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Tel No. 022 - 23112958 / 66371635
Mfg.Of Bolts, Brass & Brass Products, Circlips, Diesel Gen.Sets, Fasteners, Gaskets, Hardware, Industrial Fans, Marine Equipments, Marine Spares, Nuts & Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Submersible Pumps, Switchgear, Switchgears & S...More

Tel No. 022 - 23112958 / 66371635
Mfg.Of Bolts, Brass & Brass Products, Circlips, Diesel Gen.Sets, Fasteners, Gaskets, Hardware, Industrial Fans, Marine Equipments, Marine Spares, Nuts & Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Submersible Pumps, Switchgear, Switchgears & S...More

THANE- 400604 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 25821941 / 25822508 / 25826593 / 6847000 / 9223351945 / 9223351946
Mfrs.Of All Types Of Springs, Disc Springs, Belleville Washers, Serrated Washers (Rib), Curved Washers, Wave Spring Washers, Ball Bearing Washers, Slotted Washers, Cup Washers & Spring Washers, Bearing Disc Spring, Coil,...More

PUNE- 411043 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 8855013047 / 8007984111
Fasteners, Astm Fasteners, Head Screws, Tapping Screws, Head Tapping, Bearings, Adjusting Ring, Circlips, Retaining Rings For Shafts, Head Rivets, Flat Head Screws, Solar Hardware, Spring Nut, Coupling, Belts, Cutt...More

Tel No. 0 - 9892834989
Spring Dowel Pins, Fasteners, Bellevile Wave Washers, Disc Washers, Snap Rings, Spiral Dowel Pins, Solid & Taper PinsExternal & Internal Circlips ...More

Tel No. 022 - 23112570 / 66311508 / 40041684 / 7756883388
Mfg.Of Circlips, External Circlips, Internal Circlips, Pipe Fittings, Hydraulic Fittings, Pneumatic Fittings, Hardware, Fastners, Nuts & Bolts, Washers, Dowel Pins, Valves, Tools, Disc Springs, Snap Rings, Wave Washers, ...More

Tel No. 0 - 9320007091 / 9979679076
We are Leading Manufacturer and Exporter of Pipe Fitting and Flanges. Stockists, Dealers and Suppliers of Alloy, Carbon and Stainless Steel, Pipes Sheets, Plates, Round Bar, Square Bar, Hex Wire, Angle Channel, Patta (Pa...More

Tel No. - 7756883388
Mfg.Of Circlips, External Circlips, Internal Circlips, Pipe Fittings, Hydraulic Fittings, Pneumatic Fittings, Hardware, Fasteners, Nuts & Bolts, Washers, Dowel Pins, Valves, Tools, Disc Springs, Snap Rings, Wave Washers,...More

Tel No. 022 - 26852649 / 26856599
Manufacturer of Spring, Wire Forms, Industrial Circlips and Dowel Pin, Precision Circlips, Metal Springs, Heavy Duty Springs, Cylindrical Springs. Clutch Springs, Industrial Metal Spring, Industrial Metal Spring, Concave...More

PUNE- 411030 ,INDIA
Tel No. 20 - 24488005 / 24479005 / 9325301550
Manufacturer, Supplier Of O Rings, Oil Seals, Quad Rings, Back Up Rings, Diaphragms Hydraulic / Pneumatic Seals, V Seals, Piston Seals, Wipper Seals, Chevron Packaging, Bucket Washers, Circlips, Gaskets, V Rings, Bonded ...More

PUNE- 416122 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9922771384
All Types Of Industrial Hardware And Safety Material, Carbide Tools, Bearings, Chain Sprockets, Circlips, Cnc Cutting Tools, Copper Washers, Cutting Tools, Gears, Grease Guns, Grease Nipples, Hose Clips, Hydraulic Hose P...More

Tel No. 022 - 49631896 / 66921242
Mfg. & Suppliers of Grooved Pins, Taper Pins, Cylindrical Pins, Industrial Pins, Pins, Cylindrical Dowel Pins, Internal Threaded Cylindrical Pins ...More

Tel No. 02691 - 263739
Spring Dowel Pins, Fasteners, Bellevile Wave Washers, Disc Washers, Snap Rings, Spiral Dowel Pins, Solid & Taper PinsExternal & Internal Circlips. ...More

PUNE- 411038 ,INDIA
Tel No. 020 - 25380249 / 9890663976
Manufacturers Of Automobile Gaskets & Press Parts, Copper, Aluminium Sealing Gaskets / Washers, Shims, Silencer Gasket, Chain Guide, Isolators, Brackets For Anti Roll Bar, Tramspart Washers, Circlips, Terminals & Other P...More

Tel No. 022 - 23424711 / 23413857
Manufacturer & Dealers of External / Internal / E Type Circlips, Dowel Pins (Spring / Solid), Taper Pins & Washer, Parallel Keys. Stockist in : All Types of High Tensile Fasteners, Allen Cap Screw, Grub Screw, Button HD ...More

THANE- 401105 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 28191644 / 28192604 / 65777180
Leading Mfrs.& Exporters (ISO 9001-2008) Of Disc Spring Washer, Spring Disc Washer, Belleville Springs, Specialist In External Circlips, Internal Circlips, E-Type Circlips, Snap Rings, Supporting Rings, Crescent Rings, B...More

PUNE- 411014 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 66311508
Mfg.Of Circlips, External Circlips, Internal Circlips, Pipe Fittings, Hydraulic Fittings, Pneumatic Fittings, Hardware, Fasteners, Nuts & Bolts, Washers, Dowel Pins, Valves, Tools, Disc Springs, Snap Rings, Wave Washers ...More

THANE- 401104 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0 - 8108068800
Leading Manufacturer And Supplier Of All Kinds Of Circlip, Snap Rings, Retainer Ring, E-Clips, Spring Dowel Pin, Shims, Disc Washers And All Precision Type Of Press And Wire Formed Components According To Drawing And Spe...More

Tel No. 0 - 9433330514 / 7797526601 / 7074415166
Speed Nut,Circlip,Dowel Pin,Disc Spring Washer, Plain Washer, Wave Washer, Sheet Metal Job,Tooth Washer, Press Tool Job. ...More

Tel No. - 7400252325
All types of Fasteners, Bolt, Grub Screw, Dome Nut, Washer, Circlip, Flange Nut, Star Head Screw. ...More

Tel No. 0172 - 2654169, 2652169, 5093169
Leading Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Various Type Of Spring Steel Sheet Metal Components, Machined Components And Fasteners. ...More

Tel No. 0 - 7774017707
Manufacturers of Different Types of Compression Springs, Industrial Helical Compression, Coil Springs, Wire Forms, Torsion Springs, Disc Springs as well as Spring Clips, Conical Springs, Extension Springs, Torsion Spring...More

KOCHI- 682016 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9447729592
Stockists Of Oil Seals, O Rings, Hydraulic Seals & High Pressure Hoses, Cir-Clips, Rubber Coupling, Neoprene Cords, Neoprene Rubber Rubber Sheets, Teflon, Nylon, Pu Rod, Brushes And Sheets, Moulded Rubber Products, ...More

Tel No. 022 - 49699230
Manufacture of variety of Fasteners viz Bolts, Nuts, Machine Screws , Self Tapping Screws, Plain Washers, Spring washer, Circlip, E clip , Threaded Bars, Anchor Bolts, Grub Screws, Cap Nut, Wing Nuts ( American Type also...More

THANE- 401105 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0 - 9820210261 / 8104157537
Mfg of Compression Spring, Extension Spring, Torsion Spring, Pool Cover Spring, Industrial Spring, Electrical Springs, Engineering Springs, Valves Springs, Cir clip. ...More

Tel No. - 7827121744
Manufacturer of Gaskets, Extension Springs, ...More

Tel No. 022 - 23428410 / 23433629
Manufacturer & Exportrs Of Fasteners, Nuts, Bolts, Hardware, Screws, Circlips, Hex Weld, Nyloc, Flange, Cage Nuts, Knurled Nuts, Hex Nuts, Weld Nuts, Nyloc Nuts, Flange Nuts, Blind Rivet Nut, Dome Nut, Prevailing Torque ...More

THANE- 401105 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 28198194 / 28191788 / 28170055
Manufacturer Of Circlips, Roll Pins, Serrated Washers, Disc Washers, Dowel Pins, Zigzag Dowel Pins, Snap Rings And Shims As Per As Per IS & Din Standards Or As Per Customers Design & Specifications ...More

Tel No. 022 - 23440405
Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of All Types of Rubber Product. Supplier of (Sunny, Rajhans, Sun, Rubtech, Oil Seals, Sog, Kastas, Nov, Fennar etc. Brand Available) Speciality for Oil Seals, O Ring, P.U.U Seals, P.U Ro...More

PUNE- 411060 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 8087724652 / 8698725353
Fasteners, Hex Bolt Full Threaded, Hex Bolt Half Threaded, Allen Head Screws, Grub Screws, CSK Screws, Torx Screws, Chipboard Screws, Studs, Hex Nuts, Thin Nuts, Square Nuts Hex Flange Nuts, Wing Nuts, Dome Nuts, Castle ...More

THANE- 401105 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 28143816 / 17
Manufacturer & Job Working Unit Of Retainer Rings, Shaped Wire / Wire Flattening, Retainer Rings Used in Oil Field, Double Coil Retainer Rings. Specialised For S.S.Ring For All Types Of Chemical Filters, Membrane Filters ...More

PUNE- 411038 ,INDIA
Tel No. 20 - 25447446 / 9890876585
Stockiest, Dealer Of Lathe Machine Spares, Lathe Machine Spare Parts, Triple Gears, Worm & Worm Wheel, Cross Slide Screw, Cross Slide Nut, Worm Wheel Pairs, Worm Wheel Gears, Cross Head Nuts, Bevel Gears, Electromagnetic...More

PUNE- 411026 ,INDIA
Tel No. 20 - 27126334 / 27125809 / 9850502152
Industrial Fasteners, Bolts, Hex Bolt, Allen Cap, Allen Key, Slotted CSK, Eye Bolts, T-Bolt, Foundation Bolt, Anchor Fasteners, Thru Bolts, Chemical Fasteners, Self Tapping Screw, U-Bolts, Nuts, Hex Nut, Lock Nut, Nylock...More

Tel No. 022 - 23448144 / 23451248 / 20585644 / 9869669198
Dealers & Stockist Of All Kinds Of Bearings, SKF, FAG, Nachi, IKO, NRB, Fennar & Mitsubishi, IT, Addison, Toten, JK File, L & T, Siemence, BCH, Moiler For Bearings, V Belts, Hardware, Nut & Bolt, Switchgear, Timing Belt,...More

Tel No. - 9920865822
Stockist And Leading Suppler Of All Types Of Circlips. ...More

THANE- 401105 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 28191644 / 28192604
Job Work Units For All Types Of Sheet Metal Components, Disc Spring, Bearing Wave, Disc Springs, Multitooth Washers, Plain Washer, Sheet Metal Components, Solid Dowel, Washers ...More

Tel No. - 9833865706 / 9820754577
We are Leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of All Types of Gears and Precision Components. We Manufactures Spur Gears, Helical Gears, Cut Washers, Mechanical Seals, Circlips , Lock Washers, Plain Washers, Dish Washers, E...More

Tel No. 022 - 28488447 / 8938 / 65873743 / 44
Manufacturer & OEM Suppliers For Circlips, Washers, Snap Rings, Spring Dowel Sleeves, Other Spring Steel, Sheet Metal Components For The Automobile & Engineering Industries ...More

Tel No. 022 - 28873300 / 28850151
Circlips, Disc Washer, Dowel Spring Pins, Sheet Metal Components, Hardware Items ...More

Tel No. - 7619040003
Manufacturer of Bolts, Brass & Brass Products, Circlips, Diesel Gen. Sets, Fasteners, Gaskets, Hardware, Industrial Fans, Marine Equipment, Marine Spares, Nuts & Bolts, Nuts, Screws, Submersible Pumps, Switchgear, Switch...More

DELHI- 110092 ,INDIA
Tel No. 011 - 42420475, 43095331
Screws / Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Rivets, Stainless Steel Fasteners, Electronic Hardware, Threaded Inserts, Plastic Fasteners, Bearings Circlips, Insert Nuts, Clinch Fasteners, Captive Fasteners, Spacers, Eyelets, SEM Scr...More

Tel No. 022 - 26355407
Manufacturing High Quality Industrial Fasteners, Hexagon Flange Nuts (Plain /Serrated)Hexagon Nuts, Hexagon Weld Nuts, Square Weld Nuts, Nylock Inserts Nuts, Torque Prevailing Nuts, Castle / Slotted Nuts, Domed Cap Nuts,...More

Tel No. 0 - 9821152421 / 9930607357
Leading Manufacturers & Suppliers Of Industrial Fasteners Like Circlips, Dowel Pins, Washers, Etc. ...More

Tel No. 044 - 42167177
Stainless Steel Fasteners, Specail Nut, Specail Bolt, Screws & Rivets, High Tensile Fasteners, Anchor Fasteners, Industrial Flanges, All Types Of Washers, U Bolt & Clamps, Mild Steel Fasteners, Foundation Bolts, Circlip. ...More

Tel No. - 7021396175
Manufacturer and Dealers of Automobile Part, Automobile Body, Automobile Pipe, Automobile Spare Parts i.e Dowels Pins, Spiral Pins, Washers, Circlips. ...More

Tel No. 0 - 9830966147
Helical Compression Spring, Helical Tension Springs, Hot coiled Springs, Torsion Springs, Spring Washers, Leaf Springs & Sheet Forms, Disc Springs, Clock Type Springs, Constant Force Springs, Dowel Pins & Spiral Pins, Ci...More

Tel No. 033 - 22725924 / 32938132 / 22681898 / 22180498
Manufacturer, supply springs. Products: Helical Spring, Compression Spring, Leaf Spring, Volute Spring, Disc Spring, Tension Spring, Axel Spring, Automobile Spring, Conical Spring, Torsion Spring, Spiral Spring, Circlip ...More

Tel No. 022 - 23810839
Stainless Steel Nut, Stainless Steel Bolt, Stainless Steel Rivet, Stainless Steel Circlip, Threaded Bolt, Stainless Steel Stud, Stainless Steel Spring Washer, Steel Nut, Industrial Nut Bolt, Industrial Bolt, Stainless St...More

PUNE- 411002 ,INDIA
Tel No. 0 - 9890082911
Wholesale Distributor Of Socket Head Cap Screw, Metal Nuts & Gate Valve . ...More

THANE- 400705 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9004981243
Manufacturer of Fasteners, Anchor Bolt, Bolt, Brass Fasteners, Carriage Bolt, Chip Board Screw, Circlip, Concrete Screw, Dry Wall Screw, Eye bolt, Foundation Bolt, GI Fasteners, High Tensile Fasteners, Hot Dipped Galvani...More

Tel No. 0 - 9843311811, 9842151931, 9843051931
Aerosols Sprays, Anti-Vibration Mounts, Carbon Brushes, Comber Spools In Hylam/Nylon, Cone Winding Spares, Green Clearer Cloth, Knotters Spares (Hip Knotter, Blades & Spares) Nylon , Teflon, Hylam Sheets / Rods, Oll S...More

PUNE- 411012 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 8888296534
Manufacturer, Trader and Supplier of a wide range of Industrial Springs, Industrial Circlips, Industrial Pins, Industrial Washers, Industrial Screw and more Products. ...More

Tel No. 022 - 9324418155
Manufacturer, Supplier And Trader Of Pipe Fittings, Ball Bearing, Stainless Steel Fasteners, Hose Pipe, Welding Rod, Butterfly Valve, Grinding Wheels, V Belts, SS And MS Flanges, Rubber Gasket, Teflon Rod, Hardware Tools...More

Tel No. - 9331061535 / 9433703037
We Providing of Hose Guard Spring, Spring Washers, Spring, Rubber goods, Valve Plates, Cir clips, Pin, Bush, Kit, Seal Kit. ...More

AGRA- 282007 ,INDIA
Tel No. 562 - 2641381 / 2641258 / 2642700 / 01 / 02
Pistons, Piston Pins, Piston Rings, Cylinder Heads, Cylinder Blocks, Cylinder Liners, Circlips, Crank Shafts, Crank Pins, Camshafts, Connecting Rods, Thinwall/Thickwall Bearings & Bushes, Casting (Ferrous) S G Iron, Grey...More

Tel No. 022 - 28904550 / 28906636
Circlips, Retaining Rings, Spiral & Solid Pins. ...More

Tel No. 022 - 22966092
MS Plain Washers, Conical Washers, Brass Washers, Copper Washers, Circlip Ring. Circlips, Rings For Housing Bores, Ring Circlips, MS Washers, Steel Washers. ...More

Tel No. 44 - 22452199 / 22452629
Springs, Spring Circlips. Circlips. ...More

THANE- 400610 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9324429085
Manufacturer and Exporter of Compression Springs, Extension Springs, Torsion Springs, Wire Form Springs, Disc Springs, Sheet Metal Components, Retaining Ring, Constant Force Springs, Circlips, Washer, Spiral Springs. ...More

Tel No. 022 - 26866433 / 26866434 / 35 / 36
Springs, Tension Washers, Circlips, Disc Springs, Snap-Ring, Dowel Pins, Sheet Metal Parts, Precision Parts. ...More

Tel No. 022 - 67411351 / 9768710063
Industrial Springs, Metal Circlips, Wire Forms and Stampings, Dowel Pins, Metal Washers, Compressor Valves, Closed Coils, Jewellery Spring. ...More

Tel No. 80 - 41188994 / 41188995
Industrial Fasteners, Dealers for High Tensile Bolts & Nuts, Dowel Pins, Washers, Circlips, Eyebolts, T-Bolts & Nuts, SS Fasteners etc., ...More

Tel No. 0 - 9970559932
Circlips, Dish Washers, Pins, Industrial Fasteners. ...More

Tel No. - 7820923226
Manufacturer Wide Range of Circlips Including External Circlips, Internal Circlips and other ...More

Tel No. 129 - 2481692
Keys & Dowels Like As Spring Dowels, Dowels Pin, Taper Pins, Woodruff Keys, Parallel Keys, Ext & Int Taper & Grooved Pin, Shims And Washers, Wave & Seriated Washer, Circlips, E Clips, Sheet Metal Compound, Traub & Forged...More

Tel No. - 9322250336
Ball Bearings, V Belt & Timing Belt, Nut Bolt, Washer, Circlips, Oil Seal & Rubber Goods, Chain & Coupling, Trolley Wheels, Pneumatics Accessories, Hardware, Pneumatics Fittings, Tubes & Pipe, Fittings ...More

Tel No. 11 - 23980305
Manufacturer Of All Types Circlips ...More

THANE- 401105 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 9819415491
ManufacturersDowel Pin/Circlips/E-Clips/Roll Pin/Fan Star Washers/Knarluing/Washers/Pressed Components. ...More

THANE- 401105 ,INDIA
Tel No. - 9221795271
Manufacturer Of Circlips, Snap Rings, Dowel Pins, Washers, Fan Star Washers, Knurling Washers, Wave Washers ...More

PUNE- 411013 ,INDIA
Tel No. 20 - 26817286
Manufacturer Of All Washers Circlips & Press Components ...More

Tel No. 022 - 28058810
Parallel Keys, Woodruff Keys, Circlips, Wave Awshers, Dowel Pins, Solid Pins ...More

Tel No. 260 - 2562491
Manufacturer Of Circlips, E-Clips, Dowelpin, Taperpin. ...More

Tel No. 022 - 23413857
Mfr & Dealers Of Cylindrical Pin, Taper Pins & Eclips, Dowel Spring Pins, Circlips & Grooved Pins, Socket Head Cap Screws & Grub Screws, Taper Pins, Star Washers, Wire Circlips ...More

Tel No. 564 - 4238500
Manufacturer & Supplier All Types Of Circlips ...More

Tel No. 022 - 23435748 / 919322250336
Bearings, V Belts & Timing Belt, Nut Bolt, Circlips, Oil Seal & Rubber Goods, Chain & Coupling, Trolley Wheels, Pneumatics, Pneumatics Fittings, Pipe, Gauges, Jali, Compressors Spares, Cutting Tools, Hardware, Electrical...More

Tel No. 33 - 23282139
Circlips, Dowel Pin, Washers, Clips, Press Tool Sheet Metal Jobs ...More

Tel No. 253 - 6604785 / 2350885
Automobile Components, Special Circlips, Flapper Valve & Reed Valve Shims. ...More

Tel No. 022 - 29275433 / 34 / 35
Circlips, Fasteners, Washers, Snap Rings, Spring Washers, Dowel Pins, Cotter Pins, Disc Washers, All Type Of Springs ...More

Tel No. - 9820453551
Internal Circlips, External Circlips, E-Clips, Dowel Pins, Washers, Allen Bolts, Screws etc. ...More

Tel No. 022 - 66315974
S.S., M.S., Hex Bolt, Nut, Studs, Allen Bolt, Grub Screw, Screws, Circlips, Dowel Pin, Washer ...More

Tel No. 33 - 22701507
Manufacturer Of Springs & Circlips & Suppling Our Products. ...More

Tel No. 44 - 26580007
Sheet Metal Work Like Washers, Lock Washers, Circlips, Machined Components, Press Tools And Fixtures ...More

Tel No. 022 - 28182309
Circlips, Dowel Pins, Pressed Components, Washer ...More

Tel No. 44 - 25228386
Cir Clips. ...More

Tel No. 422 - 6575128
E Type Circlip Applicator & Dispenser. ...More

THANE- 401202 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 2342950
Stockists & Dealers Of S.S Fasteners, Nuts Bolts APL & Kun Make, Circlips, Metal Labels, Air Bubble Rolls, Air Bubble Bags, Drills, Tapsets, Grinding Wheels, V Belts. ...More

DELHI- 110006 ,INDIA
Tel No. 11 - 30114221
Oil Seals, Mechancial Seals, O Rings, Rubber Cords, Chevron, Rubber Sheeets, Criclips, Star Couplings ...More

THANE- 401104 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 28455412 / 4001
Manufacturer Of Pressed Components, Earth Moving Equipments, Springs, Defence Equip., Circlips, Leaf Spring Auto, Railway Equipments ...More

THANE- 400607 ,INDIA
Tel No. 022 - 32270005 / 32020005
Mfg. Of All Types Springs on Fully Automatic Coiling Machines, Compression Springs Tension Springs, Wire Form Spring, Disc Springs, Heavy Duty & Automative Springs ...More

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Jupiter Industrial Works Thane
Industrial Engineering Co
External Circlips, Internal Circlips, Pipe Fittings, Hydraulic Fittings, Pneumatic Fittings, Hardware, Fastners, Nuts & Bolts, Washers, Dowel Pins, Valves, Tools, Disc Springs, Snap Rings, Wave Washers
Aasraa Metal Forms Pvt.Ltd.
External Clip, Internal Circlip, E Clips, Spring Dowel Pin, Spring Disc Washer
Hollow Circlips Industries
Circlips,Solid & Taper PinsExternal & Internal Circlips
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