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Katlyn Processors Pvt.Ltd.
Contact Person: MR.C.D.AGASHE - DIR.
Tel No. - 9822033765
Surface Treatment, Shot Blasting, Sand Blasting, Metallising, Phosphating Surface Treatment, CED (Cathodic Electro Deposition), Powder Coating, Liquid Painting, Plating, Automated Electroplating, Honing Operation, Hard Chrome Electroplating, Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating, Copper Plating

Asp Ultra Coating
Contact Person: MR.AMARSINGH
Tel No. 20 - 66112084
Buffing Mirror Finishing Services, Hard Chrome Plating Services, Electro Less Nickel Plating Services, Nickel Chrome Plating Services, Electro Polishing Services, Black Nickel Plating Services, Copper Plating Services, Silver Plating Services, Antique Bra

Special Coats
Contact Person: MR. SNEHAL JADHAV (CEO)
Tel No. 0 - 9370575454
Copper Plating, Zinc Coating, Nickel Coating, Powder Coating, Nylon Coating, HALAR Coating.

Contact Person: MR.K.WAYKOLE - MANAGER
Tel No. - 9922804955
Specialist In Bright Nickel, Chrome, Dull Nickel Chrome, Acid Zinc, Alkaline Zinc, Copper, Tin, Phospating, Buffing

Techno Plast
Contact Person:
Tel No. 251 - 2444504 / 2444505
Supplier, Exporter And Manufacturer Of Injection Moulding Machine, Plastic Blow Moulding Machines, Chilling Plant, Color Mixer, Hopper Loader, Conveyor Metal Detectors, Cooling Tower Plants, Hopper Loader, Induction Heaters.

Parshwanath Electro Plates
Contact Person: MR. DILIP PAREKH
Tel No. - 9820284882
Brass Plating Services, Nickel Plating Services, Copper Plating Services.

Salim Electroplaters
Contact Person: MR. GUDDU
Tel No. - 9220529625
Service Provider of Black Nickel Plating, Brass Antic Plating & Brass Plating, Copper Plating, Gold Plating.

Electro Finishers
Contact Person: MR. BALAKRISHNAN. S.
Tel No. 422 - 2577845 / 2312528
Electroplating, Hardchrome-Nickel-Zinc-Copper-Blackening, Copper Plating, Zinc Plating, Nickel Plating, Blackodising. etc

Jai Durga Engraveour
Contact Person: MR. ALOK SINGH
Tel No. 512 - 2297161
Copper Plating And Copper Polishing

Spencer Electroplating
Contact Person: MR. SURESH SHAH
Tel No. 22 - 28971153/ 28970304
Electroplating, Gold Plating, Silver Plating, Copper Plating, Nickel Plating, Chrome Plating, Black Nickel Plating, Tin Plating

Tanvi Industries
Contact Person: MR.V.R.SHARMA - DIR.
Tel No. 251 - 2872112 / 9004066091
(Spl.Of Ecofriendly) Job Work Units For Electro Plating & Mfg. Of Electroplating Machinery, Specialised For Industrial Electroplator, Alkaline Zinc Electroplating, Cobalt Zinc, Electroless Nickel Plating, Electropolishing, Tin Electroplating, Silver Elect

Maharao Enterprises
Tel No. 20 - 26932664
Electroplating, Zinc Nickel Alloy Plating ( ROHS ), Zinc Plating ( ROHS ), Nickel Plating, Dull Nickel Plating, Bright Nickel Plating, Electroless Nickel Plating, Electroless Nickel Plating Aluminium ( ROHS ), Cadmium Plating, Copper Plating, Zinc Phospha

Ganesh Surface Finishers
Tel No. 231 - 2615525
Manufacturers& Services in Electro Plating Work, Zinc Plating, Tin Plating, Silver Plating, Copper Plating, Nickel Plating

Burhani Industries
Contact Person: MR.MOIZ BOOTWALA
Tel No. 20 - 27120863
Specialist in Silver Chrome, Tin Plating, Cadmium, Bright Nickle, Lead P.Bright Zinc, Passivation, Blackening, Phosphating, Anodizing, Copper Plating, Hot Dip Galvanising etc.

Jyoti Metal Process
Contact Person: MR. RAKESH JADHAV
Tel No. - 9870575701
Specialist In: Blackodzing, Phosprazing, Zinc Plating & Copper Tin Plating

Manodeep Industries
Contact Person: MR. RAHUL BHUJBAL
Tel No. 20 - 30625357
Sp In All Types Of Zinc Plating, Non-Cynide Plating, E D Painting, Black Oxidizing, Tin, Copper Plating, Electroless Nickel Plating & Phosphating

Uday Electroplating
Contact Person: MR. KHALEEL ULLAH
Tel No. 22 - 23881249
Gold Plating, Silver Plating, Chrome Plating, Copper Plating, Brass Antique, Black Oxidising, Stainless Steel Plating, All Types Of Bronze
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