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Hmg India
Mfgrs.Of, Laboratory Testing Equipments & Imported Instruments, Laboratory Instruments, Laboratory Equipments, Scientific Instruments, Ovens, Deep Freezers, Stability Chamber, Laminar Flow Bench

Spear Exim Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer, Exporter, And Trader Of Laboratory Equipments, Rotameter, Tergotometer, Humidity Ovens, Laboratory Ovens, Industrial Ovens, Flow Meters, Tray Dryers, Petroleum Testing Instruments, Petroleum Testing Equipments, Pressure Measuring Instruments, Flow Measuring Instruments, Drying Equipments, Transformer Oil Testing Equipment, Lubricating Oil Testing Equipment, Grease Testing Equipment, Lubricating Oil Testing Equipment, Grease Testing Equipment,Pharmaceutical Equipments , Stability Chambers, Photostability Chamber, B.O.D Cooling Incubator, Bacteriological Incubator, Plant Growth Chambers, Deep Freezer, Automatic Ice Flaker, Basket Centrifuge, Laboratory Centrifuge, Vacuum Oven, Laboratory Oven, Water Jacketed Oven, , Hot Air Drying Oven, Ultrasonic Bath, Water Bath, Ultrasonic Emulsifier, Cryostat, Oil Bath, Constant Temperature Bath, Constant Temperature Bath With Agitator, Magnetic Stirrer Bath, Double Deck Incubator Shaker, Orbit Incubator Shaker, UV- Cabinet, Muffle Furnace, Vertical Dehumidifier, Viscosity Bath - ( For 0.1 & 0.01 Degree Centigrade Accuracy ), Low Temperature Viscosity Bath, Pensky Marten Flashpoint Tester, Cold Filter Plugging Point Test Apparatus, Gum Content By Jet Evaporation, Copper / Silver Corrosion Bath, Oil Centrifuge With Heating, Demulsion Bath, Cloud And Pour Point, Foam Bath, Rusting Bath, Gasing Tendency With High Voltage Transformer, Ramsbottom Carbon Residue Apparatus.

Kimaya Engineers
Hydraulic Presses, Hydraulic Machines (Special Purpose Machines), Laboratory Testing Equipment, Accessories for IR / FTIR Spectroscopy Analysis, Accessories for XRF Sample Preparation & Analysis, Motorized Lab Pallet Presses for IR / FTIR / XRF Sampling, Lab. Hydraulic Pellet Presses & Powder Compaction Dies.

Om Enterprises
We Offer Civil Engineering & Scientific Instruments, Surveying, Drawing & Mathematical Instruments, Cement, Concrete, Aggregate & Bitumen Testing Instruments, Soil Testing Instruments, Glassware & Glass Apparatus Of Companies Like Borosil, Agarwal & J Sil Glass, Meteorological ( Weather ) Instruments & Horological Instruments

Scitech Scientifics
Authorised Stockist Of Qualigens Range Of Product, Fisher Scientific Part Of Thermo Fisher Scientific, Dlrs.In Laboratory & Industrial Chemicals, Surgical Items, Test Sieves, Scientific Instruments & Equipments, thermometers, Silicaware, TLC Plates, HPLC Columns, Membrane Filters & All Kinds Of Labware & Accessories, Specialised For Stockist Of All Types Of Lab Chemicals

Aasu Industries
Mfgrs.Of, Laboratory Testing Equipments & Imported Instruments, Laboratory Instruments, Laboratory Equipments, Scientific Instruments, Ovens, Deep Freezers, Stability Chamber, Laminar Flow Bench.

Industrial Equipment Corporation
Manufacturer, Supplier and Trader of Lab Testing Chamber, Laboratory Incubators, Ovens & Dryers, Muffle Furnaces, Laboratory Bath Equipment, Laboratory Centrifuges, Lab Testing Equipments, Temperature Controllers.

Shanta Engineering
Mfg. of Laboratory Testing Equipments & Briquetter, Halogen Acid Testers, Melt Flow Tester, Izod & Charpy Impact Tester, Oxygen Index Tester, Smoke Density Tester, Environmental Stress Cracking Tester, Electronic Universal Testing Machine, VICAT / HDT Tester, Kranti Briquetter

Sterdill Equipments Pvt.Ltd.
Automat / Rotomat, Full Water Immersion Counter Pressure Retort Concept, Steam Spray Counter Pressure Retort Concept, Autovap / Rotovap, Dry Heat Sterlizer, Steam Water Spray Retort, Full Water Immersion Retort, Steam Sterlizers Autoclave, Waste Autoclave, Superheated Water Shower Sterilizer, Air Steam Sterilizer, Pure Steam Generator, Water Distilling Unit, Washer Di-Infector, Hot Water Bath, Hospital Laboratory Equipment.

Sanitt Equipment & Machines Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturing, Exporting And Supplying Of Specialty Equipment & Furniture For Pharmaceutical,Biotechnology,Hotel,Commercial Kitchen & Hospital.

Sinewave Engineering Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter Of CNC Lathe Trainers, CNC Lathe Trainers With PC Based Controller, CNC Lathe Cum Production Trainers With PC Based Controller, CNC Lathe Trainers With Industrial Controller, Intermediate CNC Lathe Trainers, CNC Mill Trainers, CNC Mill Trainers With PC Based Controller, CNC Mill Trainers With Industrial Controller, Vertical Milling Machines, Loading And Unloading Arm Trainers, Loading And Unloading Arm For Lathe Trainers, Loading And Unloading Arm For Mill Trainers, Material Handling Systems, Pallet Conveyors, Linear Shuttle Conveyors, Automatic Storage And Retrieval Systems - ASRS, Automated Guided Vehicle, Assembly Station, Scara Robot, Lab Equipments, Fluid Power Lab Equipments, Fluid Mechanics Lab Equipments, Refrigeration And Air Conditioning Lab Equipments, Theory Of Machine Lab Equipments, IC Engine Lab Equipments, Heat Transfer Lab Equipments, Instrumentation Lab Equipments, Heat And Mass Transfer Lab Equipments

Bio Technics India
Laboratory Equipments, Imported Laboratory Instruments, Humidity Chamber, BOD Incubator, Fume Chamber, Water Bath, Low Temperature Bath, Autoclave, Environmental Test Chamber, Oil Bath, Hot Air Oven, Humidity Control Oven, Stability Chamber, Blood Bank Refrigerator, Rotary Shaker, Deep Freezer, Environmetal Chamber, Orbital Shaker Incubators, Walk In Chamber, Fume Chamber, Laminar Flow Bench, Digital Moisture Meter, UV Inspection Cabinet, Fluoroscope, Clean Room Equipments, Bod Incubator, Viscometer Water Bath, CO2 Incubator, Constant Temperature Bath, Laboratory Autoclave, Vacuum Ovens, Laboratory Oven, Bacteriological Incubator, Vertical Dehumidifier, Humidity Ovens

Astute Labs Pvt.Ltd.
We Undertake Testing Medical Devices As Per The Latest Harmonised Standards In EN 60601 Series. Medical Electrical Equipment Testing Services, Surgical Equipment Testing Services, X Ray Equipments Testing Services, Critical Care Equipment Testing Services, Real-Time And Accelerated Ageing Study Of The Medical Devices, Testing Of The Packaging Material, Testing Of The Packed Medical Device With Drop Tests, Check The Content Of Hazardous Substances Like Mercury (Hg), Bromine (Br), Lead (Pb), Hexavalent Chromium (Cr) And Cadmium (Cd), Rohs Directive Testing, Water Testing Services Which Include Potable Water, Purified Water, Demineralised Water, Purified Water And Water For Injection, We Conduct The Analysis As Per IP, BP, USP. Ph.Eur.Environmental Monitoring By Air Sampling Method By Using Air Sampler. Environmental Monitoring By Settle Plate Method. Surface Monitoring By RODAC Plate And Swab Method. Information Technology Equipments Testing Services As Per Harmonised Standards.EN 60950-1:2006/AC:2011, Luminaires Testing Services As Per The Following Harmonised Standards. EN 60598-1:2008 /A11:2009

Emtek Instruments
Centrifuges For Clinical, Pathological Labs and Blood Banks, Bench Top General Purpose Centrifuge, General Purpose Centrifuge, Bench Top General Purpose Refrigerated Centrifuge, Research Centrifuge, Gen. Purpose Research Refrigerated Centrifuge, Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge, Bench Top Highspeed Gen. Purpose Refrigerated Centrifuge, Oil Testing Centrifuge, Floor Type High Volume Blood Bank Refrigerated Centrifuge

Industrial Instrumentation Services
Sales & Services For Process Control Laboratory & Electrical Instruments, Mfg. Of Control Panels, PLC Control Panels As Per Customers Oriented, Calibration As Per ISO Standed For Process & Laboratory Instruments, PLC Control Panels, Hot Plate Electric Round, Ultraviolet Cabinet, Titration Apparatus, Magnetic Stirrer.

B.J.Scientific Co.
Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Testing Equipments, Distilation Instruments, Filter Paper, Analytical Instruments, Multimeter & Laboratory Glassware, Meters All Types, Thermometer. Borosil Glassware.

Industrial Automation Services
Sales & Services For Process Control Laboratory & Electrical Instruments, Mfg. Of Control Panels, PLC Control Panels As Per Customers Oriented, Calibration As Per ISO Standed For Process & Laboratory Instruments, PLC Control Panels, Hot Plate Electric Round, Ultraviolet Cabinet, Titration Apparatus, Magnetic Stirrer

Innovative Tech Engineers
Innovative Tech Engineers, a company formed in 2018 by a team of experts in the Instrumentation industry is armed with an extensive range of protection equipments, consumer gadgets and services. The assortment of products that we manufacture and supply includes: Fire Alarm Panels (Microprocessors Based Fire Alarm Panels), Smoke, Heat Detectors And Sprinklers,Fire Hydrant System ,Accessories Like Hose Storage Boxes, Water Leak Detection System, Gas Detection System, Stack Monitoring , Gas Analyzers, Particle Monitoring System, Calibration Gases, Gas Regulators And Flowmeters, CCTV Surveillance System, Analog And Digital Interfaces, SCADA Solutions, GPS Fleet Tracking System, Personnel Tracking System, De-Hydrators Used In Food Processing Industry, Agro Products, Laboratory Equipments, Portable Mosquito Killer, Solar Power Solutions, Flameproof And IS Equipment, Cables, Cable Trays And Accessories, Water Leak Detection Systems, Personal Tracking Systems.

Ajinkya Enterprises
Authorised Distributors & Suppliers Of : Merck Indian & Imported Chemicals, Glass Wares & Instruments Merck Bioscience ( Bangalore Genei Kits), Merck Biomonitoring ( Microbiology Products ) , Dealers Of : Qualigens, Acros, SRL, Loba, Research Lab, Himedia, Sigma & All Types Of Lab Equipments & Instruments

Kromtech India
Chromatogrpahy, Gas Chromatography, Microscopes, Gas Generators, Technical Furniture, Clean Air Equipment, Laminar Flow Work Station, Electrostatic Cleaners, Laboratory Instruments, Gas Generators

Samarth Electronics
(ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified) Leading Mfgr. Of Ultrasonic Cleaners, Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipments, Cleaning Sysems, Specialised In Ultrasonic Cleaners, Ultrasonic Sonicator, Accessories, SMPS Power Sources And Digital Timers. (All Over India And Export Also Dealer Network)

Ganesh Scientific Industries
Manufacturers & Suppliers Of Laboratory, Scientific, Pharmaceutical And Chemical Instruments & Equipments Such As Oil Baths, Water Baths, Vertical Stirrers, Magnetic Stirrers, Ovens, Vacuum Ovens, Ultrasonic Cleaner Baths And Others

Labline Stock Centre
We offer Laboratory and Scientific Equipment. Our ranges of products include Microscope, Digital pH Meter, Digital Conductivity Meter, Digital Turbidity Meter, Lab Oven, Lab Incubator, Environmental Test Chamber and Laminar Air Flow etc Digital pH Meter.

Polylab Engineering Equipment
Manufacturer Of Educational Equipments, Laboratory Equipments, Lab Equipments, Closed Circuit Type Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Open Type Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Hydraulics Machinery, Dynamics & Kinematics Of Machines Lab, Control Engineering Lab, Refrigeration Lab, AC Lab, Instrumentation Lab, Measurement Lab, Production Technology, Experimental Stress Analysis Lab, Heat Transfer Laboratory, Tribology Lab, Reliability Lab, Reliability Lab Equipments

Spectra Lab Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Analytical Instruments, Stirrers, COD Analysis Systems, Pollution Monitoring Equipments, Laboratory Instruments, Environmental Monitoring Systems, Water Analysis Systems, Air Analysis Systems, BOD Analysis Systems, Motorless Stirrers, Multipoint Stirrers, Magnetic Stirrers, Titrators, Potentiometric Titrators, Karl Fischer Titrators, Waste Water Analysis, Chemical Testing Instruments, Lab Equipments, Pharmaceutical Testing Instruments, Wet Chemical Analysis

Omkar Enterprises
Manufacturer o Lab Equipment & Appliances etc., Scientific Instruments etc., Commercial Gas Burners & Pipe Fitting etc., Pharmaceutical Machinery etc., Borosil Laboratory Glass Ware / Borosilicated Glass Ware etc., Poly Lab / Tarsons Plastic Lab Ware etc. Crucible Tong.

Sai Enterprises
Mfg. Of Scientific Instruments & Laboratory Equipments, Incubators & Ovens, Autoclaves, Laminar Air Flow, Laboratory Balances, Water Bath, Centrifuge, Cooling Equipment, Laboratory Shaking Machine, Microtome, Microscope, Laboratory Equipments, Food Processing Equipments, Oil & Petroleum Testing Equipments, Soil Testing Equipments, Pharmaceutical Instruments, Incinerator & Bio waste Treatment Equipments, Micro Mill, Micro to me.

G.M.Anachemi Services
Analytical Instruments, Analysers, Analytical Sensors, Gas Alarms, Gas Analysers, Gas Cell, Gas Detection Systems, Gas Dew Point Meter

Aaryan Engineering Pvt.Ltd.
Process Equipments, Bag Filtration Skid, Basket Filters, Boiler Chimney Erection, Broaching Machines, Ceramic Liners, Chain Conveyors, Chilling Plants, Classifiers, Cnc Machines, Container Mixer, Cooling Belt Conveyor, Cooling Rollers, Crusher Conveyor, Crushers, Cuno Cartridge Filter, Dairy Projects, Double Cone Blenders, Double Cone Mixer, Extruder Dies, Grinding Machine, Hard Chrome Plating Machines, Heavy Engineering Tanks, Heavy Engineering Vessels, High Speed Dispersers, Horizontal Blenders, Hvac Project, Inert Gas Cleaning Tubes, Jacketed Storage Tank, Laboratory Equipments, Laboratory Sand Mills, Laboratory Stirrers, Liquid Paint Spares, Mild Steel Storage Vessels, Mixers With Tank, Mixing Conveyors, Mobile Conveyor, Mobile Hoppers, Mobile Vortex, Powder Coating Spares, Refrigerated Tanks, Rotor Plate, Rubber Bellows, Sand Mill Agitator Discs, Saw Tooth Agitator Cawl, Scissor Lifts, Screw Elements, Screw Shafts, Side Feeder Screw, Skid Conveyors Systems, Skid Filtration Systems, Small Laboratory Equipments, Small Lift, Sparking Machines, Special Purpose Machines, Ss Dip Rodsand Mill Discs, Stainless Steel Storage Vessels, Storage Vessels, Storage Vessels For Formulation Systems, Structural Fabrication, Thread Mill, Tungsten Carbide Coating Machines, Turnkey Conveying Systems, Turnkey Engineering Projects, Turnkey Projects, Turnkey Projects In Hvac, Ultrasonic Cleaning Tubes, Utility Pipelines, Utility Piping, Vibratory Sieving Machines, Vibratory Sleving Machine, Wedge Wire Mesh Screens

S.R.Lab Instruments
Mfg.Of Scientific, Laboratory Testing Equipments & Instruments, Cold Chamber Temp.-40 C/-80 C (Frost Free), Thermal Shock Chamber Temp. + 200 C To -40 C/-80 C, Ultra Low Temp. Freezer Temp. -40 C/-80 C, (Vertical), Low Temp. Freezer Temp. -20 C/-35 C (Hor

Emtek Motors & Lab Equipments
Mfg. Of AC Motors, DC Motors, AC Geared Motors, Electric Motors, Laboratory Equipments, Conveyor Motors, Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Stirrers, Magnetic Stirrers, Dental Equipments, AC Single Phase & 3 Phase Electric Motors, Blower Motors, Special Purpose Motors

Shivani Lab Equipments
Laboratory Equipments, Aging Test Ovens, Autoclaves, Constant Temperature Bath, Deep Freezers, Dehumidifiers, Environmental Test Chambers, Furnaces, High Temperature Ovens, Humidity Chambers, Incubators, Laboratory Oven, Laminar Flow Bench, Orbital Shakers, Plant Growth Chambers, Refractory, Tray Dryers, Vacuum Ovens, Walk In Stability Test Chambers

Sai Lab Equipments
Laboratory Instruments, Laboratory Testing Equipment, laboratory Oil Bath.

Om Metals & Engineers
Dairy Plants & Equipments, Skid Mounted Pasteurisation, Road Milk Tanker, Milk Storage Tank, Sight Glass Accessories, Valves, Chilling Plants, Pipe & Pipe Fittings, Heavy Duty Machining, Man Hole Assemblies, Can Roller Conveyors, Mini Dairy Plants, Ghee Plants, Khava Plants, Paneer Plants, Shrikhand Plants, Curd Plants, Weight Bowls, Dump Tanks, Milk Chillers, Milk Silos, Butter Trolley, Cheese Vat, Butter Churner, Milk Pump, Road Milk Tankers, Powder Blender, Homogenizer

Maksur Analytical Systems
Leading Instrumentation Marketing Company, Specialised For Analytical Systems, Corrosion Monitoring Systems & Paleo-Magnetic study Equipments, Also For Recognised Brands Cortest, Rohrback Cosasco, Zahner, uniscan, C.M.Beasy, Molspin, Agico, Specialised For Corrosion Monitoring Services, Retrieval Of Corrosion Probes, Retrieval Or Corrosion Coupons, Retrieval Of Injection Systems, Corrosion Data Evaluation and reporting, Maintenance Services, Annual Maintenance Contracts Of CMS, Hot Tapping Services

Technolab Associates
Manufacturer, Supplier Of Educational Equipments, Laboratory Equipments, Scientific Equipments, Dynamometers, Heat Transfer System

Matrix Technochem
We provide High Quality Laboratory Instruments & Essentials to various market verticals mainly Petroleum, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Polymer Industry.

Technosolve Analyticals Llp
Distributor for promoting various renowned agencies in the field of Analytical Instrumentation. Lab Instruments, HPTLC Documentation System - Mini Luminous, Uv Cabinet- Crystal -3, Applicator Semi Automatic-Sprayline, Manual Applicator, Scanner, Development Chamber, Plate Condensing Box, SPE, Colony Counters, Sample Concentrator, Electrochemistry, Lab Essential, Ultra-Durable Nitrile Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Flock-Lined Nitrile Chemical-Resisiant Gloves Fluid Handling, Lab Products, Test & Measurement, Repair & Servicing Of Analytical Instruments, HPLC/GC/UV Gas Generator, Rotary Evaporator, Gas Generator, Nitrogen Evaporator, Positive pressure manifold, Gas tubing, TLC/HPTLC image documentation system, Circulation chiller, Vacuum pump, TLC/HPTLC applicator, TLC/HPTLC development chamber, Magnetic stirrer, Impurities, Hydrogen Generator, Nitrogen Generator, Zero Air Generator, Air Compressor.

Labtek Instruments
Laboratory Instruments, Binocular Microscope, Analytrical Instruments, Validation Services, Clean room Equipment, Scientific Equipment & Instruments,Clinical Lab Equipments.

Samarth Ultrasonic
Mfg. Of All Type Of Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment, Specialized for Table Top Sonicator With Inbuilt Chiller.

Samarth Enterprises
(ISO 9001 - 2008 Certified) Leading Mfgr. Of Ultrasonic Cleaners, Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipments, Cleaning Sysems, Specialised In Ultrasonic Cleaners, Ultrasonic Sonicator, Accessories, SMPS Power Sources And Digital Timers. (All Over India And Export Also Dealer Network)

Lab Instruments Servicing Co.
Mfgrs.Of, Laboratory Testing Equipments & Imported Instruments, Laboratory Instruments, Laboratory Equipments, Scientific Instruments, Ovens, Deep Freezers, Stability Chamber, Laminar Flow Bench.

Laboratory Testing Equipmetns Co.
Mfgrs.Of, Laboratory Testing Equipments & Imported Instruments, Laboratory Instruments, Laboratory Equipments, Scientific Instruments, Ovens, Deep Freezers, Stability Chamber, Laminar Flow Bench.

J.P.Techno Instruments
Educational Equipments, Advance Pneumatic Trainer, Computerised Engine Test Ring, Control Engineering Lab, Dynamics Kinematics Of Machines Lab, Educational Equipments For Engineering Colleges, Educational Kits, Educational Training Equipments, Electro Hydraulic Trainer Kit, Electro Pneumatic Trainer Kit, Experimental Stress Analysis Lab, Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Heat Transfer Lab, Instrumentation / Measurement Lab, Lab Equipments For Engineering Schools, Material Handling Equipments, Pc Based Hydraulic Trainer Kit, Plc Based Hydraulic Trainer Kit, Plc Based Pneumatic Trainer Kit, Refrigeration & A.c.lab, Stress Analysis Lab, Teaching Aids For Schools, Technical Training Equipments, Material Testing Laboratories, Educational Training Institute, Hydraulic Laboratory

Microtech Engineering
Educational Equipments, Engineering Equipments, Scientific Equipments, Laboratory Equipments, Lab Equipments, Measurement Lab, Hydraulic Laboratory, Control Lab, Heat Transfer Lab, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Teaching Equipments, Control Laboratory Equipments, Francis Turbine

Athena Technology
Manufacturer & Supplier of Laboratory & Scientific Instruments for Nitrogen Gas Generator, Turbo Evaporator, Dry Evaporator Automated Drying, Oil Free Vacuum Pump, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Ultrasonic Bath (Sonicator), Hydraulic Press for IR-FTIR, KBr Die Set, Gas Chronograph, Ultrasonic Bath with Chiller, Probe Sonicator, Ultrasonic Processor, GC/HPLC/ Analytical Accessories / Consumables, HPLC Pumps & Accessories, Laboratory Products, Lab Autoclave, Fully Automatic Autoclave, E2, F1, F2, Weight Box, Ph Meter, Medico Centrifuge, Turbidity Meter, Ph & TDS Meter, Conductivity Meter, Digital Colony Counter,Photo Colorimeter, Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate.

Synergy Global Engineering Pvt.Ltd.
Dairy Plant Machinery, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Storage Tanks, Bulk Material Handling Equipments, Screw Conveyor, Roller Conveyor, Milk Process Plant , Milk Deodorizer , Milk Evaporator And Spray Dryer, Spent Wash , Liquid Glucose , Tomato , Amla , Mango Evaporator, Project Management And Technical Consultancy, Technical Audit, Process Plant Commissioning Support And Trouble Shooting, Plant Capacity Expansion, Site Piping , Fabrication , Maintenance Work

Classic Scientific
Mfg.Of Laboratory, Scientific, Surgical, Industrial Heating & Cooling Equipments & Instruments, Tray Dryers, Laboratory Ovens, Incubators, Muffle Furnaces, Vacuum Ovens, B.O.D.Incubators, Environmental Test Chamber, Dehumidifier, Silica Gel Dehumidifier,

Nvk Solutions
Pharmaceutical Equipments, Food Equipments, Laboratory & Hospital Equipments Such As Sterilizers, Steam Sterilizers, Dry Heat Sterilizers, Auto Claves, Distillation Units, Distillation Water Units, Pure Steam Generators, Superheated Water Shower Sterilize

Maharashtra Lab Equipments
Manufacturers & Exporters of Plant Growth Chamber, Walk-In Stability Chamber, Humidity Chamber, Environment Chamber, Rain Spray Chamber, Photo Stability Chamber, Cooling Incubator, BOD Incubator, Cooling Cabinet (2 C to 8 C ), Incubator, Laboratory Ovens,

Sai Refrigeration
Industrial Equipments.

Hexatec Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer & Exporters Of Laboratory Instruments Viz. Vertical Autoclave (Fully Automatic), Laminar Air flow Stability Chambers, Hot Air Oven, B.O.D. Incubator, Bacteriological Incubator, Muffle Furnace, Vacuum Oven, Deep Freezer, Tray Dryer, Rotary Sha

S.A.Electricals & Co.
Laboratory Equipments, Electrical Heating Equipments, Micro Analysis Furnaces, Low & High Temp. Furnaces, Heating Mantels, Humidity Incubators, BOD Incubators, Dental Furnaces

Supertech Engineering
Educational Equipments, Engineering Equipments, Scientific Equipments, Laboratory Equipments, Lab Equipments, Measurement Lab, Hydraulic Laboratory, Control Lab, Heat Transfer Lab, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Teaching Equipments, Control Laboratory

Scan Diagnostics
Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes, Microtainers, Syringe Needle, Holder, Leur Adapter, Three Way Connector, Tourniquer, Consumable, Graduated Centrifuge Tubes, Micro Centrifuge Tubes, RIA Vials, Urine Container, Graduated Centrifuge Tubes, Microbiology Produc

Pramukh Enterprises
Mfg. Of S.S.Cleanroom & Pharmaceutical Furniture, Hotel, Laboratory & Chemical Equipements & Other S.S., M.S. Fabrication Works

Lab Equipment Co.
Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Equipments,Scientific Instruments.

Lab Manufacturing Co.
Scientific Instruments.

Deep Instruments
Laboratory Equipment, Blood Bank Equipment, Blood Collection Monitor, Blood Bag Tube Sealer, Plasma Freezer, Platelet Agitator, Blood Bank Refrigerator, Incubator Shaker, Rotary Shaker, Plasma Extractor, Automatic Donor Coach, Twin Scale, Stripper

S.S.Systems & Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
Control Panels & Sensors, Burner Control Systems, Control Panels & Accessories, Leveling Control Kit, Sensors, Soil Testing Instruments, Temperature Control Instruments, Temperature Control Panels, Temperature Control Systems, Testing Equipment, Testing E

Sonel Instruments India Pvt.Ltd.
High Voltage Insulation Tester. Power Quality Analyser & Solutions, Thermal Imager, Earth Resistance Measurement, Wire Tracer & Cable Fault Location , Multi-Function Testers, RCD Tester, UV Camera, Low Resistance Measurement, Portable Appliance Tester, Leakage Current Alarm Signal, Laboratory Equipment's, Light Measurement, Multi-Meter, Clamp Meter, Infrared Thermometer, Cable Fault, Thermal Audit, Power Quality Audit.

Professional Scientific Instruments Company
Mfg OF Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Equipment, Educational, Surgical and Industrial Products.

Modern Metallurgical And Scientific Services
Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Testing Equipment. We supply and Service Laboratory Equipment

Micro Flow Devices India Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer and Exporter of Laboratory Instruments, Clean Room, Air Conditioning and Electronics industry Equipment.

Lab Science Products
Supplying a wide array of Laboratory Products. Our Products include Analytical Instruments, Muffle Furnaces, BOD Incubators, Drying Ovens and Water Baths.

Solomon International
Exporter of Various Products like Laboratory Instruments, Scientific Instruments, Scientific Laboratory Instruments.

Laboratory And Scientific Products.

Aero Incorp
Glovebox Accessories , Laboratory Machines , Lithium Battery ,Danvec Glovebox .

Biomed Hitech Inds.Ltd.
We are Provides Laboratory Equipment, Scientific Instruments, Drug and Pharmaceutical Products.

Toshniwal Systems And Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of High Performance Laboratory Instruments & Laboratory Equipment.

Asb Enterprises
Filtration Solution, Laboratory Equipment, Research Chemicals.

Arsh International
Manufacturer of Laboratory Equipment.

B.M. Electronics
Sales & Service of Electrical & Electronic Test & Measuring Instruments Deals in All Types of Physical & Laboratory Equipment.

Genist International
Laboratory And Scientific Equipment

Veego Instruments Corporation
Testing & Measuring Equipment, Laboratory Glassware & Equipment, Leak Testing Equipment.

Amar Chand And Company
Manufacturer Of Sophisticated Wooden And Metallic Laboratory Equipment.

Aark International
Manufacture And Supplying Of Specialty Scientific Glassware, Plasticware, Laboratory And Scientific Equipments.

Adarsh Scientific Industries
Scientific Instruments and Laboratory Equipments.

Haryana Scientific Sheet Metal Works
Scientific And Laboratory Goods.

Manufacturers & Exporters of Laboratory Scientific Equipments, Laboratory Instuments & Supplies, Laboratory Scientific Instruments, Engineering Lab Equipments, Medical & Hospital Equipment & Supplies, Educational Scientific Equipments, Science Education Kits & Experiments setup Supplier. Preferred Supplier for Educational Scientific Equipments for Schools, Colleges, University & Research Labs.

Kalgidhar Scientific Works
Laboratory Equipment For School, Universities And Research Purpose.

Manufacturer, Exporter, Dealer And Supplier Of Scientific Laboratory Equipment And Instruments.

Naugra Export
Manufacturers and Laboratory Scientific Equipments Suppliers, Educational Scientific Labs Equipments for School, Biology Lab Equipments and Chemistry Lab Instruments for Schools.

Scientific Glass Creations
Manufacturer, Suppliers And Exporter Of Laboratory Glassware And Equipmets.

Shiv Dial Sud And Sons
Manufacturer Of Educational Equipments And Laboratory Supplies.

Lab Equipment.

Ambica Sons
Scientific & Laboratory Eqpt.- Suppliers & Mfrs.

Ankita Enterprises
Laboratory & Analytical Labs / Equipment.

Sachdev Scientific Equipments Pvt.Ltd.
Suppliers Of Bottles, Laboratory Glassware & Equipment.

Askib Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Testing & Measuring Equipment, Measuring Tools & Equipment, Laboratory Glassware & Equipment.

Rainbow Scientific Glass Industries
Manufacturing, Exporting and Supplying Laboratory Equipment.

Naath Enterprise
Industrial Chemicals, Laboratory Essentials.

Advance Scientific Equipment Pvt. Ltd.
Industrial Electronics,Laboratory Equipment & Lab Testing Equipment .

Xitij Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Laboratory Instruments and Equipment.

Sita Ram And Sons
Scientific Educational Instruments - Physics Instruments, Chemistry Lab Equipment's , Laboratory Equipment , Laboratory Clamps , Stereo And Other Lab Microscopes , Optical Benches, Magnets, Plastic Ware , Laboratory Glassware , Applied Mechanical Instruments.

Central Scientific Company
Supplying & Trading Of Scientific Microscopes, Laboratory Equipment, Burette Etc.

Adair Dutt And Company India Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturers Of Laboratory Equipment & Analytical Instrumentation, Machine Tools.

Apple Laboratories
Ampicillin Trihydrate Laboratory Glassware & Equipment.

Asha Analytical Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Precision Engineered Laboratory Instruments, Analytical Testing Instruments, Metallurgical Lab Equipment & Testing/Measuring Instruments.

Chromline Equipment (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Scientific & Laboratory Equipment i.e. Chromatography, Spectroscopy.

Demi Lune Laboratory
Laboratory & Analytical Labs / Equipment.

Deshpande Laboratories
Laboratory & Analytical Labs / Equipment.

Diagno Pharma Solutions
Pharmaceuticals, Laboratory Instruments & Equipments.

Alliance Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Laboratory Equipment & Lab Testing Equipment

Mechstuff Enterprises
Industrial And Laboratory Equipment Dealer.

Jainam Lab Solutions
We Providing Laboratory Equipment, Incubators. Bacteriological Incubator.

G.K.B. Ophthalmics Ltd.
Laboratory and Scientific Equipments.

Gurukirpa Tehnologies
Laboratory Equipment, Surgical Equipment and Hospital Equipment.

C. Abhaykumar And Co.
Laboratory Products, Measuring & Weighing Scales, Incubators, Vaccum Pump, Autoclave.

C. S. Shah And Co.
Laboratory Equipments

Hi Care Lab Solution
Scientific/Medical/Laboratory Instrument /Equipment Supplier And Services Provider.

Docman Laboratories
Laboratory Equipment.

Enviro-Abrasion Resistant Engineers Pvt.Ltd.
Dairy Industry Machinery and Equipment, Laboratory Equipment.

Fresenius Kabi India Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Infusion, Parenteral, Immune Modulation Enteral, Oral Amino Keto Acids Ketosteril, Medical Equipments.

Instrucare & Solutions
Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Equipments And Analytical Devices, Bacteriological Incubators, Bath Sonicators, Bod Incubators, High Temperature Oil Bath, Incubators, Lab Equipments, Ph Meters, Laboratory Autoclaves, Heating Mantles, Stainless Steel Hot Plates, Digital Polarimeters, Abbe Refractometers (Manual).

Aiipl Tech Pvt.Ltd.
Calorimeters, Consolidation Test Apparatus, Educational Laboratory Equipments, Los Angeles Abrasion Testing Machines, Material Testing Machines, Rock Crusher.

Surana Scientifics
Laboratory Equipment, Scientific Apparatus, Test & Measuring Instruments, Industrial Dryers & Furnaces.

The Scientific Suppliers
Scientific & Laboratory, Testing & Measuring, Educational & Research Equipment.

Scientific Lab Instruments, Educational Scientific Instruments, Testing Lab Equipment ,Labs Glassware Scientific instruments, laboratory equipments, scientific instrument exporters scientific instrument manufacturers , scientific instrument suppliers ,

Techno Version Enterprises
Wholesaler and Supplier of Different Laboratory Instruments, Digital Ammeters, Temperature Controllers, Digital Watt Meters, Digital Voltmeters, PID Controllers, Panel Meters, Electronic Timers.

Deccan Enterprises
Manufactures of Door Interlocking System, Pharmaceutical Laboratory Equipment and Instrument, PCB Repair Services, Rf wireless Long Range Industrial Remote Control, Pharmaceutical Process Control and Automation.

Aaqura Laboratories
Laboratory Equipment.

Batty & Co.Pvt.Ltd.
Chlorinators, Mixers and Agitators, Metering and Measuring Instruments, Laboratory Equipment.

P. Bhogilal Inc.
We Deal in various products like Hospital Furniture, Medical Equipment, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Equipment, Pathology and Laboratory Equipment etc.

S.D. Instruments & Equipments
Laboratory Instruments & Equipments.

Thermocon (India)
Manufacturers and Exporters of Superior Quality Scientific Equipment. Laboratory Testing Instrument.

Swastika Electric & Scientific Works
Manufacturers & Exporters of a Wide Spectrum of Scientific Equipment like Laboratory Equipment, Lab Testing Equipment, Hot Plate Manufacture, Centrifuge Machine.

Ashazon Corporation Company
Wholesaler & Distributors Of Laboratory Chemicals, Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Consumables & Spares, Laboratory Instruments, Cleaning & Disinfectants, PPE's Such As Disposable Shoe Covers, Buffoant Caps, Hand Gloves Latex As Well As Nitrile, Face Mask, Disposable Aprons, Cable Ties, Filter Papers, Aluminium Foil, House Keeping Items And Many More.

Ajit Testing Laboratory
Laboratory & Analytical Labs / Equipment.

Sudarshan Acids & Chemicals
Chemical Mfrs. & Suppliers, Laboratory & Analytical Labs.

Aadarsh Technologies
Manufacturer, Trader & Supplier of complete Textile Lab Equipment & Paint/Pigment Testing Lab Equipment, Weather Testing Equipments.

Carewell Instruments
Manufacturer Various Types of Laboratory Instruments and Equipments.

Designo Lab Solutions
Manufacturing and Supplying a Variety of Products Comprising Fume Scrubbers, Fume Hood, Storage Cabinets, Laboratory Equipment, Lab Furniture etc.

Diamond Scientific Industries
Laboratory Instrument Dealers.

Glasfab Scientifics
Lab Glasswares, Process Glasswares, Lab Finishing, Lab Equipments, Process Equipments, Shell & Tube Heat Exchanges.

Gurukirpa Technologies
Laboratory Equipment, Surgical Equipment, Hospital Equipment.

Harrisons Pharma Machinery Pvt.Ltd.
Laboratory Equipments, Tablets, Capsules, Ointment.

Ideal Equipments
Industrial Oven, Laboratory Glassware & Equipment, Industrial Ovens, Autoclaves & Sterilizers.

Jainsons (India) Regd.
Educational Science Equipments, Laboratory Instruments & Equipments, Laboratory Glassware, Surgical, Medical and Veterinary Instruments

Kayvee Laboratories
Laboratories Product.

Kfw Scientific Industries
Boilogy, Dental Instruments & Equipment, Hot Air Ovens, Insustrial Ovens, Kitchen Equipments, Laboratory Glassware & Equipment, Medical, Diagnostic & Hospital Supplies, Microscope, Model Designers, Ophthalmic Instruments, Optical Goods & Sunglasses, Pharm

Labotech Solutions
Laboratory Equipment, Autoclaves, Muffle Furnace, Water Bath, Lab Incubators, Vaccum Oven.

Riya Enterprise
Acrylic Teeth Set and Lab Rotary Instruments, Acrylic Teeth Set, Dental Laboratory Equipments, Lab Consumables.

Shree Akshar Enterprise
Laboratory Equipment, Weighing Machine, Scientific Instrument, Laboratory Chemical, Measuring Instrument, Stirrer, Mitutoyo TDS Meter, Weighing Scale, TDS Meters, Measuring Instruments (Misc.), Measuring Instruments Online, Weighing Systems, Weighing Mach

Shree Chemicals
Distributor for Laboratory Chemicals, Glassware and Instruments

Apollo Hospitals Enterprises Ltd.
Equipment and Instruments for Medical Laboratories.

Asian Surgicals Corp.
Equipment and Instruments for Medical Laboratories.

Biomerieux India Pvt.Ltd.
Equipment and Instruments for Medical Laboratories.

Smc Instruments
Instrumentation & Automation Products and Laboratory Equipment, Lab Furnace, Lab Oven, Rotameter

Scientific Glassware and Laboratory Equipment.

A One Engineering
Manufacturer and Supplier of Laboratory And Scientific Instruments. Lab Furniture, Laboratory Cabinets, Laboratory Silicon Product And Gaskets, Laboratory Cleaning System Equipment And Accessories, Lab Vacuum Filter Holder, Laboratory Process Control Inst

Q-Dent Products
Manufacturer of Dental Equipment. Dental Care Equipments, Clinical Accessories, Dental Laboratory Equipments.

Abrol Industries
Laboratory Furnaces, Laboratory Electrolyser, Ash Content Tester, Laboratory Fuming Hood, Laboratory Equipments.

Novo Dental Products Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer of Clinical Equipments, Laboratory Equipments & Teaching Aids.

Sanyo Technology India
Manufacturer of Clean Room Product, Process Instruments & Lab Equipment Solution, Autoclave Controllers, Digital Data Loggers, Industrial Automation Systems.

Kunash Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer and Trader of Laboratory Equipments & Instruments, Surface Area Analyzers.

Espee Enterprises
Manufacturer of Consultancy Services, Plants & Machinery & Laboratory Equipments, Flow Meters, DM Water Plant, Lube Blending Plant.

Om Technical Solutions
Laboratory Equipments, NEO Monitors Laser Gas Kit, Digital Multimeter, Energy Meter, Measurement Solutions, Load Bank, Clamp Meters.

Swastik Scientific Company
Laboratory Analytical Instrument such as Laboratory Equipment, Scientific Laboratory Equipment, Lab Tubes, Hygrometers, Lab Refractro Meter.

Mugatlal & Brothers
Mfg. of Laboratory Equipments, Steel Cutlery, LPG Stove, Gas Valve, Gas Furnace.

Prolific Instruments
Weigh Bridge. Platform Scale, Bench Scale, Crane Scale, Laboratory Balance, Laboratory Equipment.

Sfc Equipments
Sugar Machinery, Spares, Laboratory Equipments & Chemicals, Sugar Industry Instruments, Sugar Cane Crushers, Sugar Mill Accessories, Sugar Mill Equipments.

Star Trace Pvt. Ltd.
Magnet Separators, Suspension Magnets, Lifting Magnets, Vibrating Screens, Industrial Dryers, Industrial Crushers, Industrial Conveyors, Laboratory Equipments.

Xtreme Engineering Equipment Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Engineering Equipments, Lab Equipment For Engineering School, Laboratory Equipments

Hindustan Apparatus Mfg.Co.
Mfg. Of Industrial Glasswares, Laboratory Glassware & Electrical Instruments, Oil & Petroleum Testing Instruments, Scientific Laboratory Instruments

Abdos Labtech Pvt.Ltd.
Analytical Equipment, Instruments, Laboratory Products and Equipment.

Laboratory Products and Equipments.

Malvern Aimil Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Analytical Equipments, Clean Room Equipments, Instruments, Laboratory Products and Equipments, Testing and Measurement.

Medispec (I) Ltd.
Biotechnology, Diagnostics, Analytical Equipments, Automation and Robotics, Batching Systems / Equipments, Clean Room Equipment, Instruments, Laboratory Products and Equipment, Testing and Measurement.

Merck Millipore
Laboratory Products and Equipments.

Osworld Scientific Equipments Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of a Wide Range of Medical & Laboratory Equipment. Laboratory Freezer, Laboratory Oven, Stability Chambers, Laboratory Furnace, Laboratory Autoclaves, Medical Incubators.

S S Pharma Equipments
Laboratory Equipment, Pharmaceutical Machinery and Associated Accessories.

S.V Scientific
Analytical Equipment, Filtration, Separation, Purification Instruments. Laboratory Products and Equipments, Testing and Measurement, chromatography Consumables.

Sai Scientific Industries
Manufacturer of Laboratory Apparatus.

Satyam Noble Metal Pvt.Ltd.
Supplier, Manufacturer of Labware & Enginnering Products, Homogeneous Catalyst & Precursors, Heterogeneous Catalyst.

Scientific Research Instruments Company Private Limited
Importer of Laboratory & Lab Equipment, Deep Freezer, Laboratory Equipments, Magnetic Stirrer & Measurement Instruments

Servwell Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Medical & Laboratory Equipment and Instruments.

Shah Brothers
Biotechnology, Analytical Equipment, Clean Room Equipment, Filling Equipment, Filtration, Separation, Purification, Health and Safety Products, Instruments, Laboratory Products and Equipment.

Skytech Systems (India) Pvt.Ltd.
We are Leading Analytical Instrument. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Biocatalysts, Biotechnology, Chemical Synthesis, Analysis Equipment, Instruments, Laboratory Products and Equipment.

Thermolab Scientific Equipments Pvt.Ltd.
Laboratory Products and Equipments, Machinery, Validation.

Vijay Exim Company
Civil Engineering Equipments,Laboratory Equipments,Surgical Equipments.

Aimil Ltd.
Civil Engineering material Test Equipment. Healthcare and Medical Instrumentation equipment, Civil Engineering Material Testing, Analytical Laboratory Quality Control equipment, Data Acquisition systems.

Anchrom Enterprises (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Analytical Laboratory Equipment Suppliers.

Globe Trek Engineering Corporation
Manufacturing, Supplying, Exporting And Trading Of Scientific Equipments And Engineering Laboratory Equipments. Material Testing Equipment, Concrete Testing Equipment, Cement Testing Equipments, Soil Testing Equipments, Survey Instrument, Mining Laborator

Khera Instruments Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer, Suppliers Of Scientific Laboratory Equipments, Oil & Petroleum testing instruments, Heating & Cooling Cabinet, Concrete Testing Instruments, Pharmaceutical Equipments.

Krishna & Co
Manufacturer Of Jewellery Machinery & Tools, Plastic Processing Machinery, Scientific & Laboratory Equipments, Metal Body Making.all Purpose & Types Boxes.

Kwality Traders
Laboratory Testing Equipment, Laboratory Testing Service, Metrological Testing Instrument, Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Instrument, Pressure Calibration Testing Service.

Melet Schloesing Laboratoires India
Manufacturers/ Suppliers Of In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents Used In Hematology Blood Cell Counters For Hospitals, Medical Institutions Etc.

Qualifine Chemicals
Manufacturer And Supplier Of Diverse Range Of Glassware Equipments, Laboratory Equipments And Survey Equipments.

Sun Scientific Company
We Are One Of The Leading Dealers, Suppliers Of All Kind Of School Lab Equipments. Filtern Paper, Ph Test Paper & Indicator Solution, Filter Pads, Educational, Laboratory.

Xinyan Technology Ltd.
ITO Glass Lab ITO Glass FTO Glass Pattern FTO Glass ITO Pet Film

Aditi Associate
ManufacturerOf Laboratory Chemicals, Dehumidifiers, Weighing Scales, Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems, Furnaces, Conductivity Meters, Laboratory Testing Equipments, Laboratory Instruments, Temperature Controllers, Vacuum Ovens, Volt Meters, Ovens Industrial, P

Subhadra Scientific & Surgical Co.
Laboratory Equipments, Scientific Equipments, Electrical Heating Equipments, Instruments & Apparatus, Micro Analysis Furnaces, Effective Zone Constant Temperature System, Low & High Temperature Furnaces, Industrial Dryers, Ovens, Heating Mantles, Gold, Zi

Technical And Scientific Sales
Laboratory Testing Equipments, Soil Testing Equipments, Technical & Scientific Equipments, Scientific & Laboratory Equipments

Universal Controls
PLC & SCADA Based Control System, Design, Detailed Engineering & System Integration, PLC System Validation For Pharmaceutical Companies, Process Automation, Automation Of New As Well As Existing Machines, Sequence & Batch Control, Product Transfer & Inven

Galaxy Scientific Equipments
Manufacturers, Suppliers & Exporters Of Overhead Lab Stirrers, Hot Air Oven, Vacuum Oven, Muffle Furnace, K.F. App., Melting / Boiling Point App., UV Cabinet, Shakers, Oil Bath / Water Bath, Constant Temp. Bath, Environmental Chamber, pH Meter, Conductivi

Madhu Fabrication
Analytical & Measuring Instruments - Sales & Services, Laboratory & Medical Equipments - Sales & Services, Water Tank Cleaning / Tank Cleaning, Refrigeration & Air conditioner - Sale & Service, Pest Control, Engineering Drafting Services On CAD, Glass ass

Omkar Enterprises
Trader Of Chemicals, Solvents, Lab Equipments, Hospital Equipments

Bhalchandra Traders
Dealers In All Type Of Industrial Hardware, Tools, M.S., S.S. & High Tensile Nut Bolts, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Valves, Fittings & Cylinders, G.I., M.S. & S.S.Pipes & Fittings, Metals, Electrical Products & Power Tools, Adhesive, Laboratory Chemicals, Stati

Phoenix Marketing Services
Deals in : All Kinds of Laboratory Equipments, Chemicals & Glassware, Distributor for Medox Biotech ( I ) Pvt.Ltd., Biotech Teaching Kits

Myko Electronics Pvt.Ltd.
Temperature Indicator, Infrared Temp. Indicator, Temp. Controller, Data Scanner, Logger, Temp. Transmitter, Temp. Sensor, Profile Controller, Humidity Controller, Indicators, PID, Timer, Counter, Pressure Guage / Regulator / Transmitter Switch, IP Convert

3M Trade Co.Ltd.
Medical Equipment, Medical Disposable Dental Equip., Lab Equipments

Aatous International & Exports
Manufacturer, Exporter & Supplier Of Laboratory Equipments, Soil Testing Equipments, Bitumen Or Asphalt Testing Equipments, Cement Testing Equipments, Aggregate Testing Equipments, Concrete Testing Equipments, Material Testing Equipments

Accura Diagnostics Inc.
Diagnostic Products Of Biochemistry Reagents, Rapid Test, Immunology & Serology, Coagulation Rang.

Affinity Industries
Manufacturer And Exporters Of Diagnostic Equipment, Hospital Furniture, Lab Testing Equipments, Laboratory Chemicals, Laboratory Equipments, Laboratory Glassware

Agd Biomedicals (P) Ltd.
Bio Medical Laboratory Equipments, Diagnostics Reagents, Clinical Chemistry, Analysers, Hematology Analyser, Hemoglobin Meter, Electrolyte Analyser

Ahuja Scientific Works
Laboratory Equipment, Physics, Chemistry And Biology

Allied Business
Dealing In The Consultancy And Supply Of Laboratory Equipments And Chemicals

Ambala Laboscience
Manufacturer Of Scientific And Laboratory, Pharmacy & Medical Instruments And Equipments

Angels Instruments
Laboratory / Paper / Pulp . Textile Testing Equipments

Apex Chemie
Laboratory Chemicals And Related All Equipments.

Apna Scientific
Suppliers Of Laboratory Solution, Lab Equipment, Precision Instruments & Lab Furniture.

Arlab Needs
Suppliers Of Laboratory Equipments, Glasswares & Chemicals

Asian Scientific Works
Manufacturer And Suppliers Of Solvents Plants And Oil Refinery Laboratory Equipment

B.L.Scientific Instruments Co.
Microscopes, Educational, Medical & Laboratory Equipment

Beam Engineers
Heating Equiment, Laboratory, Food Calorimeters, Triple Beam Balance, Unbreakable Anatomy & Biology Models, Pharmacy, Laboratory Glassware And Chemicals.

Carisma International
Leading Manufacturer & Exporter & Supplier Of Scientific & Laboratory Equipment

Chanakya Enterprise
Educational Equipments, Educational Training Equipments, Industrial Automation Systems, Laboratory Equipments, Teaching Aids for School

Manufacturer Of Suppliers Of All Branded Laboratory Equipments.

Cintex Industrial Corporation
Manufacturer Of Laboratory Equipments Heating Mantle, Tray Driers, Vacuum Oven, Humidity Ovens, BOD Incubators, Viscometric Bath, Muffle Furnace

City Chemicals & Instruments
Deals In Chemicals, Surgical, Pathological Kits And Instruments, Glass Wares, Apparatus and Equipments

Classic Instruments
Manufacturer And Importers Of Anaytical Laboratory Equipments And Scientific Instruments

Cosmos International Ltd
Agriculture: Rice Combine Harvesters, Rice Threshers, Rice Hullers & Rice Polishers, Zero Till Planters, Seed Cum Fertilzer Drills, Irrigation Equipments- Centrifugal And Submersible Pumps, Water tankers, Trailer And Tractors, Plant & Machinery: Juice Pro

Laboratory Equipments, Chemical Glassware, Lab Furniture

Dbk Instruments
Dealers For Pump-Dispenser, Stirrers, Shakers, Pharmaceutical Instruments, Analytical Instruments, Laboratory Instruments

Deepali United Mfg.Pvt.Ltd.
Mfr Of Laboratory Equipments, Lab Basket Centrifuges, Magnetic Stirrers, Overhead Stirrers And Temparature Controllers Etc

Digital Systems & Automation
Digital Temperature Indicators, Controller Data Logger, Circular Chart Records, Temperature Scanner, Flameproof Indicators, Controller Heaters, Laboratory Equipment, V Meter, AMP Meter Timer, Universal Counter, PLC Based Control Panel

Doshi Trading Co.
Importers, Exporters & Dealers Scientific, Surgical And Laboratory Equipments

Edutek Instrumentations
Mfr And Exporter Of Quality Laboratory Equipment And Scientific Instruments

Elrich Transweigh India Pvt.Ltd.
Batch Mixers, Continuous Mixers, Vacuum Mixers, Mixing Reactors, Laboratory Mixers, Cooling Mixers, Driers, Granulating And Pelletizing Mixers, Agitated Media Mills, Scales, Feeders, Table Feeders.

Esteem Industries Inc
Manufacturer Of Laboratory Equipment, Medical Equipment & Pharma Machinery

Export Import Consortium
We Manufacture and Offer World Class Glass Hydrometers, Mass Produced as Also Laboratory Glassware, Scientific Laboratory Instruments, Equipments, Apparatus, Microscopes.

Express Tubes & Valves
Pipes Of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Seamless Pipes, Galvanised Black Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Valves, Pressure Gauges, Laboratory Tap, Water Meter, Tools, Hardware, Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metal.

Global Trade
Agricultural Machineries, Medical & Laboratory Equipments, Hardware Machineries, Industrial Machineries

Hamdard (Wakf) Laboratories
Manufacturer Of Pharmaceutical Organization, Unani & Ayurvedic Products, Unani Medicines.

Hawksley & Sons Ltd
Manufacturer Of Medical And Laboratory Equipment

Indian Surgical Industries
Sterilization Equipment, Hospital Utensils, Suction Units, O.T. Equipments, Hospital Furniture, Laboratory Equipment, Resuscitation Kit, Baby Care Aids, Baby Care Products

Indiansurgical Pvt. Ltd.
Hospital Utensils Manufacturer Suction Uint, Laboratory Equipments, OT Equipments, Baby Care Aids.

Infitech Solutions
We Provide Technical Solutions For Setting Up A Laboratory In Which Fuels Made From Plastics, Tyres, Oils, Biodiesel

Jai Bio Chem
Supplier Of Fine Chemicals And Laboratory Equipments

Jainsons India Regd.
Mfr And Exporter Of Educational Science Equipment,Binocular Microscope, Dynamo Mounted, Inclined Plane, Laboratory Equipment, Hot Air Sterillizer, Lab Blender, Laboratory Glassware, Rotary Evaporator, Steam Distillation, Water Distillation Apparatus, Dair

Jeshra Instruments And Engineering
Manufacturer Of Blood Bank / Scientific & Laboratory Equipments

Kalika Scientific
Mfr Of Instrument For Scientific Research & Laboratory

Kesava Scientifics & Technologies
Leading Of Distrubotrs Of Laboratory Equipment & Chemicals.

Supplier Of Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Systems.
Supplier Of Laboratory Disposable, Consumable For Hospitals And Clinical Diagnostic Labs, Pharmaceutical And Biotech Companies, Colleges And Research Institutions.

Labpro International
Laborato Equipmwnts/ Scientific Instruments

Labtech Systems
Scientific/ Laboratory Equipment & Instruments

Mxrady Lab Solutions Pvt.Ltd.
Importer Of Scientific Instruments And Lab Accessoreis

Nimesh Industries
Services To Laboratory Furniture, Fume Hoods, Laboratory Hoods, Laboratory Sinks, Laboratory Table, Benches, Cabinets, Laboratory Equipments

Pargati Scientific Industries
We Have Mfr Of Laboratory Glassware & Equipment

Pharma Trust Laboratory Equipments
Dealers Of Laboratory Equipments

Pooja Lab Equipments
Blood Bank Refrigerator, Cfc Free B, O.D. Indubator, Ice Flaker, Pharmaceutical Medical Refrigerator, Freezer, Plant Chamber, Freeze Cum Refrigerator

Pooja Labs
Laboratory Equipments

Popular Science Apparatus Workshops Pvt.Ltd.
Laboratory Equipment Mfr Are Mfr, Supplier And Exporter Of Laboratory Equipment, Scientific Laboratory Equipment, Science Laboratory Equipment, Laboratory Accessories, Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Filtration Equipments, Surgical Equipments

Pratham Engineers
Manufacturer & Exporting Of Scientific Instruments & Laboratory Equipment

Qualichem Laboratories
We Offers Quality Assurance And Testing Services

Rahul Scientific Industries
Manufacturer Exporter And All General Order Supplier Of Scientific Instruments, Laboratory Equipments

Raj Scientific Industries
Specialized In B.O.D. Incubators, Humidity Control Oven, Blood Bank Refrigerator, Paint Corrosion Cabinet & Salt Spray Cabinet, Autoclave Horizontal & Vertical, Bacteriological Incubator, Water Bath, Constant Temp, Oil Bath, Viscosity Bath, Low Temp Bath,

Rays, Coimbatore
Leading Mfr And Trader Of A Comprehensive Range Of Water Treatment And Water Packaging Machine Like Reverse Osmosis Plant, Pet Bottle Filling Machine, Chillers, Compressors, Bottle Blow Auto Machine, Bt Filling Auto Machine Also Offer Laboratory And Chemi

Renentech Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.
Radiation Monitoring Services

Sanket Plants & Equipments
Chemical Plants Equipments, Ribbon Blenders, Cyclones, Lab Research Pilot Plants, Rotary Klins, Educational Equipments, Vacuum Ovens, Heat Transfer Lab

Satake India Engineering Pvt . Ltd
Satake- Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Rice Mill Machinery, Color Sorter And Rice Testing Lab Equipments For Food Industry.

Satyam Corporation
Clean Room Products, Modular Cool & Cold Rooms/ PUF Panels, Laboratory Equipments

Shamboo Scientific Glass Works
laboratory Equipment, Glass Instruments & Equipment Are Fabricated From Borosilicate And Borosil Glass

Shree Scientific (M)
Mfr Of Scientific & Laboratory Equipments

Skylab Instruments & Engineering Pvt.Ltd.
Blood Storage Cabinet, Blood Donor Chairs, Plasma Expressors, Water Bath Shakers, Plant Growth Chambers, Laboratory, Refrigerators, Laboratory Instruments, Platelet Incubators, Plasma Extractors, Needle Burners, Blood Bank Refrigerators Blood Mixers, Hemo

Sri Mahalakshmi Scientific Company
dealers In Industrial And Laboratory Chemicals, Equipments, Instruments, Glassware Etc.

Sumitra Enterprises
Manufacturer & Exporting Metallurgical Equipments, Soil Testing Equipments, Laboratory Equipments, Hardness Testers, Digital Metallurgical Microscopes, Universal Testing Machines, Spectro Meters

Sun Shine Industries
Manufacturer Of Agriculture Lab Equipment

Super International
Mfr And Exporters Of Automobile Parts And Components & Accessories, Ayurvedic & Herbal Products, Hand Tools & Laboratory Equipment, Textile, Fabric & Yarn, Dyes & Chemicals And Food & Bevarages, Ayurvedic And Herbal Products Etc.

Suvarna Scientific Equipments
All Types Of Laboratory Chemicals, Glassware, Silica Ware Equipment, Instruments & Miscellaneous Items To All Types Of Laboratories

Suzuki Instruments
Laboratory Equipments Such As Oven, Incubator, Water Bath, Viscosity Bath, Muffle Furnace, Hot Plates, COD Digestor, Rotary Shaker, Environmental Chamber, Bitumen Testing.

Synergysys Systems
A Premier Customized Business

Technical & Scientific Sales
Laboratory Testing Equipments, Soil Testing Equipments, Technical & Scientific Equipments, Scientific & Laboratory Equipments

Technico Laboratory Products Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer And Supplier Of Laboraotry Equipment

Techno Lab Equipments
Technical Educational Equipments, Laboratory Equipments.

Teckbond Laboratories Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Bulk Drugs, Hetero Drugs

Tempo Instruments & Equipments (I) Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer Of Laboratory Equipments

Track Manufacturing Co. Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturer And Exporter of Surgical Instruments, Medical Instruments, Laboratory Equipment, Anaesthesia Products, Diagnostic Instruments

Westford Laboratory Supply
Sale Of Laboratory Chemicals & Equipment.

Yogesh Pharma Machinery Pvt. Ltd.
Manufacturer And Exporters Of All Type Pharmacuitcal Machinery
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Hmg India
Mfgrs.Of, Laboratory Testing Equipments & Imported Instruments, Laboratory Instruments
Steelmet Novatech
Manufacturers Of Laboratory Rotary Shakers, Orbital Shakers, Incubator Shakers
Polyplast Equipments & Accessories
Mfg. Of The Testing Equipment Like TTM, Sample Cutting Press, Dumbbell & Tear Dies, Specimen Moulds,
Microset Instrumentation And Controls
PH Meters, Slim PH Meter, PH Sensor, Sterilizable PH Sensor, Autoclavable PH Sensor, PH Controller, PH Meter
Noble Cast Comp.Pvt.Ltd.
Manufacturing of All Aluminium Gravity Die Casting , Foundry Tooling
J.B.Engineering & Automation
Shree Mechatronics Llp
Special Purpose Machines, Industrial Machinery Shifting Services, Heavy Machinery Relocation Services
Delight Process Designers & Automation
Industrial Automation, Dispensing SPM’s - OD Greasing For Brake System Body
Valiant Alucast Technology Pvt.Ltd.
Aluminium Die Casting, Gear Box Cover, Starter Mounting Plate, Handle Bar, Electrical Switchgear Par
New Anucool Engineers
Chillers, Printing Chillers, Chilling Plants, Fountain Solution Chiller
Labline Stock Centre
Laboratory and Scientific Equipment Microscope, Digital pH Meter, Digital Conductivity Meter, Digital Turbidity Meter, Lab Oven, Lab Incubator
Global Automation
Designing And Manufacturing Of SPM, Conveyors, Dies, Fixtures, Gauging Machines, Inspection Table
Shivani Lab Equipments
Laboratory Equipments, Aging Test Ovens, Autoclaves, Constant Temperature Bath, Deep Freezers, Dehumidifiers
Next Step Technologies
Test Bench, Control Panels, Data Acquisition Systems, Control & Monitoring System
Kalika Engineers
Special Purpose Machines, Leak Testing Machines & Indexing Machines for Product Assembly
Sm Biosystems
Pharma Machinery, Fermenters, Fermentation Vessels, Distillation Plants, Starch Projects
Technolab Associates
Educational Equipments, Advance Pneumatic Trainer, Advanced Pneumatic Trainers
Montana International
Industrial Belts Timing Belts, V-Belts, high quality power transmission belts
Trident Labortek
Laboratory And Scientific Equipments, High Pressure Autoclaves, Heating And Cooling Circulators, Rot
S.R.Lab Instruments
Mfg.Of Scientific, Laboratory Testing Equipments & Instruments, Cold Chamber Temp.-40 C/-80 C (Frost
Bio Technics India
Laboratory Equipments, Imported Laboratory Instruments, Humidity Chamber, BOD Incubator
Contech Instrument Ltd.
Electronic Weighing Scales, Gold Purity Checking Instruments, Platform Scales, Precision Balance, Crane Scales
Refricon Hvac Systems
Environmental Test Chambers, Environmental Test Chambers used for Testing
Ganesh Scientific Industries
Laboratory, Scientific, Pharmaceutical And Chemical Instruments & Equipments Such As Oil Baths, Wate
R.V. Industries
Industrial Washing Machines, Demagnetizers, Leak Test Machines
Sai Enterprises
J.P.Techno Instruments
Advance Pneumatic Trainer, Computerised Engine Test Ring
Om Metals & Engineers
Dairy Plants & Equipments, Skid Mounted Pasturisation
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