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Heatless Air Dryer


PNEUM SYSTEMS INC, has developed Heatless Air Dryer which is a chemical desiccant using dryer, working on adsorption principle. The system consists of twin towers filled with desiccant of appropriate quality and quantity. Wet compressed air after being filtered by the prefilter and coalescing oil filter enters the distribution valve.
An electrically operated valve with built in passages, which directs the air to one tower. The air is then passed through the tower and comes out in dry condition. The air is then passed through after filter to remove any carry over dust, via non-return valve. There is a by-pass arrangement with an orifice, to allow a fraction of dry compressed air to expand and pass through the other tower, here by regenerating it and making it ready for adsorption Cycle. The Regenerating air is passed out to the Atmosphere via muffler. At a preset time, the sequence control timer actuates the Distributor valve to reverse the tower function . For lower capacities, the distribution valve and control valve are integral units, however for higher capacity these control elements comprise of discrete control valves and orifices. Our Heatless air dryers are compact, economical, pre assembled, fully automatic, “Fit and Forget” type of units with very little power consumption of around 100 watts.
Features (All Models)
Outlet air dew point of -40oC is achieved. 
There is no increase in the effluent gas temperature.
Since the drier size depends only on flow and pressure, inlet temp. of 10oC
   to 50oC can be handled by same unit. 
Very low spare parts inventory. 
Desiccant beds can remove oil in its vapour form.
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