Electronic Components, Round Spacers, Round Bushes, Washers, Transistor Bush, Transistor Pad, 3 Pin Regulator IC Base, Trimpot Bush, Led Holder For PCB Mounting, Panel Mounting Clamps, Base Legs,Insulating Bushes For Transformers, Square Spacers, Hex Spacers, Hex Spacers Moulded with Inserts, Through Hole Spacers, Knob For Philips Pot, Moulded Components For Electronic Industry
Company Profile

Anand Enterprises, established in 1987, manufactures wide range of molded components (pcb mounting accessories) in Nylon6, HDPE, and ABS plastics for electronics industry. These products are injection molded on automatic/semi automatic molding machines by specially trained workforce following strict quality norms. These components are very useful in many applications such as pcb mounting, heat sink mounting, transformer mounting, fuse link mounting, bus bar mounting etc.

Our Goal :
With all our strength in people, infrastructure & quality systems, we target for the global market to expand our operations.

Our Strength :
1. Wide range, flexible options ex-stock available.
2. High precision work culture.
3. Honest commitment.
4. Smooth & effective communication.
5. Competitavie pricing.

Quality Policy :
1. 100% quality product with minimum rejection by following strict Quality norms.
2. Checking at every operation.
3. Immediate action on any complaint.