Solvent, Chemical Solvent Dealer, Chemicals, Dyes, Pigments

Asg Enterprises
Traders Of Industrial Gases & Chemicals

Nitish Enterprises.
We Are Dealing in Textile Auxilaries And All Types of General Chemicals

Shikha Enterprise
Suppliers For Chemicals Like Soda Ash, Sodium Sulphate, Caustic Soda Flakes

Agrosynth Chemicals Ltd.
Industrial Chemicals, Fungicides, Insecticides, Bactericides, Vermin Destroyers.

Astec Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Chemical, Industrial Chemical, Pharmaceutical Chemicals.

Nandolia Organic Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturing and Supplying of Anisic Acid. Industrial Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Intermediate.

Eastern Chemicals
Mfg. Of Crude Naphthlene, Pure Naphthlene, Carboilic Acids, Light Cresote Oils, Heavy Cresote Oils

Navakar Bio Chemicals
Laboratory & Industrial Chemicals, Sodium Arsenate / Arsenate.

Gazillion Enterprises
Construction Materials And Suppliers, Industrial Raw Materials And Chemicals, Pharmaceutical And Medical Suppliers And Consumer And Household Products

Reliance Dye Chems
Traders of Industrial and Bulk Chemicals

Ramsun Rasayanics
Ascorbyl Palmitate, Chemicals, Dyes & Solvents, Industrial Chemicals.

Forcast Chemicals
Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Trader, Wholesaler and Distributor of Zinc Stearates, Barium Stearates, Food Chemicals, Sweeteners, Solvent & Petrochemicals, Acidual Ingredients, Industrial Chemicals, Solvents, Rubber Chemicals

A One Paint Chem Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of All Kind of Polyester Resins, Industrial Chemical.

Asian Colour Chem
Thinners & Industrial Chemical Solvents.

Sarita Chemical Agencies
Industrial Chemicals.

Shri Sai Company
Sulphuric Acid, Hydrochloric Acid, Nitric Acid and Other Industrial Chemical.

V. K. Oil & Chemicals
All types of Industrial Chemicals, Thinners, Acids and Industrial Lubricants.

Fab Trade Enterprise
Supplier, Trader And Exporter Of Organic Chemical, Inorganic Chemical, Industrial Chemical, Pharma Intermediary, Chemicals, Organic Chemical, Inorganic Chemical, Industrial Chemical, Pharma Intermediary, Chemicals, Solvents, Adipic Acid.

Yaashraj Chemicals
Manufacturer, Trader and Supplier of High Quality Industrial Chemicals, Sodium Hypochlorite, Rubber Tubes, Carbon Black, Bleaching Powder.

Hindustan Petrochemicals
Supplier of Industrial Chemicals & Solvents

Pratik Chemical Industries
Manufacturing and Supplying an Impeccable Gamut of Industrial Chemicals. The Offered Gamut comprises Air Handling Coil Unit, Cooling Tower Water Treatment, Water Descalents.

Logistics, Trading of Industrial Chemicals and Gases.

Vedanta Chemicals
Wholesale of Industrial Chemicals.

Tienda Advanced Materials Pvt.Ltd.
manufacturer of Industrial Chemicals Sodium Sulfide, Phosphoric Acid, Glycerine, Soda Ash.

Heetu Chemicals & Alkalies Ltd.
Industrial Chemicals, Oil Field / Refinery Chemicals, Specality Chemicals,

Future India Chemicals
Manufacturer of Industrial & Agricultural Chemical, Lime Product, Cleaning Compound.

Nitika Pharmaceutical Specialties Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacture Fine Chemicals for the Pharmaceutical and Allied Industries.

Alma Specialty Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg & Supplier Of Industrial Chemicals.

Angre Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg. Of Specialty Industrial Chemicals, Oil Field Chemicals.

Krishi Organic Chemical Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Chemical Industries & Cold Storage.

Lrc Speciality Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Specialized Industrial Chemicals, Research in Lignin and Lignosulfonated Products.

Orinco Chemical Industries
Mfg. of Textile Auxiliaries & Industrial Chemicals.

Agarwal Dye Chem Corporation
Manufacturer & Dealers of Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Industrial Chemical, Waterproofing Chemical.

Amidhara Chemical Industries
Dealers of Industrial Chemical.

Atul Chemical
Dealers of Industrial Chemicals.

Ankit Raj Organo Chemicals
Export & Suppliers of Industrial Chemical, Acetic Acid, Chemicals, Solvents.

Annar Industries
Manufacture & Distributors of Industrial Chemical, Lubricants.

Antriksha Chemicals
Manufacturer & Suppliers of Industrial Chemical, Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Organic Chemicals.

Beevee Chemicals
Industrial Chemical Dealers.

Pawan Chemicals
Distributor of Industrial Chemicals.

Srinivasa Chemicals
Suppliers & Distributors of Acid, Industrial Chemical.

Remik Marketing Services
Marketing of Dyes & Chemicals Paper Leather Silk Textile Auxiliaries, Various Industrial Chemicals.

Star Orechem International Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Chemicals, Construction Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Waterproofing Chemicals.

Australis Chemicals
Dealers of Chemical & Industrial Chemicals.

Karshati For Energy & Environment Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturers and Suppliers Dealing in a Wide Range of Industrial Chemicals, Adhesive chemicals, Galvanizing Preflux, Metal Corrosion Inhibitor, Galvanizing Degreasers.
School Of Inspirational Leadership
'Entrepreneurship Development Partner' Building Entrepreneurs Who Are The Pillars of Tomorrow’s Business Culture & World Economy
Aditya Polymers
Synthetic Adhesives, Packing Adhesives
Montana International
Industrial Belts Timing Belts, V-Belts, high quality power transmission belts
Dex-Vin Polymers Pvt.Ltd.
Anti Rust Varnishes, Binders
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