Measuring Instruments Manufacturers Suppliers Exporters

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Harshman Gauges & Engineering Co.
Gauges & Accessories, Standard Thread Ring & Plug Gauges, Special Thread Gauges, Plain Gauges, Plain Carbide Gauges, Ring Gauges, Calibration Services Of Gauges & Measuring Instruments, Threading Tips, HSS & CS Taps & Dies, HSS & Carbide Milling Cutters, Threading Chasers, Plain Limit Gauges, Measuring Pins, Snap Gauges, Plain Ring Gauges, Slip Gauges, Key Way Width Gauges, Air Plug & Setting Rings, ISO Taper Plugs & Rings, Taper Plugs & Rings, Master Setting Rings

Kusam Electrical Industries Ltd.
Capacitance Meters, Digital Multi Meters, Tachometer, Transmitters, Transducers, Oscilloscopes, Calibrator, Frequency Counters, Coating Thickness Meters, Currency Counting Machines, Digital Multi Meters, Sound Level Meters, Tachometer, Infrared Thermometers, Digital Thermometers, Clamp Meters, AC / DC Current Adaptors, Insulation Resistance Testers, Megger, Network Cable Testers, Lux Meters. Thermo Anemometers, Thermo Hygrometers, Wood Moisture Meters, Paper Moisture Meters, Stroboscopes, Phase Sequence Meters, Distance Meters, Earth Resistance Testers, Power Clamp Meters, Harmonics Measuring Meters, Automatic Power Factor Regulator, Energy Analyser, Power Meters, Elcb Testers, Earth Leakage Testers, Bench Type Multimeters, Function Generator, Automobile Multimeters, Energy Saver, Measuring Instruments, Multimeters

Unik Gauges & Tools
Gauges & Accessories, Thread Gauges, Plain Gauges, Ring Gauges, Snap Gauges, Thread & Plain Ring Gauges, Measuring Pins, Non Standard Gauges, Measuring Instruments, Universal Horizontal Metroscope, Profile Projector, Floating Carriage Micrometer, Carbide Slip Gauge Box

Equinox Gauges
All Types Gauges, Gauges & Accessories, Angle Slip Gauges, Calibration Of Gauges, Calibration Of Mechanical Gauges, Calibrator, Caliper Checker, Caliper Gauges, Carbide Gauges, Carbide Slip Gauges, Ceramic Slip Gauges, Depth Micrometer Checker, Gauges, Length Measuring Devices, Long Series Slip Gauges, Measuring Instruments, Micrometer Checker, Pin Gauges, Plug Gauges, Slip Gauges, Slip Gauges Calibrator, Snap Gauges, Tungsten Carbide Slip Gauges, Width Gauges, Angle Slip Gauges, Tungsten Carbide Slip Gauges ( Metric Set / Inch Set ), Depth Micrometer Checker, Micrometer Checker, Caliper Checker, Carbide Width Gauges, Slip Gauge Accessories, Carbide Measuring Pin, Snap Gauge Checking Pins, Steel Slip Gauges, Plug Gauges, Steel Slip Gauges, Ceramic Slip Gauges, Ring Gauges, Tungsten Carbide Ring Gauges, Comparator Stand, Long Series Slip Gauges, Length Bars, Micrometer State With Stand, Tungsten Carbide Plug Gauges, Depth Micrometer Checker, Limit Gauges, Carbide Width Gauges

Mikronix Associates
Gauges, Tungsten Carbide Slip Gauges, Gauges & Accessories, Tungsten Carbide Slip Gauges, Slip Gauge Accessories, Gauge Block Accessories, Angle Gauges, Angle Gauge Blocks, Length Bars, Micrometer Checkers, Precision Components

Shree Rushabh Traders
Authorized Dealers of Baker, Master Metrology & Swastik For Precision Measuring Instruments & Inspection Tools, Srewed Gauges, Plain Gauges, Thread Ring Gauges, Thread Plugs, Gauges & Tools, Measuring Pins, Adjustable Snap Gauges, Dial Thickness Gauges, Dial Bore Gauges, Electronic Gauges, Digital Calipers, Digital & Mechanical Internal Micrometers, Master Setting Rings.

Inspecs Metrology ( India ) Pvt.Ltd.
Measuring Instruments, Height Masters, 1D Height Masters, 2D Height Masters, Co-Ordinate Masters Machines, Vision Measuring Machines, Measuring Machines Services

Suchet Systems
Authorised Channel Partners Of Testo Make Portable Measuring Instruments :- Flue Gas Analysers, Temperature & Humidity Data Loggers, Wifi Data Loggers For Temperature & Humidity, Air Velocity Measuring Instruments, Sound, Rpm, Lux Measuring Instruments, Cooking Oil Tester, Thermal Imagers, Contact & Non-Contact (Infrared) Thermometers, Temperature & Humidity Data Monitoring Systems, Dew Point Transmitters, Compressed Air Counter, Temperature & Humidity, Transmitters, Differential Pressure Transmitters, Thermohygrometers, Air Capture Hood, Refrigerant Leak Detector , Gas Leak Detector, Digital Vacuum Gauge, Electronic Manifolds, Co/Co2 Measuring Instruments, Ph Meter, Smart Probes. Trumen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. – Level Sensing Instruments, Testo India Pvt. Ltd. – Portable Measuring Instruments, Trumen Make Level Sensing Instruments :- Capacitance Level Transmitter, Hydrostatic Level Transmitter, Vibrating Fork Level Switches For Solids & Liquids, Vibrating Rod Level Switches For Solids, Compact Vibrating Fork Level Switches For Liquids, Admittance Level Switch, Conductivity Level Switch, Rotating Paddle Level Switch, Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, Radar Level Transmitter

Gokul Traders
Gauges & Accessories, Cutting Tools, Auth.Dlrs.for HSS Thread Taps, HSS Taps, Carbon Steel Taps, Dies And Dienuts, Carbide Burrs, Solid Carbide End Mills, HSS Rotary Cutters, Power Tools, Piston Drills, Hammer Drills, End Handle Drills, Morse Taper Drills

Control Devices
Mfrs.Of Process Control Instruments, Flow, Pressure, Level Temperature, Measuring Instruments, Pressure Gauges, Dial Thermometers, Flow Control Systems, Flow Meters, Level Indicators, Level Switches, Liquid Level Indicators, Manometers, Measuring Instruments (MISC), Temperature Measuring Instruments

Cvg Technocrafts India
Mfrs.Of Process Control Instruments, Flow, Pressure, Level Temperature, Measuring Instruments, Glass Tube Rotameter, Acrylic Body Rotameter, Low Flow Rotameter, U Tube Manometer, Acrylic Body Inclined Tube Manometer, By Pass Rotameter, Single limb Manometer, Tubular Glass Level Indicator/Level Gauge, Side Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator, Top Mounted Magnetic Level Indicator, Sight Flow Indicators, Side Mounted Level Switch, Float Operated Liquid Level Switch, Mercury-In-Steel Gauge, Capillary Gauge, Bi-Metalic Gauge, Metal Tube Rotameter, Industrial Grade Metallic Body, Pressure Gauges

International Tools Syndicate
Precision Measuring Instruments, Calibration, Sales & Services Of Precision Measuring Instruments

Grups Electricals
Operator Interface Panels, PLC Control Panels, Drive Panels (VFD), Pump Panels, Distributed IO Control Panels, Flame Proof Panels, Instrumentation Panels, Custom Control Panels, Motor Control Centers / Motor Starter Panels

Ramtronics Engg.
Operator Interface Panels, Plc Control Panels, Drive Panels (vfd), Pump Panels, Distributed Io Control Panels, Flame Proof Panels, Instrumentation Panels, Custom Control Panels, Motor Control Centers / Motor Starter Panels

Grups Automation
Operator Interface Panels, Plc Control Panels, Drive Panels (vfd), Pump Panels, Distributed Io Control Panels, Flame Proof Panels, Instrumentation Panels, Custom Control Panels, Motor Control Centers / Motor Starter Panels, Authorised System House For Crompton & Greaves Drives

Cali Mic Industrial Products
Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Wholesaler, Trader And Retailer Bandsaw Rolls, Tool Holders, Hacksaw Blades, Helicoil Inserts, Carbide Tips, Diamond Dressers, HSS Tools, Carbide Tools, Measuring Instruments, Cutting Fluid, Solid Carbide Drills, End Mill

Jayesh Enterprises
Gauges & Accessories, Thread Gauges, Plain Gauges, Ring Gauges, Limit Gauges, Snap Gauges, Air Gauges, Key Way Width Gauges, Taper Plug & Ring Gauges, Measuring Instruments, Calibration Of Measuring Instruments, Setting Ring & Master, ISO & MORSE Taper Plug & Rings, Measuring Pins, Thread Measuring Cylinders, Thread Grinding, Sub-Zero Treatment Services

Global Machine Tools
Dealer Of All Types Of Industrial Bandsaw Machine, Workshop Machinery And Spare Parts, Welding & Safety Equiments, Co2 Wire, Measuring Instruments, Welding Machines, V-Belts,

Unitech Instruments
Calibration Lab, Pressure Gauge, Vacuum Gauge, Voltmeter, Capacitance Meter, Current Transformer, Ammeter, Multimeter, Wattmeter, Potential Transformer, Power Supply, High Voltage Tester, Frequency Meter, Energy Meter, Data Logger, LCR Meter, Temp. Inductor, Glass Thermometer, Temp. Scanner, Temp. Indicator Controller, Thermocouple

Goodwill Traders
Industrial Gases Welding Equipment & Accessories, Sand Blasting Equipment, Plasma Cutting Machinery, Safety Equipment Engineering Tools, Paints & Hardware

Honest Enterprises
Dealers & Stockist Of All Kinds Of Bearings, SKF, FAG, Nachi, IKO, NRB, Fennar & Mitsubishi, IT, Addison, Toten, JK File, L & T, Siemence, BCH, Moiler For Bearings, V Belts, Hardware, Nut & Bolt, Switchgear, Timing Belt, Electronical Accessories, Pneumati

Micron Instruments Co.
Manufacturing Measuring Instruments, Floating Carriage Micrometer, Echo Friendly Monochromatic Light Unit, Specimen Set For Monochromatic Light Unit.( 25mm Dia.), Dial Gauge Calibrator, Comparator Stands, Optical Flats In Size 25, 50, 75 & 100mm, Sine Bar, Sine Center, Micrometer Holding Stand Range 0-1000mm., 3 Point Micrometer Calibrator, Taper Plug And Ring Gauges For MT 1,2,3&4 Tapers, Test Mandrels As Per I.S., Thread Gauge Mandrells, Micrometer Head With Least Count 0.0002mm, Couplings, Flexible Couplings

Accumet Products
Hardness Testers, Measuring Instruments, Precision Measuring Instruments, Analog Bore Measuring Instruments, Coating Thickness Gauge, Digital Measuring Instruments, Force Gauges, Inclination Measuring Instruments, Inclinometers, Machine Tools Setting Devi

Balaji Engineering Company
Clamping Devices (Top & Side Clamping For Cnc, Vmc, Milling, All M/C), Quick Die/Mould Clamping Elements (Injection Moulding Machine), Toggle Clamps (Fabricators, Welding Fixture, Automotive Components, Milling & Grinding Accessories (Angle Fixed Vice & All Tool room Acce., Machine Tool Accessories (All Machine Shop Or Tool Room

Modern Engravers
Engraving Work, Precision Milling & Spark Erosion Facilities, PCB Drilling Plates & Soap Dies For Automatic Machines

Parag Enterprises.
Since 1986. Stockist & Dealers For Metal Cutting & Threading Tools, CNC Toolings, Bearing, Measuring Instruments, Gauges, Tool Room Accessories, Coated & Bonded Abrasives Etc. (All Types Of Industry) Tool Accessories Machine Tools

Procom Systems
Process Control Instruments, Thermocouples, Temperature Indicators, Measuring Instruments, Temperature Controllers, Temperature Circular Charts, Temperature Recorders, Temperature Scanners, Temperature Sensors, Data Loggers, Furnace Calibration, Digital S

Krishi Enterprises
Division Of Myco Tools Centre, Engineering & Cutting Tools & Solid Carbide Tools, Precision Measuring Instrument, Hardware, Mill Gin Stores & General Merchant, Stockist Of Precision Measuring Instruments, Hardness Tester, Magnetic Accessories, Pressure Gauges, Kinds Of Ball Bearings, Small Tools, Small Machinery, Hand Tools, Precision Tools, Machine Tools, Packing Materials, Hardware Testers, Fasteners, Specialised For Sugar Mills, Engineering Unit Etc.

Measuring Instruments, Precision Measuring Instruments, Electronic Digital Micrometers, Electronic Digital Indicators, Electronic Digital Scales

Krishi And Co.
Stockist and Suppliers of Engineering, Cutting Tools & Solid Carbide Tools, Precision Measuring Instrument, Hardware Mill Gin Store, Hardness Tester, Magnetic Accessories, Pressure Gauges. Kinds of Ball Bearing.

Balaji Industrial Clamping Equipment
Clamping Devices (Top & Side Clamping For Cnc, Vmc, Milling, All M/C), Quick Die/Mould Clamping Elements (Injection Moulding Machine), Toggle Clamps (Fabricators, Welding Fixture, Automotive Components, Milling & Grinding Accessories (Angle Fixed Vice & All Tool room Acce., Machine Tool Accessories (All Machine Shop Or Tool Room

Fastener Toolings Inc.
Specialist in Fastener Toolings, Nuts, Bolts, Screw, Punches, Thread Gauges, Thread Rolling

Ravi Controls
Mfgrs. & Servicing Process Control Instruments, Level Indicators, Magnetic Indicators, Sight Glasses, Level Gauges, Manometers, Rotameters, Transmeters, All Type Of Pressure Gauges, Thermocouples, RTD, Compensating Cables, Storage Tank Calibration, Indust

Caltech Engineering Services
Coating Thickness Gauge, Corrosion Monitoring Systems, Cathodic Disbonding Tester, Paint Testing Equipments, Holiday Detector, NDT Testing Equipments, Salt Spray Apparrtus, Salt Spray Chambers, Welding Inspection Gauges, Temperature Indicating Stick, Penc

Technosolve Analyticals Llp
Distributor for promoting various renowned agencies in the field of Analytical Instrumentation. Lab Instruments, HPTLC Documentation System - Mini Luminous, Uv Cabinet- Crystal -3, Applicator Semi Automatic-Sprayline, Manual Applicator, Scanner, Development Chamber, Plate Condensing Box, SPE, Colony Counters, Sample Concentrator, Electrochemistry, Lab Essential, Ultra-Durable Nitrile Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Flock-Lined Nitrile Chemical-Resisiant Gloves Fluid Handling, Lab Products, Test & Measurement, Repair & Servicing Of Analytical Instruments, HPLC/GC/UV Gas Generator, Rotary Evaporator, Gas Generator, Nitrogen Evaporator, Positive pressure manifold, Gas tubing, TLC/HPTLC image documentation system, Circulation chiller, Vacuum pump, TLC/HPTLC applicator, TLC/HPTLC development chamber, Magnetic stirrer, Impurities, Hydrogen Generator, Nitrogen Generator, Zero Air Generator, Air Compressor.

Automate Process Control
Oscilloscpe, Multimeter, Power Supply, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, Thermal Imager, Electrical Tool Kit, Clamp Meter, Earth Tester, Meggr, H.V. Tester, Frequency Meter, LCR Meter, Logic Analyzer, R.F Instruments, Fiber Optics Tool Kit, Fiber Optical Instruments, Optical Time Domain Refleetometer, Electrical Measuring Instruments, Milli Ohm Meter, Micro Ohm Meter, Infrared Thermometer, Electrical Tester, Annomometer, Lux Meter, Industrial Therometer, Flue Gas Analyzer, Flux Meter, Tachometer, Leackage Current Tester, Sound Level Meter, Vibration Meter, Power Analyzer, Cable Fault locator, LED Manufacturing Test Setup.

Balaji Enterprises
Ball Valve Components, Balls, Trunnion Plates, ISO Pad, Pusher Ring, Shaft, Seat Ring, Measuring Instrument, Digital Height, Industrial Components, Ferrous And Non Ferrous Components Master, Surface Finish Tester, Hardness Tester, Ferrous Press Components

Chandan Electric Corporation
Cables, Switchgears, Cables & Wires, Switchboard Accessories, Lighting & Fixture, Cable Gland, Lugs & Joint Kit Terminal Connector, Control Panel Accessories, Cable Tray / Laders, Lamps & Tubes, Pipes & Fittings, Meters & Measuring Inst., Fabrication Of M

Kusam Electrical Instruments Llp
Capacitance Meters, Digital Multi Meters, Tachometer, Transmitters, Transducers, Oscilloscopes, Calibrator, Frequency Counters, Coating Thickness Meters, Currency Counting Machines, Digital Multi Meters, Sound Level Meters, Tachometer, Infrared Thermomete

Ranjan Art Engravers
Engraving Work, Precision Milling & Spark Erosion Facilities, PCB Drilling Plates & Soap Dies For Automatic Machines

Kusam-Meco Import Export Pvt.Ltd.
Capacitance Meters, Digital Multi Meters, Tachometer, Transmitters, Transducers, Oscilloscopes, Calibrator, Frequency Counters, Coating Thickness Meters, Currency Counting Machines, Digital Multi Meters, Sound Level Meters, Tachometer, Infrared Thermomete

Trainer Kits
Trainer Kits, Digital IC Trainer, Linear IC Trainer, Discrete Component Trainer, Power Project Board Trainer, Component Development System Trainer, Fiber Optic Trainer, Temperature Transducer Trainer, Optical Transducer Trainer, Antenna Trainer, Load Usin

Reliance Calibration Laboratory
Supplier Of Precision Measuring Instruments,Dial Gauge, Lever Dial Gauge, Bore Gauge, Thickness Gauge, Dial Thickness Gauge, Signal Indicator, Pistol Caliper, Out Side Caliper, Inside Caliper,Calibration, Calibration Instruments, Calibration Lab, Calibration Of Dial Gauge, One Revolution Dial Gauges, Standard Dial Gauges, Long Travel Dial Gauges, Miniature Dial Gauges, Back Plunger Type Dial Gauges, Measuring Instruments

Shree Shekhar Impex Pvt.Ltd.
Mfgrs.Of Heat Exchangers, Heating & Cooling Systems, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Coolers & Condensers, After Coolers - Fixed Tube Sheet, After Coolers - Removable Bundle Type, Inter Coolers, U-Tube Coolers, Tube Bundles, Copper Tubes with Expanded Joints, SS / MS Tubes With Expanded Joints, SS / MS Tubes With Welded Joints, Heat Exchanger Assembly, Chiller Assembly, Process Heat Exchanger, Strainer Screen, Boiler, Vessels

Automate Instruments
Oscilloscpe, Multimeter, Power Supply, Signal Generator, Spectrum Analyzer, Thermal Imager, Electrical Tool Kit, Clamp Meter, Earth Tester, Meggr, H.V. Tester, Frequency Meter, LCR Meter, Logic Analyzer, R.F Instruments, Fiber Optics Tool Kit, Fiber Optic

Carbide Tools Corner
Carbide Tools, Diamond Tools, Cutting Tools, Measuring Instruments, Carbide Tips, Carbide Inserts.

Hindustan Apparatus Mfg.Co.
Mfg. Of Industrial Glasswares, Laboratory Glassware & Electrical Instruments, Oil & Petroleum Testing Instruments, Scientific Laboratory Instruments

A Sterling Manufacturing Co
Manufacturers & Exporters Scientific Instruments ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology) , Laboratory Glassware, Porcelainware, Polytheneware, Measuring Instruments And Complete Range Of Microscopes

Aa Industries
Coating Thickness Gauges, Force Measuring Instruments

Accurate Engg Pvt Ltd
Testing & Measuring Instruments & All Types Of Gauges

Ace Bimetalliks India Pvt.Ltd.
Electrical Measuring Instruments, Transformers, Voltage Stabilizers, Water Level / Pump Controllers, UPS, Inverters, A.M.F.Panels for D.G.Sets. Bimetallik Lugs, Lightening Arrestors.

Ajay Enterprises
Verniers, Micrometers And Measuring Instruments And Tools

Ajaykumar And Company
Measuring Instruments

Ashwinkumar & Co.
Mitutoyo make Measuring Instruments like Calipers, Gauges, Micrometers, Height Gauge, Bore Gauge etc.

Avon Corporation
Manufacturer And Exporters Of Measuring Instruments

Educational Equipments for Engineering Colleges, Electricals & Electronics Test & Measuring Instruments, Repairing of Measuring Instruments

Balaji Enterprises.
Measuring Instruments, Precision Measuring Instruments, Calibration, Sales & Servicing of Precision Measuring Instruments, Profile Projector, Microscopes, Calibration, Surface Angle Plates, Gauges & Accessories

Bengal Machinery Corporation
Dealers In Hardware, Cutting Tools, Hand Tools, Measuring Instruments, V-Belts, Safety equipments & Factory Requisities

Bharat Electronics & Electricals
Measuring Instruments, Ammeters, Ampere Meters, Digital Panel Meters, Frequency Meters, Meters All Types, Micro Ammeters, Volt Meters

Bombay Instruments Manufacturers Co
Rotameters, Manometers, Chlorinator For Water Treatment, Chlorine Regulating Valves, Dosing Pumps, Chloro Pack, Level Switches, Pressure Switches, Level Indicators, Ultrasonic Level Indicators, Sight Glass, Pitot Tubes, Air Velocity Meters, Flame Arrestor

Bombay Tools Centre
Manufacturer Of Electronic Measuring Instruments And Other Precision Engineered Instruments

Cbro Incorporation
We Are Among The Reckoned Organizations Engaged In Manufacturing & Exporting A Wide Range Of Industrial Process Measuring Instruments

Concept Electronics Pvt.Ltd.
Measuring Instruments, Data Acquisition

Cristal Instruments
Leading Mfg. & Exporters of Level & Flow Measuring / Controlling Instruments Used in Process Industries. We Manufacture All Types of level Instruments Such As Magnetic Level Switches / Float Level Switches (Side Mounted / Top Mounted / External Cage Type)

Machine Tools, Machine Tools Accessories, Measuring Instruments, Cutting Tools, Pumps & Electric Motors

Deccan Robots
Micro Controller Kits, ISP Programmers, Tst & Measurment Equipments

Dot Technologies
Electronic Test And Measuring Instruments

Dssb Engineering Enterprises
All Measuring Instruments & Cutting Tools.

Electronic Measuring Instruments
Manufacturer And Export Of Electronic Measuring Instruments Like Signal Generators FM Signal Generators, Antenna Trainers, Transmission Line Trainer

Excella Electronics
Stockist Of Integrated Circuits, Industrial Electronic Components, Semi Conductors, Crystals, Micro Controllers, Voltage Regulators, Thermal Printer Machin, Mosfets

Five Stars
Manufacturer Of Acrylic Body Rotameters, Rotameters, Board Indicators, By Pass Rotameters, Float Level Switches, Float Type Level, Indicators, Float Type Level Switches, Glass Tube Rotameters, Inclined Tube Manometers, Level Indicator Manometers, Level In

Forbes Gokak Ltd.
Precision Tools. Carbon Steel Taps, Solid Carbide Tools.Carbide Endmills, Carbide Drills, Carbon Dies, Measuring Instruments, Spring Washers.

Galaxy Scientific Equipments
Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters Of Overhead Lab Stirrers, Hot Air Oven, Vacuum Oven, Muffle Furnace, K.F. App., Melting / Boiling Point App., UV Cabinet, Shakers, Oil Bath / Water Bath, Constant Temp. Bath, Environmental Chamber, pH Meter, Conductivi

Gaurav Engineers
Temperature Controllers, Timers, Measuring Instruments, Electronic Instruments, Testing Instruments, Switch Mode Power Supplies, Micro Controller based Automation Systems, Data Loggers, Control Panels, Panel Meters

General Instruments Consortium
Manufacturer Of Process Control Instruments Like Pressure Gauge, Diaphragm Seal, Pessure Switch, Differential Pressure Gauge, Differential Pressure Switch, Blind Pressure Switch, Bind Differential Pressure Switch, Manifold Valve, Needle Valve, Block And B

H. L. Scientific Industries
Mfr And Exporter Of Precision Engineered Electronic, Electrical And Scientific Testing And Measuring Instruments

Hardchem Electronics
Switchgear, Protection Devices, Measuring Instruments, Energy Management, Relays, Terminal Blocks, Switches

Harshman International
Gauges & Accessories, Standard Thread Ring & Plug Gauges, Special Thread Gauges, Plain Gauges, Plain Carbide Gauges, Ring Gauges, Calibration Services Of Gauges & Measuring Instruments, Threading Tips, HSS & CS Taps & Dies, HSS & Carbide Milling Cutters,

Ideal Instruments Services
Measuring Instruments

Ideal Tool Centre
Carbide End Mill, HSS End Mill, Measuring Instrument, Diamond File, General Any Carbide Wear Product, HSS Drill, Solid Carbide Drills

Instrumentation World
Repair Services Of All Kinds Of Precision, Measuring Instruments, Test Equipments

Measurement Instruments

Jewel Enterprise
Mitutoya Measuring Instrument, (Caliper, Micrometer, Dial Gauge, Height Gauge, Bore Gauge) Tools, Gauges, Bearings, V-Belt, Torqur Wrang (Britool), Nut-Bolts, Spares Of Measuring Insrtument, Anvil, Bore Guage Parts, Garage Tools, King Tony (Socket) Etc.

Jyoti Trading Co
Testing And Measuring Instruments

Kunal Technical Services (I)
Soil,Material Testing Instruments,Electronics,Electrical Test Measuring Instruments,Technical Education Equipments

Laxtronics Inst. & Controls Pvt. Ltd.
Product Function Testers, Avionic Instruments Power Supply, Measuring Instruments

Linear Measuring Instruments
Manufacturer Glass Scale, Magnetic Reader Head, Magneti Tape,

Corrosion Resistance Gauges, Pressure Gauges, Diaphragm Gauges, Compound Gauges, Vacuum Gauges, Glass Thermometer, Mercury Thermometer, Steel Thermometer, Meleod Gauges, Rotametes, Level Indicators, U Tube Manomenters, Measuring Instruments

Madhu Fabrication
Analytical & Measuring Instruments - Sales & Services, Laboratory & Medical Equipments - Sales & Services, Water Tank Cleaning / Tank Cleaning, Refrigeration & Air conditioner - Sale & Service, Pest Control, Engineering Drafting Services On CAD, Glass ass

Mark Enterprises
Dealers of S.S., M.S.Fasteners, Machine Screw, Nut Bolts, Allen Cap, Anchor Fasteners, Threaded Rod, Self Tapping Screw, Washers, Special Screw, Studs

Measurewel Traders
Measuring Instruments

Metro Tools Corporation
Hand Tools, Precision Tools, Power Tools, Cutting Tools, Granding Wheels, Measuring Instruments, Masonary Drill, Wrenches Spanners, Hammers, Pliers.

Minco India Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Flow Measuring Instruments, Orifice Plate Assembly, Flow Nozzle, Flow Venturi, Meter Run Assembly, Pitot Tubes

Mohnot Instruments
Electrical, Electronic, Testing & Measuring Instruments

More Industrial Tools
Measuring Instruments, Measuring Tools

Neo Tele-Tronix Pvt.Ltd.
Electrical Test & Measuring Equipments


Nirav Traders
We Deal In The Following Items Pneumatic Tools, Power Tools, Hand Tools, Hydraulic Tools, Vice, Jack, Construction Tools, Chain Pulley Block, Magnetic Drill Machine, Pillar Drill, Drill Bits, Measuring Instrument, Torque Wrench

Optimum Electronics Instruments
All Types Of Electronics & Electricals Testing Measuring Instruments Fluke, Motwane etc

Pce Italia Srl
Manufacturer And Supplier Of Measurement & Test Instrument And Scale

Perfect Enterprises
Calibration, Repairing & Reconditioning Of Torque Wrenches & Measuring Instruments

Process Instruments
Process Control Instruments, Temperature Measuring Instruments

Punit Instruments
Trading Of Electrical Measuring Instruments

Qmax Test Technologies
PCB Testing Equipment Soldering, Desoldering, BGA Rework Station Test & Measuring Instruments.

Qs Metrology Pvt.Ltd.
We Are Offering High Quality Imaging Products Such As Measuring Equipment, Profile Projectors, Welding Penetration Inspection System And Metallurgical Image Analysis System, Apart From Profile Projetor, Coting Thickness Gauge, 3D Coordinate Measuring Mach

Rahul Electrical Enterprise
Cables, Switchgears, Cables & Wires, Switchboard Accessories, Lighting & Fixture, Cable Gland, Lugs & Joint Kit Terminal Connector, Control Panel Accessories, Cable Tray / Laders, Lamps & Tubes, Pipes & Fittings, Meters & Measuring Inst., Fabrication Of M

Rampura Tools.
Measuring Instruments, Tools, Cutting Tools, Precision Measuring Instruments, Varnier Calipers, Varnier Gauges, Gauges & Accessories, Bore Gauges, Slip Gauges, Micro Meters

Riken Instrumentation Ltd.
Certified Power Test & Measuring Instruments & Energy Meters.

Rishabh Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Test & Measuring Instrument, Digital Multimeters, Insulation Tester, Analog Panel Meters, Multi Function Meters, Shunts, Current Transformers, Energy Meters, Protective Trip Relays

OD Thickness Total Meters.,Pipes Quotation In MS And GI For Green House Structure Purpose.

S. A. Traders
Measuring Instruments & Tools.

Authorised Distributors Of Power Tools, Precision Tools & Saws,Importer/ Stockiest Of Measuring Instruments

S.J.Sales Corporation
Dealing In Industrial Parts Like S.S., M.S., As Well AS Solenoid Vavles, Flanges, S.S. 304, Nuts, Washers And Everything In Pipe Fitting Materials, Measuring Instruments

Safetech Industries
Electronis Test & Measuring Instruments, Educational Trainer Kits, Engineering Softwares, Instrumentation Engineering Services

Sagar Electronics & Tools Corporation
Tools & Instruments, Measuring Instruments, Tools ( Electronics & Electrical )

Saitech Systems
Encoders, Drive Panels, Length Measurement Devices, Lab Automations.

San Electronics
Indicators, Beryllium Copper, Borosilicate Tubes, Cooling Fans, Cooling Thermostats, Electronic Components, Energy Regulators, Heating Control, Heating Equipments, Infrared Heaters, Measuring Instruments, Neon Lamps, Quartz Tubes, Silica, Silica Tubes, Sw

Sandeep Enterprises
Leading Supplyers Of Hardware Item, Hand Tools, Power Tools, Cutting Tools

Sanjay Precesion Works
Repairing & Sales Of Vernier Caliper, Micrometer, Height Gauges, Plunger Dial, Bore Gauge And All Measuring Instrument

Sanjay Precision Works
Measuring Instruments

Seimitsu Factory Automation Pvt.Ltd.
Ball Screws, Measuring Instruments

Shah Tools & Bearing Co.
Measuring Instruments, Indicating Micrometers, Bore Gauges, Coolant Proof Caliper, Micrometer Heads, Precision Spirit Levels, Digital Micrometer Heads, Slip Gauge Set, Micrometers

Shijiazhuang Metalheng I & E Trade Co., Ltd.
Manometer, Meter Case/ Box, Stainless Steel Or Brass Instrument Shell/Case, Apperance Crust, Measuring Instrument.

Shree Vyankatesh Enterprises
Deals in All Types of Industrial Workshop Machines, Tools Accessories, Spares, Measuring Instruments & All Types of Engineering Institute Equipments

Siddhi Electronics
IMPORTER & EXPORTER OF Electronic Components FOR MILITARY , AIR-FORCE & NAVY, RUSSIAN Defence Electronic Components, RDAR ELCTRONIC COMPONENTS, Medical Electronic Components, Industrial Electronic Components. Also Specialised For Supply As Per Client Desi

Siddhivinayak Electricals & Enterprises
Cables & Wires, Jointing Kit, Lugs / Glands, Lighting Fixtures, Control Panel Accessories, Control Panels, Earthing Materials, Switch Gears, Switches, Meters, Fuses, HT / LT Motors, Fans & Appliances

Sm Electronics Services
Temperature Controllers, Measuring Instruments, Auth.Stockist of Radix Controller, Digital Multimeter Tester

Techno Meters & Electronics
Manufacturers Energy Meters, Measuring Instruments, Panel Measuring Instuments

Testo India Pvt. Ltd.
Testing Instruments, Measuring Instruments

The Motwane Mfg.Co.Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturing Of Test & Measuring Instruments

Tirupati Industrial Corporation
Measuring Instruments, Surface Roughness Testers, Profile Projectors, Measuring Microscopes, 2D / 3D Measuring Machines, Calibration of Measuring Instruments, Calibration of Mechanical Measuring Instruments, Material Testing Equipments, Air Gauges, Electr

Tools (India) Distributors
Baker Thread Gauges, Plain Gauges, Snap Gauges, Measuring Pins, Kennametal Widia Carbide Inserts, Tips, Cutters, Holders, Solid Carbide Drills & Endmills, CNC Tooling, Adaptors, Disc Springs, Belleville Washers, Coil Springs, Dial Gauges, Digimatic Vernie

Ultra Engineering & Ndt Solution
Radiographic Film Viewers, Measuring & Testing Instruments And Hardness Testers & Spare Parts.

Unido Electronics
Electronic Ballast, APFC Relays, APFC Panel, Electrical Testing Equipments, Electrical Measuring Instruments, Voltmeter, Ammeter, PF Meter, KVA, KW, KVARH

V.Pravin & Co.
Measuring Instruments

Versa Controls
Manufacturers of Signal Conditioners & Displays for LVDT, Glass Encoders, Load Cells, Temperature and Humidity Sensors & all other commercially available sensors, Measuring Instruments, Gauges, Sensors, Weighing Systems, Wireless Equipments, Data Acquisit

Vidya Enterprises
Industrial Suppliers in all Types of Analog / Digital Meters & Measuring Instruments

Vipron Gauging & Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Air Gauges, Air Electronic Gauges, Special Gauges, Air Plug Gauges, Air Ring Gauges, Special Fixture Gauges, Gauging Fixtures, Auto Gauging Systems, Air Electronic Column Gauges, Microprocessor Based Manual & Auto Gauging Systems, Customised PC Based Soft

Vr Systems Instrumentation Pvt.Ltd
Trading Company/ Measurment & Analysis Instruments

Yogeshwar Packers
Corrugated Boxes, Mono Cartons, Printing on Corrugated Boxes, Specialist of Orange Export purpose Corrugated Boxes, Lamination on Boxes, Corrugated Rolls, Corrugated Sheets

Zohaib Corporation
Importers / Distributors Of Scientific Instruments, Metallurgic Instruments, Ferro Alloys, Copper Mould Tubes, Thermocouple Tips And Measuring Instruments

Toshni-Tek International
Robots, Sensors, Measuring Instruments, UV Cuting Systems, Smart Sensors, Vision Systems, Barcode Scanners And Vertifiers Vision Systems, Single Tower Lamps, Hooters And Annunciators

Druck India Pvt.Ltd.
Mechanical Measuring and Controlling Instruments for Pressure, Manometers.

Vision India Products
Supplier And Distributor Of Tarpaulins, PVC / LDPE / Zip Lock Bags / Cromwell Hand Tools, Cctv, Biometric Systems, Coding Machines, Door Phones, Measuring Instruments, Security Metal Detectors, Video Door Phones.

Chemicals India
Testing & Measurement Equipment.

Surana Scientifics
Laboratory Equipment, Scientific Apparatus, Test & Measuring Instruments, Industrial Dryers & Furnaces.

Pooja Electro Time Technology
Scientific Appartus & Instruments,Testing, Measurement Equipments.

Bijur Delimon India Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Centralized Lubrication Systems, Dry Air Coolers, Grease Guns, Grease Lubrication Systems, Water Cooled Chillers, Directional Control Valves, Dry Air Coolers, Evaporative Cooling Towers, Fire Pump, Flow Indicators, Flow Meters, Measuring Equipments & Instruments, Hand & Llied Tools, Battery Powered Grease Guns, Multiport Pumps, Oil Recovery Units, Injectors & Manifolds, Pressure Relief Valves, Evaporative Cooling Towers, Directional Control Valves.

2Hdn System
Testing And Measuring Instruments, Electronic Instrument.

Enviro Safety Pvt.Ltd.
Portable Gas Detector, Fixed Gas Detector, Control Panel & PLC, Water Management Product, Industrial Fire System, Flame Detectors, Telecommunication Equipment, Sigrist Measuring Instrument.

Fazlehusein Asgarali & Co.
All Kinds of Hand Tools, Testing and Measuring Instruments, Power Tools & Machine Accessories, Hardware Tools, Diamond Dressers, Bandsaw Blades.

General Instrument Corp.
Mfr. Thickness Gauges, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, Testing And Measuring Instruments And Ndt Instruments Coating And Plating, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, NDT Services, Testing Instruments (Misc), Testing Instruments Solid State Indicating.

M. M. Enterprises
Cutting Tools, Fasteners, Measuring Instruments, Electrodes

Ninad Engineering Solutions
Measuring Instruments, Measuring Instruments

Sheth Enterprises
Bearings, V-Belts, Fasteners and Allied Industries Tools & Equipment, Measuring Instruments, Pressure Gauges, Safety Products, Adhesives and Acrylic Sheets.

Shree Akshar Enterprise
Laboratory Equipment, Weighing Machine, Scientific Instrument, Laboratory Chemical, Measuring Instrument, Stirrer, Mitutoyo TDS Meter, Weighing Scale, TDS Meters, Measuring Instruments (Misc.), Measuring Instruments Online, Weighing Systems, Weighing Mach

Accurate India Instruments
Calibration Services of Measuring Instruments.

Adarsh Technologies
Flash Point Tester, Weathering Testing Equipments, Lab Consumables, Viscocity Measuring Instruments, Disperasing, Milling Machines.

Agilent Technologies India Pvt.Ltd.
Measuring Instrument Dealers, Vacuum Equipment & Systems Vacuum Equipments.

Bombay Tools & Hardware
Hardware Meter, Power Meter, Insulation Meter, Measuring Instruments, Multimeter, Resistance Meter.

Endress Hausar India Automation Instrumentation Pvt.Ltd
Measuring Instruments, Automation Systems, Analytical Sensors, Automation Consultants, Temperature Measuring Instruments.

Gandhi Tools Syndicate
Specialist in Fastener Toolings, Nuts, Bolts, Screw, Punches, Thread Gauges, Thread Rolling

Ghanshamdas & Sons
Measuring Instruments Like Vernier Caliper, Micrometers, Height Gauges, Dial Indicators, Dial Bore Gauges, Steel Files, Metal Hardness Testers, Thickness Gauges, All Kinds Of NDT Instruments

Goliya Electricals Pvt.Ltd.
Electrical and Electronics Test and Measuring Instruments.

Impex Trading Company
Heating Control, Heating Elements, Electronic Components, Cooling Thermostats, Energy Regulators, Switches, Measuring Instruments, Indicators, Neon Lamps, Resistance Wires, Ribbons and Strips. Rocker Switches, Dumet and Lead In Wires for the lamp industry, Thermometers (Industrial), Beryllium Copper and Bimetal Strips and Components, Heat Control Switches.Test and Measuring Instrument & Oscilloscopes, Heat Regulators, Silica and Quartz Tubes, Ceramic Tubes, Fused MGO insulating powders for heating elements, Borosilicate Tubes and Capillaries, Borosilicate Tubes and Special Labware, Switchgear Products and Components, Timers and Time Switches, Technical Ceramics and Components, Heating Element Machineries & Spares.

India Tools And Instruments Co.
Mfgrs & Leading Stockist Of Precision Measuring Instruments & NDT Instruments, Hardness Testers, Roughness Testers, Coating Thickness Gauges, Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges, Vibration Testers, Ultrasonic Flow Detectors, Infared Thermometers, Digital Portal Hardness Testers, Display Back Light Micrometer, Varnier Couplier, Dial Gauges, Height Gauges, Bevel Protector, Combination Set etc. We are Leading Supplier of ETALON, LINE, RUBERT, Carl Mahr Esslingen a.N, Jaquet, EDA, Compac, Intterapid, Elektro-Physik Kdln, Starrett, Mitutoyo, Tesa, Wyler, Facom Etc.,

L.A.G. Engineering 
Measuring Instrument, V Belt, Roller chains, Industrial Bearings, Abrasive, automotive bearings, Ball Transfer Units, o Ring, oil seal, Ball Joints, Geared Motor

Mahendra Engineering Corp.
Dealers & Stockist Of All types Of Engineering, Precision & Measuring Tools, Textile Instruments For Yarn Testing, Repairers & General Suppliers

Myriad Industrial Solutions Llp
Electrical Testing Instruments, High Voltage Testing Instruments, Measuring Instruments, Sensors, Calibration Instruments, Electrical Instruments, Electrical Safety Devices.

Npk Founders
Measuring Instruments, Thermometer Dealers, Calibration Services for Electrical, Temperature

P Samir Co Trading Pvt.Ltd.
Bearing, Measuring Instruments, Oil Seals.

Panomex Inc.
Manufacturer Of Moisture Meter, Water Test Meter, Laboratory Instruments, Measuring Meters

Prestige Electronics
Mfrs.Of Electronic Test & Measuring Instruments, Transformers, Cable Testing Equipments, Testing Insulations, Low Resistance Meters, Micro OHM Meters, Temperature Industrial Digital, Testers, Testing Equipments For Switch Gears, Time Totalizers, Winding Machine Counters, PF Meters, Tacho Meters Digital, Meters

S A Traders
Tool, Electric, Drill Machines, Angle Grinders, Chop Saw Machines, Marble Cutting Machines, Hammer Machines, Demolition Hammers, Measuring Instruments

Scientech Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Test And Measuring Equipments, Testing Instruments, Measuring Instruments

Spink Controls
Rotameters, Glass Rotameters, Flow Meters, Level Indicators, Temperature Indicators, Level Switches, Process Control Equipments, Ori Flow Meters, Orifice Plate, Multi Point Scanners, Sensors, Reflex Level Gauges, Pilot Tubes

Tools Unlimited
Measuring Instruments, Precision Measuring Instruments, Hand Tools, Machine Tool Holders, Roller Burnishing Tool, Brazed Carbide Tipped Tools.

Anuradha Enterprises
Measuring Instruments, Measuring Instruments (MISC), Profile Projector, Vernier Calipers

G.P Enterprises
Manufacturer and Trader of Expendable Thermocouple Tips, Lance Assembly, Connectors, Expendable Thermocouple Spare Parts, Measurement Instruments, Metal Bladed Cable.

H. M.And Company
Measuring Instruments, Testing Inspection Instruments, Hand & Garage Tools, Torque Tools, Engineering Cutting Tools, Annular Broach Cutter, Machine Tools & Workshop Accessories, Electric & Pneumatic Power Tools, Hydraulic Equipments, Lifting Tools & Tacke

High Voltage Inc, Usa
Test & Measuring Instruments, Cables, Switchgear, Motor Transformers etc., Surge Arresters, GIS Terminations.

K.V.S. Machineries & Equipments
Manufacturer of CNC Wire cut EDM, Die Sinker EDM and EDM Drilling Machines, CNC Wirecut EDM, EDM Pulse Generator, EDM Machine Tool, Hydraulic Presses.

Klauke India (Textron)
Hydraulic Powered Crimping, Cutting and Punching Tools Test and Measuring Instruments Cable Pulling and Bus Bar Bending.

Kristeel Shinwa Industries Ltd
Measuring Instruments & Gauges, Textile Machinery, Photo Chemical Machinery, Real Estate, SMT Stencils, Thick Film Screens.

Meco Meters Pvt.Ltd.
Panel & Switchboard Instruments, Multifunction Panel Meters, Digital Panel Meter & Moulds, Power Line Transducers, Analog Panel & Switchboard Meters II, Test & Measuring Instruments, Digital Multimeters & Digital Clamp Meters.

Pm Engineering Solutions
We are Providing Calibration, Repair and Sales Service to the Customer for All the Testing and Measuring Instruments.

Right Control And Instrument
Water measurement & Water management Systems as well as On line monitoring equipment on critical assets and providing revenue savings equipments & Systems in Power management .

Sipcon Instrument Industries
Optical Measuring Instruments.

Wealth India Financial Service Pvt.Ltd.
Financial Planning, Investing, Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits.

Amrit Enterprises
Brazed Cutter, Indexable Tool Holder & Insert, Indexable U-Drill, Carbide Tips, Carbide wear part, carbide flat, carbide round plug for rolling mill, Brazed Tip Tool, Reamer, HSS straight shank and Tapershank Drill, Carbide Brazed & Solid Carbide Drill &

Axiss Systems
PLC Control Panels, SCADA, Industrial Automation Solutions

Hazari Trading Company
Testing & Measurement Instruments.

Manwani Industrials
Cutting Tools, V Pulleys, Electric Power Tools, Pneumatic Tools, Measuring Instruments

Nesa Radiation Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
Radiation Measurement Service, Shrouts For In Building Antennas, Cell Tower Radiation Detector, Radiation Detector, Shielding Wallpapers, Shielding Films For Windows.

Raj Thermometers
Mfg. And Suppliers Of Thermometers And Measuring Instruments

Sachin Precision Calibration Centre
Calibration, Sales & Servicing Of Precision Measuring Instruments, Precision Measuring Instruments, Surface Finish Tester, UTM (Universal/Tensile Testing Machine), Low Flow Meter 1000 mL/minute, Electrostatic Discharge Tester, Dead Weight Tester, Gauge

Shreenath Combine
Acetic Acid, Ferrous Sulphate

V.K. Instruments
We Are Trader, Exporter And Supplier Of Pressure Gauges, Temperature Gauges, Pressure Switches, Data Loggers, Measuring Instrument, Measuring Rotameters, Diaphragm Pressure Gauges Etc.

Vishal Ceramics
Bus Bar Insulators, Bus Bar Supports, Industrial Laminates, Neutral Links, Utility Accessories, Current Transformers, Heat Shrinkable Sleeves, Measuring Instruments, Selector Switches, HRC Fuse Fittings.

Tursdale Technical Services Ltd.
Measuring Instruments For The Industrial Sector & Professionals

A.N. Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Mechanical Measuring and Controlling Instruments for Pressure. Manometers Temperature Measuring Instruments.

Alacrity Energy Services
Electrical Measuring and Control Instruments, Voltage Conditioners.

Cd Instrumentation Pvt.Ltd.
Moisture, Specific Gravity, PH, Fluid Conductivity and Viscosity Measuring Instruments & Meters, PH Conductivity Indicators.

Metsar Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturing, Supplying and Trading Analytical Measuring Instrument, Weighing Balance, Weight Box and Many More Products.

Simtronics Analytical And Lab Instruments
We Are Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Scientific & Laboratory Testing and Measuring Instruments.

Unique Measurement Technologies
Measuring Instrument Service, Sales, Calibration.

Delvac Pumps Pvt.Ltd.
Mechanical Measuring and Controlling Instruments.

Picos Systems Pvt.Tld.
Process Control Instruments, Point Level Measuring Instruments And Level Transmitters

Omax Test Equipments Pvt.Ltd.
Soldering And Desoldering Tools, Testing And Measuring Instruments

Extreme Engineering
Material Handling Equipment, Power Tools, Pneumatic Tools, Air Tools, Measuring Instrument, Hydraulic Equipment.

H.K. Tempsensors India
Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Temperature Sensors, Measuring Instruments, Heaters, Pressure Gauges (MECHANICAL / DIGITAL) & Process Control Ancillaries, Thermocouples, Industrial Heating Elements, Tubular Heaters, Cartridge Heaters, Mica Heaters, Pressure Tight Thermowells.

Tgm International
Measuring Instruments.

Qvi India Pvt. Ltd.
Industrial Profile Projectors, Video And Multisensor System, Multisensor Metrology Systems, Measuring Instruments, Optical, Measuring Instruments.

Zentron Labs Pvt. Ltd.
Computerized Measuring Machines, Surface Measuring Instruments & Machines, Electronic Gauging And Measurement Systems, Image Processing Systems, Measuring Microscopes With Digital Images Processing , Profile And Shape Measurement , Profile Projector.

Srineo Scientific Equipment
Exporter of Measuring Equipments & Instruments, Glass Capillary Viscometers, Viscosity Standards, Metallurgy, Oil Refineries, Food Processing.

Mehta Associates
All kinds of Hand Tools, Machinery and Measuring Testing Instruments.

Batty & Co.Pvt.Ltd.
Chlorinators, Mixers and Agitators, Metering and Measuring Instruments, Laboratory Equipment.

Vaibhav Instrumentation
Wholesaler And Trader Of Measuring Instrument. Also Offering Calibration Services.

Technotrade Engg.Co
Measuring Instruments, Analytical Instruments, Thermometers, Testing Instruments, Electrical Assessories, Thermocouple, Scientific Instruments, General Lab Instruments, Electrical Instruments.

Premier Colorscan Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Color Inspection & Measurement Instruments, Color Matching Software, Quality Testing Instruments.

National Tools
Supplier Of CNC & VMC Carbide Tools, Measuring Instruments, Cutting Tools

S.J. Control & Automation
Dealers of Measuring Instrument.

Finiks Engineering Company
Manufacturer And Supplier Of Measuring Instruments,Thread Gauges, Relation Gauges.
School Of Inspirational Leadership
'Entrepreneurship Development Partner' Building Entrepreneurs Who Are The Pillars of Tomorrow’s Business Culture & World Economy
Bapat Controls & Equipments Pvt.Ltd.
Counters, Time Totalizers, Road Measurer, Petrol Pump Totalizer, Measuring Machines
Mikronix Associates
Gauges, Tungsten Carbide Slip Gauges, Gauges & Accessories
Machine Care Engineers
Lathe Machine Spare Parts, Spare Parts for Hacksaw Machines
Montana International
Industrial Belts Timing Belts, V-Belts, high quality power transmission belts
Krystal Equipments
Material Testing Machines, Testing Machines, Universal Testing Machine
Krystal Industries
Material Testing Machines, Testing Machines, Universal Testing Machine
Inspecs Metrology ( India ) Pvt.Ltd.
Measuring Instruments, Height Masters, 1D Height Masters
Prestige Electronics
Electronic Test & Measuring Instruments, Transformers, Cable Testing Equipments, Testing Insulations
Equinox Gauges
Gauges & Accessories, Angle Slip Gauges, Calibration Of Gauges
Kusam Electrical Industries Ltd.
Measuring Instruments,Capacitance Meters, Digital Multi Meters, Tachometer, Transmitters, Transducer
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