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Spur Boxes

The Spur Gears can be manufactured from 0.5 Module to 6 Module with a minimum outside diameter of 8 mm to 400 mm. All type of Spur Gears of any class can be manufactured. We can also design Gears as per the customer’s requirement. Cluster Gears also include our product range.


Worm And Worm Shaft

The Worm / Worm Shafts can also be manufactured from a range of 1 Module to 6 Module with a maximum whorling length of 300 mm. The Worm / Worm shaft can be manufactured from material like SG Iron, Alloy Steel, SS ( Stainless Steel ) etc. Worm Shafts of multiple starts from two to 12 can also be manufactured.




Our Company is specialized for Sprockets. We manufacture sprockets from ¼” Pitch to 1” Pitch. We manufacture Simplex, Duplex, Triplex & Disc type Sprockets also. Sprockets with Taper Locking bush are also manufactured. We manufacture sprockets confirming to international standards and our sprockets are noise less and friction less. We have a fully developed range of Standard Sprockets confirming to British Standards. Sprockets confirming to other standards can also be manufactured by us. PLEASE REFER OUR CATALOGUE FOR STANDARD SPROCKETS.


Timing Pulleys

Timing Pulleys

We manufacture Timing Pulleys in all range. We manufacture Timing Pulleys of MXL range also. Our manufacturing range also includes Timing Pulleys of Inches as well as Metric pitches. Very soon we will be introducing a full range Standard Timing Pulleys. The timing pulleys are manufactured from all type of materials like Aluminum, Cast Iron, Alloy Steel etc.


Pallet Rollers
Pallet Rollers
Pallet rollers required for Conveyor systems, Multi Level Car Parking are manufactured by us. We can manufacture Pallet Rollers with integral Sprockets / Gears / Timing Pulley. The Pallet Rollers can also be provided with PU/Rubber/Nylon Coating of desired thickness.


Helical Gear Boxes

Hydraulic Pumps
Helical Gear Boxes Hydraulic Pumps
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