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K-Tech (India) Limited
Speciality Chemicals, Coating Addtives, Speciality Additives, Paint Additives, Ink Additives, Paint Raw Materials, Polymer Additives, Additives, Leather Chemicals, Paper Chemicals, Textile Chemicals, Pigment Additives, Pulp & Paper Chemicals

Sauradip Chemical Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer and Worldwide Marketing of Speciality Chemicals of Fibre Finishes : Specialty Lubcricants for man-made fibre, Antistatic Agents, Spin Finishes for man-made fibre, Dedusting Agents, Tailor Made Auxiliaries, Oil Field Chemicals : Bactericide, Corrosion Inhibitors, Scale Inhibitors, Demulsifier, Emulsifiers, Defoamers, Paper Chemicals : Defoamers, Deinking Agent, Slimicides, Whitening Agents, Paint Additives: Anti-Microbial Preservatives, Anti Foaming Agents, Speciality Additives and Emulsifiers, Water Treatment Chemicals : Descalents, Eco-Friendly Microbiocide for different applications, Biodegradable Corrosion inhabitors, Biodegradable Surface and Environmental, Disinfectants, Performance Additives : Metal Working Additives, Plastic Additives, Specialty Dyes, Specialty Tailor Made Surfactants, Sugar Additives, Coating Additives.

Jaydev Chemical Industries
Mfg. Of Speciality Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, SS Reactors, Glass Reactors, HDPE/PP Reactors, 3-Pentyn-1-Ol, 2-Hexyn-1-Ol, 5-Hexyn-1-Ol, 3-Octyn-1-Ol, 3-Nonyn-1-Ol, 3-Decyn-1-Ol, 3-Butyn-2-Ol, 5-Decyn-1-Ol, 9-Decyn-1-Ol, 10-Undecyn-1Ol, 10-Pentadecyn-1-Ol, 11-Tetradecyn-1-Ol, 11-Hexadecyn-1-Ol, E-5-Decen-1-Ol, Z-12-Pentaeden-10-Yn-1-Ol, 3,6-Nonadiyn-1-Ol, 11-Bromo Undecan-1-Ol

Digvijay Pharmaceutical (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturers & Exporters Of Pharmaceuticals Bulk Actives, Herbal Extracts & Formulations, Anaesthetics, Antacids of Alimentary System, Anthelminitics, Anti Inflammatory, Antiallergic Drugs, Antianginals, Antibiotics & Antibacterials, Anticoagulants, Anti

V & V Pharma Industries
Mfg & Exporter Of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's), Pharmaceutical Intermediates & Speciality Chemicals, Apis Intermediates, Carboxylic Acid Derivatives, Dicarboxylic Acid Derivatives, Cycloalkane Derivatives, Furan Derivatives, Imidazole Derivatives, Indane Derivatives, Indole Derivatives, Isoquinoline Derivatives, Isoxazole Derivatives, Morpholine Derivatives, Phenanthroline Derivatives, Octane Derivatives, Phenol Derivatives, Resorcinol Derivatives, Anisole Derivatives, Pyrazole Derivatives, Pyridine Derivatives, Quinoline Derivatives

Modern Chemicals And Plastics
Leaders In Mixed-Metal Liquid Stabilizers Since 1955. Applications: Calendaring, Extrusion, Injection, Coating, Deep Molding, PVC Flooring, Medical Use, Hose Pipes

Supreme Polytech Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg.High Performance Epoxy Resins, Hardness Polyurethane Systems, Pigments & Speciality Chemicals, We Also Undertake Industrial Epoxy Flooring, Water Proofing & Surface Coatings Job Works

Imago & Getter
Specialty Chemicals & Allied Products, Hygiene Products. Aseptol P7-D, Surfacept Strong P8-D, Enzycide, Microbat Handrub, Microguard Handrub, Dermakleen Handwash, Remorust, Infectrol 2.45%, Infectrol GF, Luz-Spray.

Ashok Surfactants Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Chemicals, Ethylene Oxide Condensates, Doss Surfactants Chemicals, Agro Chemicals, Pesticide Chemicals And Emulsifier For Dipping Oil, Nonyl/Octyl/Styrenated Phenol, Lauryl/Cetosteryl/Tridecyl Alcohols, Stearyl/Coco/Tallow Amine, Castor Oi

Meru Chem Pvt.Ltd.
Solvents, Activated Carbons, Chemicals Powder, Minerals, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Labarotary Instruments, Paint Chemicals & Grinding Media

Sauradip Chemical Industries
Manufacturer and Worldwide Marketing of Speciality Chemicals of Fibre Finishes : Specialty Lubcricants for man-made fibre, Antistatic Agents, Spin Finishes for man-made fibre, Dedusting Agents, Tailor Made Auxiliaries, Oil Field Chemicals : Bactericide, Corrosion Inhibitors, Scale Inhibitors, Demulsifier, Emulsifiers, Defoamers, Paper Chemicals : Defoamers, Deinking Agent, Slimicides, Whitening Agents, Paint Additives: Anti-Microbial Preservatives, Anti Foaming Agents, Speciality Additives and Emulsifiers, Water Treatment Chemicals : Descalents, Eco-Friendly Microbiocide for different applications, Biodegradable Corrosion inhabitors, Biodegradable Surface and Environmental, Disinfectants, Performance Additives : Metal Working Additives, Plastic Additives, Specialty Dyes, Specialty Tailor Made Surfactants, Sugar Additives, Coating Additives.

Explicit Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Speciality Chemicals, Mfgrs.& Exporters of Pigment & Pharma Intermediates such as Murexide, Barbituric Acid, Alloxan Monohydrate, Alloxan Tetrahydrate, Phthalimide, Potassium Phthalimide, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Sodium Lauryl Ethoxy Sulphate, Ammonium Purpurate, Tri Chloro Acetic Acid, Pyridine Hydrobromide, Silicone Based Antifoam Emulsion, Antifoams, Defamer

Navyug Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Building & Construction Chemicals, Textile Chemicals, Paint Coating Chemicals, Pigments, Leather Chemicals, Plastic Chemicals, Agro Chemicals, Ink Surfacetants, Ethoxylates

Shree Ganesh Trading
Speciality Chemicals, Di Acetone Alcohol, Acetone, Butyl Acetate, Cyclohexane, Ethyl Acetate, ISO Phthalic Acid, Paint Chemicals, Rubber Chemicals, Rubber Chemicals, Iso Propyl Alcohol

Yogita Industries
Textile Chemicals, Dyes Intermediates, Dyes, Industrial Chemicals, Pigments

Gayatri Chemi International
Chemical Consultant, Disposable Products (Medical & Surgical), Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Speciality Chemicals, herbal Products, Herbal Extracts, Herbal Formulations, Tablets, Capsules, Injection Powder, Liquid Oral Formulations, Eye Drops, Cosmetic Chemicals

Mayur Exim
Carnauba Wax, Caustic Soda, Chemicals, Citric Acid, Glycerine, Gum Rosins, Hydrogen Peroxide, Microcrystalline Wax, Mono Sodium Glutamate, Paraffin Wax, Phosphoric Acid, Soda Ash, Sodium Tripolyphosphate, Titanium Dioxide, Wax

Sigma Chemical Industries
Mfg.Of Speciality Chemicals, Used in Textiles, Paper & Metal Treatment Industries

Supreme Coatings
Acrylic Resins, Adhesives, Air Drying Paint Finish/Epoxy Painting, Anti Foaming Agents, Binders (Adhesive), Building Chemicals, Construction Chemicals, Defoaming Agents, Epoxy Castings, Epoxy Compounds, Epoxy Coatings, Epoxy Painting, Epoxy Resins, False

Supreme Poly Products
Mfg.High Performance Epoxy Resins, Hardness Polyurethane Systems, Pigments & Speciality Chemicals, We Also Undertake Industrial Epoxy Flooring, Water Proofing & Surface Coatings Job Works

Aarushi Speciality Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Water Based Lamination Adhesives Thickness For Paints, Dispersing Agents For Paints

Aaykay Industries
Manufacturer Of Speciality Chemicals For Textile, Paper, Fertilizer, Oil Exploration, Cement, Construction, Paint And Agro Industries

Abhang Organics
Manufacturer, Consultant & Suppliers Of Speciality Chemicals

Abhirami Pharma Chem
Manufacturer Of Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Specialities, Fine Chemicals

Ace Industries
Adhesive, All Types Of Thinners & Speciality Chemicals

Alok Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Speciality Chemicals, Spin Finish Oil, Rust Preventive Resins

Amogh Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Sodium Picramate / Picramic Acids, Leather Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals / 2 Nitrobenzen Sulfonyl Chloride / Methyl Opsamide / 3 Aminobenzene Sulfonamide

Anantco Enterprises Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer & Exporters Of Bulk Drugs, Importer Of Pharmaceuticals Intermediates, Solvents, Intermediates, Speciality Chemicals, Petro Chemicals

Aqua Phoenix Solutions
Solution For Waste Water Management Cooling Water & Boiler Water Treatment, Supplier Of Basic Chemicals

Auchtel Products Ltd.
Speciality Chemicals

Auroshine Speciality Chemicals
Gold Electroforming Chemicals, Flash Gold Plating Chemicals, Micron Gold Plating Chemicals.

Bayir Group Of Companies.
We Are Bulk Drug / Herbal Extracts / Speciality Chemicals / API.

Beatty Chemicals
Speciality Chemicals Engine Starting Aid Capsule, VCI Capsule, Inhibitor Auto Rust And Scale, Coolant

Beetachem Industries
Specialty Chemicals Dimethoxymethane, Diethoxymethane, Isopropyl Acetate, Ethyl Formate, Methyl Formate, Mibc, Hydrocarbons

Chemetall-Rai India Ltd.
Speciality Chemicals

Coatings And Synthetics
Speciality Chemicals For Textile And Garment Processing, Dyeing And Washing

Colortek Ltd.
Speciality Chemicals, Additives

Csol Products
Manufacturer & Supplier Of Specialty Chemicals.

Deepak Nitrite Ltd.
Pesticides, Speciality Chemicals, Sodium Nitrite

Dynamic Speciality Chemicals
Deflocculating Agents, Soluble Synthetic, Powder And Liquid Form Deflocculants

Vacuum Equipments

Filtec Research & Manufacturing Co.
Speciality Chemicals, Additives

Ghatge Bonders
Structural Adhesives, Resins, Rubber For Metal Adhesives, Specialty Chemicals, Insolubility, Shoe Coat Primer,

Hansa Enterprises
Dyes & Chemicals, Fine, Speciality Chemicals

Hari Trading Co.
Effluent Treatment Plants, Paint Raw Materials, Industrial Chemicals, Solvents, DOP, BBP, ZNO, CUCO, Textile Ceramic, Minerals, Textile Machinery, Dryers, Plasticizers, Paints & Pigments, Paint Additives, Methanol, Resins, Soya Lecithin

Harris & Menuk
Importers, Stockists And Consultants Speciality Chemicals For Garment Washing, Textile Processing

Imcd Group
Speciality Chemicals, Food Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Formulation, Nutrition, Lubricants, Plastic Chemicals, Solvents

Indofil Chemical Co.
Speciality Chemicals, Additives

Indotech Organics
Speciality Chemicals For Industries

Innovative Fine Chemicals
Process & Speciality Chemicals

Kairav Chemo Farbe Industries Ltd.
Mfg. Of Chemical Solvents, Specialty Solvents, Industrial

Kalpataru Organics Pvt.Ltd.
PVC Stabilizer, One Pack Stabilizer, Paint Driers, Metalic Stabilizer, Individual Stabilizer, Epoxidised Soyabean Oil, Organotin, PVC Heat Stabilizer, Metalic Stearates, Metalic Octoates, Silicones, Plasticizer, Liquid Stabilizer

Krishna Antioxidants Pvt Ltd.
Mfr Of Speciality Chemicals.

Krishna Speciality Chemicals (P) Ltd.
We Are Manufacturer Of Speciality Chemicals For Pulp And Paper Mills, Aluminium Plants, Bulk Emulsion

L.N. Chemical Industries
Manufacturer Of Speciality Chemicals & Textiles Auxiliaries.

M/S. Sunchem Industries
Manufacturer Of Speciality Chemicals, Oil Field Chemicals, Marine Chemicals Ship Stores.

Minolta Chem
Speciality Chemicals, Solvents, Waxes, Pigments, Carbon Blacks, Evaflex, CPP, Raw Materials For Paints, Coatings & Printing Inks

Mor Enterprises
Deals In Synthetic Rubbers, Viton, Vamac, Neoprene, Engage, Nordel, Nitrile, Rubber Chemicals, Antixidants, Zinc Oxide.

Neogen Chemicals Ltd.
Manufacturer & Exporters of Fine and Speciality Chemicals

Nikita Transphase Adducts Pvt.Ltd.
Rubber Additives, Anti Oxidants, Wax Emulsion, Speciality Chemicals, Cosmetic Chemicals, Rubber Chemicals, Denatonium Benzoate, Denatonium Saccharide, Denatonium Benzoate Solution in MEG

Nocil Ltd.
Speciality Chemicals

Nse Resources Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd
Manufacturer Of Speciality Chemicals

Osian Remedies
Manufacturer Of Speciality Chemicals

Paras Dyes & Chemical
Various Chemicals, Petrospecialities, Fuel, Polymer, Plastic Rubber & Chloroalkalies

Pennar Chemicals Ltd.
Speciality Chemicals, Fuel Additives, Additives.

Planet Science
Trade In Lab Chemicals, Fine Chemicals And Speciality Chemicals

Prachi Pharmaceuticals Pvt.Ltd.
Iodine Compounds, Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Speciality Chemicals, Veterinary Products

Praful International Corporation
Bio Coal, Bio Mass Briquette, Bulk Drugs, Solvents, Speciality Chemicals, Dyestuffs, Pigments, Resins, Polymers

Prochemie Co Llc
Supplier Of Pu Raw Material. Like Tdi, Mdi, Polyol, Adipic Acid, Rigid Systems, Flexible System, Speciality Chemicals Etc.

Pure Chemical Co.
Speciality Additives, Speciality Chemicals

Ran Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer & Exporters Of Speciality Chemicals And Polymers

Sai Bio Pharma
Manufacturer Of Dyes And Dyes Intermediates And Speciality Chemicals

Shreeji Chemicals & Minerals
Supplier Of Industrial Salt, Common Salt, Refined Iodised Salt, Grinded Salt, China Clay, Iron Ore And Other Speciality Chemicals

Siddhi Trade Enterprise
Speciality Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, API, Lubricants & Additives, Magnesium Oxide, Veterinary Chemicals, Herbal Raw Materials

Supplier Of Industrial Solvents, Organic - Inorganic Compounds , Fine Chemicals And Speciality Chemicals For Application In The Input Of Any Chemicals For A Industry

Sonachi Industries Ltd.
Manufacturer Lubricants, Hydraulic Oil, Greases, Industrial Chemicals

Spectrum Industries
Manufacturer Of Epoxy Coatings & Adhesives, Speciality Chemicals

Spray Fill India Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer And Supply Speciality Industrial Chemicals And Aerosol

Sri Devi Chemicals
Paint Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Rubber Chemicals, Leather Chemicals

Supreme Polymers
ManufacturerHigh Performance Epoxy Resins, Hardness Polyurethane Systems, Pigments & Speciality Chemicals, We Also Undertake Industrial Epoxy Flooring, Water Proofing & Surface Coatings Job Works

Supreme Polytech Pvt. Ltd.
High Performance Epoxy Resins, Hardeners, Polyurethane Systems, Pigments Paste & Speciality Chemicals.

Surtec Chemicals India Pvt.Ltd.
Speciality Chemicals For Surface Treatments

Trimurti Enterprises
Manufacturer of all kinds of Springs

Vamshi Chemicals Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Speciality Chemical

Vimal Intertrad Pvt.Ltd.
All Kinds Of Chemicals, Epoxy, Thermoplastic Acrylic Resin, Matting Agents, Carbon Black, Redispersible Polymern Powder, Cellulose Ether.

Vividh Chemicals
Dealing In Speciality Chemicals Pertaining To Paint & Ink Inds.

Welfix India
Manufacturer of Speciality Chemicals And Textile Auxiliaries

Yogeshwar Chemicals Ltd.
Chemicals for Colouring, Enzymes For ECO Processing, Finishing Chemicals, Optical Brightening Agents, Pretreatment Chemicals, Speciality Finishes.

S. R. F. Ltd.
Refrigeration Gases & Speciality Chemicals.

Galaxy Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Intermediate for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and Specialty Agro Chemicals.

Taurus Petroleums Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturers and Exporters of High Viscosity Automotive Lubricants, Cable Jelly, Industrial Additives, Industrial Oil & Chemicals, Industrial Specialities, Industrial Waxes, Metal Working Oils, Industrial Greases, Industrical Lubricants, Waxes, Greases, Petroleum Jelly, Pharmaceuticals, Rubber Process Oils, Additives, Rail Road Engine Oils, Defence Oils & Lubricants, Marine Engine Oils, Rubber Process Oils Paraffinic, Automotive Greases, Automotive Oils, Brake Fluids, Broaching Oils, Chassis Greases, Cutting Oils.

Globechem Imports
Supplier Of Specialty Finishing Value Addition Chemicals For Textile Industry, Silicone Softener And Synthetic Resins, Antibacterial Chemical, UV Absorber.

Ketan Chemical Corporation
Chemical Solvents, Industrial Oils, Fine Chemicals, Industrial Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals, Chemicals Intermediates and Cresol Solutions, Chemical Solvents, Industrial Oils, Fine Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals.

Croda India Company Pvt.Ltd.
Speciality Chemicals, Agro Chemicals and Lubricants.

Numatik Engineers
Water and Fuel Treatment Plants Which Includes Industrial Process Plants and Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals.

Par Speciality Polymer Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Chemical & Polymer Company.

Sachin Speciality Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Construction Chemicals, Petro Chemicals, Fire Glass Sizing Chemicals, Leather Dyeing Agent.

Sanjeevan Chemicals
Industrial Consumables, Supplier of Speciality Lubricants Distributers of Loctite Safety Items

Thirumalai Chemicals Ltd.
Phthalic Anhydridge, Maleic Anhydride, Malic Acids, Fumaric aCids, Speicality Chemicals

Aarti Drugs Ltd.
Manufactures Vitamins, Anti-arthritis, Anti-fungal, Antibiotics, ACE inhibitors, API, Pharma Intermediate, Speciality Chemicals

Chemicals & Allied, Industrial Surfactants, Additives, Pesticides, Effluent Treatment Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals.

Dmt International
Speciality Chemicals, Plastic Machinery, Petro Chemicals.

J. B. Chemicals
Speciality Chemicals

Pallav Chemicals And Solvents Pvt.Ltd.
Mercuric Chloride, Amino Acids & Derivatives, Dry Solvents, Precious Metals & Salts, Speciality Chemicals

Paxchem Ltd.
Speciality Chemicals.

Polychem Ltd.
Speciality Chemicals, Cross Linked Polystyrene.

Proto Chemical Industries
Degreasing Chemicals/ Phosphating/ Chromatising/ Rust Preventives/ Paint Remover/ Paint Booth Additive, Metal Working Fluids And Speciality Chemicals.

Ratnagiri Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Antroxidant Additives And Specialty Chemicals.

Upl Ltd
Agrochemicals,Industrial & Specialist Chemicals.

Yasho Industries Pvt Ltd
Cosmetic Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals.

Acme Sujan Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Phase Transfer Catalyst, Amine Hydrochlorides / Hydrobromides, Cosmetic and Preservatives, Photographic Chemicals, UV Screen Chemicals, Perfumery Intermediates, Corrosion Inhibiters, Pharmaceuticals Intermediates & Bulk Active Ingredients, Speciality Fine

Anchor Chemicals Industries
Sodium Tungstate, Ammonium Para Tungstste, Tungstate Trioxide, Chromium Acetate Chromium Chloride.

Ashchemie India
Chemical Raw Materials, Fine Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Intermediates, Speciality Chemicals, Resins and Polymers, Polymer Additives.

Beluga Biozymes Pvt. Ltd
Supplier and Trader of Speciality Chemicals, Agrochemicals, Pesticides, Fertilizer, Agro Products, Commodities, Flavours, Food Additives, Pharmaceutical.

K Patel Phyto Extractions Pvt Ltd
Dyes and Chemicals, Pigments, Specialty Chemicals.

Kiran Enterprises
Manufacturers of Lon Pairing Reagents, Lab Chemicals, Inorganic Salts, Specialty Chemicals.

Nanavati Group
Phthalo Colours & Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Pigments, Reactive Dyes

Resonance Impex Pvt. Ltd
Pharmaceutical chemicals, Petrochemicals, Dye and Dye intermediaries, Agro chemicals, Speciality chemicals, Perfumery and Flavour chemicals, Food ingredients and Nutritional supplements.

Satyam Pharma Chem Pvt. Ltd.
Metal-based Specialty Chemicals.

Sonal Plasrub Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacture Of Fine Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Intermediates & Specialty Chemical.

Transworld Furtichem Pvt Ltd
Fertilizers, Sulphate of Potash (SOP), speciality chemicals & Fertilizers.

Yash Organics
Trades, Supplier and Manufacturer of Diallyl Phthalate Dap, Diallyl Maleate Dam, Tertiary Butyl Hydrogen Peroxide TPHP.

Aditya Birla Chemicals India Ltd.
Manufacturer of Bulk and Specialty Chemicals and Viscose Filament Yarn.

Marketing of speciality chemicals

Chemsons Industrial Corporation
Mnufacturer Of Speciality Chemicals & Despersing Agents, Chemosperse TTSG Liquid, Chemosperse, TBG Powder, Nephthalene & Other Construction Chemicals.

Connect Chemicals India Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer and Distributor of Specialty Chemicals.

Dew Speciality Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Water Treatment Systems, Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Systems, Water & Wastewater Treatment Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals.

Grauer & Well (India) Ltd.
Manufacturers Of Speciality Chemicals For Metal Finishing Processes & Other Organic Intermediates.

Indian Speciality Chemical Manufacturers Association
Manufacturers of Speciality Chemicals, Textile Auxiliaries.

Jeevan Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
We Provide Specility Chemicals.

Manali Chemicals
APIs, Agro, Dyes & Pharma Intermediates, Organic, Inorganic Chemical, Petrochemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Solvents and Chemicals for Paints, Resins, Textile Industries etc.

Maulik Dye Chem Ind
Pharmaceutical Drug, Speciality Chemicals And Silicone Products

Navdeep Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Accreditation Speciality Chemicals Manufacturing, Phenol Sulphonic Acid.

Perstorp Chemicals India Pvt.Ltd.
Speciality Chemicals, Pentaerythritol, Dipenta, Sodium Formate.

S. Amit Speciality Chemicals
Speciality Chemical, Intermediates and Performance Chemicals.

S.D Fine Che Limited
Manufacturers of Analytical, Speciality Chemicals.

Siddhi Trade Enterprise
Dealers And Suppliers Of Food Preversative, Speciality Chemicals, Lubricant Additives Packages & Components, Base Oils.

The Dharamsi Morarji Chemical Co. Ltd.
Manufacture of Sulfuric Acid, Speciality Chemicals, Bulk Chemicals, Fertilisers & Agri Business.

Tinychem Specialities Pvt.Ltd.
Defoamers, Anti-Foams, Additives & Speciality Chemicals

Vanshi Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturing & Exporting Speciality Chemicals, Electroplating Chemicals, Hair Colors And Dyes, Biological Stain, Antihalation Dyestuff, Lab Chemicals, Surface Treatment Chemicals, Lab Chemicals And Reagents.

Vasu Chemicals
Specialty Chemicals, Water Treatment Chemicals, Industrials Chemicals.

Vertllus Speciality Materials (India) Pvt.Ltd.
We Leading Provide of Specialty Chemicals oft the Pharmaceutical, Agriculture, Nutrition, Personal-Care, Coatings, Adhesives.

Wanksons Chemicals Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturing Various Speciality Chemical and Pharma Intermediates.

Gene Grain Bio Reserach Laboratories
Api, Intermediats, Custom Synthesis, Speciality Chemicals

M C R Agencies
Manufacturer Of Fire Work Chemical And Charcoal Powder

Shilpa Specialty Chemicals
Manufacturer, Import & Exporter Of Specialty Chemicals

Acuro Organic Ltd.
Amidosulfonic Acid, Sulfamic Acid, Speciality Chemicals.

Ashu Organics India Pvt.Ltd.
Speciality Chemicals Manufacturer-Exporters. Dyes, Pigments, Amino Anisol.

Uno Specialities Pvt.Ltd.
Textile Auxillaries. Speciality Chemicals.

Organica Aromatics (Bangalore) Pvt.Ltd.
Mfg. Of Aroma, Fine And Speciality Chemicals

Jai Balaji Chemico
Ascorbyl Palmitate, Skin Care Ingredients, Speciality Chemicals, Emulsifier, Emollient.

Aristo Chemicals
Speciality Chemicals.

Krishna Associates
Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals.

Advent Chembio Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Fine and Specialty Chemicals, Our product range includes Laboratory Reagents, Research Chemicals, Laboratory Chemicals, Building Blocks and Pharmaceutical Impurities, Acetanilide, Acetone, Acetonitrile, Acetophenone, Aluminum Ammonium Sulphate, Aluminum Chloride.

Novo Pharmsol Llp
Exporter, Wholesaler, Supplier of API, Intermediate, Laboratory Chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Bulk Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Analytical Reagents, Calcium Citrate, Gemcitabine, HPLC /GC Columns, Laboratory Accessories and Pre-Formulation Pellets. We are the Trusted Supplier for Products & Services Related to Research & Development (R&D) Laboratory, Quality Control Laboratory and General Laboratory in the Industry, API, Analytical Reagents, Pharma Intermediates

Ultramech Systems
Screw Compressors, Non Explosive Demolition Powder, Speciality Chemicals, Industrial RO Plants.

Tytan Organics Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Specialty Chemicals And Intermediatesi.

Chryso India Pvt.Ltd.
Specialty Chemicals For Construction Materials.

Shriji Chemical
Speciality Chemicals Manufacturer.

Kwality Agro Vet Industries P.Ltd.
Textile Auxilliaries, Speciality & Performance Chemicals, Cosmetics & Personal Care Chemicals.

Prasol Chemicals Ltd.
Premier Mfg. of Specialty Chemicals.

Rajvin Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
Specialty Chemicals & Bio pesticides.

Respect Labs
Speciality Chemicals, Pharmaceutical Intermediates & APIs.

Visa Chemical Industries
Specialty Chemical, Research & Development.

Sauradip Chemical Industries Pvt.Ltd.
Specialty Lubcricants for man-made fibre, Antistatic Agents, Spin Finishes for man-made fibre, Dedus
Explicit Chemicals Pvt.Ltd.
Speciality Chemicals Mfgrs.& Exporters
Montana International
Industrial Belts Timing Belts, V-Belts, high quality power transmission belts
Phychem Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Rotomoulding Powder, Roto Moulding Foam Compound, Foam Compound, Plastic Comppound
Synthotex Chemicals Pvt.Ltd
Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters of Textile Printing Inks, Eco friendly Printing Inks Non PVC In
Speciality Polymers Pvt.Ltd.
Construction Chemicals, Polymers & Copolymers Dipicryl, Dipivin Dipicol Dipilex For Construction Che
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