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Ball Valves
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50mm dia Al pipeline for Pneumatic line - 350 Mtrs.2. 42mm dia Al Pipeline for Pneumatic line - 200 Mtrs.3. 25mm dia Al pipeline for Pneumatic line - 150 Mtrs.3. 50mm Ball Valve - 10 Nos.4. 42mm Ball Valve - 8 Nos.5. 25mm Ball Valve - 68 Nos.6. 25mm to 12mm reducer Nipples 68 Nos.7. 50mm to 42mm Reducer 10 Nos.8. 42mm to 25mm Reducer 08 Nos.9. Pipe couplings for 50mm 10 Nos10. Pipe couplings for 42mm 8 Nos11. Pipe couplings for 25mm 10 Nos12. L bend for 50mm, 42mm 25mm each 4 Nos.13. Tee Connector 50mm 4 Nos.14. 42mm Tee Connectors 4 Nos.15. Straight connectors for 50mm & 42mm each 4 No.
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